A Few Words of Praise for That #@$^%(&?>! Jim Edmonds

I haven't kept up with the Cubs Hits of the Week lists the past couple weeks, but thought it was worth noting, Fan Graphs-style, Jim Edmonds' apparent revival from a near-death state.

Starting with Friday's breathtaking comeback win over the Rockies, Edmonds has gone 7-for-11, and six of the hits have been EBH's (4 doubles, 1 triple, 1 HR).

By Fan Graph's reckoning, here are Edmonds' five biggest offensive contributions since Friday:

  1. Friday, v. Colorado. 2-run double in the bottom of the 7th to draw the Cubs to within a run at 9-8 and pave the way for Mark DeRosa's pivotal home run. WPA: .221
  2. Sunday, v. Colorado. RBI double in the bottom of the 4th to tie the game, 2-2. WPA: .183
  3. Monday, v. San Diego. RBI double in the top of the 4th to make the score 3-2, Pads, WPA: .137
  4. Sunday, v. Colorado. Bases-loaded walk in the last of the fifth to put the Cubs up, 4-2. WPA: .097
  5. Sunday, v. Colorado. One-out triple in the bottom of the second, putting the Cubs in a position to tie a 1-1 game (which they failed to do in that frame). WPA: .062

Earthshaking stuff? Other than the key double in the Friday game, perhaps not. But it's a huge step forward from what the Cubs were getting from Edmonds before late last week...or what the I-Cubs have generally been getting from .178-toting Felix Pie.



Props to Jimmy E. Keep it up, and we might forget that you wear Cardinals underoos.

One English pound says it is not sustainable.

7 for 11? I should think not. But if he can turn in a healthy VOFP (Value Over Felix Pie) figure overall, I certainly won't complain.

With a team as offensively loaded as this one, I'll settle for streaky. Bonus points if Gerald Perry really straightened the guy out.

isn't there some reverend who has a church dedicated to straightening gay guys out?

(i do not think that edmonds is gay, but the joke had to be made.)

I have some serious man love for Gerald Perry these days

I'm surprised they didn't through sand at him from the kitty litter box that Petco has out in centerfield last night.

Bouncing around looking for some Cubs bytes during my lunch hour, stumbled across a nice DeRosa interview here:


(it won't let me link directly to the vid, but at least for now it's in the middle on the right)

Jim Rome is the interviewer. I realize he's polarizing, but he's pretty mild in this since it's from his TV show.


1. Alfonso Soriano, Cubs, 635,013 <--- ummm?
2. Kosuke Fukudome, Cubs, 552,287 <--- what?
3. Ken Griffey Jr., Reds, 490,597


1. Geovany Soto, Cubs, 594,309
2. Brian McCann, Braves, 391,592

Second Base

1. Chase Utley, Phillies, 847,628
2. Mark DeRosa, Cubs, 333,920

lots of Cubs home games...

and the nation isn't going to vote-in a Pittsburgh Pirate.

Soriano is tied for 3rd in home runs for outfielders. 


Ryan Theriot is within 80,000 votes of winning the SS vote! Now that would be something....

and, I understand that Geo Soto would be the first rookie to start at catcher on an NL All-Star team if he wins.

Yes, first in the NL. I believe Sandy Alomar Jr. started as a rookie for the AL in 1990.

Remember when I (and others) called B.S. on that article where Alou said he wouldn't have caught the Bartman ball and probably just said it to make Bartman and Cubs fans feel better.


"I don't remember that,'' he said, according to the Post. "If I said that, I was probably joking to make [Bartman] feel better. But I don't remember saying that.''

wha??????? some people just give lip service to the press for the sake of giving them their soundbite so they can get on with life/work?

fire alou! wait...

Didn't Alou have the same type of reaction about "the peeing on the hands" when that came out?

This story is almost a week old. I don't get why it's being recycled the last 24 hours by the MSM.

Whenever the day come that the Cubs make the world series (please God, let it be this year), I will dress as Zombie Bartman.

Been planning that one for a while now.

He's doing better. I still don't like having to root for him, but I will.

In his last eight games, Pie is 10 for 33 (.303). Six of the ten were for extra bases (3 doubles, 2 HRs, 1 triple).

I guess he just has Von Joshua in his ear now. Pie is coachable to a fault and didn't really need three people (including the famously impatient Lou Piniella) telling him how to hit.

I love Lou but he should keep his day job. I'm glad Soto didn't listen to him in spring training when Lou helpfully suggested that he stop trying to pull the ball.

That's repeated all the time but where's the evidence? Pie has never had any plate discipline. And, unfortunately for him, he doesn't have Alfonso Soriano's talent either---which is what you need when you have no clue where the strike zone is.

We've had Von Joshua following him around for a couple years now and the result is
he's a .200 hitter for us last year and this year, for winter ball, and now for the I-Cubs. No improvement at all.

Every positive thing said about Pie seems to be qualified with "...if you just look at this specific set of games..." Yes, he is doing OK in his last 8 games, but was 0-for-9 before that, which lowers his BA to .238 over his last 10 games.

Soto, Theriot, Fontenot, Hoffpauer (sp) -- all have, at some point, looked good (at least for while) at the MLB level. Or, at least, they have not looked completely helpless at the plate.

If Perry can straighten out Edmonds swing but not Pie's, then the kid may be in for a long summer in Des Moines.

Whoops, didn't see Virginia Phil's post on the subject -perhaps there's still hope we'll see him later with the big league club.

What is the rush for Pie being in the Majors? Christ he is only 23 years old and needs the next 2+ years to figure out how to hit breaking balls in the minors, if ever. And if he does he will be at the ancient age of 25.

A short stint in the minors isn't going to fix his one major problem. He cant hit breaking pitches to save his life. This wasn't a secret last year and isn't a secret now. He got his shot and he was made to look foolish at the plate. He didnt even hold his own, he just got plain toyed with by major league pitching.

I agree. Who knows if he'll pan out. I hope so. Check out Sammy Sosa's stats when he was 23 in 1991. Pretty craptacular. It would be nice if he could develop into a 30/30 like Sammy did. Again, who knows.

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  • Thanks for shining a light on this very important topic and steering it away from the frivolity that was the awesomenes of Mike Trout, but moreso on the foolishness of WAR as a metric to judge the value of center fielders. We're all a little wiser now and your contributions are invaluable to this community and to America's pastime. God Bless!

    Rob G. 18 min 42 sec ago view
  • so...what's chan-yong lim up to these days?



    crunch 1 hour 43 min ago view
  • yes, those hamilton WAR numbers are very reasonable. i'm on your side now based on that biting commentary and reasoning of why he's a 3.5-ish WAR player over a 600 PA season.

    those numbers are obviously well deserved and worthy of no scrutiny...none at all. no issue.

    CF D is rarer than a jon lester pickoff at 2nd...totally irreplaceable...no way in hell there's good D, low/no-hitting CF's in anyone's system that could do what hamilton is doing. guys like this don't exist...you get like, 2-3 at any given time in history.

    crunch 2 hours 3 min ago view
  • Please do not discuss War here. I think the Cub Reporter should be politics free.

    But yes, whether you support War or Peace...Mike Trout is ridiculously consistent and good.

    blockhead25 4 hours 21 min ago view
  • ^^^#WARTruther

    Rob G. 4 hours 33 min ago view
  • "According to FOX Sports' Jon Morosi, Tim Tebow's baseball workout Tuesday in Los Angeles will be attended by scouts from "roughly half" of the 30 major league teams."

    "One scout told ESPN.com last week that Tebow's swing is so long it might "take out the front row." That's not a good thing."

    crunch 7 hours 4 min ago view
  • MyrtleBeachPelicans [email protected]

    The #MBpelicans and @Cubs have extended their PDC through 2020!
    Carolina League getting 2 new teams too.

    QuietMan 7 hours 23 min ago view
  • CF WAR is ridiculous...billy hamilton is pulling a 3.0 WAR somehow...and managed a 2.0 WAR last year (even though he missed a month of the season)...and a 3.7 WAR in 2014.

    yeah, a lot depends on how one is doing relative to others at a given position, but WAR is common used (right or wrong) as a blanket comparing all kinds of players.

    trout's one of the best, and at this point should probably win over donaldson (and should have more MVPs in the past, too), but the defensive aspect of valuing WAR still needs more tweaking...imo.

    crunch 7 hours 29 min ago view
  • Rob G. 8 hours 2 min ago view
  • Don't know if Cubs will recover from "spanking" Gordo


    jacos 10 hours 35 min ago view
  • 2nd in defensive WAR, NL.

    6th in NL in RBI

    Go complain about something else, like, "they never play good against the good teams", or some other shit.

    The E-Man 23 hours 1 min ago view
  • Addy really has trouble breaking through .250 BA -- after his hot streak got him to .251, he has gone 1-for-17.

    billybucks 1 day 17 min ago view
  • Thank goodness for Jansen's 2 WP on Friday -- otherwise this would have been a sweep.

    billybucks 1 day 1 hour ago view
  • There seems to be a direct correlation with overconfidence in the Cubs offense against mediocre/young pitchers and really poor offense against mediocre/young pitchers. So, let's fear the Pirate pitchers!

    billybucks 1 day 1 hour ago view
  • Rizzo due for a power surge -- one HR in August so far. He truly does hit them in bunches.

    billybucks 1 day 1 hour ago view
  • Sometimes I'm not as supportive of Cahill as maybe I should be. There, I said it.

    Jackstraw 1 day 1 hour ago view