Game 64 Thread: Cubs @ Dodgers (4 of 4)

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SP Jason Marquis SP Brad Penny
  3-3, 5.02, 34/27 K/BB in 61 IP
5-7, 5.45, 42/13 K/BB in 76 IP
LF Alfonso Soriano LF *Juan Pierre
2B Mark DeRosa RF *Andre Ethier
1B Derrek Lee 2B Jeff Kent
3B Aramis Ramirez C Russel Martin
RF *Kosuke Fukudome 1B *James Loney
C Geovany Soto CF Matt Kemp
CF *Jim Edmonds 3B *Blake DeWitt
SS Ronny Cedeno SS Angel Berroa
P  *Jason Marquis P  Derek Lowe


The Cubs are the only team in baseball this season that has not lost more than two games in a row. Both of yesterday's starting SS get the night off. Can't say I'm too surprised Theriot gets the rest. Game is on ESPN, and the Department of Health and Human Services, the Environmental Protection Agency and Homeland Security had all asked LouPa to bench Theriot, so as to avoid dangerous levels of exposure to Joe Morgan's patented Grit Pontifications.

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In other news, to no one's surprise I am the only TCR blogger who has been Left Behind.

So, uh...

You wanna fight for souls or something?

~punch 2 soul-reaper~

It's official then. That 9-game winning streak has turned into an epidemic and the rest of the writers are off becoming women. Hopefully they haven't turned into a Sleazak or a Muskat yet cos those are the final stages of the disease.

Good road trip, great way to finish it off with tonight's solid game from all 3 pitchers---solid starting pitching, set-up , and great 9th by Wood------look's like Cedeno is regressing at the plate, late on fb's, always looking back at umpire when he is gets called out---it all starts with starting pitching so hopefully all 5 will continue the good work--get to the 7th and let the bullpen take over

what a great way to end the road trip, marquis looked
surprisingly ok surprised he went into 7th

i agree about cedeno he has sucked at plate for 6 weeks know

not doing a good job building that trade value.

also i think i heard chipper jones would be out for a few
games, to bad.

Wow; Theriot and DeRo are the only two Cubs regulars hitting over .300. I surely would not have guessed that at the beginning of the year.

Did anybody read Paul Sullivan's coverage of Zambrano's "outburst" yesterday? I wonder if this is an age thing? I mean, do younger fans get all worked about this? It seems like only fuddy duddy jock sniffers like Sullivan get worked up about it.

age thing?

I'm 30 and I think his outbursts are childish and counterproductive. Also, look at some of the things said by Youkilis' teammates to see some of the negative repercussions outbursts like this can have on the team.

I'm not a big fan of Z's tantrum, but I would hope that the other players don't let it affect them. Unless they were waiting for some Gatorade. Then I would understand if they were mad.

Sullivan has also been hammering on a really annoying thesis that "the Cubs have turned it around after Lou's dirt-kicking outburst last year." So: Lou tantrum good! Z tantrum bad. Either way, it's the tantrum that's important, not how anybody pitched or hit or fielded or anything. But then, that's tantrumball for you.

Maddux has destroyed a few water coolers in his day. It happens.

At least Zambrano's outburst happened in the dugout, not on the field.

imo, the most important thing about the latest round of "Z stupidity" is he at least went after the coolers by kicking and throwing them, not punching them.

"But then, that's tantrumball for you." <--- ha.

I thought that was a pretty appropriate tantrum. Kept to the dugout. Didn't hurt anybody. Got rid of some nervous energy and frustration.

I punched my couch at home, for goodness sakes, and I wasn't even the one who threw the fat pitch that inning. Or dropped a throw. Or a flyball. Or chucked one down the right field line.

Better the water cooler than your catcher ey?

Did anyone catch Jon Miller wondering if Al Oliver was in the HOF?


I must have missed that exchange, but I thought the entire thing about Morgan asking Miller who hit the hardest, most consistent line drives was hilarious. Allow me to recap:

Morgan: So who do you think hit the hardest, most consistent line drives?
Miller: Hmm, good question. Dave Winfield.
Morgan: Nope.
Miller: What? There aren't any wrong answers to this question. You can't exactly measure it.
Morgan: That's incorrect.
--- A bunch more bickering ensues about the possibility of an incorrect answer to an unanswerable question based on opinion and observation---
Morgan: It's Al Oliver.
Miller: OK, Joe.

that's one thing that pisses me off about those 2.

look...quit acting like you're fishing buddies. you're calling a game to the nation...quit doing crap like this every game... not your friend. everyone likes a good story every now and then, but you guys are not in a fishing boat pissing away time.

i have no idea how these guys keep getting marquee work in an era where the booths around baseball are getting younger and "hipper"

they are both totally out of 1960s-1970s baseball stories anyway.

I liken Jon Miller to Pat Hughes in demeanor. Except whereas Pat is partnered with a lovable, emotional bumbler, Jon is partnered with an unmitigated ass.

Jon chooses to let Morgan go long enough to show he's an idiot and then accedes to end the conversation, not unlike the amusing way Pat sometimes deals with Ron. In the Miller/Morgan case, though, it's infuriating. Next time he's in this situation, Jon should call up RobG and have him give Morgan a good cock punch.

/just sayin'

All well and good except i dunno anybody who would want their hand to touch Joe Morgan's genitals.

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