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SP Jeff Bennett SP Ryan Dempster
  0-3, 3.47, 38 K, 24 BB, 49.1 IP
7-2, 2.90, 64 K, 35 BB, 80.2 IP
SS Yunel Escobar LF Alfonso Soriano
2B *Kelly Johnson SS Ryan Theriot
3B Chipper Jones 1B Derrek Lee
1B #Mark Teixeira 3B Aramis Ramirez
C *Brian McCann RF *Kosuke Fukudome
RF Jeff Francoeur C Geovany Soto
LF Greg Norton CF *Jim Edmonds
CF *Gregor Blanco 2B Mark DeRosa
P Jeff Bennett P Ryan Dempster














Jeff Bennett starts for the Braves, after the scheduled starter, Jair Jurrjens, slipped on a dugout step following last night's game and messed up his ankle.

I'll bet it was just like that scene in "Pride of the Yankees," where Lou Gehrig (Gary Cooper) slips on a pile of bats near the on-deck circle, and a gorgeous girl (Teresa Wright) laughs at him and calls him "Tanglefoot."

Yes, I'm certain it happened just like that.

Ryan Dempster puts his 7-0 home record on the line this evening; overall, the Cubs are 10-3 in Dempster's starts...The team's 27-8 home start is the Cubs' best-ever at Wrigley Field.

Let's win one for Teresa Wright!

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Kosuke! Good to see a little power from him.

hit in the wrist, looked in a lot of pain.

Ball richoted off his wrist and hit him in the face as well....

Nice to see Bennett last just long enough to probably break Soriano's hand with that pitch.


Was it that bad? From Rotoworld....

"Alfonso Soriano left Wednesday's game in the second inning with a hand injury after being hit by a pitch.

Mike Fontenot pinch-ran for him versus the Braves. Soriano is probably day-to-day."

It hit off of the hand more so than the wrist. They took him to the hospital for X-Rays.

Didn't look good, although Soriano lingered long enough to make it seem like he at least thought about staying in.

Dempster plunks McCann a few innings later, and Sutcliffe smells a conspiracy.

Yes lets hope Soriano doesn't miss too much time, although the team played fine without him before. Probably see Murton or Pie up if he goes on the DL.

If they plan to call up someone to actually play, rather than to fill a bench spot while Fontenot or Cedeno see more starts and DeRosa more time in the outfield, they should consider either Hoffpauir or Patterson. E-Patt has been red-hot of late and could fill the leadoff role while he's on his streak. Hoffpauir could bat 5th or 6th to better effect than Edmonds and would allow the Cubs to bat DeRo or Theriot leadoff and move Fukudome to #2.

Plus, while I really like Matt, he still hasn't found his power this year, and we all know LouPa is looking to get another lefty bat in there.

Real shame for Fonzie and the Cubs if the injury is serious. He really seemed to be moving well of late in the OF and on the basepaths - never good to take 15 HRs and 40+ rbis off the table...

We need a new Poll.

How many Cubs will make the AllStar team? I dont see why we dont send all 25.

Soriano fractured hand. That sucks. Hopefully doc can chime in soon and give us some info on this.

Calling Dr. Hecht, calling Dr. Hecht

Broken hand better than broken wrist?

It's a minimally displaced fracture of the 4th metacarpal on the left hand. Pinky finger. espn apparently said out for six weeks. who knows at this point. So much for avoiding the injury bug.

Minimally displaced fracture of the 4th metacarpal for Soriano.

Medical abstracts say that it's not more than a 10-15 recovery-time injury, but the ESPN and WGN guys are saying that it'll be six weeks 'til we see him on the field again.

Here's a medical excerpt on the injury:

Forty-six of the fractures (82%) were minimally dis placed or undisplaced and were treated by means of simple casting and/or splinting whereas 10 were dis placed. Two of the 10 underwent closed reduction and casting; 3 underwent closed reduction and percuta neous pin fixation; and 5 (9%) underwent open reduc tion internal fixation using AO type plates and screws. All fractures healed primarily clinically and radiographi cally.

The average time lost from practice or competition in this group overall was 13.7 days, (range, 0 to 56 days). Average time lost from basketball was 19.8 days and from football 10.63 days overall. Average time lost from sport in stable fractures treated with casting or splinting was 12.3 days. Those undergoing open reduction in ternal fixation with plate and screws averaged 13.6 days.

We concluded that most metacarpal fractures in the athlete can be treated by closed means with a fairly rapid return to sport, depending on type of sport and position played. In certain displaced fractures, open reduction internal fixation can expedite early return to function and return to sport.

Emphasis mine.

Source: American Journal of Sports Medicine.

Can Hoffpaur play LF?

Hoffpauer is a bad defensive outfielder by all accounts. I think we will see Johnson in Center and Murton in left vs left hand pitching and Edmonds and Johnson vs right handers. What I would like to see is Fukudome getting a chance to lead off.

Yikes, I hope we don't start Johnson and Edmonds together regularly.

What would be so bad with Johnson and Edmonds? They are who we have, and probably the best options.

Yes, they're who we have, but I don't think they're the best options. I'd rather have Hoffpauir in LF or DeRosa in LF and Cedeno at 2B.

Wouldn't be surprised to see DeRo in LF and Cedeno and Fontenot both getting a little extra playing time at 2B, either.

I believe he played LF today.

Alfonso Soriano will be in a splint for three weeks with a broken bone in his left hand, and is expected to miss approximately six weeks of action.

The Cubs will call up outfielder Micah Hoffpauir from Triple-A Iowa on Thursday to take Soriano’s place on the roster.

A splint for three weeks? Sounds about right, but I don't see why he should miss three additional weeks. Rehab should take no more than a week more after they take off the splint. Weird. Either way, let's all light up candles and pray a rosary for the soul of poor ol' Alfonso.

And curse Jeff Bennett; why is it always a mediocre player the one that cripples our players? Marcus Giles, Hawpe, Bennett...

Hopefully it's just the opinion of an overly conservative radiologist who's clueless about this news' impact on the emotions of millions.

Let's hope the good Doctor can shed some light....

Whatever you do, don't listen to a word Mark O'Neal says.

Peter Chase says...out for up to 6 weeks as previously reported

Hoffpauer can DH on the interleague road trip coming. I agree that DeRo will see alot of the playing time in left.

Quicky soriano post will be up shortly. has been delayed because my crap computer froze up for 15 minutes.

Thanks, Trans. We love you.


1. Mega Super Bummed that Soriano got injured thanks to Skippy the AA and a half pitcher.

2. While I loved seeing a complete game, I am no super excied about seeing the high pitch count (119)

3. Tough to think of he replacement for Fonsie, but I wish (oh how I wish) that Felix Pie had gotten his game together.

4. 18 games over .500 feels better than that pair of blue jeans that you had the hardest time letting go.

lol @ number four. I mirror that sentiment.

Lou explained that he shortened Dempster up in previous starts just so he'd be able to do this kind of thing tonight.

New thread up.

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