Soriano Hit By Pitch on Hand, Early Reports Not Good

In the second inning of Wednesday night's game, Soriano was late to react to a high and tight fastball from Braves' emergency-starter Jeff Bennett, and got hit on his left hand. He was taken from the game to a nearby hospital, where X-rays evidently revealed a "minimally displaced fracture of the fourth metacarpal."


I will leave it to our resident M.D., "Cubster," to fill in all the relevant medical details. (Any new visitors to TCR coming for Soriano information really owe it to themselves to come back and read his expert analysis, when he gets the chance.) The early report from the ESPN broadcast team indicated that Soriano might be out for at least six weeks. (Sportscenter now reporting "up to" six weeks, while the article at mlb insists "a minimum" of six weeks.)  On the local broadcast, Len also referred to several weeks on the DL.


Regardless of whether it was a direct response, this HBP comes a day after Ted Lilly threw a pitch over Brian McCann's head, the first pitch after having given up a three-run home run to Greg Norton. In the first draft of his post at the Tribune, Paul Sullivan reminded us that last year at Turner Field, Tim Hudson threw at Soriano, leading Lilly to throw at Edgar Renteria the following night, which then led to Renteria throwing a forearm at Mike Fontenot on a play at second. He also is reporting that Micah Hoffpauir will be called up tomorrow to fill the roster spot.


Six weeks from now would be July the 23rd, or 34 games between now and then. In the meantime, I would guess that Theriot moves to the leadoff spot with DeRosa being moved to LF and the two-spot in the order, with Cedeno and Fontenot covering second. (quick first update: that said, a quick review of the box scores from the last two weeks of April, when Soriano was out due to a leg injury, indicate that Fontenot and Reed Johnson split lead-off duties, with Eric Patterson also leading off once. Theriot stayed in the two-spot the entire time. While I could live with either of those two options leading off, again, my vote goes to a Theriot-DeRosa combo.)


To some extent trying to put a silver lining on this is like pissing in a river, but here are a few attempts. Remeber that Pujols looks like he also will be out for at least three weeks with a leg injury, and the Cardinals' offense is far more dependent on his bat that we are on Soriano's. (And in a complete lay-man's guess, I'd bet that the leg injury is more of a lingering problem than Soriano's finger.) The Cubs and their deep bench should be able to weather this better than the Cardinals will with Pujols out. Theriot and DeRosa won't be miscast at all as a 1-2 duo, and if anything, it should improve the defense a bit. Finally, remember how the Cubs did when Soriano was out for two weeks earlier this season due to a bum leg. The Cubs went 9-5 from April 16th, his first day out of the lineup until his return on May 1st. They averaged 7.35 runs in those games, including four games in which they scored 12, 13, 13, and 19 runs.


That said, get well soon, Alfonso.


Oh yeah - Cubs win, Dempster pitched a fantastic game.


Minimally displaced fracture of the 4th metacarpal for Soriano.

Medical abstracts say that it's not more than a 10-15 recovery-time injury, but the ESPN and WGN guys are saying that it'll be six weeks 'til we see him on the field again.

Here's a medical excerpt on the injury:

Forty-six of the fractures (82%) were minimally dis placed or undisplaced and were treated by means of simple casting and/or splinting whereas 10 were dis placed. Two of the 10 underwent closed reduction and casting; 3 underwent closed reduction and percuta neous pin fixation; and 5 (9%) underwent open reduc tion internal fixation using AO type plates and screws. All fractures healed primarily clinically and radiographi cally.

The average time lost from practice or competition in this group overall was 13.7 days, (range, 0 to 56 days). Average time lost from basketball was 19.8 days and from football 10.63 days overall. Average time lost from sport in stable fractures treated with casting or splinting was 12.3 days. Those undergoing open reduction in ternal fixation with plate and screws averaged 13.6 days.

We concluded that most metacarpal fractures in the athlete can be treated by closed means with a fairly rapid return to sport, depending on type of sport and position played. In certain displaced fractures, open reduction internal fixation can expedite early return to function and return to sport.

Emphasis mine.

Source: American Journal of Sports Medicine.

Thanks Carlos.  You'll see that the first link I included is the one you alerted me to in parachat, and that you reproduce here.

Yeah, I noticed; thanks. I just wanted to ellaborate on what the abstract said.

Thanks for putting a silver lining on it, Trans. Much appreciated.

We did go 9-5 with Soriano out, although D-Lee was hitting the cover off the ball at that time. Hopefully, he can soon get out of his six-week slump.

It was great to get a complete game today. I'm sure the bullpen appreciated the break. I really have to hand it to Dempster, keeping a low (for him) pitch count and holding the Braves to a single digit in the hits column. All Star Ryan Dempster has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

That said, something really bothered me about this game, but I can't put my finger on it...

July 2 ... splint comes off
July 15 ... All Star Game
July 23 ... projected earliest return off DL

I want to thank Jeff_Pico and you others for mentioning the health of the Cubs last thread.

I believe in jinks regarding the Cubs (there is no possible explanation for things I have lived through), and sometimes, especially after 100 years of futility, WHY must you mention shit to the baseball gods?!


Just great.

I think this whole thread was the culprit. Really, why tempt karma with topics like those? It's like mentioning the fact that a pitcher's throwing a no-hitter while he's doing it.

Meh; either way, we're 18 games over .500.

I profusely apologize...I know it was all my fault that Soriano got hit :(

OK. Just no need to bring it up.

We need EVERY possible "good vibe" and positive "mojo" in place. Please just opt to shut it next time.

They sure didn't miss Pujols tonight. Dropped a nickel on the Reds in the first inning and won 10-0.

Lou said tonight that he's going to call up another position player besides Hoffpauir. Looks like we're about to find out if Matt Murton really IS on Lou's permanent shitlist.

Same goes for Eric Patterson. Iowa's hot hitter at the moment.

On ESPN Lou kept talking in plural about "guys" at Iowa that will come up. Are the Cubs sending down a pitcher and bringing up two position player?

My guess is Kevin Hart is out and Hoffpaur and Murton/Patterson are up.

I also caught that.  Personally, I don't take that as a definitive statement about what will happen, as much as Lou sort of thinking things through, out loud.  But who knows.  To be cliche, stay tuned to TCR for all your late-breaking details....

wouldnt be a bad option.

This might be a great opportunity for Piniella to lead-off with Fukudome with Soto 5th, DeRosa 6th vs lefties and Hoffpauir 5th and Soto 6th vs righties.

At the same time, I certainly hope to see Murton platoon with Hoffpauir during this stretch and I expect that we may see Patterson briefly replace Fontenot after the All Star break just to get him some at bats as a warm-up for the post-season.

Fukudome should be a great table-setter leading off.

It sure could be fun this summer if Fukudome and Theriot continue reaching base at a .400 clip with Lee, Ramirez and Soto/Hoffpauir/DeRosa following.


I wonder if EPat doesn't get called up ahead of Murton. 43 of Murt's 55 hits are singles and Lou detests poor defense. EPat at 2nd and DeRosa in LF wouldn't be half bad, albeit pissing off Cedeno and Fontenot.

Even if Hart is sent down for Patterson, I can't see Lou then starting Patterson over Fontedno.

They were already talking about bringing Hoffpauir up before the injury, so perhaps now they'll bring Murt and Hoff both up.

Also, this sucks. Fuck.

Yeah, the plan already was to bring up Hoffpauir for interleague.

How about a Riot / Fukudome 1-2 punch?

Ya know, I was just thinking. Maybe the Cubs will bring up Hoffpauir AND Murton.
Or maybe Eric Patterson.

I'm done updating for the night. I was supposed to be, ya know, working....

See everyone tomorrow.....

hoffpauir up
soriano dl
hart to iowa

murton or patterson up

i think murton is about to
find out if he has any hope
in this organazation.

if the move is derosa to outfield
i would rather see more of patterson
fontenot well i dont see it

so is this the time to move fukodome to the 2 hole
and also move soto to the 5 hole?

Fukudome to the 2 hole
Soto to the 5 hole
Soriano to the shit hole

Only Alfonso's pinky is injured. He should seriously take this time off now to build strength and confidence in his legs so that by the time he does come back, he is running at full strength.

I blame Cubnut.

I think it's far enough in the season for all of us to put to rest all our fears and uncertainties about Demp's ability to be an effective starter. Obviously from the time he took his TJ rehab to the time he was a closer, he has learned something about his pitching that he previously did not.

Kudos to Ryan and I hope that he gets on the All-Star team and stays healthy all year and continues with a strong showing come October.

You want a Right-Handed Hitting Left Fielder with Light-Tower Power? Do you? We got one, RIGHT in our system........

JASON DUBOIS, my friends! He of the 1.100+ OPS, and forearms like sewer pipes! Plus, he plays defense like Soriano!


I thought after Jacque Jones, Juan Pierre, and Dubois version 1.0 that any french-esque name is not allowed to be patrolling the outfield of Wrigley Field for the Cubs. Let us not regress at this point!!!

so were saving those french-esque names for light-hitting-scrappy middle infielders now?

yeah, but does he have a mental block about his legs though? if he wants to fill in for Sori, he's gotta have one of those.

I heard from a friend in Des Moines that he was shagging some extra fly balls to work on his post catch hop/skip thing.

I'd be happy with a Murton/Hoffpauir platoon as well. I think those 2 guys would actually give us roughly the same production (less power, better OBP) as Soriano.

Just kidding but kind of not kidding suggestion - is that Bonds guy still available?

reminder, tomorrow is turn back the clock day (to honor 60 years of baseball on WGN) and the Braves will be wearing 1948 Boston Brave uniforms. I wondered why tonights scorecard had Atlanta/Boston Braves heading over the Braves roster. The telecast will start in black & white. Hudson vs Zambrano, Z should be intense in the 48 jersey.

...also a new post is up on Soriano's fracture

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  • If the best walk-off hit possible is a solo home run in a zero-zero game--Eloy did it tonight!

    (But maybe it's a grand slam when your team is down three? He didn't do that.)

    Number eight for Jimenez. His team is 31-17. Yesterday they scored 17 runs against Lansing. Two weeks ago it was 15 runs against the same team. This is a nice team, South Bend. The Cubs must have had a good draft last year.

    Tonight the pitchers were Sands, Brooks and Effross.

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  • He'll be fine. He's not some wimpy young pup.

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  • In all seriousness the Cubs have the fewest amount of games played in the NL which means they're gonna be facing quite the grind later on including 24 games in a row at the end of June and beginning of July so I hope he does get a few days off.

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  • Meh. He only got one hit today. Maybe give him a rest?

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  • 34-14...awww yeah.

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  • ben zobrist gets to ride up front tonight cause he's a good guy at sports.

    cubs with a 5 run lead and a lackey shutout through 3ip \m/

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  • HAGSAG: I have not seen Joe Nathan out on the field, but he is supposedly at the UAPC. 

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