Mark DeRosa vs. That Orioles Guy

The Tribune reports Tuesday that Mark DeRosa is "still hearing about" the Orioles' Brian Roberts, who will be on the field with his Baltimore mates tonight at Wrigley. (Wild thought—the primary sources of the Roberts reminders are those who ask DeRosa about Roberts and then write stories about his reaction to the reminders.)

For what it's worth, here are the 2008 numbers. First, an offensive comparison of Roberts, DeRosa (his total '08 numbers, not just those accumulated while he's playing 2B), and Cubs second basemen in total:

   G  AB HR
Brian Roberts 73 286 5 29 21 .290 .372 .469 125
Mark DeRosa 71 242 8 37  3  .285 .373 .438 111
Cubs Second Basemen     76 294 6 38  5 .289 .366 .412 112

Next, a defensive comparison between Roberts and our regular guy, the aforementioned DeRo:

   INN  DP  E  FLD %
 Roberts     626 53 3  .991 .805
 DeRosa  359.1 23 5  .974 .804

(*The Hardball Times' Revised Zone Rating—measures the percentage of balls hit into a player's fielding zone that he successfully converts into outs.)

Roberts is involved in a double-play once every 12 innings in the field; DeRosa is doing so once every 16 innings at 2B.

One last comparison—Roberts' team is a surprising 38-36, 6 1/2 games off the AL East lead and 5 1/2 games off the AL Wild Card lead; DeRosa's team is 48-28 and by one measure, currently has a 93% likelihood of making the post-season.


Who is the better pitcher?

I'm with you. Adding Brian Roberts would mainly be done in order to bring another name to the Cubs' lineup. Instead, we should look for an Ace, if anything. If Hendry is going to give up valuable young guys, it should be for a pitcher like Sebathia or Bedard (maybe it won't take too ridiculously much to get Bedard now that his trade value has dropped, or Sebathia now that he thinks he's going to get Santana money).

Remarkably similar stats.

To paraphrase my favorite Orioles manager, team speed is overrated. What you need are those big cocksuckers to knock the ball out of the fucking ballpark.

Who said that? Sam Perlozzo?

In other words, we're better off not having spent critical trading pieces. Instead, we can use them to land another starter. :-)

Sometimes the best trades are the ones that are not made.

I can't remember what the last solid Cub offer supposedly was, but IIRC, we offered Gallagher, Cedeno, and Murton for Roberts, and the Orioles wanted more. Can anyone remember?

If I am right, the Orioles probably regret it. Gallagher alone would be worth it for them.