Game 85 Thread / Cubs @ Giants (3 of 4)

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SP Ryan Dempster SP Kevin Correia
  9-3, 3.26, 86 K, 41 BB, 105 IP
1-5, 4.79, 26 K, 19 BB, 41.1 IP
RF *Kosuke Fukudome LF *Fred Lewis
SS Ryan Theriot 2B #Ray Durham
1B Derrek Lee RF #Randy Winn
C Geovany Soto CF Aaron Rowand
CF *Jim Edmonds 1B *John Bowker
3B Mark DeRosa 3B Rich Aurilia
LF Matt Murton C Eliezer Alfonzo
2B *Mike Fontenot SS #Omar Vizquel
P Ryan Dempster P Kevin Correia















A tough-luck loss last night where the big difference was a well-executed double steal by the Giants in the first and the Cubs inability to get Daryle Ward home after a lead-off double in the seventh. And of course, the umpires rather generous strike zone, although he was at least consistent with both teams.

Tonight, Dempster tries to go back to being awesome after being pistol-whipped by the White Sox over the weekend. If he can manage a win tonight, it'll be his first on the road all season, where he is 0-3 with a 4.19 ERA so far this season.

Lou's ever-changing lineup puts Soto back in the clean-up spot and Edmonds back to the five spot, with Murton patrolling left field once again. A win sure would be nice tonight with a Sean Gallagher vs Tim Lincecum match-up looming tomorrow.



This Day in Cubs Misery
July 2, 1986

The Cubs celebrate Lindsay Lohan's birth by beating the Expos twice. They win the completion of the previous day's suspended game (you know you're old when you have to explain that pre-8/8/88 this happened a few times each year) 1-0 on Jody Davis' game-winning RBi single. They then win the regularly-scheduled game 5-4 on Davey Lopes' walkoff homer off Bob McClure in the bottom of the ninth.

A Lindsay Lohan reference on a Cubs blog! Now I have truly seen it all.

You obviously haven't been to Parachat often.

not recently. no.

Good Demp is back?

Dear Cuba Bats-

Wake the hell up! Jet lag is over!



Cards get an 8th inning PH HR to tie the Mets, and the Brewers get an 8th inning PH HR to take the lead over the D-Backs.

Crap -- should have gone to bed 10 minutes ago.

Dempster gives up a home run, they show the guy in the kayak getting the ball... and then they cut back to Dempster who has decided it's a good idea to nearly drop his pants and tuck his jersey back in again... only in pro sports.

The bullpens of the Mets and D-Backs can kiss my ass.

How about a little help, fellows?

cue Marmol overusage hyperbole. ERA now stands at 3.56.

We need another bullpen guy to step it up while Marmol works out his issues. Howry? Ascanio? Who's that new closer in Iowa?

Ascanio was before he was called up. I think it's Jim Brower now and he's not the answer. He couldn't make the Pirates or Reds bullpens.

Fontenot = sneaky power!

That fence was made for lefty pull hitters (yes, he who shall not be named).

"DENVER -- Catcher Michael Barrett left Wednesday's game in the top of the third inning after fouling a ball off what appeared to be his nose during an at-bat. "

Taken to the hospital. Preliminary diagnosis .. broken nose!

I always knew he had the ball(s) to do that!

another of those baseball oddities...


Carlos "the vulture" Marmol (apologies to Phil Regan) owes Dempster and Fontenot steak dinners

Actually performances like that by Marmol should be treated more like Phil Regan (the actor):

"Regan was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to two years in prison."

not cub related but anyone notice why Chris Snyder, Diamondback catcher went on the DL? Seeing the link to the Barrett injury reminded me to mention this one. OUCH, a non-orthopedic fracture!

fracture and testicle are not good words to have in the same sentence. i shudder to hear the medical explanation...


i still say even though i dont think it will happen activate
zambrano send wuertz to iowa for a couple of weeks maybe
it will wake his ass up.

i also vote for cedeno not seeing second base defensively
(we know he hasnt seen it offensively since april)
give me more sneaky power at second.

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