Game 87 Thread / Cubs @ Cardinals (1 of 3)

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SP Carlos Zambrano SP Braden Looper
  8-3, 3.13, 68 K, 36 BB, 106.1 IP
9-5, 4.26, 44 K, 26 BB, 99.1
LF Reed Johnson RF *Skip Shumaker
RF *Kosuke Fukudome SS #Aaron Miles
1B Derrek Lee 1B Albert Pujols
3B Aramis Ramirez CF *Rick Ankiel
CF *Jim Edmonds 3B Troy Glaus
C Geovany Soto LF *Chris Duncan
2B Mark DeRosa C Yadier Molina
SS Ryan Theriot P Braden Looper
P #Carlos Zambrano 2B *Adam Kennedy












Carlos Zambrano gets activated and Jose Ascanio is sent back to Iowa. Z will be on an 85-90 pitch count today.

Happy 4th of July! A Cubs win should make it a little happier.



finally...a cubs game without the SF announce crew. they're not horrible, but i'm a bit sick of them. stupid EI on time-warner giving me 1 stupid feed...go WGN...go limp dicks, herpies, children i have a attitude about because their parents have issues, and garden claw gold!

im all for fuku batting 2nd, but reed johnson leading off?


len/bob talking about how fuku is given 2nd to "get used to hitting 2nd"...bob thinks its his best spot, so does a lotta the rest of baseball. good to see the adjustment.

bleh...Z not looking so hot in the 1st.

high 80s fastballs, sketchy control over the breaking stuff...hope its just "working itself out".


edmonds with a big standing-O by cards fans...another classy showing by cards fans (not sarcasm).

-edit- paul sulivan is in the booth saying someone's gun is off...on Z's fastest pitch so far (91mph) the stadium gun said 97mph. so uh...yeah...something might be amiss somewhere so take the top note with a heaping helping of salt grains.

I thought I saw 97 on the WGN radar in the first. I know those can be way out of wack. The standing O almost gave me time to drink another entire beer. Even though they're rednecky aggravating dipshits they're good baseball fans.

yeah, its being flushed out in parachat...its all very confusing...the consensus...

1- paul sulivan missed it cuz it WAS on TV (so did I)
2- whatever was going on with the gun(s) in the 1st, Z's bringing the velocity consistantly on the WGN gun now and these weird '80s' fastballs aren't showing up anymore, but a lotta low-mid90s are.

Paul Sullivan is a douchebag.

Looks like we won't be able to blame anything on Barrett for at least 6 weeks.

"Ryan Theriot is scrappy, but he's also a good player!"

LaRussa's a good manager, but also quite a douchebag. All Edmonds was saying is that now that he's with another team, call him a Cub. But Mr. PETA gets all hissy about it? His doucheness is also exemplified by his reasons for always wearing dark glasses during night games - you know, so the opposing manager can't read his facial expressions. What?

Nice job by Wood, and Cotts as well.

Feels like we kicked some alien butt. All in all a very satisfying 4th.

Woo Hoo! Another couple wins in addition to Chesnut defending the Hot Dog eating title and this will be a perfect weekend for the Cubs and the US of A!

It is *so* nice to have Z back. Nice game.

Jeepers, Rockies come back from being down 13-4 and beat the Fish 18-17 in regulation. Florida uses 8 pitchers in the loss.

Brewers seem to be going hard after Sabathia and it looks like a very good offer.

Via Rotoworld...
Tom Haudricourt believes the third player may be Lorenzo Cain, a lesser outfield prospect. If acquired, LaPorta would likely be a candidate to join the Indians in August. Green would be another potential third baseman of the future to go along with Andy Marte, Wes Hodges and Beau Mills. He has a chance to make it as a starter, but Hodges is the better bet. Mills is going to end up as a first baseman or DH. For what it's worth, Brewers GM Doug Melvin added that he doesn't expect anything to happen in the next couple of days. "Cleveland is in control of this, not us," he said. "They told us they're talking to other clubs, too. You never know how these things are going to work out."

That game/schedule widget on the right hasn't updated for me since June 30th. I'm wondering if hasn't for everybody else.

Didn't notice before right now, but yea, it isn't updated for me either.

yeah, I have no control over it. I noticed it did the same thing about a month ago. The owners of it probably took the weekend off.

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