Seven Cubs Named to All-Star Game

The NL All-Stars were announced today and the Cubs will send seven to Yankee Stadium next week, although it's likely Alfonso Soriano will have to be replaced. Rookies Kosuke Fukudome and Geovany Soto were voted in along with Soriano,. Soto will be the first rookie backstop to ever start for the senior circuit (Sandy Alomar Jr. was voted in for the AL in 1990). Aramis Ramirez was elected by the players as a reserve behind starter Chipper Jones. Three pitchers will go as well, Ryan Dempster, Carlos Zambrano and Kerry Wood. Dempster and Wood were voted in by the players, and Zambrano was one of the seven that manager Clint Hurdle gets to pick, certainly with an assist from one of the members of his All-Star coaching staff - Lou Piniella.

Had Carlos Marmol not blown up the last few weeks, it could have been eight, but why get greedy.

There will be no Cubs in the Home Run Derby.

Congrats to all the Cubbies and Parachat will be open for the festivities. 


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It looks like a Sabathia to the Brewers deal might be close:

So I guess the question is what should be Hendry's plan B be? With Bedard's latest health issue I wouldn't touch him with a 10 ft. pole. I have always liked Burnett and he would have the motavation of a strong finish making him 80-90 million dollars richer but he has been so up and down lately that you wonder if he would be better than Lilly. Wolf is just not enough of an upgrade to warrant giving anybody that could be even remotely helpful to us in the future up for. Of teams on that buyer/seller borderline Mussina or Millwood would be OK additions as long as the price is cheap, which in likelyhood it would not be. I think Wiscgrad or whoever mentioned getting a couple of RP's might have the best idea. Adding 2 guys means all your asking from the SP is to go atleast 5 and is the best option unless all the Jays want is salary relief for Burnett.

EDIT: Matt Laporta is not in the Huntsville line-up according to

For me, the only reason Bedard would be an option was if the M's dropped the price on him because of the injury. I'd think they'd want a king's ransom for him after they gave up that entire package to get him this past off-season. I imagine they aren't inclined to trade him for a handful of middle-of-the-road prospects.

with so many cubs on board its nice to see lou on the coaching staff to at least have a word in about how these guys are used.

for one, i hope soto is sitting on the bench before too many innings into the game. we just finished game #89 and blanco has had 60ab's all season...some of them pinch hitting appearances where he didn't spell soto for a significant time, if at all.

With 3 catchers on the roster, I imagine they will split the catching duties by a third. Also because Dempster is scheduled to pitch on Sunday he could always bow out since he likely would not be able to pitch. Though it wouldnt shock me if they adjust the rotation to have Marquis go Tuesday and Sunday if Dempster wants to pitch in the game.

Yeah, I hope Soto gets the quick hook, and that Fonzie stays home and accepts the rehab assignment that likely will be the next request from Cub's management. I understand his right to refuse, but he really needs to put the club first and put his own desires in the backseat for now.

BTW, who said Mussina is available? Can't imagine the Yanks throwing in the towel this early in the season.

Rosenthal noted on his "Full Count" web video that Cashman told him he could be a seller. I doubt they will sell, but Mussina could be an option if the Yanks tank.

i for one look forward to seeing
sabathia in wrigley vs. the cubs
the trade market may heat up early
this year.

i think burnett can void his contract
after season i wonder if he would do that
if he was with cubs.

ehy not send them marquis in te deal
they would have a starter for next
year plus at 2 million cheaper

Buster Olney reporting the LaPorta for CC deal is essentially done. If true, does this hand the Brewers the division title or even a playoff berth? No. Obviously it wouldn't hurt them, but it guarantees nothing.

It's hard to think of too many big-name starters that have had huge impacts on a team in the playoff hunt. Maybe someone can help me out here. I can think of Big Unit going to the Astros (though it got them neither a pennant nor a title) and Sutcliffe (though that wasn't a deadline deal).

Often times, it's the fringe guys (Weaver to the Cardinals, Aaron Small to the Yankees, etc.) that have big impacts, probably because nobody expects anything of them.

Sutcliffe (though that wasn't a deadline deal).

Actually, it WAS a deadline deal. He was traded on June 13 and the trading deadline was on June 15 back in 1984. (I'm pretty sure about the June 15 deadline, though it may have been as late as June 30).

From a recent article by Jason Stark: "The last two starting pitchers acquired at midseason to win a World Series game were Jeff Weaver (picked off the scrap heap), for the 2006 Cardinals, and Mike Torrez (a relic of another era), for the 1977 Yankees. And the last two pitchers traded on Deadline Day (July 31) to win any kind of postseason game were Oliver Perez (a reclamation-project throw-in), for the 2006 Mets, and David Weathers (as a set-up reliever), for the 1996 Yankees."

So yeah, you are right, starting pitchers it seems rarely make a difference. CC definitely would make the Brewers better, but I am not worried that it garauntees them the pennat.

Any word on why Edmonds didn't play today? I'm guessing a bit "tired" from last nights festivities at his restaurant.

Milw Journal Sentinel beat reporter says Sabathia to the Brewers is a done deal.

LaPorta and two lower level minor leaguers (not Escobar or Gamel).

couldone of the reasons the brewers wanted this done asap
this gives them time to concentrate on bullpen upgrades?

Let 'em have Sabathia. The thing to do now is beat them back, win the division ourselves, hopefully they miss the playoffs completely and then will feel obligated to lock him up and eventually let 'em try to outspend the Cubs. The only way to deal with these goddamn cheese-eating beermakers is to beat 'em like a bad habit - this year and in years to come.

Fuck the Brewers, they don't scare me.


Both the Brewers and the Cards scare me. They're playing pretty well, and Sabathia is a big deal to a team with some mediocre pitching behind Sheets. Sheets is disgustingly good when healthy, and a one-two of Sabbathia and Sheets is bad news down the stretch, or even worse in a playoff series.

I do hope Hendry notices he needs to add some pieces to maintain the distance...

The Cards are not on the same tier as us or Milwaukee. We went into that series playing 6-10 in our last 16 games and we took them to the woodshed for 26 1/2 innings in that series. 95 wins will be what it takes to win that division and I think the Cards high water mark is 87.

putting new meaning into A-Rod's splits...

nice gig for the divorce attorney imho.

Article today in the Sun (UK) mentioned that she was nonplussed by his sudden interest in Kabbalah.

Oy vey.

I hope Madonna was really worth atleast 48 Million. I cant see her attorney telling her to settle for anything less than what Heather Mills got from McCartney.

Is Harden to the Cubs still a legitimate 'rumor'? What package would the A's be asking for? I'm wondering if Gallagher and/or Marshall plus an OF prospect (E. Pat or Colvin) would get it done?

A's are four back in the wild card and six back in the West, and have a better run differential than the Angels. Beane won't be selling until he's sure there out of it. He probably knows he can't catch up to the wild card at this point, but the Angels are catchable.

He may become available, likely for a package identical to the Danny Haren, but it won't happen until near the deadline.

A friendly reminder:

Oakland also sent right-hander Connor Robertson to Arizona and
received six players: left-handers Brett Anderson, Dana Eveland and
Greg Smith; infielder Chris Carter; and outfielders Aaron
Cunningham and Carlos Gonzalez.

You're talking 3-4 MLB ready players and two high-end lower level prospects.


I for one fear the Brew Crew. That gives them a great top of the rotation, not to mention young talent. Not unbeatable, but tough.

They are screwed in the long-run though, since both Sheets and Sabathia figure to walk at the end of the year.

Let's also be honest about our All-Star Selections: Fukudome was a complete Homer Vote. I can see Soriano, because he is a great player who just happens to be hurt, but so many players are deserving ahead of Fuku, including Carlos Lee, Burrell, Holliday, and perhaps the entire Pirates outfield. Not to diminish Fuku, because I like him, but top 3 OF? No.

Get the broom out of your butt. Fukudome was picked by the FANS. They aren't under any obligation to vote for players they don't like. Why should the fricking
All-Star game be held to a higher standard than the Presidential Election this November??!! As if that won't be a homer vote. You're confusing the All-Star Game with an All-Stat game.

more confirmation on the Sabathia deal, Jeff Passan/Yahoo sports weighs in (not a CC reference)...LaPorta and Green plus one more minor leaguer

Nice pun.

"The Cards are not on the same tier as us or Milwaukee..."

I disagree - nobody expected the Cardinals to be playing this well with their two top pitchers on the disabled list/rehabbing. What happens if they get Carpenter back, and how about Mulder? What happens if Izzy returns to form? They've had a great 1st half, with a staff that was supposed to implode without those three guys available. Do not take them for granted, they could run away with it if the two starters come all the way back.

they got mulder back...not only does he look awful, but he's got the numbers to support it.

he's gonna be starting soon, too.

the cards could use some pitching magic they had earlier in the year. they're hurting in that department since mid-June-ish. adding mulder to that, though...phew.

Carpenter hasnt touched a baseball yet so he isn't coming back until the rosters expand in September and as Crunch said Mulder has looked bad every time he has pitched. Also Larussa said on Fox yesterday they wont have Wainright back until atleast 8/1. Good luck to them trying to keep their pitching success that they have enjoyed this year. As for their offense, do you really think Molina and Schumaker are going to hit .300 the rest of the way? Can Ludwick stay on the pace he is on? The Cards are a good team, but unlike us and the Brewers they are not a 90 win team.

I few weeks back I posted my predictions on the NL All-Star Roster, and called it pretty well, but a few things I just didn't see coming, and even now they are surprising.

- Dempster being selected by the players as one of the top 5 starting pitchers in the league, over guys like Santana, Peavy, Haren, Hudson, Hamels, and Zambrano. He's clearly gained a lot of respect in his return to the rotation. It's not surprising that he made the team, I think Hurdle would have taken him anyway, but making on the player's ballot was impressive.

- The players seemed to do really well at some positions in rewarding players who have had great seasons over stars with name recognition. They receive kudos for Adrian Gonzalez over Pujols, and McClouth in the outfield. But Reyes is beating Tejada in virtually every offensive category, so that one just doesn't make sense unless other players pretty much hate Reyes. Brian Wilson also has no real business being on this team - Valverde, Wagner, Cordero, even Rauch, Saito, Gregg, or Lyon would have been better picks.

The fact that Dempster is very charismatic and friendly doesn't hurt either. People (including other players) genuinely like the guy.

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