Game 97 Thread / Cubs @ Astros (2 of 3)

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SP Carlos Zambrano SP *Wandy Rodriguez
  10-3, 2.84, 78 K, 38 BB, 120.1 IP
4-3, 3.48, 65 K, 23 BB, 75 IP
SS Ryan Theriot 2B #Kaz Matsui
CF Reed Johnson CF *Darin Erstad
1B Derrek Lee 1B #Lance Berkman
3B Aramis Ramirez LF Carlos Lee
C Geovany Soto SS Miguel Tejada
LF Mark DeRosa 3B Hunter Pence
RF *Kosuke Fukudome RF Ty Wigginton
2B Ronny Cedeno C Brad Ausmus
P #Carlos Zambrano P #Wandy Rodriguez


The Cubs and Astros meet in the middle game of their three-game series at Minute Maid.

Kosuke Fukudome, who is just 7-for-46 (.152) since the first of July and is hitting just .254 AVG/ .351 SLG/ .377 OBP/ 728 OPS since his average was a season high .357 back in late April, 72 games ago, drops down to the seventh spot in the order against the lefty Rodriguez.

Otherwise, Jim Edmonds sits against the southpaw, Reed Johnson starts in center, and once again, we all get to pretend that Mark DeRosa can play the outfield.

Zambrano is making his third start since his visit to the DL. In the first two, against the Cards and Reds, he allowed just one run and five hits over 14 innings.


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Ryan Theriot .358 .414 .377 .791
Reed Johnson .250 .280 .292 .572
Derrek Lee .377 .441 .528 .969
Aram Ramirez .231 .327 .564 .891
Geovany Soto .306 .352 .531 .882
Mark DeRosa .196 .302 .370 .671
Kosu Fukudome.152 .204 .239 .443
Ronny Cedeno .214 .267 .238 .505 *

*Those figures are for June.
Cedeno is 0/3 in July.

The Astros just have the Cubs number in 08. Don't know what it is but we suck vs these guys. Hopefully its not some kind of 2nd half trend. I'm writing this in the 6th inning so hopefully they can pull it out.

We would like Soriano back now. Thank you, drive thru.

2 runs in 2 games in that joke of a ballpark?

To quote Mad magazine: Bleccch.

Perhaps they should leave K-Fuk at home when they go on road trips.

One week ago, the Cubs had a 5.5 game lead. Now it's down to 2 games, and that includes a stretch of 4 days with no games.


This offense aint getting it done. I blame 3-4-5 holes.

According to Tom Hardicourt the beat writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal:

One of the players going back is Darren Ford a Class Hi-A OF. Street has really been below average this year in a pitcher's park so I dont know if the pickup is a smart move until I see the package of players they gave up.

(Edit): Hardicourt has an update up:

Its likely Durham or Taschner for Ford. I assume this means Rickie Weeks will be dealt for a closer.

Feel like I might be overanalyzing this a bit, but I think we need more runs than we've gotten to this point in the series.

The Cubs have drawn one walk in this series so far.

I have just the thing to fix this.


Remember the first 8 innings of the July 12 game versus the Giants?

Those were fun.

This team reminds me of past club's performances in the old Astrodome, where it mattered little how well they were playing, they always fell into the black hole of offensive ineptitude in that farkin' dome.

Brewers trade for Ray Durham, per ESPN.


Looks like it might be for class-A OF Darren Ford.

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