Game 98 Thread / Cubs @ Astros (3 of 3)

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SP Ryan Dempster SP Brandon Backe
  10-4, 3.25, 104 K, 350 BB, 124.2 IP
6-9, 4.76, 83 K, 50 BB, 111.2 IP
SS Ryan Theriot 2B #Kaz Matsui
RF *Kosuke Fukudome CF *Darin Erstad
1B Derrek Lee 1B #Lance Berkman
3B Aramis Ramirez LF Carlos Lee
CF *Jim Edmonds SS Miguel Tejada
LF Mark DeRosa 3B #Geoff Blum
C Geovany Soto RF Hunter Pence
2B *Mike Fontenot C J.R. Towles
P Ryan Dempster P Brandon Backe


The Cubs' NL Central lead is down to +2 over the Cardinals and +3 over the Brewers as the Lou Crew tries to avoid a sweep at the hands of the Astros.

Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, Geovany Soto, and Kosuke Fukudome are a combined 3-for-32 (.094) in the series, and as a team, the Cubs have fanned 14 times and walked once.

Or, as Lou Piniella explained so elegantly after Saturday night's 4-1 fall, "We're not getting much hitting anywhere in the lineup."

Backe, 2-1, 4.63 in 6 starts lifetime against the Cubs (0-1 this year), is coming off perhaps his best start of the season, last Sunday, when he threw 7 shutout innings at the Nationals. Dempster, who remains winless on the road this season, was a loser at Wrigley for the first time in '08, also last Sunday, when he fell to Tim Lincecum and the Giants. Dempster also dropped his only start this season against the Astros, back in May, yielding 6 hits and 4 runs over 6 IP in a 4-2 Cubs loss.


From the previous thread: Looks like the Brewers are acquiring Ray Durham

Can someone please take a walk today?

You think given our offensive struggles that the smart thing to do would be to sacrifice some defense (really how much better is Derosa than Ward) for an upgrade at the plate.

Ugh... we need Soriano back just so we don't see DeRosa playing LF anymore.

I don't get how LouPa is okay throwing DeRosa out there but wasn't okay throwing Murton out there.

We are losing defense both in LF and at 2b when DeRosa is playing LF.

Riot has been hitting.

/just sayin'

2 doubles in 2 games...he might get to 25-30 doubles this year if he keeps it up. go him. he had 3 xbase hits in may and june...2 in july so far.

Even without extra bases, that OBP is really nice out of the Riot. Very pleasant surprise.

Sure is! Don't tell anyone but it's the tenth best OBP in the major leagues.

He's the top ranked SS in MLB in Batting Average and OBP
and 5th best among major league shortstops in OPS as well!

You'd have to be a few cans short of six-pack not to be impressed.

dont tell anyone?

you act like people are demonizing him. hell, no one here has anything negative to say about him.

some make take saying what the guy is as negative...but that's like getting angry at the sky cuz its mostly blue instead of purple.

he hits singles...he has good bat control.

psst...tell everyone.

this isnt a secret.

Psst. He doesn't throw well from his back.

%#%@&*! Troy Glaus

What Andy said. *sigh*

Woo! Yay for Cards' bullpen!

That, my friends, was Cubbery. Just not by the Cubs.

9-5 STL final

The Padres have to be the worst team in MLB. How in the hell do you blow a 5-0 lead one day and the next day lose a game because your C tries to pickoff a guy when your 1b is playing behind the runner.

here in Des Moines Samardzija ran his record to 4-1 today by going 6, allowing 2 hits, walking 1 and fanning 9. His Triple A ERA is down to 3.13, 5 out of 6 in quality starts...

Awesome to hear! Hope he doesn't get traded at the deadline for some middle tier starter to replace Marquis

That seems totally implausible.

We have a plethora of late season options for a #5 starter: Marshall, Gaudin, Rich Hill.

Not to mention that if Marquis keeps pitching at this level he's a completely serviceable #5.

Samardzija has a no-trade clause, Cubs aren't moving anytime soon.

Any eye-witness accounts? Did he throw his secondary stuff? Was it any good? Slider? Changeup? Splitter? Or was it just sinker after sinker?

Thanks, Mr. Wellman.

Overheard on last night's Superfans (at least in MY head)

Bob: Say the Cubs play the Astros with just Dempster and Fontenot. Who wins?

Pat: Are Fontenot and Dempster full size or mini?

Bob: Full-size Dempster, mini-Fontenot.

Pat: Cubs, in a rout.

Carl: Cubs, exta innings.

Todd: Astros. But it's close. If Fontenot is full size, it's no question.

If they had any self-respect, the NL West would gives its playoff spot to the NL Central.

Brewers score 5 off of Lincicum. Ugh.

Time to wake up the bats, boys.

Nice to see Marmol mix some fastballs in his one inning of work -- 8 pitches, 4 fastballs (3 for strikes no less!) and 4 sliders. Nice little work out.

Good to see Kosuke get off the schnide with 2 doubles -- looking forward to seeing Aram lining shots around the outfield or into the bleachers soon.

Well... being that Marmol has pretty much thrown a 50-50 split of fastballs/sliders all year, today's outing shouldn't be a surprise.

marmol did have a good mix. ARAM continues this new streaky behavior.
Brewers are hot (like us early) and we are not (like them early).

They beat Cain/Linc (something we didn't do in 2 tries)

We beat Cain in the first game of the Wrigley series.

but know st louie and brewers play 4 games
vs. each other so the question
is what do we root for
a sweep by 1 team
2and 2
or a 3 to one series

and which team.

also do you think fukudome will start
vs. randy johnson monday

I am hoping for a 3 out of 4 for the Cardinals in that upcoming series. I think its likely that were going to win 3 of the next 4 and I think at some point the fairy dust has to come off STL and they come back to earth which for them is right around .500 ( I still stick to my theory they wont win more than 85 games), so I'd rather keep ground with them and gain it on Milwaukee. As for whether or not Fukudome starts, the numbers would dictate that the lefty that starts aganist RJ tomorrow should be Edmonds. In his career Jimmy Baseball is a .240/367/560/927 hitter vs the Unit in 25 AB's. He also 2 of the 24 HR that LHB have hit off him being one of 3 LHB (Bonds and Green are the others) to take him deep multiple times. Infact, Edmonds has better numbers verus the Unit than Dero, Lee, and Ram. Also tomorrow wouldnt be a bad time to spot start Blanco as he has a .833 OPS aganist him in 14 AB, while Soto has not faced him. Lou did mis a good time in the last series to get Blanco a spot start as he has a .999 OPS in 15 games at the Juice Box. All stats were found using Yahoo!:;...

Yeah, I really think you gotta root against the Brewers as our primary opponent in the race to October. They're simply a much stronger team for the 162 game season.

That said, I'll probably root most for the injury bug. I'm hoping that both the Cards and the Brewers end up with about a dozen new players on the DL after that series.

Agree -- and, with the last 3 games of the year at Milwaukee, I'd like to be at least 4 up on the Brewers going into that series.

DLEE -- please start using the HR bat. Thanks.

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  • Contreras seems pretty adamant he'll play anywhere Madden wants him to so as long as he stays hot and with all the injuries it'll be pretty nice to have yet another bat Madden can move around.

    johann 2 hours 55 min ago view
  • Rizzo in, Zobrist out, Willson in LF, Montero back and Almora batting 9th ... let's score some runs

    Eric S 4 hours 22 min ago view
  • Time for Mr. Oh to get some save chances.

    Newport 4 hours 38 min ago view
  • Rosenthal does it again! Comes in with a 3-1 lead in the 9th -- double, BB, HR...ballgame.

    Very nice win last nice -- could have caved in after the bottom of the first. It would be OK if guys stopped getting hurt, and if SF would lose a few.

    billybucks 7 hours 37 min ago view
  • Awesome. It wasn't long ago that he was kind of the best prospect coming through the system.

    Old and Blue 9 hours 32 min ago view
  • QuietMan 20 hours 44 min ago view
  • Javy's grunge dive into the stands for the popup was awesome - the hitting into the double play not so much

    Eric S 21 hours 13 min ago view
  • Third time I've tried to post this (forgive me if it winds up appearing three times)

    Junior Lake, batting 9th and playing RF for the Blue Jays...

    Transmission 21 hours 25 min ago view
  • *That was a fun HALF inning.

    Brick 22 hours 29 min ago view
  • this game is no longer awesome.

    crunch 22 hours 29 min ago view
  • he was awesome.

    crunch 22 hours 39 min ago view
  • I'm pretty sure that Len called Bryant's home run a Brexit.

    Old and Blue 22 hours 40 min ago view
  • everyone but heyward with a hit and a 3 run lead with coghlan on 3rd through 5 batters. hell yeah.

    okay, this is just silly. 19 pitches in, 1 out, 4 runs in, men on 1st and 2nd...hendricks up to bunt.

    ...and almora contributes the final out. that was a fun inning.

    crunch 22 hours 42 min ago view
  • this game is awesome already.

    also, there's a lot of cubs fans in the park tonight.

    crunch 22 hours 50 min ago view
  • Clearly, Joe Maddon is a Lineup Wizzard.

    Transmission 22 hours 51 min ago view
  • "Cubs manager Joe Maddon said Friday that Anthony Rizzo (back) is feeling better and it's "possible" the first baseman could return to the lineup Saturday."

    crunch 1 day 13 min ago view