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SP Chris Carpenter SP Ryan Dempster
  0-0, 1.00, 4 K, 2 BB, 9 IP   12-5, 2.93, 133 K, 59 BB, 150.2 IP
CF *Skip Schumaker LF Alfonso Soriano
LF Joe Mather RF *Kosuke Fukudome
1B Albert Pujols 1B Derrek Lee
RF Ryan Ludwick 3B Aramis Ramirez
3B Troy Glaus CF *Jim Edmonds
C Yadier Molina 2B Mark DeRosa
*Adam Kennedy C Geovany Soto
P Chris Carpenter SS Ronny Cedeno
SS #Cesar Izturis P Ryan Dempster

Amazing game, this baseball.

Just two days ago, we were aglow over the possibility that this weekend set could end with the Cardinals nine games behind the Cubs and all but out of the NL Central race. Then on Saturday the league's highest-scoring road team bludgeoned the Cubs' nominal pitching ace and suddenly, St. Louis has a chance to win this series and close to within five games of first place with the Brewers once again also breathing down the Cubs' necks.

The Sunday Night ESPN Game features a matchup between two members of the Tommy John Surgery Alumni Club, Chris Carpenter and Ryan Dempster.

Carpenter, 13 months removed from his procedure, makes his third start of the year tonight. He threw five shutout innings at the Dodgers last Tuesday, requiring just 51 pitches to to buzz through the 15 outs. He's 7-2, 3.07 in 13 career starts against the Cubs; at Wrigley, he's 5-1, 3.88.

Alfonso Soriano, who has never faced Carpenter as a member of the Cubs, is 10-for-25 (.400) lifetime against the righty, with a pair of homers. On the other hand, in a combined 72 lifetime ABs against Carpenter, Lee and Ramirez together have just 1 HR and 5 RBI.

Dempster, who underwent TJS in August of '03, was beaten by the Astros on Electrical Storm Night last Monday. He is making his first start against the Redbirds since back in April of '05, when he also got the nod for the Cubs against Carpenter and was on the wrong end of a 4-0 final score.


Records Following "Tommy John Surgery"
Pitcher G
Chris Carpenter (2008—Current) 2 9 0-0
Ryan Dempster (2004—Current) 250 405 21-25
Tommy John (1976-1989) 405 2545 164-125




Gabe Kapler sucks Bernie's bratwurst.

this is the brewers 2/3 lay down schedule at play.

bad day in scoreboard watching land...

And Stevie Eyre got the win for his 1/3 IP, 3-0 combined record

52 pitches through 5 for Carpenter.
I don't get the Cubs approach at all. You have a ghood pitcher who you know is on a pitch count...with a bad bullpen backing him up. Why in the heck are they not making him work? Why is Lee swinging 3-0?

The offense is making me a bit nervous this homestand. Inconsistent and they seem to be less patient at the plate.

big big win (like those big big donations that santo talks about).

your ace pitches possibly the worst game of his life and you still win the series, and harden didn't throw. awesome.

ahead by 4 and 7 games instead of 3 and 5 games. tremendous win, wood and marmol looked great and should be ready to switch roles back after the off day tomorrow. gotta win the series in ATL with the tough marlins series afterwards, although hopefully Z-Demp-Harden make it less tough. should really go 4-2, and i don't care how they do it.

how bad is the carpenter contract? it was bad the moment it was signed, as someone that old with tommy john shouldn't get that many years. he might be out the rest of the season again as it's already mid august.

From ESPN game recap:
"Cubs manager Lou Piniella wants more production from All-Star outfielder Kosuke Fukudome. If he doesn't start producing, the Cubs' right fielder and biggest offseason acquisition (four years, $48 million) could have his playing time reduced. "We need him to start hitting," Piniella said before Sunday's game. And if Fukudome doesn't get out of his slump, Piniella said he would have to start looking for other options. That could mean more playing time for Reed Johnson in right or for Mike Fontenot at second with DeRosa moving from second to right. Fukudome went 0-for-4 Sunday night and is in a 30-for-138 slump over his last 39 games."

How is Fontenot in the lineup and DeRo in right in any way, shape or form better than Hoffpower looking ugly in right but looking pretty in the 5 or 6-hole?

Not just his batting averaged disappeared. He lost his OBP mojo too. He was the Cubs' patience-at-the-plate-pays poster boy. The Cubs hitters have lost their role model.

.236 .306 .382 .688

.125 .214 .167 .381

Hate to nitpick here, but the numbers you put up show he has an isolated OBP of .070 in July and .089 in August. Those are pretty good numbers.

this is true

why not just call up murton and stick him in right?

helluva catch in the ninth though...

Kosuke needs to be in their for his defense alone. His numbers are likely better than average out of the 7 or 8 hole in the NL and he handles the toughest defensive postion (RF in Wrigley) flawlessly. If it aint broke dont fix it.

I definitely have no complaints about Fukudome's defense. It's been well above average in RF. And he's gotten quite a bit of days off from Lou since the All-Star break so I don't think it's fatigue. Maybe he misses his wife and the new baby? Are they here or in Japan? Whatever, he really needs to adjust soon to how the pitchers have adjusted to him or I'd have to go with Lou's threat of less playing time...

Posted the following in the previous thread in the wake of Hoffpauir's four(?!) home run performance on Saturday night -- & responding to a post of Mister Whipple:

"I've seen Hoffpauir up and down this years in the bigs with a good eye and nice consistency but I don't know much about how he projects long term at a major league level. Bypassing the question of whether he could become a valuable addition prior to September 1, does he have much long term potential?

I know he's pretty old to suddenly be an impactful major leaguer (how common is it for a 28 year old to suddenly find his own in the majors?)"


Well, Ryan Ludwick turned 30 this July and had no regular Major League playing time until May of last year ('07). He spent 5 1/2 years in AAA, batting .285, .303, .271, .191, .266 from 2002 - 2006 before finally putting up a .340/8/36 line for the first 29 games in 2007 (including oba & slg of .380/.642), earning a call up to the Cards in May, 2007. He bats .267/14/52 (oba & slg of .339/.479) in 2/3-time duty in 2007 (303 abs in 120 games). Then he hits like a crazy man this year (.307/.385/.614 with 29 HR & 84 RBI in 109 games).

Don't know if Ludwick has arrived or if it is his version of Jim Hickman's 1970 season -- but it has to give hope to someone like Hoffpauir. It also gives us something to think about for spelling Kosuke in right field.

when Derrek Lee hits the DL, Hoffpauir can play. Putting him in the OF for anything more than once a week is crazy talk.

Either that or move the Cubs to the AL so he can DH.

Crazier than playing DeRosa there with the Fontenaught at second?

My point exactly, Neal. You can downgrade in right and upgrade the batting order, or you can downgrade slightly less in right, downgrade again at second and have a wash of the batting order. Can Hoffpower really be THAT bad? And there's always Kosuke and ReJo for late-game subs.

Maybe after three weeks of the defensive horror show I'll be ready to change my mind but for now I think it's worth a shot. But he keeps playing 1B at Iowa, so I know it's another pipe dream.

I love Lou's love of versatility but there's a fine line between that and misuse of talent. Just because you Can put DeRo in right doesn't mean he should start there more often than not.

All I know is if Hoffpower is going to be the new Wardosaurus next year he'd better at least be able to hack it out there.

Again with nearly 3/4 of the season done, who woulda thunk it that our best candidate for the Cy Young would be one Ryan Dempster.


Keep patting yourself on the back, Ne-al.

I am not patting myself on the back, I am pointing out your lack of baseball acumen, Tit-Oh!

can i get some of that props or what?

i crave the internet props!!!! hehe...

You're the other person I remember thinking Dempster pitching well as a starter wasn't outside the realm of possiblity.

well I sure didn't call Dempster was going to be an All-Star and the top 10 in ERA, but I thought it was a good gamble.

"Dempster probably has the best "stuff" of the four candidates and either him or Marshall have the best shot to breakout this year." 

yeah, but THIS way.

i was expecting a guy who could keep the ball in the park and put in some good work...concerns about how deep he could work, etc.

going into this offseason with Z/dumpster/harden healthy would rule. it would take the sting outta r.hill and the randomness's been bringing.

Why aren't you in the douchebag contest? You're clearly qualified.

I said I was wrong about Dempster. And because I was wrong, I have no baseball acumen. Got it.

Was there a scoring change made retroactively that has lowered Marmol's ERA?

Or am I going crazy?

NO, he has just been back to his filthy self since "The Funk".

Actually, YES -- there was a retroactive (rectal-active in Santo-speak) official scorer's ruling in one of Marmot's early July outings that lowered his ERA. I just read this somewhere on the interwebs in the last few days but can't recall where -- and I'm too tired to look it up at this time of the night. Sorry. Maybe tomorrow if no one else has done so by then.

According to Friday's Tribune, the scoring of the July 12 game vs. SF has been changed to give Marmol an error in the ninth inning. Therefore, according to the Trib, "instead of giving up four unearned runs in the five-run ninth, Marmol was charged with only one unearned run."

They must mean earned runs, right? But anyway, you get the point.

In that case, Marmol thank scorer.

Who initiates a review of game tape nearly a month old purely for an official scoring issue? Marmol's agent?

Since he's not signed to a long term deal, I would guess it wasn't the Cubs' idea. However it may have been that Marmol complained as soon as he realized the call (next day?) and it just took a while to go through the rigamorale.

Thanks, JoeP and Pell, for the info.

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    "Nick: Speaking of players you were wrong about, do you still like the Jason Heyward contract?
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    I gives player a year to get acquainted w whole Cub thing,next year will be more telling.Love the d though.

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  • that's not important.

    the important thing is the cubs seem to have a new defensive whizz at 2nd base according to the stats...sample size warning and all that...but i have faith in him.

    imagine him having to do this 20 times a season. 6.2 innings played, 20 assists, DEFENSE GOLD!

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    Best bet is to check in at Riverview in the morning and ask somebody what's going on that day.

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