Game 120 Thread / Cubs @ Braves (2 of 3)

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SP Rich Harden SP Jorge Campillo
1-1, 2.10, 47 K, 9 BB, 30 IP
7-4, 2.83, 81 K, 21 BB, 114.1 IP
LF Alfonso Soriano CF *Gregor Blanco
SS Ryan Theriot SS Yunel Escobar
1B Derrek Lee 1B *Casey Kotchmann
3B Aramis Ramirez C #Brian McCann
CF *Jim Edmonds LF Omar Infante
2B Mark DeRosa 2B *Kelly Johnson
RF *Kosuke Fukudome 1B Martin Prado
C Henry Blanco RF Jeff Francoeur
P *Rich Harden P Jorge Campillo


Cubs go for the day/night sweep. Blanco gets the start behind home plate. Otherwise, it's the same group with Theriot moving up to the 2-hole and Fukudome moving down to seventh.

Lots of the same faces in the Braves' order as well. Slumping Jeff Francoeur gets a start and the chance to see what it's like to slump out of the eighth spot.

Harden is starting the nightcap after telling Piniella he prefers to work at night.

Oh, my God—we traded for a vampire!

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anyone who seriously wants the cubs to retaliate at chipper....crazy idea. don't get involved. this isn't a team you'll see again this year, not a division rival, and likely not a contender for a few years. don't need more injuries or suspensions or ejections. just let cox be a scumbag and let it be.

settle down, shut them down the next two games and we'll see their 4th place asses in 2009.

btw, glad lilly is pitching down there with those enormous power alleys. should be good for him tomorrow.

"this isn't a team you'll see again this year"

And thats why drill him.

They threw at Soriano twice this year and hurt him once.

Its about time Cox learns that when you hit, you get hit back.

Hi Mrs. Cox.

That's exactly the kind of thinking that derails good teams. We have nothing to prove to Cox. The standings and the scoreboard say it all. In the end that will kick his ass more than any "message" beanball.

Oh, my God—we traded for a vampire!

Come on. Would a vampire be this good at avoiding bats?

I'll let myself out.


Thank you very much, ladies & gentlemen! I'll be here all week. Don't forget to tip your waiters & waitresses!

(Anyway, I thought it was funny...)

I heard Demp might need a wingman at Second City. You might wanna apply.

Harden pitching at night, white guy, Dusty, insert your own joke....

i see in the future a ramirez day off on thursday.

we need to sweep braves because we have sucked
vs. marlins lately

Good games for Cubs.

I just saw Manny hit oppo hr at Dodger stadium.

Boy was I wrong.


MacFail's Orioles
Dudsty's Reds

Of course there's still more season left but it won't matter.

That's almost unbelievable. How can Cincy lose with Dusty at the helm and Korey leading off?


(per google)
Definitions of WGAF on the Web:

* WGAF is the game engine developed by Guild Software which powers their MMORPG Vendetta Online. It runs on Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. ...

I'm not following your meaning and this failure to connect with the thoughts of a fellow human being distresses me...

Thanx, Tito. I guess it wasn't that hard to figure out. Just being lazy....

There's a word for guys like that, and that word is "ballast".

At the bottom of all the comments, would it be possible to add a "back to top" button or perhaps a button that links back to the home page?

Just hit the "home" buttong (on a windows machine) or Apple+Up (on a mac).

Between the Buttongs, one of my favorite Stones records.

I'll keep it in mind. thanks for the suggestion..

39. Still a long way to go.

ESPN standings say Cubs have a 97.4% chance of making the playoffs. Brewers have 79.4% chance.

BP, has us at 98% at the slight favorites to have the best record in the game:

I wonder how ESPN comes up with their numbers.

PLAYOFFS??!!! Don't talk about PLAYOFFS???!! Are you kiddin' me? PLAYOFFS???!!

Seriously though, let's focus on holding off the rest of our division one game or series at a time. As amazing as this year's team is, I can't take all the forward looking and dreaming.

Mister Whipple, every time I hear the word "Playoffs", I say that in my whiniest Jim Mora voice whether someone is with me or not. It just strikes me as so funny.

We're sneaking up on playing .500 on the road. That would give me a bit more confidence in the team headed into the playoffs.

The Brewers have gone 8-2 over their last 10 games... but haven't made up any ground. That's got to be frustrating.

Alternatively, The Cubs have played 8-2 over their last 10 games and haven't increased their division lead. That is frustrating too. hehe

8-4 on the road since the break. Wouldn't it be nice if that trend continued the rest of the way? ;-)

Think of it this way - if both clubs keep up this kind of pace, we'll have to beat their arses some more at the end of the season. So there!

Any thoughts of Cubs being better off winning wild card and playing Phillies, rather than AZ (Webb, Harren, Unbeaten Randy Johnson)?

AZ not winning the west. Dodgers. Lock it up.

Hollywood Chad-

I will wager you five virtual dollars. You take Dodgers and I will take Dbags.

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