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SP *Cole Hamels SP Ryan Dempster
  11-8, 3.20, 162 K, 43 BB, 188.2 IP
15-5, 2.85, 153 K, 65 BB, 170.2 IP
SS #Jimmy Rollins LF Alfonso Soriano
2B *Chase Utley SS Ryan Theriot
LF Pat Burrell 1B Derrek Lee
1B *Ryan Howard 3B Aramis Ramirez
CF #Shane Victorino C Geovany Soto
RF Jayson Werth CF Reed Johnson
3B Pedro Feliz RF *Kosuke Fukudome
C Carlos Ruiz  2B Mark DeRosa
P *Cole Hamels P Ryan Dempster


The Cubs and Phillies play the first game in Major League history in which the umpires—or at least the crew chief—will have the option to summon an instant replay to assist a call. (The Rangers/Angels and Twins/A's games starting later Thursday will also be replay-enabled; umpires at all games will be onboard starting Friday.) The reviewable plays will be limited to potential home runs, i.e., fair or foul, over the fence or in play, fan interference or not.

Cubs manager Lou Piniella thinks it's all just a grand idea:

"This is not going to work. I shouldn't say it's not going to work, but this could turn into a little bit of a fiasco initially."

Anyhow, having beaten our boys twice (and nearly three times) in a three-game series in Philadelphia back in April, the Philles begin this four-game set as the only NL team with a lead in their season series against the Cubs.

Hamels—3-1, 3.00 lifetime against the Cubs— started the middle game in that series and was dominant, allowing the Cubs no runs and a single hit (a 4th inning double by Derrek Lee) while walking two over 7 innings. Fifteen-game winner Dempster, who will achieve a career high with his next victory, continued his marvelous season last time out against the Nationals, limiting the Gnats to one run over 7 1/3 as the Cubbies triumphed, 9-2.

The Phillies begin play 1/2 game behind the NL East-leading Mets; Cubs are six up on the Brewers.


Yay! WGN tonight!

how can conclusive evidence not work?

only issue i see is if not enough cameras catch the play in question.

I really don't see the point of the replay. If you're going to do it, why not have it available for the controversial calls on the bases and for the strike zone? What makes homeruns so special? Personally, I think you have to deal with bad calls. Umps have been making bad calls for over a century and yet fans still show up to the games. Heck, sometimes the bad calls or potential for bad calls increases the quality of entertainment.

Personally, I think you have to deal with bad calls.

That will come... just give it time. One step at a time.

Exactly. Fifteen years ago today, someone somewhere was talking about how the wild card was going to ruin baseball.

Poorly stated on my part.

home runs are game-breakers/makers and should be cut/dry/easy.

doing it for balls/strikes would lead to some serious delay of games and the umps probably wouldn't let it happen anyway.

getting the umps to agree to replay on something 150-300ft. away from them...that's an easier sell.

umps are very close to all plays except home runs.

But they probably miss calls on the infield and at the plate as often or more often than they do on homeruns.

To the argument that homeruns are very important plays in a ballgame: a play at first or a ball strike call can be just as big as a homerun if it occurs at a crucial point in the game.

I'm not particularly opposed to the replay, nor am I particularly in favor of it. I find it a very blah issue. Yay, so they get the call right every time. What about all the calls they get wrong on occasion elsewhere? The game isn't exactly being ruined by blatant and frequent incorrect calls. And the replays won't ruin the game either. I just don't see a real need.

Just think, if they'd gotten the call right in Houston, Soto never would've had that inside the parker.

I still like the NFL's system the best. Not every questionable call is crucial to the game and so the umps don't have to check unless there is a challenge from the teams. give each side one challenge each on any play (except balls and strikes). if the challening team is right, reverse the call; if they're wrong then they get charged an out.

Soto's would have been just a regular home run. They missed the call, replay would have gotten it right. I'm not sure I see where the downside is on this.

The only lineup in the NL, on paper, at least as good as ours. Let's shut it down.

ARAM..noise at Wrigley...chills

Aramis Fucking Ramirez...what a year!!! Now just KW for the save and put up the flag and sing the song!

I've been saying it all year - Aramis is our scrappiest player. He may not have the flashiest stats, but the little guy has more than enough HEART.

"Little guy" -- Aramis Ramirez? He's 6'1 220lb.

That's exactly what I'm saying. Aram tends to be overshadowed by his more famous "slugger" type teammates, but when you need an unexpected hero - bam, he steps up. He's not afraid to get his uniform dirty.

Back when Aramis had those back to back 0-for-twenty-whatevers, I thought he was having a bad year, but you're right, this year he is having a good year (or one roughly consistent with what he has done since coming to the Cubs). His OPS+ numbers since 2003: 138, 135, 126, 129 and 131 so far this year. He already has exceeded his season best for walks this year. He's been very consistent since joining the Cubs.

Before looking up his numbers, I had been wondering how much better the offense would be if Lee and Ramirez were having great years. Now I just wonder what the offense would be like if Lee was having a great year, since Ramirez is having a good year (2004 was probably better, but this one is good).

Nice win

Very nice win

How close was Utley's ball to going out?

Johnson caught Utley's fly out just in front of the warning track in center-right. Ball went further than i thought it would based on the swing, sound off the bat, and Utley's (non) reaction.

Fantastic win.

Go Cubs.

Wind was blowing out to right, and that ball got up a bit. I was sitting in aisle 239.

(Great game to be at. As soon as Fontenot hit his HR the energy in the park just did a complete 180.

OMFG! What a game!

I love this team. I truly love this team. My heart could be broken, but I will remember how much I loved them during this season.

/emotional rant

Did that really just happen?

Darn that Obama fellow for giving a speech during that kick-ass win.

Only a White Sox fan would pull a bullshit stunt like that. Come on man, save your acceptance speeches for after the game!

He'll be courteous enough to be elected President days after the Cubs win the World Series. Yes, I said it, I'm giddy. 34 games over .500.

Man... that will be a great week or two!!!

and yes I know he's a Sox fan...

I love the fact that the Brewers have gone 17-7 this month......and fallen another 1 1/2 games back.

That is all kinds of fun.

Cubs = Panzer.
The Rest of Baseball = Paralyzed Polish Girl Scounts.

Or for those of you who remember the analogies section on the SAT,
Cubs : Rest of Baseball :: Panzer : Paralyzed Polish Girl Scouts

Bad analogy - remember despite their dominance early on, the Germans lost the war...

I'd prefer Hendry does not commit suicide in his bunker.

How about Cubs : Rest of Baseball :: Average Joe's Gym Team : Rest of Dodgeball Tournament

Some blowouts, some scrappy wins, a tight final match showdown with the expected champs, but champions nonetheless!

So... helluva' game. Great win.

But why was Kerry Wood throwing in his 4th game/day in a row?


this game shows the difference between us and rest
of national league all phases worked the bullpen
was great and once we got starter out and got to
there bullpen phillies were toast.
the phillies are the team i would rather see
milwaukee face in first round then the mets

The Phillies are dangerous with all that power (3 guys with 30 homers, plus Werth). Even though Howard is having a bad year, he keeps putting balls in the seats. Rollins is having an off year too, but is a tough ballplayer.

Hamels just ate us alive while he was in. Lidge is the bullpen guy everyone is scared of, but Durbin (prior to the salami) had a 1.95 ERA.

I think the Cubs have better pitching, and more balanced hitting, but we don't have the Phillies' power.

As it stands today, I think the Cubs would play the D-Backs in the first round, in a reprise of last year.

There's power, then there's scoring runs.

Cubs 735 vs. Phils 649

Scoring runs is the ultimate power.

D-Backs give me a serious chill -- Webb, Haren, the Big Unit and Adam Dunn.

C'mon, you Rockies!

I couldn't believe it at first when ARAM hit that grand slam. Good thing we have instant replay now to make sure that Ramirez is really clutch. or is it scrappy?

What should the Wrigley Field replay box be called?

The Bartman box?

or Milt Pappas perfecto machine?

Doesn't matter what we call it, Joe Morgan's still gonna call it Banks' Box.

Go Brickies! (That's for you, H-Mike.)

...this just in from NY replay HQ:

the Aramis Ramirez hit in the 8th inning was a fair ball.

Ramirez with 99 RBI--the same as Hoffpauir, who also hit a slam tonight.

Third time in two weeks Fontenot started a late-inning come-from-behind winning rally with a hit: Aug. 17 @Florida, the middle game at Pitt this week and tonight.

Scott Eyre (in the Phillies bullpen in the 8th) must have had a rough time suppressing the strong urge to whoop it up on the ARam HR. He's probably glad Charlie Manuel goes to JC Romero as the first lefty otherwise he might have fallen off the bullpen mound (rather than the bench).

He's probably also glad because he pitched 2 innings (no hits no runs no walks 3 K's) Wednesday night versus the Mets.

Don't look now but AramRam is 4th in the league in RBI's, and two of the guys he are behind won't be in MVP race consideration - Howard and Lee. If he can beat Wright in the Triple Crown stats, I can see him being considered a 'legitimate' MVP candidate for the voters wanting to give it out as a team award.

Unfortunately I think Dempster's Cy Young chase took a hit last night. He's going to have to win out to catch Webb and Lincecum.

He may get MVP votes, but Pujols and Berkman are having much better years. MVPs typically go to winners (as evidenced by not a lot of Cub MVPs over the years), but I don't think Ramirez is deserving this year.

Don't give a damn about the individual awards. i was at the game when Madlock won the batting crown, cheered loudly and nothing has happened team-wise in my lifetime before or since. It would actually be cooler if this team won no individual awards and won the World Series. Anything short of a trip to the series will be a disappointment this season.

I was at the game tonight and it was thrilling. Want to know how important Marmol is? Take a look at how hard it was for the Phillies to get the game to Lidge. The seventh or eighth is often more important than the ninth. For some reason, Manual was warming up a lefty to face Fukudome and no one else. By the time Fukudomw batted, the game was over.

The Phillies have very little starting pitching and live by the home run. That usually doesn't add up to playoff success. If they even get there.

Did you hear the story about the Red Sox fan who was in a coma and when he came out of it, his family told him the Red Sox had won the World Series and he couldn't believe it (they may have been down 0-3 when he went in to his coma)?

The Cubs have been to the NLCS three times since Madlock won his second batting crown. Welcome back Tbone!

By the way, the Phillies went into last night's game with the league's best bullpen ERA.

For some reason, Manual was warming up a lefty to face Fukudome and no one else

That is because the Cubs had 6 righties in a row. You don't typically bring in a LHP to face a righty.

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    Blew my prediction! I had them signing Zimmerman and trading for another arm.

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  • Yeah, this market. Remember when Ted Lilly signed a 4/$40m with the Cubs? It was like "Well, I guess if you can throw a ball, that's what the 3 and 4 starters are all getting." I'm glad I'm not a GM. Of course, they're spending our money...

  • in this market that seems like a decent deal relative to the market.

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  • Zimmermann 5/$110m with Tigers. Youch.

    And the updated predications page:

  • Cubs 3B Christian Villanueva (who is out of minor league options) is hitting 358/464/500 for Obregon in the Mexican Pacific League (LMP), and is leading the LMP in OBP, is second in BAvg and walks, is seventh in SLG, and is tied for 8th in HR. He also has struck out only 16 times in 175 PA. 

  • CTSteve, thanks for spelling Zimmermann correctly. We don't need another first baseman.

  • The media has linked Cueto and the Cubs approximately zero times this winter. I'm thinking there's just not a lot of interest there on the Cubs' part. It seems unlikely.

    If the Cubs miss on Price, Grienke, and Zimmerman, they will aim for a mid-rotation starter via free agency or trade. However, I think this scenario also significantly boosts the odds that they extend Arrieta.

  • The Tigers are going after Zimmermann and the Red Sox will be throwing money at Price. Bringing Cueto back to the NL with the Cubs is looking like a serious possibility. Thoughts?

  • Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe in the financial impact to the Red Sox for not signing Jon Lester early in the free agent process:

    It will be interesting to ultimately add up the cost of letting Jon Lester go.

    The Red Sox botched up their negotiations with Lester in during spring training of 2014, making an initial offer of $70 million that was roughly $40 million short of what it should have been. Talks broke down and Lester was traded in July.

  •'re flip-flopping again?!

    Is this legal? What is the rule here on opining definitively and then changing your mind?

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    Morsi saying Price won't be a Jay

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