Game 140 Thread / Astros @ Cubs (3 of 3)

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SP *Randy Wolf SP Ryan Dempster

8-11, 4.73, 134 K, 64 BB, 158 IP
15-5, 2.95, 160 K, 69 BB, 176.2 IP
CF *Michael Bourn LF Alfonso Soriano
LF Ty Wigginton SS Ryan Theriot
SS Miguel Tejada 1B Derrek Lee
1B #Lance Berkman 3B Aramis Ramirez
3B #Geoff Blum C Geovany Soto
RF Hunter Pence RF Mark DeRosa
2B *David Newhan CF Reed Johnson
C Humberto Quintero 2B Ronny Cedeno
P *Randy Wolf P Ryan Dempster



Some stuff you may have missed in the comments or previous posts...

- Sean Marshall will take Zambrano's spot in the rotation on Sunday. Z did see the doctor today and was scheduled for an MRI, but for some reason did not show up for the MRI. It's been rescheduled for tomorrow.

- Kevin Hart has been called up.

- The Brewers already lost 9-2 this afternoon. 

- Lou says Rich Harden is experiencing shoulder discomfort; although Hendry and Harden insist nothing is wrong at all.

- Iowa and Daytona start their playoff series tonight. Daytona was supposed to start yesterday and was down 4-0 early, but the game ended up being rained out before becoming official.


Phils go up 2-0 in the top of the 1st...Howard HR.

Nats cut it to 2-1.

make it 2-2 after one.

make it 3-2 Phils.

"He was supposed to take an MRI today, but he didn't," Piniella said. "It was available to him."

mark prior approves.

it's obviously being implied that he's getting an MRI of his right shoulder, but we might be surprised that it could be an MRI of his neck or his elbow. Particularly since he had an MRI-arthrogram of his right shoulder in June (which is the most informative diagnostic testing short of a shoulder arthroscopy). The MRI can image various body parts so saying he's getting an MRI is like saying it will be 80 degrees tomorrow without saying where.

I hate this minimal disclosure stuff when it comes to baseball players.

"it's a shoulder"
--Dave Wannestadt

When pressed as to why Zambrano didn't have the MRI Wednesday, Piniella said, "I don't think Carlos was available today to take it."

whatever the fuck that means...

"I don't have any answers for you," Piniella said. "I wish I did. I'd like to have clarification myself. I don't want to lie to you; I want to be as truthful as I can."

Let's wait till we find out what really happened. For all we know he had a family emergency or something and I always put those ahead of work.

All righty lineup....even against a lefty, I'm never sure how wise that is.

A win would be really, really, nice here.
Brewers I'm sure looking forward to getting on track at home beating up on the Padres and Reds, while we are on the road in Cincy and STL.

we've been better on the road lately...14-5 since the break.

14-11 at home.

Probably more of a sign of the competition than the location...but I'd still prefer not to be on the road for 16 of the final 22.

Who needs Z when you have Darth Vader on your side? (see 9/16)

2-1 in the third, Iowa up 1-0 in the 2nd.

Game time.

behind at home for the 7th straight game.

Is Carlos in uniform at the game? Anyone see him yet?

Lou in the postgame interview said "I haven't seen Carlos, he wasn't here tonight"

Where in the world is Carmen Zambrano?

Well, our manager not seemingly knowing where our "star" pitcher is, is not a good thing. So the Zambrano AWOL count is up to Day 1. I wonder if the Trib will have that counter on the front page with the Cubs magic number...:)

you can get fined/restricted for that.

what's up with that?

It's a good thing he wasn't told he had the day off and showed up for a little while. Then he would be the worst demon in the history of Chicago Cubs baseball.

As difficult as this current losing streak has been to take, it's kind of funny how the magic numbers have continued to go down in the middle of it. Brewers fans must be banging their heads against the wall because they've also run into a hot team and haven't gained much ground.

Brewers get swept by the Mets 6-2.
Phillies losing to the Nats 9-5 in the 9th.

So the magic number for the division goes to 18
and the number for the playoffs could go to 14

19 already takes into account Brewers loss.
So assuming no 9th inning miracle, Magic numbers will be 19 and 14.

But, at the moment I don't care about magic numbers...this was a great opportunity to bury the Brewers ahead of a long tough roadtrip...Cubs didn't do it, they've been playing crappy baseball, and we have major injury concerns to boot.

If I were the Brewers, I'd feel preety good about taking on the Mets and not losing any ground with 13 games remaining against the Reds/Padres and Pirates.

NOBODY would feel pretty good after getting swept at home in a September playoff race. Not the Cubs, not the Brewers. Absolutely nobody.

Considering they were swept, I'm guessing they feel like it's still there for the taking. That was my entire point, and I think you knew that.

Doesn't anybody want to be in the playoffs?

- Phils lose 2 of 3 to Nats.
- Brewers swept at home.
- Cards give up 2 in the ninth to lose.
- Cubs swept (and shut out twice) at home by the Carlos Lee-less Astros.

A complete game shutout by Randy Wolf? Very funny if it weren't so tragically sad.

One thing is obvious -- the patsy August schedule artificially inflated everyone's opinion of this team. ESPN called them the favorites to win the WS, and Eric Karros said Saturday on FOX: "I don't see a single weakness in this team". Look again, Eric.

Amazing how quickly things change:

Five games ago, 95 wins seemed like a lock (only had to go 10-17!) Now, given the schedule and the way they are playing, it seems like a stretch.

Tomorrow's off-day is going to seem very, very long.

The NL Playoffs are becoming baseball's version of the 'Take my wife... please, take her' joke.

I'm curious for those of you who saw Cedeno thrown out at home? (you can see it on gameday).

It looked like a close play, and maybe the catcher missed him.

But I'm curious: Catchers can block the plate obviously, but Quintero actually kicked out his leg and more or less tripped or attempted to trip Cedeno. Is that legal? It's one thing to block the plate but seems another to kick out at a runner out of your path.

also I get the feeling Lou might be wishing he bunted with Soriano (or put in someone who could bunt last night) in the 10th inning with runners on 1st and 2nd and nobody out. The overall cub performance these last five days has been rough, but last night was a disaster in both player performance and manager decision making. And I'm a BIG Lou fan . . .

Still say the DPLee AB in the 8th last night was the back-breaker. You would think a veteran would have more of a clue than to bail out an imploding pitcher (who just walked the bases loaded and walked the previous hitter on 4 straight) by swinging at a 1-0 pitch that is low in the zone. The Cubs still haven't recovered. Get a ball you can hit in the air, dummy. You were ahead in the count. That really, really reminded me of the old clueless Cubbery.

Also agree they should have bunted in the 10th. They needed one run, not 3.


that's a perfect description of what bothered me about DLee's atbat. So many things wrong with it. One: make the pitcher get a pitch over the plate. Two: Why swing at low ball when you need a ball in the air. Three: Don't act desperate when the pitcher is in trouble.

that said I felt like Lou had his worst game of the season:

Howry: WHy? he should be our long relief in a blowout guy.And we're on a losing streak.
Rookie McGehee: 1st at bat of season pinch hitting in 9th - of course he's gonna strike out
Kerry Wood: 2 innings? Closers never excels in tied games
DLee: Why not have take sign on?
Soriano: bunt the damn ball. we're struggling and need a win. 2 on nobody out. already had hard night. end the game.

Cubs just got dominated by Randy Wolf.
2-5 homestand. Losing late in all 7 games.
scored 3 or less in 5 of 7 games.
Hopefully a day off does them some good.
Bad, bad, baseball.

Really bad baseball and you could see that the streak has taken it's toll on the minds of the players. Way too many fundamental errors in all aspects of play. This is just one of those bad streaks when the offense, defense and pitching are all struggling at the same time. It's not gonna last though and this ship will be righted soon enough. A much needed day off to clear heads (both for the team and the headless chickens on the board).


I really, really hope you are right, and think you probably are.

Worried, though, that pressure is getting to them. Lou getting snippy with the media isn't helping.

For the superstitious among us -- Cubs are 0-5 since the Trib starting putting the magic number on the front page of the sports section. Like the SI and Madden curses, probaly nothing to it, but, still...5 straight at home?

I really hate losing to the astros -- they alwys seem to laugh and celebrate more than other teams when they beat the Cubs.

I see that the Dodgers have won 4 straight after a long losing streak...

...and our equivalent of Manny would be?

HOFF-POWER!! to the rescue. You'll see. He's gonna be our new Ne!f!-in-a-bottle

Of course, even as hot as Manny has been, he still couldn't stop the Dodgers from losing 8 in a row. So much for needing someone to carry a team on it's back. Winning IS and will always be a team effort. (Unless you have HOFF-POWER!! That dude can win games single-handedly).

Disappointed. I expect better.

lol... this is how bored I was during the game tonight...;_ylt=Apyun...

lmao 10-man

Hah! One of our douche nominees should post a similar question about how to not be a douche. :-)

If it's not about Bristol Palin, I ain't clicking.

HA! Sorry Carlos. :(

Sabathia still pitched 1 hitter.

official scoring of the infield hit upheld.


count me in on the hoffpauer sighting
lets get him some at bats in cincinnati
lee needs sometime off

the cubs are hiding something about
carlos you pay the guy how many million
a year my guess is he was seeing a docter
in (alabama maybe) hope not but?

i also think we could be surprised by
what marshall does starting.

wow and how about reed johnson has sucked
recently i bet felix pie could of done better
at bat this homestand,and that is definately
a low blow to johnson

Yep -surprised at how bad Marshall was at getting us behind the 8-ball at a game I was at last week.

3-0 in the first inning...

In Marshall's defense - what they're asking him to do - start once every two or three weeks and then come out of the bullpen for a couple of innings a week is not an easy task.

One might have hoped that the mentally and apparently physically challenged Rich Hill might have been able to escape his straightjacket by Labot Day but... no.

besides our magic numbers going down today...Iowa and Daytona both won their playoff games.

Daytona's 6-run 8th inning that helped them to a 10-9 win:

Daytona Top 8th

  • Pitcher Change: Pete Parise replaces Samuel Freeman.
  • Ty Wright reaches on throwing error by third baseman Brian Cartie. Ty Wright to 2nd.
  • With Marquez Smith batting, passed ball by Paul Vazquez, Ty Wright to 3rd.
  • Marquez Smith reaches on fielding error by shortstop Pete Kozma. Ty Wright scores.
  • Steve Clevenger grounds out, second baseman Oliver Marmol to first baseman Matthew Arburr. Marquez Smith to 2nd.
  • Russ Canzler grounds out, third baseman Brian Cartie to first baseman Matthew Arburr.
  • Ryan Harvey singles on a line drive to left fielder Tyler Henley. Marquez Smith scores.
  • Jonathan Mota hits a ground-rule double (1) on a fly ball to left field. Ryan Harvey to 3rd.
  • Darwin Barney singles on a ground ball to third baseman Brian Cartie. Ryan Harvey scores. Jonathan Mota to 3rd.
  • Tony Thomas singles on a pop up to pitcher Pete Parise. Jonathan Mota scores. Darwin Barney to 2nd.
  • Pitcher Change: Davis Bilardello replaces Pete Parise.
  • James Adduci walks. Darwin Barney to 3rd. Tony Thomas to 2nd.
  • Pitcher Change: Wayne Daman replaces Davis Bilardello.
  • Ty
    Wright singles on a line drive to right fielder Luke Gorsett. Darwin
    Barney scores. Tony Thomas scores. James Adduci to 3rd.
  • Offensive Substitution: Pinch hitter Blake Lalli replaces Marquez Smith.
  • Blake Lalli grounds out, first baseman Matthew Arburr to pitcher Wayne Daman.


And Rocky Roquet
Came up from Double A
Only to face Max Ramirez

He said 'Rocky' you've met your match
He said 'No Max, you'll never scratch
A hit, no matter what your manager says'

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