Game 141 Thread / Cubs @ Reds (1 of 3)

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SP *Ted Lilly SP Bronson Arroyo

13-8, 4.23, 160 K, 57 BB, 174.2 IP
13-10, 4.97, 137 K, 57 BB, 166.2 IP
LF Alfonso Soriano CF *Chris Dickerson
SS Ryan Theriot SS Jeff Keppinger
1B Derrek Lee 2B Brandon Phillips 
3B Aramis Ramirez 1B *Joey Votto
2B Mark DeRosa 3B Edwin Encarnacion
CF *Jim Edmonds RF *Jay Bruce
C Geovany Soto LF Jolbert Cabrera
RF *Kosuke Fukudome C Ryan Hanigan
P *Ted Lilly P Bronson Arroyo


That well-known rabble-rouser, Mark Sheldon of, is billing this series as a showdown between NL Rookie of the Year candidates Geovany Soto and Joey Votto.

Actually, I don't know anything about Mark Sheldon's rabble-rousing, but the comparison is not entirely off-base:

Geovany Soto .294 .371 .514  885 21  80
Joey Votto .294 .360 .472  832 17  67


As you can see, except for AVG, Soto's numbers are all better, plus one can't discount Soto's invaluable contribution behind the plate. Regarding Votto, who hit .382 last month and had a team-high 18 RBI, he has played well while most everything and everyone around him has gone to hell.

Also, don't forget Votto has had to overcome the handicap of playing for an imbecile.

Reds starter Bronson Arroyo has been outstanding lately, winning 9 of his last 12 starts and posting a 2.62 ERA in five outings last month. He has already beaten the Cubs and Ted Lilly twice this year, including a 2-1 decision a couple weeks ago.

The Cubs are embarking on their longest road trip this year as they endure their longest losing skid of the season. As for Lilly, he was a loser last time out against the Phillies (6.2 IP, 3 ER), but he has given the Cubs six or more innings in each of his last nine starts and in 16 of his last 17 assignments.

Let's win one for ol' Doc Gryzlo.


Non-Cub Sports Headline of the Week, from The Onion
Pavano to Yanks: 'I'm Back And Ready To—Ow, My Hip!'



Probaly not completely fair, but getting 20+ HR and 80+ RBI out of a catcher (rookie or not)is more impressive than getting it out of a 1st baseman, where it should be almost automatic.

Oh man....another series in Houston next weekend. Check to see the bar is fully stocked.

Fun fact: Joe Votto ain't shit.

standing here under an overhang wondering if they'll get this game in. Looks like might have wasted some serious coin.

The last game I came to here in cincy was that gem that Lieber started. You know, his one and only start. Gave up four HR's. Gallager came in and poured gas on the siyuation.




5 out first inning...awful start.

Looks like Votto is off to the races in this weekends Rookie competition. Hopefully Soto can respond in kind.

Also, don't forget Votto has had to overcome the handicap of playing for an imbecile.


Is it okay to PANIC yet?

pray for rainout

This team just looks bad. Lets hope they are having a 2005 White Sox meltdown before the heat up lol

I've been posting my doubts about the offense for some time now, but now with Zambrano, Dempster, and Lilly all looking like mortals there are definite chinks in the armor.

We're just lucky the Brewers haven't taken advantage yet.

What did Dempster do wrong? His last outing was 7 ip, 3 er.

And Lilly has looked mortal all year.

something. anything to turn the momentum.

I look at it this way...

Z, Harden and Lilly are all getting to skip a start

Is this the game where we hit rock bottom, so we can recover?

Arroyo equals Drysdal

Leiber equals sausage grease sweating Glendon Rusch

w00t Pads tie it up 1-1 top 4. C'mon Pads, start the downfall of Chuck Saturday.

Throwing error Bill Hall
...on a throw to the plate for a potential fielder's choice.


Koyie Hill adding 5 mph to Angel Guzman's fastball

doh, spoke too soon. SuperChuck RBI single, Brewers up 2-1.

I'll show myself out.

the "B" Cubs break thru with a run, Koyie Hill double...he hit it 5 mph faster than the CF.

Be sure to order Ted Lilly's exciting new video "Veteran Leadership: How to step up when the chips are down". Highlights include the glove slam from last year's playoffs, and getting knocked out by the Reds minor league lineup when your team's epic death spiral is just gaining steam. On sale now!

Six straight, with Marquis and Marshall pitching the next 2.

Who's a headless chicken now, hmmmm?'re gloating because you see DOOOOOOM ahead? This is a good thing how exactly?

As for Lilly, yes, he stunk tonight, and I liked the quick hook by Lou (until Lieber put the game out of reach). But even if I had a problem with Lilly's 2007 glove slam, it would seem pointless to pick on him for it now. Meanwhile, I can deal with any "epic death spiral" that results in virtually no loss of ground to the competition and the continual reduction in magic numbers.

Not gloating at all...just always find it bizarre when everyone uses the 2005 White Sox as an example rather than the 2004 Cubs or the 2007 Mets. Cubs have Marquis and Marshall the next 2, then play nothing but winning teams, mostly on the road.

Playoffs a lock? Not yet.

Who exactly is this "everyone" and "always" that you are calling out? surely you don't mean every single person who posts on this board. I don't recall reading hundreds of posts everyday mentioning the 2005 White Sox. I do recall seeing one or two in the past week. This team still has the best record in the NL and therefore is still the team that has the best chance of any NL team to make the playoffs. Go look for your head, chicken.

I made a comment about the 2005 White Sox because I was trying to put a positive spin on a shitty situation. They almost blew their division lead in September, and then rebounded to win the World Series. Just trying to look on the bright side.

I agree, but tonight was quite painful to watch - and last week wasn't exactly wonderful either. Yeah, they were probably due for something like this, but they sure look a little lifeless out there.

Finally, the perfect situational use of Howry.


quickly, 2-2 and CC gets a no decision (and an RBI)

The only Rosenbloom quip I've liked all season is that Gagne is the Cubs' MVP. Keep it up Wreck-ful Eric!

Just like 2007..The Brewers bullpen is the key for the Cubs.

Mitch Atkins tonight, 4 hits, 7 strikeouts in 7 shutout innings. Somewhere the Cubs are winning!

Good news on Atkins, now that our starters are either dealing with nagging injuries or just sucking it looks like we might need him for some starts this month.

best signing for the cubs this year... eric gagne

Pods blow golden opportunites in both the 9th and 10th.

Not looking good.

Of course now the Padres turn to Bryan Falkenburg in the bottom of the 10th to face Braun :( this doesn't look good.

Ok out of the 10th after Walking Braun and Fielder. On to the 11th still 2-2. Both the Brewers and Cubs were hot all yaer now both are cold...funny how things work.

Hart fails to bunt after Braun/Fielder both walk...

then he hits into a 5U-3 DP, Kapler 6-3, on to the 11th.

guess we're not the only team that doesn't execute fundamental stuff.

Pads blow another great chance in the 11th -- 1st and 3rd one out, then DP. No word if they had DLEE in to pinch hit.

Feels like the 2nd gane of the Cubs-Astros series....

Damn...what a crap night.

wgn radio reported that Rich Harden had a pain free bullpen session today and will pitch Wednesday (as planned) in StL.

Frustrating as hell. But the sun still rises tomorrow. Ain't life grand that you can go to sleep at night and start over again the next day.

Wildcard probability is more realistic at this juncture.Even if pitching improves the players have to step up.Unfortunately Lou has a standard of complacency involving his everyday lineup.People that slump simply drag the team down,including double play Lee,Fukadome,and Ramirez.Lou needs to go to his bench no matter what. I would rather see the fans waving the W FLAG.If the starters aren't doing the job let them sit.even if it pisses them off. Whatever it takes to win. Also many thanks to Hendry for not having enough sense to pick up another power hitting outfielder. Kinda late now is it?

Wildcard probability is more realistic at this juncture.

The Cubs are currently 4.0 games ahead of the Brewers. They continue to have the best record in the NL despite the 6 game losing streak. They'll win the division, not the wild card. Stop panicking. Blech.

Gawd, I knew it wouldn't take long for the jump off the bridge crowd to show up. Its pretty damn amazing that the Cubs have been able to go this long without having an extended losing streak, but its baseball, it happens. Hell, look at the Brewers, who haven't made any significant ground during the Cubs losing streak.

Yes it would be nice if Hendry could have waved his magic wand and picked up Jason Bay for a bag of balls, but lets look at reality. The Cubs are still the best offense in the NL by a long shot, scoring 50 more runs than the next closest team, and leading the league in Batting Average, Slugging, and OBP. The offense is in a slump, its not a long term issue.

I probably shouldn't do all this, but I had my coffee today.

Wildcard probability is more realistic at this juncture.

How can you possibly say that? Look, I don't like watching bad baseball either, but let's pause a second before we reach for the defibrillator, okay? The Brewers are 4 games back and they've been playing badly too, if you haven't noticed.

Unfortunately Lou has a standard of complacency involving his everyday lineup.

Continuing to hit Lee 3rd despite his slump is somewhat questionable, but otherwise Piniella has shuffled the lineup noticeably. Soto, Fukudome, Theriot, and DeRosa have all moved around to varying degrees of success.

People that slump simply drag the team down

People that slump. Children that don't always do what you tell them to. Lottery tickets that don't win. Sunny days that turn rainy. All of you are draggin' me down!!!

including double play Lee,Fukadome [sic],and Ramirez.

OK, as for Lee and Fukudome, everyone would like to see better offensive production. But they're not "dragging the team down." At the very least, their defense helps the team immensely.

As for Ramirez: how anyone can blame him for any of this team's perceived woes is beyond me. He's the team's very best position player (maybe tied with Soto), a legitimate NL MVP candidate, and complete and total money with the game on the line. I cannot believe that anyone calling himself a Cubs fan has to be schooled on this, after all the clueless maroons we've seen at 3rd base over the years. Even if you're so unrealistic as to demand slump-free perfection from every player, Ramirez comes as close to your crummy ideal as anyone you will ever see in a Cubs uniform. And you break bad on him!!

Also many thanks to Hendry for not having enough sense to pick up another power hitting outfielder.

You know, you're right. Hendry probably didn't even offer Rich Hill to Cincinnati for Adam Dunn! Or Pie for Griffey, or Ceda to the Pirates for Nady! How could he be so dumb?!?

I was at the "game" last night. Wow, that was unwatchable. As a result, most of the section we were sitting in resorted to heckling. I don't think Soriano was even looking at the pitches; he just fanned through most. Yes, he drew two walks, but my God, did he chase crap. None of the players looked like they wanted to be there except maybe Koyie Hill. (Remember the Hill/Hill battery early last year?).
If these guys don't hit soon, I'm expecting a Mt. Pinella eruption.We got drummed by the Riverbats.
Why Ted, why?

Mike Vail:
I was at the "game" last night...

I'm sorry.

Hey by the way... it looks like crunch took a direct hit from Hannah. He's pretty far inland, but still, I wonder if he has power.

Maybe if we just let all the headless chickens jump off the bridge, there won't be any left to bother us here.

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