Game 148 Thread / Cubs @ Astros (kinda) 2 of 2

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SP *Ted Lilly SP Brian Moehler
14-9, 4.29, 166 K, 60 BB, 184.2 IP
11-6, 4.16, 76 K, 33 BB, 138.1 IP
LF Alfonso Soriano CF Reggie Abercrombie
2B *Mike Fontenot 2B Mark Loretta
1B Derrek Lee SS Miguel Tejada
3B Aramis Ramirez 1B #Lance Berkman
RF *Micah Hoffpauir RF Hunter Pence
C Geovany Soto 3B Jose Castillo
CF *Jim Edmonds LF *Darin Erstad
SS Ronny Cedeno C Humberto Quintero
P *Ted Lilly P Brian Moehler


This sure is a tough turn-around. It's like partying all night, hooking up with a few perfect 10 models and then having to drag your ass back to your job the next morning. Only your job is located in a city that smells either like fermenting yeast or a tannery depending on which way the wind blows (true story, that is how Milwaukee smells).

Cubs go for the sweep (I guess) with Ted "Knockout" Lilly on the mound. The only way to top last night's game is either a perfect game or a four homer game by one of our hitters. I expect nothing less.


For those wanting to relive last nights WGN broadcast archived at, Pat and Ron's call of the bottom of the ninth starts at about 3:01 point in the archive file.

Do you have to be an subscriber to view it?

By "Pat and Ron" I refer to the WGM-AM720 audio broadcast, but yes even for that one needs to be a subscriber to MLB. Pretty good bargain though- access to a couple thousand live and archived broadcasts every summer, for fifteen bucks.

Oh, I thought the season was over. There's more baseball?

Milwaukee's season would be much, much different if they had not been on the bad end of two four game sweeps, one by the Cubs at the end of July, the other by the Phillies just now. Of course, after the Cubs' sweep at the end of July, the Brewers responded by winning 10 of their next 12. It also did not help to get swept by the Mets at the beginning of September.

They may need to do that now to make the playoffs at all. Let's hope that they do not do it in the 6 games remaining against the Cubs. The Brewers have not won a series this month.

hoffpower in RF...can't say im surprised...can't be worse than DWard.

According to WSCR>

They passed out press release at Miller park a few moments ago.

Just announced Yost's firing on the WGN radio broadcast of the Cubs game. Wow.

And here I'd been looking forward to a few more boneheaded managerial moves from him over the last two weeks.

Former Brewer great Dale Sveum taking over.

holy crap, they are done.

I just read through the Jayson Stark "That's Debatable" chat on where they discussed the neutral field issue.

I understand where Houston and Houston fan are coming from, but there are several truths that can't be avoided here:

1. McLane waited too long in hopes of keeping the series in Houston. He should've flown his team in the night before. If the Astros were so concerned about leaving their families behind, they should've brought them all with -- it's not like MLB salaries are inadequate for the task of chartering more planes.

2. The Cubs would have the fan majority at any MLB park not in Texas. Arlington was not an option because the Rangers have a game there today.

3. If the Astros had won last night, this would be completely a non-issue

As well as one highly-likely speculation:

4. Big Z was on yesterday and would likely have been dominant (although perhaps not unhittable) wherever he pitched.

Yeah, the way this unfolded definitely played into the Cubs favor, but it's not a conspiracy. It's the combination of limited options and McLane's bullheadedness that resulted in Houston playing in MKE without adequate rest.

Sucks to be Houston, but there it is.

I cannot recall where I saw this idea, but I thought it was one of the best ones considered: They should have played the game at the Astros AAA affiliate in Round Rock, a suburb of Austin.

The field only seats about 10,000, but it would have been a reasonable, fair, and exciting alternative. If McLane had really been looking out for all the interests he claims, then this would have been his best option.

I am sure that there are many reasons why this venue would be unacceptable to some, but I cannot think of any that are reasonable enough to prevent the game from taking place in the AAA stadium.

I suspect getting a AAA stadium that hasn't been used in a couple weeks and likely got a couple inches of rain during Ike (I haven't seen any wx reports from Austin, just speculating) wouldn't be very feasable on less than 24 hours notice.

I also imagine that after 2 games were washed out, MLB wanted to be totally sure that the games would be played. That means finding a domed stadium.

Most importantly, I'm sure McLane knows very well that he'll make a lot more money by selling premium priced tickets to 20 thousand + cub fans than he would selling out 13 thousand seats in Austin.

Wow -- can't remember a manager that was tied for a playoff spot with 2 weeks to go ever getting fired.

That's rough.

Houston breaks up Lilly's no-hit bid in the bottom of the seventh inning. 15 straight hitless innings for the 'stros.

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  • *shrug*

    who knows where it'll end up. they have a decent amount of excess/blocked infielders as well as c.coghlan if they want to make him there's value to get something done while keeping soler, even.

    it's a bit more muddy now that cueto is the only "hell yeah" FA pitcher left out there.

  • Yes great bat, but very shaky in the field during the playoffs. That won't go unnoticed by this Cubs front office.

  • I would hope not.

  • I fear the Shark will return.

  • So how did the Orioles GM stay cool and collected during that conversation. I imagine he was biting his knuckles quite a bit until the phones hung up.

  • I realize they need to get pitching, but I'd hate to see Soler go. He was channeling Manny in the playoffs -- laying off the low & away stuff and crushing the ball. If he can keep that plate discipline, he could be an absolute beast. Also, his perfect throw may have saved the Cardinals series. Plus, he wears #68.

    Dunno - maybe Shark/Lackey?

  • YES! A 2-way tie for first! I am willing to split the pot right now.

  • That is pretty fucking dumb.

  • "The Seattle Mariners have agreed to trade slugger Mark Trumbo to the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for catcher Steve Clevenger, a source confirmed to ESPN's Jim Bowden."

    yeah, that steve clevenger.

  • St Louis offered $30MM less than around $185MM or $26MM per year. When those type of numbers and details are released, it is rarely just pulled out of thin air. Sounds pretty legit that they put up a bit of a fight.

  • Where did you get 30ish number?

  • Close second to Ronny

  • Dumber than Ronny Cedeno?

  • runner-up seems to be as strong as in the bidding as it gets aside from winning the bid.

    STL has money to spend, but how much they were willing to spend was up in the air...and now they threw around a 30m-ish offer to a top FA pitcher.

  • You believe they were in the bidding, I have an ice rink on Clark to sell you

  • Oh God, no Adam Eaton he's dummber than a bag of wet hair. keep him awsy