Is This Really Happening?

5 innings...goose egg in the you-know-what column for Lilly.

Words fail me...

At least I'll be around to watch this one.

ANSWER: No it isn't. Lilly makes it through six with a no-hitter, but then a kind error call on Ramirez before a soft single to right field by Mark Loretta. Cubs prevail though and knock their magic number down to six. If they sweep the Brewers AND the Astros lose at least one game to the Marlins they will clinch the division.


If the answer turns out to be no, we'll know who to thank.

What happens more often, a Cubs no-no or a DLee home run?

How many games are we using as our sample size? Yesterday and today?


Yes, the Brewers did just fire Ned Yost.

ridiculous to do it now

ridiculous to do it now

now through 6.


I <3 Cubs v Astros games @ Miller Park.

has there ever been back-to-back you-know-whats?

This just in: Cubs have asked for permission to play the rest of the season at neutral sites within 100 miles of Chicago.

"Zambrano's no-hitter is anything but neutral" by Jeff Passan

Suck it, Jeff.

Yeah, because everyone knows that a no-hitter only counts if it's in a neutral location. Home games don't count, either.

thanks, in part, to another highlight reel HOF quality layout by Jim Edmonds in the 6th

the kind of catch that used to be generally described here as "fake"

most of them are, but that catch was fantastic.

That may be the loudest ovation for an error ever.

This just in: Mark Loretta can eff off.

Yeah, but it sure was fun while it lasted. Kinda like Danica McKellar's career.

Not at all, I assure I know exactly, and I mean exactly (without being illegal or creepy) how her career has been going.

My fiancee has given me a free pass which I can use on the Mathlete if the opportunity ever presents itself. Sweet Winnie Cooper!

Not every day you get a Winnie Cooper reference.

What eva happened to Paul?

Paul was shot by his own troops in Vietnam.

I thought that was Douglas C. Neidermeier


that was let's get the win.

That LaTroy Hawkins sure can pitch.

Aw, man, why pull him? 7 innings, 85 pitches.

Nice to see Bob Howry get some work in. Hopefully he can put it together for the playoffs.

18 innings pitched against Houston; 1 hit allowed. That will do.

What's the bigger surprise: Zambrano's no-hitter or Howry throwing a 1-2-3 inning?

amazing amazing couple of days.

i have no words for the brewers firing yost....i know he's awful but jeez....what's the brewers record since the no-hitter and complaining by yost? 3-10? karma.

cubs can clinch vs the brewers if they sweep. the pitching matchups are tough but the way the brewers are playing right now who knows.

Tu: dempster vs sabathia (wow)
W: marquis vs sheets (eek but marquis has been great for the last few starts)
Th: harden vs parra (if they've won the first two this is a good sweep/clinch opportunity)

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. One game at a time.

I agree that firing Yost now is pretty strange.

Ned must have had a player revolt, or more like revolting players.

We will still have the CC Sabathia appeal for the no-no, Ned.


to tie Dempster, Z trails with 14.

The last time the Cubs had 2 15-game winners was 1992. The last time they had 3 was 1989.

Years Cubs had 3 15-game winners since 1945:

They did it a bunch before that as well when starters finished almost all their games.

Cubs now 6-0 at Miller Park, I believe.

Both times sweeping a hot team when the Cubs had been in a funk.

Dunno -- maybe the Cubs should upgrade the home locker room at Wrigley. Mark Cuban would/will.

While this is certainly complaining about the gravy, but I hope the Cubs don't drop their magic number to 1 on Friday Afternoon. It would just be too anti-climatic for this season to be clinched after another team loses 5 hours after the Cubs game has ended. I want to see the team celebrate on the field, damnit!

Might I go back to Zambrano? Good. I liked his response to the stupid question posed to him at the post-game press conference: "Do you think you would have still pitched the no-hitter if this game were in Houston?" (paraphrased)

Z: "I don't know, we'll have to ask Criss Angel."

That is all. Go Cubs.

It is now very possible that the Cubs will clinch on Sunday or before. Yes the could clinch by Thursday night, but let's look at a more realistic scenario.

We take 2 of three from the Brewers and even if we lost 2 of three to the Cards, if the brewers lose once this weekend it's OVAH!

I am predicting a Cubs clinch this saturday.

It would be fantastic to make the end of the season road trip completely meaningless. The nasty ghost of the September '04 weekend at Shea still haunts me now and again.

guess who has the best road record in the national league?

your chicago cubs at 39-34...

This is of course subject to owner's approval if true. Thomas Ricketts is one the biggest investment bankers in the city and his son is the founder of Ameritrade. Given the turmoil currently in the investment banking sector if Zell has sold the team to Ricketts, I imagine the vetting of his finances is going to be a more through than usual during the conformation process by the owners.

It's the other way round. Joe Ricketts, the father, was a founder of Ameritrade. Tom Ricketts is the son. Ameritrade merged with TD Waterhouse several years ago. TD Ameritrade Holdings is a public company, listed on NASDAQ. You can access their public filings online.

This seems like nothing more than a rumor at this point. Also, I don't see any reason why the Ricketts would be subject to any higher scrutiny than John Canning or Mark Cuban.

wgn america no hitter replay

10 pm central on friday

thank you


The Cubs close with 3 at Miller Park, those games could really be....bahahahahahaha

It is rare that I type this, but that truly made me laugh out loud.

Let's put the horse before the cart and win the division before we starting gloating about finishing off the Brewers' season.

Olney mentioned that the Cubs will do their damndest to beat the Brewers, though, because they think they're probably the second best team in the league. I have to agree. If your options are The Dodgers, The Mets, The Phillies, The Brew Crew and The Assholes, give me the Mets, Dodgers and Astros.

No chance. If home field is clinched the Cubs are better off resting their pitchers and limiting the pt of the starting players.

"Officials are held accountable for their calls. They are graded on every play of every game," Aiello said Monday. "Ed has been an outstanding official for many years, but he will be marked down for this call. Under our evaluation system, an official's grades impact his status for potentially working the playoffs and ultimately whether or not he is retained."

When does MLB get this?

actually the phillies scare me the most

Agreed. The Cubs are putty in Cole Hamels' hands.

Hamels, Myers, Moyer, Lidge, Rollins, Utley, Howard, Burrell, Werth.

No thanks.

Lidge is what (OK, who) separates this team from the Mets, Brewers and Dodgers (althugh, to be fair, I know squat about the LA 'pen.)

Remember we are actually playing at the "real" Wrigley today, where the Brewers have been spanking us. I'm not writing them off this series. Afterall, they are "Fired up." ....I'm here all week.
Is that WGN rebroadcast of the no-no the superstation or just Chicago again?

they said the rebroadcast is on superstation
on wgn sports last nite

Why is there a picture of Darth Vader on today's date on the schedule page at

Also, I am going to be in town for my 20-yr. HS reunion and I'm going to the game on Friday. What scenario could I hope for that would lead to an on-the-field clinch Friday afternoon. That would be sweet!

Cubs sweep Brewers while Astros sweep Florida.

That's about it as Friday's game is a day game and the Brewers play at night.

"Why is there a picture of Darth Vader on today's date on the schedule page at"

It's a promotional gimmick by Lucasarts to launch their new video game:

Intersting discussion on the September rosters from Len and Bob during Z's no-no -- it seems kind of silly to let a team use a 35-man roster and have minimal constraints on using Pinch Hitters, Relief Pitchers and Pinch Runners in meaningful games. The "game management" aspect is significantly minimized when you can burn a PH, PR or RP with little consequence.

I liked the suggestion that you still have Sept call-ups, but can only activate 25 for each game. That way, you can still rest your regulars, but don't completely change the dynamic of using your bench and bullpen.

Intersting Idea, but if it was going to have any impact, you'd have to somehow regulate how it was used.

Basically, you'd have to find a way to keep mangers from simply deactivating their starting pitching staff - which would basically create 4 extra rosters spots, and negate the point of a rule change.

B. Blue-

Wow -- You are thinking on a whole 'nother level.

Nicely done.

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  • Oh what do you know, Cubster? Go back to your day job.

    --- Ducks, puts on Cardinals cap, runs.

  • Russell had a severe hamstring last year while with the A's system, forcing him to miss the first half of 2014. I've even wondered if his injury last year was a component of Billy Beane putting him on the trade market. He was quoted saying that last year's injury was a 10 out of 10 when it happened. Last night he said his hamstring soreness was a 1/1.5 out of 10. Hamstring injuries are tricky though, so I'd expect the medical team to be overly cautious here.

  • ...I want to reinforce the observation that there was no sea of red in the crowd. The usual Cardinal fans roaming the stadium were few and far between.

    Also, almost every 2 strike pitch brought the fans to their feet. Good for those in knee rehab.

  • "1st team hit hit 6HR in a game in the postseason." rises above obvious...i checked it with the official fact-finding commission of Douche, Douche, and Douchestein. they agreed with you, but they're a bunch of f'n douches so who cares?

    btw, the cubs are 2-1 in the post-season series.

  • I should be able to watch the game on the NFL replay app, whatever that thing is called. I've got it on my iPad. This is the first year I haven't forced myself to somehow watch every game - no I take that back, last year was - in quite some time. Last year was so unbearable, no pun intended.

    You make some good points about Cutler, and I was a holdout defender of Cutler for a long time. I gave up on him a bit after one too many dumb interceptions, but last year doesn't count. Trestman was the worst coach in Bears history.

  • Nice little reportage there!. I think you're older than me. Considerably older. Maybe several generations. Working out is so essential, especially as age kicks in, isn't it? I still lift weights, and so I'm confident that when I get to be at the hip breaking age, mine won't be a statistic. But I have a ways to go for that to be a concern.

  • What was impressive to me is that the Cubs won despite poor base running, several defensive miscues, Russell leaving due to injury, Arrieta having an off game and getting knocked out early, and Rondon giving up 2 runs in the 9th. If they can win a game like that... 

  • I was there too. The crowd was absolutely electric. People were standing for every big and semi-big moment, from the first inning on. It felt incredibly strange and exhilarating to see the Cubs (the Chicago bleepin' Cubs!) score playoff insurance runs on the Cardinals. What a game. One to remember.

  • 14 in attendance. What's the record for attendance in the fall? I guess I should ask what the record attendance listed is in one of your recaps.

  • I was there too, with my grown son. This is my miracle year-- I rose to the top of the season ticket list after eight years, completely unexpectedly, and my wonderful wife agreed to put the ticket fee on the emergency credit card. The whole point of course was that the Cubs were going to be good this year, and then for a while, so to get season tickets with the guaranteed shot at the postseason was incredible timing. We got to the remote lot at 4:10 after stopping at Nhu Lan for our usual banh mi sandwiches, only to find the lot full, way earlier than normal.

  • Wrigley was electric tonite
    Not many card fans
    Video board was great, they played "there goes my hero" by foos over ryno highlights before he came out. Spectacular

    Good times hopefully they win tomorrow but think Lester will beat poopy pants on Wednesday.

    Happy 4th anniversary of Theo's signing

    Go Cubs !

  • Yeah. "Goodbye!" is a lame HR call.

    I miss Len and JD -- although, driving home from a friend's, WBBM played all 6 HR calls in a row -- and Len got to call the Bryant/Rizzo back-to-back. Very fun.

  • Lackey has been a beast against us. His stats on 3 days rest, however, not as nice. There is plenty of hope.

  • And, no dreadlocks grown yet.

  • Captain Obvious Strikes Again!!!

  • Amen, brother.