Game 153 Thread / Cardinals @ Cubs (2 of 3)

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SP Joel Pineiro SP *Ted Lilly
6-6, 5.24, 71 K, 31 BB, 135.2 IP
15-9, 4.13, 175 K, 61 BB, 191.1 IP
SS #Cesar Izturis LF Alfonso Soriano
CF Ryan Ludwick SS Ryan Theriot
1B Albert Pujols 1B Derrek Lee
2B #Felipe Lopez 3B Aramis Ramirez
3B Troy Glaus CF *Jim Edmonds
RF *Adam Kennedy C Geovany Soto
LF Brian Barton 2B Mark DeRosa
P Joel Pineiro RF *Kosuke Fukudome
C Jason Larue P *Ted Lilly


It be clinching day...we hope. Lou gets nostalgic with the lineup by letting Fukudome start again and Ted Lilly tries to tie Dempster for the team lead in wins. He'll also need to watch his head in case LaRussa  tries to retaliate for Lilly's takedown of Yadier Molina last week.

Clinch! Clinch! Clinch!


Son-of-a-bitch - getting Reds-Brewers on Fox here. Should have figured...

WTF: Fox just had a WWE 'diva' give the lineups while sitting in the dugout.

Sweetness--FOX shows a Cubs game in my area for once. I love it.

Micah Owings with a pinch hit off of Captain Cheeseburger that knocks in two runs and puts the Reds up. That's just funny right there.

Nice inning by Zeus, especially since I thought he was going to get himself into some real trouble early.

yay! clinched!!!





Turned on mlb to check the score and ...NICE!

Glad to see them clinch at home and with Kerry Wood on the mound to boot.

Hey, does anyone know the last time a Cub player was on the team for three trips to the post season? I mean besides Wood of course?

And Zambrano. And Ramirez.

I think it's 4 and I think the answer is Stan Hack.

Good point. This postseason should make four for Wood, having appeared in 1998, 2003, and 2007.

Thats right, I meant four.
The sad thing is I forgot 07.

new thread up, if anyone missed that.