Game 155 Thread / Cubs @ Mets (1 of 4)

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SP *Jon Niese SP Jason Marquis
1-0, 4.09, 9 K, 6 BB, 11 IP
10-9, 4.39, 87 K, 65 BB, 160 IP
SS #Jose Ryes LF Alfonso Soriano
LF *Dan Murphy 2B Ronny Cedeno
3B David Wright 1B Derrek Lee
1B *Carlos Delgado 3B Aramis Ramirez
CF #Carlos Beltran C Geovany Soto
RF *Ryan Church RF Mark DeRosa
2B #Luis Castillo CF Reed Johnson
C *Brian Schneider SS Ryan Theriot
P *Jon Niese P *Jason Marquis


Remember when we were all mortified by the schedule and the impending final road trip to New York and Milwaukee? Good times. Now it's nothing more than a really expensive scouting trip and a chance to play spoiler. Looking at the Mets lefty heavy lineup makes it look like Ted Lilly could be a key contributor in a possible playoff series and that Sean Marshall would make the playoff roster if we play them down the road. 

Speaking of spoiler, the best case scenario for the Cubs is that the races stay close until Sunday or possibly extend into tie-breakers so the teams are forced to use their aces late in the season and can't arrange their rotations the way they like. For example, Johan Santana is scheduled to start tomorrow and then again Sunday. Let's say the Cubs take three of four from the Mets and the Brewers can scrap together two of three from the Pirates. They'll be tied heading into the weekend and the earliest either could clinch is Saturday then and more likely Sunday, if not later.

Sit back and enjoy some tension-free baseball,
although the Cubs do need a win or a Phillies loss to secure homefield advantage.


Second to last series, boys! Parachat awaits tonight. Move around your schedules, cancel your dates. Be there or kiss my ass.

The Mets are fighting for their lives in a tight playoff race, and they're starting some dude from AAA? They know the Cubs are the ones who clinched already, right?

My GameDay is malfunctioning. What did Jason Marquis do?


Heh. Seriously, though. MLB hasn't corrected it yet, and I'm dying to know what happened.

1-2-5 double play? Bunt strikeout?

Slam! Then a Lee solo shot.

da duh da da duh da


um yeah. so sometimes. once in a while, well, Jason Marquis will just go ahead and hit a grand slam.

jesus guys don't beat up the mets too much. I want to play them in the playoffs.

Kerry K's!

Some of us were not mortified at all by the last 2 series. We did have fun watching the chicken littles cut their heads off and run amuck.

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