No Good Will Come of This

Carrie Muskat is  back with her weekly mailbag column, responding to the asinine questions from Cubs fans with a healthy mix of stock answers and utter disdain for her readers.

More importantly though, has opened up comments on articles.

Oh dear....

(Emphasis added)
Kabalzo wrote:

Jake Peavy is a very good pitcher. However, he had a dismal year...

That's right, a 2.85 ERA is now dismal...holy balls.

bmar1784 wrote:
.... If San Diego want center field and infield help
Cedeno and Pie here you go. And I dont think they'll what Jeff's
contract so I dont think we'll have to worry about that.
That $2 to $3M a year that Samardzija will make a year is certainly going to be a problem for a team trying to unload a $52M contract. 
mavericks2 wrote:
I may not be right but i heard that B.J. Upton is a free agent.

cha ching!!

if thats true there is our answer to center field

it's not true, you're a retard. And who the fuck uses cha ching anymore?

fansince45 wrote:
my opinion, Theroit, Fontenet, DeRosa, and Marmol were the heart of the
Cubs team and most steadily reliable. Do we really need all those
high-priced on-again, off-again players?
Nope fansince45, the Cubs need more mediocre players that bleed scrappiness. Screw talent, we need HEART!!!

jesusbig1 wrote:
.... this is what needs to happen: Soriano needs to be moved in the
lineup, him, lee, and fukudome need to get better, and we need to find
someone in centerfield. Marquis has been an alright 5th starter, I
think if he would've not been skipped in the rotation as much, he
could've won as many as 15 games, hell maybe more
. Big Z needs to quit
being a little bitch. when he gets his head up his ass, he just stops
producing, and that is the main problem, He is supposed to be a leader,
and when he cries, i think it makes the other players get down and play
worse. WE can win with the exact same team we had this year, will it be
the exact same team? no, we just need to play better, you know why?
because 9=8
jesus recommends the Cubs just play better. Why the fuck didn't any of the rest of us think of that? Of course, since this is jesus, maybe he can just make them play better.
I'm sure there's plenty of more nuggets in there and I'm guessing any negative comments about Carrie are immediately deleted. Nonetheless, that should make for some good comedy this offseason.


If Jesus can make Marquis win 15 games, then sign me up.

If Jesus can make Marquis win 15 games, then sign me up.

ROFL, considering #21 is Jewish (no Sammy isn't Jewish).

"ROFL, considering #21 is Jewish"

Hey, so was Jesus...

The Cub Reporter slogan:

"TCR: Over-analyzing the Cubs since July, 2001"

needs to be

No good will become of this

it just works on too many levels

not your worst idea....

I guess it would read something like this:

TCR: No good has become of this since since July, 2001.

well lately it's been:

"Over-analyzing the socio-economic situation for 5 days"

Well, at least we now have a public forum to tell Muskrat how much we love her work.

I know that having to answer questions only from people who obviously know less than her limits potential mailbagees, but what the fuck? Anyone who can use the Internet knows Upton's not a free agent; why the fuck would you even print that? will be completely useless when the team finishes its transition to having 100% of seats sold through scalpers.

If you've ever read the comments section in the Trib's sports sections lately, these would not be surprising.

''I don't want to get into payroll speculation until Jim and [assistant GM Randy Bush] and their team have done their work,'' said Cubs chairman Crane Kenney, who nonetheless made it clear he doesn't expect the kind of jumps that increased the payroll from in the $90 millions in 2006 to $130 million by the end of this season.

''I'm not sure we're going to have any major offseason moves that would require significant payroll capacity,'' Kenney added. ''We'll leave that to Jim and Randy and the guys to work through, and we'll see where we are in a couple of weeks. ... We try not to lose sight of the fact that we won 97 games for a reason. We have a core that's pretty damn good.''

I don't have an insider account, so this is Buster Olney via MLBTraderumors (sue me):

"Mark Prior, who had a second, less-invasive surgery on his right shoulder earlier this year, is in the midst of a throwing program and should be ready for the start of the 2009 season, said his agent, John Boggs."

I just needed some more amusement.

I'm Jewish, but know one thing:

"You don't FUCK with The Jesus"

J. Turturo

you pull a piece on me, and I'll rip it out of your hand , stick it up your ass and pull the trigger until I

Re: Jacos:

"you pull a piece on me, and I'll rip it out of your hand , stick it up your ass and pull the trigger until I"

Doesn't seem to me there's really much of a winner in that scenario. Just various levels of losing.

Maybe Kenney can invite another priest to say some more holy platitudes on the field - and presto! A bigger payroll for '09!

Hey, so was Jesus...
Was that brisket on Jesus' plate at the last supper Passover seder?

ESPN 1000:

"Three things are recession proof: alcohol, tobacco and cubs tickets"

It's not hard to see how those things might form a symbiotic cycle.

you pull a piece on me, and I'll rip it out of your hand, stick it up your ass and pull the trigger until I

is that game called: Russian Roulette for assholes?

(not a cardinal reference I presume)

See-Big Lebowski

Great film.

I actually agree with Big Jesus there. Soriano doesn't need to get better, necessarily, maybe get healthy, and Zambrano does need to act like a grownup. I didn't understand the rest of it.

I would like to see Soriano hit good pitching some times.

Soriano went into that series batting .267 against the three starters. Ramirez .153.

Don't have the stats, but I recall Sori having some big hits against Lord Sabathia.

I don't get it.

early april baseball in new york...sounds as fun as early april baseball in chicago...especially after a month+ in arizona.

Is the World Baseball cluster fuck next year?

2009, then every 4 years (first was in 06).

supposedly they're gonna tweak spring training or the series or something to solve the timing conflict...i forget...

btw, i love the classic...i wish it was every 3 years insted of 4. i think it can become something nice with enough time as long as the "babying" rules don't get out of control. they already have rules for pitcher use pitch counts according to what round they're in (which i don't mind).

So the WBC puts off the regular season for two more weeks? That's the only big problem for me.

Yep it is. I do admit I enjoyed last time around, as it was as close enough to real baseball as there could in March. The good news for us is that many of the Venzulans stars are likely to boycott due to a lack of organization of team adminastrators. Off the top of my head at 11 PM CT here a list of Cubs players who could be on the teams:


No one (I think Team USA can find 2 or 3 better 1B's than Dlee)

Domnican Republic

Castillo (i dont know what his nationality is, but if he is from the Domnican Republic He would likely be their starting C given the lack of depth they have at the postion)

Dempster (he is likely enough to resign to consider him a Cub)
Harden (though its is very likely the Cubs would ask him to not to particiapate)


Cody Hams
Ryan Serle
(2 lower level minor league guys, I'm sure AZ Phil would know what their status in for the event, I think one these guys had season-ending arm surgey though last year.)

Dwayne Kemp
( samp camp as Hams and Serle)

Fukudome (I doubt he wants to play, but might do it out of political pressure by NPB to repeat. Honestly it might be a case where it helps him as he would face a higher level of pitching than being in Mesa in the later rounds of the tourney)


That good young SS we signed last year (I cant think of the name)


Derosa (he did play for Italy last time around)



Puerto Rico:


That Italian thing made me curious about DeRosa's nationality, so I went to Wikipedia. He was born in New Jersy, by the way, but more importantly, it eventually lead me to looking at pictures of his wife. She is really hot. So thanks Crunch, for reminding me how hot his wife is. The end.

how unbelievably rude not to post a link...

I'm sorry. I'm just still upset that I never got my 'TCR Main' and 'New Comments' links.

By the by, who won the mlb fantasy challenge? Never saw results. All I know is that I fared poorly.

give it time...

I lost in the finals to someone....I think he goes by "Henry". Whoever won the wild card...

Ooh, that's butt. But, hey, just like in real baseball!

When did Mike Piazza marry Michael Jackson?

Sorry if that is hard to read...the stains from my tears may have blurred some of the letters.

David Price will probably notch a save in the World Series. In the meantime, Josh Vitters is probably headed to Peoria in April.

Personally, I could've dealt with five more losses in 2006.

Not to worry -- Harvey, Pawelek and Colvin will save the day....possibly at in AA ball.

Vitters exactly four years younger; Wilken not implicated in drafting of Harvey, Pawelek.

Geo Soto is on the cover of this weeks Baseball America...he was their #1 rookie for 2008 (over Longoria) he's got two awards (Sporting News ROY too)

familiar with installing websites and configuring clean URL's? Apache, .htaccess, rewrite rules, etc...

I gots questions.

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  • If he puts up Soriano numbers I will be ecstatic

    jacos 34 min 23 sec ago view
  • I think Javy is learning--but he's learning to make contact, not learning to lay off pitches out of the zone. A quick glance at his plate discipline numbers on Fangraphs shows that his contact rate is up, especially his contact rate out of the zone, but his swing rate is up too, especially his swing rate out of the zone.

    Charlie 1 hour 8 min ago view
  • I definitely saw ballpark radar guns go up to 102 on Kerry Wood back when he was still a starter, but who knows how accurate they were.

    Charlie 1 hour 22 min ago view
  • They've mentioned Henry Rodriguez (2013), Chris Carpenter, and Andrew Cashner as Cubs who have gone 100+. They said Rodriguez was tops at 100.8. Who knows before 2008?

    QuietMan 2 hours 46 min ago view
  • Regarding Heyward--

    He'll play regardless of what he does, just like Soriano played for seven years before they finally ditched him.

    What can they do? All I can think of is they can keep hiring and firing hitting coaches until they find one who can get him to stop hitting balls with the handle of the bat.

    (All those broken bats added to his paycheck is just a bit much.)

    VirginiaPhil 2 hours 46 min ago view
  • Lester will probably be all right.

    I think Arrieta might have added too much muscle preparing for that butt-naked ESPN photo shoot. Pitchers are supposed to be loose, not muscled up.


    VirginiaPhil 2 hours 53 min ago view
  • I have basically written off Heyward for this year -- if you are working on major swing changes in late July, you are going to struggle. Hopefully, he can be more productive at the plate next year. It will be interesting to see what they do with him if the Cardinals keep winning and close the gap. Heyward is dead last in the NL in slugging and in the bottom 5 in OPS -- yet still has a positive WAR. Hunh.

    billybucks 2 hours 56 min ago view
  • Has anybody in a Cub uniform ever thrown a ball 103 before?

    VirginiaPhil 3 hours 30 sec ago view
  • He certainly looks better, no doubt, and is a different player than what we saw when he first came up. Full credit to him for changing his approach and saving his career.

    But he has zero walks in 35AB since the break, and 10 in 251 AB all year. He does seem to be able to hit some pitches out of the zone, but, a guy with his pop should be drawing more walks. However, it's easy to forget he is still only 23, and probably trying to make an impact to prove he should be an everyday player.

    billybucks 3 hours 9 min ago view
  • The usual suspects, Molina and Wong. Gyorko drew a walk with two outs, none on. I recall us (particularly Szczur and Bryant) swinging at everything Familia threw.

    VirginiaPhil 3 hours 11 min ago view
  • Yup. Thanks Q

    The E-Man 3 hours 17 min ago view
  • QuietMan 3 hours 25 min ago view
  • I for one hope that Sosa comes back soon.

    Rob Richardson 3 hours 44 min ago view
  • O/B interesting you should mention that. Google ESPN Science Aroldis Chapman and you'll be treated to how his mechanics and delivery are possibly historic. It's the 120% of his body stretch plus the torque. They compare him to the Unit and NRyan.

    The E-Man 4 hours 22 min ago view
  • Amazing how much lower the production gets when Bryant runs into a mini-cold streak. He doesn't stay cold for long. If just one of Zobrist or, gulp, Heyward, gets hot, they oughta have one more really nice winning streak in them. Having a closer that you have absolute confidence in can't hurt.

    Old and Blue 5 hours 6 min ago view
  • I hope they hold onto Jimenez. Outfield depth is questionable, especially with McKinney, who struggled this year but still, gone.

    Old and Blue 5 hours 17 min ago view