Trick or Treat

On this morning's WSCR-AM, The Score sports talk show, hosts Mike Mulligan and Brian Hanley asked for input on what the Cub players were handing out for Halloween as trick and treaters knocked on their door. Some of the obvious treats were:

Derrick Lee's house was handing out double plays

Carlos Zambrano was handing out Gatorade

Ted Lilly was giving out tickets to NLDS game #4

Jim Hendry was shoveling out donuts

The Cub infielders were passing out Butterfingers...

I know our readers can apple polish this bit up; I just ask to please hold the razor blades.


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Mike Fontenot is handing out table scraps.

Moises Alou was handing out...nevermind.

Jim Edmonds was handing out assgrabs and titty-twisters.

I will reach way back and remind everyone that Henry Rodriguez was handing out Oh! Henrys.

Cesar Izturis was handing out reverse chalupas!

Johann's mom was handing out jobs.

Jim Edmonds was giving out self tanning lotion and hot dogs.

Bobby Howry was handing out home runs.

I don't know what he'll be handing out at Halloween.

Soriano was handing out mixed bags with a generous helping of All-or-Nothing.

Jim Hendry is handing out NTCs.

The Shark is handing out 90-foot strolls.

Jim Hendry - Jelly Bellies
Len Kasper - Nerds
Mike Fontenot - Runts
Michael Barrett - Jawbreakers (for the Pierzynski kids)
Felix Pie - Nut Surprise
Cubs fans - suckers

Non-Cub category:
Tony LaRussa - Bottle Caps

Creative list.

haha. missed this one the first few times around.

Easily 'Post of the Week'.

Soto and Aramis were handing out Good and Plenty

Corey Patterson was handing out strikeouts.

Bob Brenly was handing out Johnny cakes.

Grace was handing out pictures of his best "slump buster" girls.

Lou was handing out blank lineup cards - except Fonzie was still in the Lead - off position. Trick or treat!

Lou was handing out nothing. He just stood there shaking his fist at the young whipper snappers.

Lou handed out little wrapped up bags of Cubbie Swagger but when the kids got home and opened them, there was nothing inside.

mannytrillo was handing out dusty baker playing cards.

chad was handing out mullet wigs.

va phil was handing out minor leaguers.

silent towel was handing out infield rakes.

transmission was handing out lightning bolts.

real neal was handing out cliff notes of The Wealth of Nations.

TLFC was handing out Ted Lilly bobble heads.

crunch was handing out seedlings.

mikec was handing out arguments.

navigator was handing out "How to be a jackass" books.

yours truly was handing out copies of the communist manifesto.

AZ Phil must've been handing out knowledge. Tasty, tasty knowledge.

"navigator was handing out "How to be a jackass" books"

True. Your autobiography.


no seedlings for you until that attitude changes, sir!

Aha, except autobiographies are written by people about themselves. So now dave and navigator are the same person?? Those schizophrenic arguments must get really tiring at times.

So now dave and navigator are the same person??

Oh my... that would be scary.... i have no interest in being inside that head.

That doesn't preclude 'The Navigator' from buying up all the copies.

If it were his autobiography, it would be called 'The High Life with Howard Hughes' or something.

I am left out and offended. I will thus keep all the awesome for myself.


The Joe handed out John Howard Yoder playing cards (and you and I may be the only ones who get it).

is that mennonite humor?

you crazy cats...

Sweet! Now I feel important. He better keep his hands off of me, though.

DC used to hand out haikus.

Not for a few years now.

I remember we had haiku Wednesdays going for awhile last year....should bring that back. Unfortunately I'm terrible at them...any volunteers?

volunteer for what? you make a wednesday haiku thread and you'll know i'll rock some h-kus.

I need something for the post, the percentage of people that read the comments versus actual readers is actually quite small.

I think you mean 'the percentage of people that go to the main article' - I am sure that many of them don't read it. Not a dig, just saying that you go to a web page, glance it quickly to confirm that it doesn't have what you're looking for, then hit 'back' and try the next Google guess.

we get a pretty consistent traffic flow, about 50% are direct hits (people loading us up from their bookmarks or typing in the URL). While I certainly don't know the exact number that actually read every article in its entirety, I do know it's a lot more than the 15-50 people who regularly contribute to our comments. While there are certainly some comment lurkers that just read the comments and never post, it's still a small percentage of total overall readership...very small. And none of that even includes those who just read the RSS feed who currently don't get the comments at all.

I read a lot of blogs, a lot of websites (25-100 semi-regular basis), I read the comments on maybe 3 or 4 of them and contribute to about 2 of them. Now I'm not just basing my above assumption on that, it's also based on all the emails I get of people telling me to put all of Phil's and Dr. Hecht's info in posts instead of comments.

Carrie Muskat was handing out garbage.

Parachat was handing out gay witchcraft tips and suggestions.

Sully was handing out flasks.

Fukudome was handing out whirlybirds

Ronny Cedeno was handing out beets (that's what he thought they were saying)

Phil Rogers was handing out spinach quiche (sources said!)

Mr. Whipple was handing out old Blatz bootlegs

Carlos was handing out filthy playing cards

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