Friday Cubs Hot Stove Round-Up

Oh dear...things should be interesting this weekend.

- ESPN1000 is reporting that Peavy could be dealt by Monday with the Cubs and Braves being the most likely targets.

-  The hot rumor early Thursday was the Braves offering Yunel Escobar and two prospects, but if that is the case, it sounds like Peavy would veto that deal. 

“One of the things we will want to look at some point is,
'Who are you giving up? How much are you weakening your team to make
this deal?'” Axelrod said. “If Team X trades three starting pitchers
and a starting shortstop to get Jake Peavy, that lessens their chance
of being a successful team.”

That sure sounds good for the Cubs chances as the players that have been leaked so far are spare parts (Ceda, Marshall, Pie, Cedeno, Fontenot).

- That same article says the Cubs don't have much interest in Khalil Greene.

- USA Today says it's between Braves, Cubs and Dodgers and even gets confirmation from Jim Hendry that an offer has been made, which is rare for Hendry to confirm such things.

-  A supposed Levine report that I almost feel bad for passing it along, so I hope someone can back this up. The Cubs grand plan would be to trade for Peavy in case Dempster walks, but to try and still resign Dempster somewhere in the 4/50 range. Kerry Wood would still be on the radar at one or two year deal at most.

- Jeff Passan at Yahoo says it comes down to which team will cough up their top pitching prospect.The Padres want Jeff Samardzija from the Cubs or Tommy Hansen from the Braves. Other Cubs that could be included are Sean Marshall, Donald Veal, Felix Pie, Ronny Cedeno and Kevin Hart. Samardzija's no-trade clause is a limited no-trade clause according to Passan, which I did not know. 

UPDATE: Bruce MIles tells Jeff Passan to fuck off. Well not that harsh, but Samardzija does have a full no-trade clause. No wonder no one else knew it was a limited NTC.  Miles runs down some of the possible players that might go in a deal as well.


Does anyone else agree that it feels like Wooder is just a complete after thought in this whole mess? I'm sorry, but give the man his props and pay him. I know "let marmol take over the closer role" but then who is going to be the lights out 8 inning guy, or guy who comes in when its 2nd and 3rd one out to get that key K. Moving Marmol back is a good idea, but do we really want Kevin Hart, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Guadin, Cotts and whoever else being out setup guys?

i do and i'm kind of happy about it.

i like wood. i think he's got a nice career ahead of him closing. i just don't feel like the team should be throwing him 3+ years/8-10+m a year unless they got a 150m payroll or something.

i hope they end up keeping fontenot after all these winter trades. he's nothing special, but he's a starter-quality 2nd baseman and a nice lefty option off the bench.

Agreed. Wood was great and I'd love for him to be back but we can't throw the checkbook at him just got he finally had a good year again. He's a very limited asset at this point. He pitches less than three outs a game, on average, and you can't be ready to just throw a large, multi-year deal at him for that, without addressing other needs first. I'd love to see him come back on a one or two year deal, but if he can get more money elsewhere, good for him. The Cubs and he have to do what's best for themselves and hope those things work out together.

normally I'd agree that it's unwise to throw big money at a closer, but to a high payroll club it's not a bad thing. For the Twins it's stupid to spend a fifth of their payroll on a closer, but to a team that is going to have a $140-150 payroll it makes sense especially if both Marshall and Samardzija are going to be in the Peavy trade. If both of them are gone that leaves only Marmol as a definite commodity. Otherwise Gaudin & Wuertz should be ok, but they're not setup guys, more like 6th-7th inning guys. Other than that you have a lot of potential in guys like Guzman, Ascanio, Cotts, Hart, but no sure things. Relievers always fluctuate every year, but still I can't see Hendry spending all this money on SP and having an inexperienced bullpen. Hendry can always hit the FA market for a couple relievers, but wouldn't you rather spend $7-8 mil a year on Wood than to sign another Howry/Eyre for $3 mil a year? If the Cubs land Peavy without giving up both of the Marshall/Samardzija, I'd let Dempster walk even if that means keeping Marquis. 4/$50 for Dempster? Me no likey.

Rays had a pretty inexperienced bullpen, and they did OK. Even in the pressure packed playoffs.

No problem, we'll just call up the number one overall pick to get 5 out saves for us next post season.

they had Percival, Wheeler, and Balfour at the back end for the majority of the season. All of those guys have been around for years..Balfour had bounced around the bigs and minors since 2003-04. JP Howell would be the lone exception aside from Price, but I wouldn't count Price since he came up in mid-Sept and was just buying time for a rotation spot. I champion the idea of having young SPs in the bullpen like the Twins have done, but the difference there was they had guys like Nathan, Neshek, Rincon(when he was on steroids/good) Reyes etc and the others filled in around them. The Cubs would only have Marmol as a sure thing at the end, and given his workloads over the last 2 years you never know.

my thing is i see him making 8-10m more than i do see him making 7-8m...also, it all really depends for me on how much they plan on spending anyway. as it stands this is a 120m club. do they have 20m to work with? 10m? 30m? *shrug* i dunno.

Cubs fans love Kerry Wood. He's a Cub for life. But eventually, the fans will turn on him. These days, almost no stars stay beloved forever. I'd rather see him go to another team while we still love him than see him turn in a shitty season one day on an overpaid salary and we start hearing the boos.

If Wood leaves now, every time he pitches in Wrigley Field the fans will still cheer him. If he sticks around another 3-4 years, the fans will turn on him at some point, and I never want to see that happen.

Thanks for the memories, Kerry, but eventually you'll overstay your welcome, and the same a-holes who booed Sammy (and are starting to turn on DLee) will boo you.

How do you see the Cubs bullpen panning out next year without Kerry, Doug? I assume you're slotting Marmol into the closer spot, but I'm just wondering who you see picking up the slack.

I really don't know. I'm sure Kerry would be an asset to the bullpen, but possibly a detriment to the team if he's being paid $8 million a year to throw 65 innings. I still want him on the team, I would just hate to see him become the next fallen star in Chicago.

Since I don't have the kind of extensive knowledge of our prospects like someone like AZ Phil does, I really don't know who's going to be in the bullpen next year, but here are some guesses:

Long Relief:
- Marshall, Hart?
Middle Relief
- Cotts, Wuertz, Gaudin
- Guzman/Ceda?, Samardzija
- Marmol

None of that sounds too off-base.

I think having Guzman and/or Ceda in a setup role is optimistic, though. Guzman's got a pretty extensive history of arm problems and Ceda seems still to be a fairly long way from the majors.

Also, I'm not sure I expect Samardzija to be as good next year as he was during his big-league time this year. Not saying he can't, either, just saying he's still more of a role of the dice than we always acknowledge. He showed signs at times of being pretty wild, and he really didn't have much of a season until his promotion to AAA (I'm guessing that was around when he figured out that nasty splitter/changeup that became his second effective pitch).

I heard, and I can't remember where, that when he got to AAA they said 'OK, quit working on stuff, get outs' probably because Iowa was in contention for the league title, at which point he quit throwing the change and went to his fastball/slider combo. Maybe I am getting senile (OK, I Know I am getting senile) but I don't remember any devestating forkball.

unless you're using a different definition of the traditional fastball/slider, he barely threw a traditional slider with the Cubs..... almost exclusively the 2-seam fastball or backdoor slider as some call it. The pitch you throw at a lefties hip and it tails over the inside corner or aim for the middle of the plate and it ends up a few feet outside to the lefty. Then of course his hard sinker, which I believe Wilken refers as his splitter.

He does have a change and traditional slider, which he threw maybe once or twice a game.

Samardzija throws 4 pitches, although he mainly focused on his the fastball/sinker with the Cubs, since he was coming out of the pen. If you look through his game logs on MLB, he'll throw the change and slider maybe once or twice a game. The big difference between his AA to AAA time was (according to Wilken) getting better at repeating his delivery and a small tweak that helped him hide his pitches a little longer.

“He’s got very good movement; is repeating his delivery better; is not as visible to hitters as he was earlier, and that’s why he had the inordinate amount of hits (at Tennessee). He’s not as visible anymore,” said Cubs Scouting Director Tim Wilken.
Also of note according to Wilken, who saw Samardzija pitch in a game against Albuquerque on June 29, is Samardzija’s progression with his slider and splitter.
“There’s a little more depth to it (the slider),” Wilken said. “He’s shown an average changeup and has a good feel for it, and he’s tinkering with a split and the split just disappears at times. I would say there’s good light at the end of the tunnel here.” 


This is where things always get confusing with Samardzija and his repetoire. Wilken calls one of his pitches a splitter, Samardzija doesn't. I assume they're talking about his sinker, but sometimes it seems like they're referencing his changeup.

as for any insanity that he's a 2-pitch pitcher...

I’ve been throwing my other three pitches [changeup, slider, sinker] for strikes and that’s kind of been the biggest thing. They haven’t just been show pitches; they’ve been for a reason, and I kind of feel confident. Obviously, I love my sinker and I go to that a lot of times, but my confidence in my other pitches is just up there with my sinker now, which helps me out on the mound and helps me go deeper in the games. 

he's still a 2-pitch pitcher to me until he actually throws his other pitches more than 1-3 times a game.

he can claim his 3 other pitches, but until he can break them out he don't have them in some people's eye.

a batter is going up there expecting a series of pitches and right now a batter can go to the plate expecting 1 of 2 pitches almost every time.

...and his splitter/sinker/2-seamer/forkball have all been used to describe his 1 "2 seam" fastball over his "regular" 4-seam fastball.


let's see what he does when he starts...relievers have little use for more than 2 pitches, even if they have them. Kerry Wood sure has more than 2 pitches, but you pretty much just saw fastball and the big-bendy slider. Marmol has more than 2 pitches, but all he throws is fastball and the slider. 

i love that bendy slider. it's kinda like a curve yet kinda like a slider. almost a slurve.


early in the season Wood was throwing more the frisbee slider that breaks more horizontally. He said he tweaked the grip though and now it's much more like the one Marmol throws that righties and lefties have a real hard time picking up the spin on.

Nowhere near the '98 slurve he use to throw that killed his arm, but still pretty devastating. 

Next time you get a chance to watch the 20K game look at the pitch he strikes out Guiterez with around the 7th inning. It breaks up and in to him, and I think it was at about 93 MPH's. Maybe the filthiest pitch I've ever seen. You have to give the Astros right handed batters credit for going up to the plate after that one.

A ball from a right hander that breaks that much away from left handers is called a screwball, and no one throws it anymore because it's hell on your arm... however you're right he does have something that sometimes breaks away from left handers I never noticed it, but you can see it on the fourth pitch here - if I can get the link right.

The nominated for ROM August one.

The third pitch looks like the similiar motion to the fourth pitch, without the pronounced rightward break - I thought that pitch was a slider - it just doesn't look like a splitfinger - forkball to me, where the arm action is supposed to be the same as a fastball. His fastball is more three quarters and the whatever the hell he calls this pitch is more over the top. I hadn't really broken it down before, but I don't like any of his deliveries. There seems to be a more lateral movement on his leg kick on the fastball as well, but maybe that's just wonky camera angles.

Then if you look at his First Save video the second strike out he (Ramirez I think), looks like that same breaking pitch. I don't know what you call it, it's got that tailing action from the side arm follow through and also the downward action from the grip? more over-the top delivery.

They may need to start his appearances with 'kids, don't try this at home' statements.

it's not the break, but the arm motion that makes the screwball. there's more than a few ways to grip one, but the only defining characteristics of a true screwball regardless of grip is that you get the motion out of the arm and you use that motion to grip/turn the ball.

it's really f'n neat looking, but hell on the arm.

Actually a right hander throws a screwball by spinning the ball counter clockwise, which may be what he is doing here, and would explain why his motion doesn't look like his fastball. It would be just about impossible to throw a 3/4 screwball, when you twist your hand your arm is going to tend to follow. I can't see on that little MLB.TV window, but if his thumb is down when he releases it it's probably a screwball.

The first 2 pitches are his fastball, but they do tail back over the plate just a bit and it's the backdoor slider that I was talking about. It's the same pitch Maddux and Z throw. In reality, it's just a 2-seam fastball and it's Samardzija's normal fastball. Find a clip against a lefty and you'll see them bail on an inside pitch that catches the inside corner. The video you linked just shows it against a righties. I've seen him throw it numerous times and the movement varies.

A screwball, of course,  is a completely different arm motion and grip and dives at the end.

The last 2 pitches look like changeups to me which crunch tells me he never, ever, ever throws. Pitch f/x agrees...

K on Oswalt (fastball): 93, 4" break, 9" pfx 

K on Zimmerman (fastball): 96, 5" break, 12" pfx

K on Utley (changeup): 87, 8" break, 11" pfx 

K on Belliard (changeup): 86, 6" break, 13" pfx 

I've tried to look up the definition on pfx, but I'm confused as hell by it. 

That is the pitch I was talking about. Granted, I don't know how much he threw this. I got to see him a bit right after his callup, but didn't get to watch many games after that.

most relievers are two pitch pitchers.

in fact most starters are 2 pitch pitchers also. they just have to have a third to either get them out of a tight spot or the change it up in later innings.

most starters won't throw the third pitch until the third time through the order if they can help it.

if he had a slider, he'd use it. he don't have it. it's just not developed.

...and that change is a pipedream right now.

john smoltz throws an ephus and a true screwball, but you don't see him throw it in games and until a batter can consistently expect it as part of his arsenal a batter looking to apply his trade vs. a pitcher isn't up there thinking about those pitches that show up 1-3 times an inning.

i have full faith he'll find that 3rd pitch, transition to starter, and do just fine throwing a 2-pitch-heavy outting in the pen this year (as long as his control will allow it).

right now, though...i don't think there's many if any hitters going up there looking for anything but 2 pitches when they face samninja.

right now, though...i don't think there's many if any hitters going up there looking for anything but 2 pitches when they face [insert every relief pitcher in baseball].

I've posted everything i can possibly post about the subject. I've watched just about every single one of his outings (I'm sure so have you). I've even posted his pitch f/x logs which are quite reliable. He throws a change and a traditional slider about once or twice a game which is on par for every other relief pitcher and their 3rd and 4th pitches. He's stuck to his 2 best pitches which is on par with every other relief pitcher.


im tell the guy to pitch his're not going to see any quality but his 2 pitches.

you can bank that if he had his slider...which is supposedly his most developed offspeed pitch right now...he'd throw it.

the guy likes to work the zone low...mixing a slider into that is it's damn exciting to think this guy might one day develop that slider.

i don't think it's going out on a limb to say that the guy would throw the slider if he had a better grasp of throwing the pitch. it compliments what he does with the 2-4 seamers that it's criminal not to throw it more if he has it.

you can bank that if he had his slider...which is supposedly his most developed offspeed pitch right now...he'd throw it.

clearly this is where we disagree. I see no reason why he'd go to his 3rd/4th best pitches too often if he didn't need them. As the 2 clips Neal showed, he did seem to use his change as his strikeout pitch early in the season. I do agree that he seemed to get away from it as the season went on. 

I'm not saying either the change or slider are great pitches for him yet, although the change sure was fooling guys in those clips, but that could be a newness factor. 

After watching those videos repeatedly, I think that he may need a third pitch regardless because a batter can tell his two pitches apart and the breaking thing isn't something you can risk throwing for strikes.

I think Dave Steib is the guy most famous for being a great starter with only two pitches... well I take that back, there was Randy Johnson too. But you've got to have both pitches that look identicle coming out of your hand - or that you can throw for swing and miss stirkes. I think if he throws that breaking thing into the zone it's going to wind up being tossed back into left field by some drunken accountant.

that video only shows 2 of his pitches, one of them he rarely throws, the changeup. He didn't throw his sinker in that video, which was the "2nd" pitch he normally threw.

Once again for all parties involved...

Pitch #1 - Fastball with a natural horizontal movement that breaks away from lefties

Pitch #2 - sinker

Pitch #3 - changeup

Pitch #4 - traditional slider that breaks away from righties

Two videos and he got K's with the same pitch three times, and it wasn't the sinker... maybe getting away from that was his problem, but I think scouting reports may have been his problem.

the link you gave me only shows one video with 4 batters striking out. The first two are on his fastball to Oswalt and to Zimmerman. The 2nd two are on changeups to Utley and Belliard.

Is there another video? 

oh okay, I was looking at

"Samardzija nominated for NL's top rookie for August"

let me go through this Marlin game labeled 

"Samardzija pitches two innings for his first save"

Here's my scouting impression... 

Ross K -  fastball

Baker flyout - fastball but with a little more movement as I was saying

Gonzalez groundout - Fastball

Hanley K - changeup

Hermida K - changeup

Cantu flyout - fastball

I didn't see his sinker in that clip, but the 2nd batter that flew out MIGHT have been it, didn't have the drop that I've normally seen though. Here's the pitch f/x data on them.

Ross (FB) - 96, 5" break, 14" pfx

Baker(FB) - 95, 6", 12"

Gonzalez(FB) - 95, 5", 12"

Hanley(change) - 86, 8", 9"

Hermda(change) - 85, 9", 8" 

Cantu(FB) - 95, 5" 12" 

If that's a change, it's a shitty one.

Arm slot and arm speed are different, and as I mentioned it looks like his foot lands more towards home. It's only a changeup in the 'change of pace' sort of way, I can't see a hitter actually thinking that was the same as his fastball.

apparently an effective enough pitch to strike out Utley and Ramirez.

here's his repertoire with his grips...

4-seam fastball
2-seam fastball

no mention of a splitter, but on his blog he calls it a splitty. He also mentions sliders and changes on his blog and in the interview I pasted above. Judging from the grips he shows, the changeup has to be his "splitty". I'll revise what I wrote earlier though, most of those fastballs in those 2 clips were 4-seamers, not 2-seamers. I think the only 2-seamer/sinker was to Baker.

his 2-seamer is his splitter no matter how many different things people call it.

He threw something this season that moved like Z and Dempster's split fingers. Since I can't see how he's gripping the ball, I would have to guess it's either a splitter or a changeup that has significant drop to it. He could be throwing a sinker with tons of sink, but who takes that much off of their sinker? Again, looking back to the first couple weeks right after his callup. I'm referring to the pitch with velocities in the mid 80s that has a lot of drop and tails a little away from lefties.

He clearly also throws a fastball that tails hard away from lefties, which was the pitch he relied on most.

I don't remember seeing the slider thrown much.

I see 3 pitches, but I don't have the bestest eyes, plus what I see doesn't necessarily equal what the batter sees (or fails to see).

That grip for a 2-seamer is pretty standard, nothing resembling a split-finger grip. The change was a much closer to a split and it acts like one, late movement down. Not like the Roger Clemens splitter that everyone associates with a split-fingered, but more like Dempster's, which often gets confused for change...even by Piniella.

type in change up splitter "ryan dempster" into google and you'll get a bunch of hits.

 here's an article from 2006 where Samardzija talks about scrapping his splitter for a change

nonetheless, as I learned from the James/Neyer Guide to Pitching, a lot of the same pitches go by different names. What one pitcher calls his slider, is really a curve, etc, etc...


Toe-may-toe, Toh-mah-toh. Let's call the whole thing off.

He's got a Daytona Cubs hat on in that clip. He talks about the 'three finger changeup and when he's he says he 'rolls it over' he spins his wrist clockwise, but then he wiggles the ball back and forth. I'd guess that it's morphed into the pitch he was throwing with the movement in to the right handers and that he actually is, maybe unintentionally, throwing it with a small reverse spin.

he shouldn't be getting K's with his sinker, he should be getting ground balls. I didn't see the sinker in either of those clips though. 

But yeah, it did seem by those two clips at least and from what I recall that he did get away from his changeup. 

Does Smardzja project to be a starter at some point in his career?

Yeah, when he went to the bullpen for his call-up that was the first time (I think) he wasn't a starter, other than spring training. He was really good for Iowa when got an emergency callup there - 4 and 1 with a CG in 6 starts, a 3.13 ERA, more than a K per inning and a 1.39 GO/FO ratio. He wasn't able to do any of those things previously in his way up to Iowa, but the talent, stanima and repetiore is there, if he can just get some more control.

doug, I think that's a genius statement, very sad, but true. And actually all it would take would be his next DL trip, be it small as a hangnail, and almost every bitchy fan would say "I knew we shouldn't have overpaid that guy to be our closer, what were we thinking??"

Peavy doesn't make that much now, all things considered, but I am slightly concerned about the whole "extension" thing. I think I've only seen it in print once, but still.

And I'm not sure how or why we're Real Neal bashing today, but I'm not. Shout out to Neal.

They just rolled over. Three straight games. WTF...

I've been obsessing over the presidential election just to distract my mind.

Peavy? Ok. Peavy & Theriot on the same team? Let's hope they get CMT in the clubhouse.

I'd love for the Cubs to get Peavy. There's not one particular prospect we have that I would be so attached to as not to give up in this deal (just don't give up too much). The only thing I'm hoping for is that this gets done sooner. I couldn't stand Peavy being this years Brian Roberts.

I would have to put Vitters on the un-touchable list. Other than that, have at it.

Interesting to see you come around, Neal. Is that because of Demp's reported new contract demands?

I've been maybe the most vocal Peavy advocate here, but I'd hate to see the Shark shipped out of town. If we could keep Vitters, Veal, and Ceda out of it too, that'd be awesome. But I imagine at least one and probably two of them will have to be included, unless a third team is involved.

No, I haven't really come around. All my 'trade for Peavy statements' are conditional. I wouldn't trade for him. If he were a FA, I would rank him ahead of Sheets and Burnett but behind the other three guys... actually I'd probably rather have Johnson or Mussina as well.

Wow, okay. You really do have a crystal ball, I guess.

You guys have become such thought Nazis around here. It's like talking to a computer program stuck in a loop.

Peavy has shoulder, elbow and forearm issues in his past, and when I say 'past' that goes all the way back to August 2008. At least his triceps seems to be in good shape. He's got a maximum effort delivery that lends itself to spending more time on the DL and probably some time under a surgeon's scaple. Peavy has bombed in all three of his playoff starts. Peavy has run up some great ERA seasons by taking advantage of pitching half of his games in the best pitcher's stadium in the league. Peavy is owed a lot of money over the next four years - it's not like he has a contract that's all that favorable. He'll probably have a higher annual salary than anyone besides Sabathia.

"He'll probably have a higher annual salary than anyone besides Sabathia."

WHAT? He makes $9M in 2009, with a $500k bonus if traded. $15M in 2010, $16M in 2011, and $17M in 2012. A club option in 2013 for $22M. He wouldn't even be the highest paid pitcher on the Cubs.

I think Peavy makes $11M next year, that's what the papers were reporting, different than what Cot's has.

That's $63M over the 4 yrs if you include his buyout for 2013 of $4M, so that makes it $15.75 M average, below Johann and Z and likely below CC. If you count the $22M in 2013, it's $16.2 M over 5 years.

it's possible he'll ask for an extension or something to waive his NTC that could change that, although it sounds like if it's to one of 5 teams, he would just want the NTC clause for the entire contract. It turns to a limited NTC in 2011 and 2012.

I was talking about of the FA starters. I realize that he will make less than guys under contract for more.

You guys have become such thought Nazis around here

What? I was remarking at you wanting Randy Johnson or Mike Mussina over Peavy. I still have to think about that for a second.

Peavy has shoulder, elbow and forearm issues in his past, and when I say 'past' that goes all the way back to August 2008. At least his triceps seems to be in good shape. He's got a maximum effort delivery that lends itself to spending more time on the DL and probably some time under a surgeon's scaple.

I agree Peavy is an injury concern but not really much more of one than Dempster.



He'll probably have a higher annual salary than anyone besides Sabathia.

Um, no, that's flat wrong. You know he's not a FA, right?

*Wanting one of the games all time greats, on a one year contract more than a guy who's bound for shoulder surgery and due $62 million, yeah, that should give you pause.

*Peavy has as many arm problems every year that Dempster has had in his entire career. Plus, you've got to do more than look at stat lines to determine who's going to be healthy and who's not. Peavy's a guy who every single pitching analysis guy doesn't like. Who says that about Dempster? What are Dempster's mechanical flaws? Is Dempster grunting every time he throws a pitch?

*So you think Burnett, Lowe or Dempster are going to make more than $16 million per on their contracts? It's possible, but I think Lowe and Dempster will get about $15/per if they go money shopping and Burnett will get about $13.5.

"You guys have become such thought Nazis around here. It's like talking to a computer program stuck in a loop."

your victim complex is showing.

Sorry, I thought it was a creative way of calling Rob G and Andrew mindless drones.

I'm hoping DJ Jazzy Jeff isn't in the deal..i'm a little biased, and that authentic jersey sitting in my closet will look sweet next to my Corey Patterson jersey way in the back collecting dust...**Note to self, never buy a jersey with a name on it**

Sandberg, Banks, Williams and Santo jerseys should be safe bets.

Nothing in these new articles substatniate what Rosenthal has said about the Cubs offering lower level guys. Someone is making things up.

Zero chance Cuban to own Cubs

Edit: The disturbing part to me is the prediction that nothing is going to happen for at least another year. This team is being held hostage.

I love it when someone says "zero chance" cos that's usually the same chance they have of being right.

Reading the quotes in that article makes me suspect that source's knowledge of the situation. This thing will drag on for another year plus?

Anyone else feel like Peavy is really sticking it to the team trying to trade him? Ouch, for Towers. Now he's not allowed to trade him to a team that is giving up players good enough to be important parts of that team (and thus who would probably be important parts of a Padres team).

No... he isn't sticking it to the Padres. He wants to go to a competitive team. If he thinks that the Braves will not be able to be competitive BECAUSE of the trade, then he has every right to reject a trade.

And sounds to me like he may want to be a Cub! :)

I can't blame him for wanting to get traded to the only team in the NL to win 97 games last year.

David Axelrod is Peavy's agent? Sheesh, that guy's an operator.

Bruce Miles in the post and Levine supposedly saying the Cubs offer is Marshall or Atkins, Pie and Cedeno

That would be a raping.

Go hendry.

I'd love to see what Arizona Phil thinks about Mitch Atkins at this point. Maybe with a comparison to Ricky Nolasco (after his AA season) at the time he was sent to Florida.

Didn't Nolasco win the southern league triple crown, or come close to it? Atkins had a nice win-loss record but his other numbers (and I'm not looking it up, this is just from memory) weren't anything to get hot and bothered about.

Am I correct in assuming he has next to zero trade value? I can imagine a change of scenery would help, maybe a different voice in his ear telling him "throw strikes, throw strikes, throw strikes" would help. I hate to see him just banish off the face of the earth like he has.

I saw where someone posted his recent stat line at whatever JV league he's pitching at, not pretty...Just thinking out loud i suppose

Had he thrown well in Winter Ball he probably would have had some trade value. He's had two awful (offal?) starts in a row now - at this point he's going to have to bounce back in the Majors to get some trade value going again.

Maybe he can be our lefty specialist, though.

I like Bruce Miles and all, but this was an odd one, when talking about Lee.

"And although Micah Hoffpauir appears to be the flavor of the month among many observers, there's no evidence he can produce every day at the big-league level."

I don't know what Bruce calls batting .342 with a 1:1 GBP to Line Drive ratio in MLB following slugging .752 in AAA, but I would call that evidence. He did have some ridiculous BABIP luck to get to that .342 but he hits a ton of line drives.

In an even 600 At bats in AAA over the last two years he has 58 doubles 2 triples 41 homers 173 RBI's 41 BB's and 80 K's. It would make total sense to me by the end of 2009 to have him with the big half of a platoon if Lee doesn't bounce back and Hoffpauir continues to do what he's been doing for the last three years.

Bruce is probably in the camp that believes the only evidence that someone will have major league success is them actually having major league success--hence minor league numbers prove nothing.

Or he may be in the 28-year-olds-are-not-prospects camp.

Morton, Escobar and Hernandez are the names plus another lesser prospect...but the writer seems to be saying the Braves MIGHT be willing to go up that high.

then a bunch of quotes from Axelrod that trading Escobar wouldn't mean they'd veto it, just an example he used. Axelrod and Towers are apparently very good friends as well.

Chris DeLuca/Sun-Times rehashes the latest in the Peavy derby but he's not saying anything new.

Trade coming up? Last night in Dom. game Pie was pulled after two ab's

He may have just been PH for, their oponent put in a lefty reliever at some point. It's not uncommon for a lot of changes to be made in the DWL. Plus, San Diego would probably want him to play there anyway - it's not like the minors where the MLB teams have affiliates.

Though AZ Phil is probably going to correct me. Sometimes MLB organizations will send various minor league instructors to winter league teams to work with players, so it is possible that the Padres would want Pie to switch to some other team where they have a batting or baserunning guy, just not all that likely.

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  • Check out John Arguello at Cubs Den for great analysis & photos from Cubs AZ Instructs


    Arizona Phil 2 hours 50 min ago view
  • soler + hammel for mike trout is pretty much a sure thing. *nods*

    crunch 8 hours 7 min ago view
  • Not an inspired outing by Rondon. Seemingly got ahead of every hitter but had no swing and miss pitch today, slider had no bite.

    Somebody give Soler some smelling salts - yeesh

    Eric S 8 hours 8 min ago view
  • that runner scores on a single...

    The E-Man 8 hours 20 min ago view
  • So where do you think Soler will be traded to this off season?

    jacos 8 hours 21 min ago view
  • And right on cue he throws to third with no chance to get runner on 2nd so the batter takes 2nd easily. How long has he been playing baseball??

    The E-Man 8 hours 21 min ago view
  • Man you cannot put Soler out there late in games for Playoffs. Yuch...

    The E-Man 8 hours 29 min ago view
  • Such is the life of a fatted calf...

    JoePepitone 8 hours 43 min ago view
  • fowler with a triple in the 4th...he's a HR away from a "natural" cycle

    crunch 9 hours 15 min ago view
  • ...and contreras takes one off the hand and he's in obvious pain. sigh.

    he's staying in the game, though he's wringing his hand out during breaks in the action. aside from that he seems to have no issue giving signs or tossing back to the pitcher.

    ...and he's batting in the cubs half of the following inning. sweet.

    crunch 9 hours 19 min ago view
  • his collapse started on august 21st this it's a slight improvement.

    but wow, what a collapse since then...only 2 out of 7 can be considered good/decent.

    crunch 9 hours 31 min ago view
  • I'm really going to enjoy watching Hammel watch the playoffs.

    Jackstraw 9 hours 50 min ago view
  • The always combustible Jason Hammel

    jacos 10 hours 10 min ago view
  • Hammel :(

    Charlie 10 hours 12 min ago view
  • That was fun.

    Charlie 13 hours 11 min ago view
  • "home field advantage through the playoffs?"

    Except for the away games.

    VirginiaPhil 13 hours 24 min ago view