Cuban's Chances of Getting Cubs Go from "Zero" to Something Less

As several readers have noted in the Comments, Mark Cuban has been charged with insider trading by the SEC "over his sale of shares in Internet company after he learned it was raising money through a private financing."

If any of the clowns who were already resolved to vote against Cuban's quest to buy the Cubs were looking for a pre-emptory "I told you so," I guess they have it.

Interesting point made last week by Jim Memolo on WGN Radio, who was reacting to that anonymous source who told the Sun-Times that Cuban had "zero chance" of getting a thumbs-up from Major League owners:

Here is a guy who, from all indications, would do everything he could as Cubs owner to ensure the team's success and thus, live up to the highest standards of competitive integrity, and MLB wants absolutely nothing to do with him. In San Diego, meanwhile, the fans and MLB are watching the Pads get stripped bare because the guy who owns the team is being sued for divorce.



Pujols wins NL MVP...BBWAA redeems themselves for a day....maybe they can afford someone to change the background color on their website

Ramirez finished 10th, Soto 13th, Lee 21st (wtf?)

Johan got more MVP votes than the 2 players he ended up behind in the Cy Young voting, that's a great line of thinking.

Jose Valverde got an 8th place MVP vote, no Cy Young votes

The lack of what you call "competitive integrity" is a big reason baseball is only about my 4th, if not 5th favorite sport (depends on if you lump college + pro football into "football"). Quite sad to know Cuban was previously going to be basically blackballed out of purchasing the Cubs due to his desire to compete and win. Of course this was prior to the insider trading accusations (ACCUSATIONS remember).

Oh well. Baseball enjoys quite the monopoly over the summer months. I'm certainly not going to quit paying attention.

"Quite sad to know Cuban was previously going to be basically blackballed out of purchasing the Cubs due to his desire to compete and win."

it has a lot more to do with his outspoken "bigger than the game" personality he has and his antics which distracted from the game with the mavs.

the guy has his own blog and is very outspoken.

mlb owners tend to be very inclusive and information-internal. cuban isn't a good mix in that environment.

jerry from the wsox hates the guy...outspoken.

Sure Cuban may or may not have done something wrong. I don't think he's done anything that Sam Zell hasn't done, and yet he owns shares in two MLB franchises at the same time!! Why doesn't he get taken down for conflict of interest?

Maybe Cuban should just buy the Padres from that poor guy and then he can trade Peavy to us.

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