No Coffee for Braves GM

Hey, anyone see a Frank around here, Frank Wren...the guys at Liberty Media Group have sent someone down to talk to him. They're a bit concerned over recent developments.


isn't that Jack Lemon playing the part of Jim Hendry, after he didn't close the Furcal deal in 2005-6?

Switched from coffee to donuts after that meeting.

Top article near the article you posted:

"Supermarket defends itself over Adolf Hitler cake"

Clearly, I had to click on it. Hi, I'm a douchebag, and my one hope in life is for people to hate my children before getting to know them.

I just boosted your traffic.

Yeah I read that this morning too. I like how he says they just picked Adolf Hitler because it was a name they knew no one else would have, and how he tried to argue there was nothing more meaningful than that. Yet his other child's middle name is "Aryan Nation." LOL, yeah we almost buy it buddy.

the third kid is Honszlynn Hinler Campbell supposedly named after the SS chief, Heinrich Himmler

we enjoy very unique freedoms most of the world don't get a chance to enjoy.

it's a shame that some people use it for stuff like that, but whatever...nice to be somewhere you can (aside from the head-trip their kids are going to have adjusting to society at large thanks to their selfish parents putting their cause before their kid).

Rosenthal has updated his post but the link Rob has at the top is the same.

Furcal's deal is three years and $33 million.

$7.5M, $9.5M, $13M, then year 4 option at $13M with a $3M buyout.

In essence, Coletti taking the sum of the two Furcal contracts 3/39, 3/33 gave Furcal 6/72 or 7/82. Wasn't Hendry's package to Furcal 5/50?

Ned longs for the days when a 3/44 deal was sweet.

and Furcal threw in all the medical reports on his bad back as well as taking off the 2008 season as a freebie on his end to get this deal generous can one get?

The dodgers are gonna be regretting this deal starting with the first time furcal goes to the DL this season and succeeding seasons thereafter.

Is this what Royals office meetings are like?


awesome to the max.

Wren has kicked it upstairs to Schuerholz and he's madder than hell and he ain't taking it anymore

"We don't have any intention of doing business with them, and they've been notified of that,'' Wren told this afternoon.

Paul Kinzer kicked it upstairs to Arn Tellem and he kicked it up to their legal department...

GM's have been black listing Boras for years. Much like Boras and other big agents violate the CBA by leveraging players against teams, there's going to be no way to prove that the Braves didn't sign a player because of his representation. The 'We just weren't interested' defense is too easy.

Braves Pitcher Peter Moylan is represented by Tellem's Wasserman group...I wonder if he gets traded in the near term...and I'd expect that to lead to a grievance and more ugliness. Should be interesting.

I doubt they will do that. Their desire would be for him, and other players to change agents because of this.

Several general managers and agents contacted by Yahoo! Sports said Thursday the term sheet constitutes a handshake agreement, and they couldn’t recall a situation when such an agreement was broken.

“I’d be furious,” an American League general manager said.

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  • Aren't Montero and Ross already in a tie for third catcher?

    Charlie 6 min 40 sec ago view
  • Higher than Chris Perez's mailbox.

    John Beasley 14 min 1 sec ago view
  • Contreras starting at catcher for a day game after he caught the night before. What do people think the odds are that Montero is left off the post-season roster, or is at best the third catcher?

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  • Does he project as a starter, a relief pitcher, or is it too soon to tell?

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  • Rizzo getting a well deserved breather today with Bryant at 1B. Soler back in lineup batting cleanup and playing LF, otherwise all of the all-stars batting 1-5 again (what a luxury)

    Eric S 1 hour 4 min ago view
  • in his last 11 innings, he has 21K, 6BB, 4 hits and one ER. Nice!

    billybucks 1 hour 30 min ago view
  • Yes!!!

    Thanks crunch!!

    It's mesmerizing

    jacos 6 hours 5 min ago view
  • 5 HR in his last 5 games (3, 1 run...1, 2 run)

    sure, 3 HR were in colorado, but 2 were in night games in SD. that evens out somehow.

    crunch 6 hours 53 min ago view
  • Good work!

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  • crunch 15 hours 4 min ago view
  • My guy Addy

    jacos 15 hours 5 min ago view
  • oh, another a.russell HR...whatever.

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  • Dylan Cease throwing gas tonight for the Emeralds. In first three innings, has hit 100 mph six times, averaging 98 mph

    Eric S 15 hours 38 min ago view
  • Can I get a gif of Joe West's jowls waving as he chews gum?

    /Asking for a friend

    jacos 16 hours 1 min ago view
  • my gawd...that castillo-to-bryant pickoff was a thing of beauty. the knock on him in the minors being slow out of the crouch is looking less like a thing.

    crunch 16 hours 14 min ago view
  • bless your heart. *pinches cheeks*

    crunch 21 hours 10 min ago view