17 Cubs on WBC Rosters

MLB has released the 45-man provisional rosters of the national teams that will be playing in the 2009 World Baseball Classic (WBC).

Rosters will need to be cut-down to 28 (with at least 13 pitchers) by February 24th. 

There are presently a total of 17 Cubs major leaguers and minor leaguers on the provisional rosters of the WBC teams:  

Ryan Searle, RHP

Rich Harden, RHP 
Vince Perkins, RHP
Chris Robinson, C

Hung-Wen Chen, RHP

Carlos Marmol, RHP
Aramis Ramirez, 3B 
Alfonso Soriano, OF 

Alessandro Maestri, RHP

Kosuke Fukudome, OF

Dwayne Kemp, 2B

Geovany Soto, C

Derrek Lee, 1B
Ted Lilly, LHP

Jose Ascanio, RHP 
Angel Guzman, RHP 
Carlos Zambrano, RHP 


Here's hoping the number is zero after the cut.

Oh, THAT thing again?

Rich Harden better not be anywhere near Team Canada.

Surprised Dempster is nowhere near team Canada.

The Priest has accused Kenney of throwing him "under the bus."


I'm starting to get a sense of Crane Kenney.

I definitely believe the priest.

Maybe Kenney won't be part of the new front office.

Kenney is a Trib employee, right? If so, he'll be gone almost immediately. I am sure the new owner will have an executive staff in place for the transition.

So what you're saying is that Kenney works for the Trib while Hendry works for the Cubs. That would seem to make Hendry the highest ranking Cub employee.

It's a little unclear, because I would have thought the highest ranking Cub was the president, not the GM.

Well, I guess what I should have said is that he was hired by the Trib. In fact, like Grenesko and Madigan before him, I think he had a role at the Trib and then moved over to or was interviewed and hired for the Cub job. I mean he gets paid "Cub dollars" but it was the Trib's call.

Just to recap boys and girls, Andy McPhail was the president of the Cubs and formerly the highest ranking in the organization. He of course, took the Baltimore job and was replaced by McDonough. John then stepped down from that post to take a job with the Blackhawks. Instead of hiring someone new (since the ownership is going to change) Kenney just took on the role of interim president until such time that a new ownership takes over. So basically, Kenney is just a pinch-hitter until a new "starter" is signed.

Unless the guy is getting fired, and Kenney has done nothing to merit that, even if he's replaced, odds are that they'll keep him around for some transition period. He could well be offered another job in the organization. It's not a forgone conclusion he even will be replaced, though it's probably likely. He's the defacto operating owner.

Oh yeah, I think whoever the new owner wants to replace in upper business management will hang around for a transition period. Kenney certainly has done nothing get to fired over, I just figure the new owner will want his man/woman in charge.

pitchers are on strict pitch counts aren't they? to mimic the work they would be getting with their actual teams...

I believe some teams are more worried about the pitchers not getting enough work that don't get in the WBC games.

What are the dates that WBC players will be out of camp? I'd like to make sure my plans for some Mesa ST Cubs games don't involve a gutted Cubs lineup. Not terribly interested in seeing a lineup that would feature Koyie Hill, Micah Hoffpauir, Ronny Cedeno and Joey Gathright et al. as starters.

"Not terribly interested in seeing a lineup that would feature Koyie Hill, Micah Hoffpauir, Ronny Cedeno and Joey Gathright et al. as starters."

Lets hope we don't see a lineup like this at Wrigley until late September when the division and homefield throughout are locked up...

This was a no-brainer if you're harden:

Describing it as one of the toughest decisions of his career, the chicago cubs pitcher bowed out of team canada for the 2009 World Baseball classic in March because he won't be ready to go all-out at that time.


That's what I'd like to see. This is a 3 week exhibition season involving teams that aren't really teams and someone is likely to get hurt, either seriously or a nagging injury. I guess MLB has to buckle under to Uncle Bud and send the players who are invited and want to play, but if I was a GM (or a player for that matter), I'd say thanks but no thanks. There isn't any upside to this tournament aside from meaningless bragging rights.....for some.

There are Cub fans in Oak Yawn?

Yep, and it's not an easy existence. This is Sox Country, although you see a few Cub fans and a few Cub flags. I live close to a bar owned by Dave Wills' family, he is the voice of the Tampa Bay Rays and used to do pre- and post-game for the Sox on AM1000. His pictures along with Rob Mackowiak's (and Mackowiak's # 10 Sox jersey) hang in the lobby of my kids' high school (Oak Lawn); they both went there.
It was especially difficult, and noisy, in 2005. Not to mention the day after Game 3 last season.

"someone is likely to get hurt"

Just ask Luis Ayala.

"There isn't any upside to this tournament aside from meaningless bragging rights.....for some."

Two follow up questions:

What do you think is the upside for the playoffs other than meaningless bragging rights?

Have you ever heard of this thing?


To me, there is NO upside besides the bragging rights. I don't care and it seems to me not many in this country do not either. Once the thing is done, and the regular season begins, it will be all but forgotten. The championship season of MLB is what counts to the vast majority of fans in the United States.
The World Cup is ingrained in European/Latino culture. It's been around for, what, 110-120 years? It's an honor to be part of the national teams in the Cup, and they work out/play an exhibition schedule for a considerable amount of time before the FIFA competition. Not just a few weeks spent in new uniforms then back to business like the WBC will be. There is real national interest and pride that has developed in the World Cup that you must admit does not exist in the WBC series.
I don't think Cubs/Sox/Brewers/Mets etc. fans take a lot of interest or pride in the outcome. The bragging rights are held in higher esteem in Latin American countries, places that take more interest in their individual countrymen's performance than we do in the US. If a Cub gets hurt, you'll see, not only will no Cub fan care what country won, they'll be pissed that one of their own got hurt in a game that has no bearing on the season they consider more important.

You're contradicting yourself

"The championship season of MLB is what counts to the vast majority of fans in the United States. The World Cup is ingrained in European/Latino culture. It's been around for, what, 110-120 years? It's an honor to be part of the national teams in the Cup..."

It's been around since the 40's as I recall. And the logic that 'Well it's more popular because it has been around longer' isn't really logic. There would never be an NFL or an NBA if those potential owners had the same attitude. Yes it will take time to grow in popularity, but saying 'Well it's not the FIFA World Cup, therefore it never will be' is like saying that the Super Bowl will never have more viewers than the World Series or a heavy weight title fight.

Read the quote from Harden and or any Olympian and discern whether they think it's going to be considered an honor. Or check the ratings on what was the most watched single olympic event in this last Summer Olympics in the States if you think Americans won't watch it. But the point is, and this is hard to understand as an American, that we are not the target audience. The 90% of the World's population outside of the US is the target audience.

If you want to make baseball the world's most popular sport - you need a global stage to do it. Selig has the vision to see that, condemning him for that is ridiculous.

Pretty much dead on...

It's all about increasing the visibility of the sport internationally...and money.

To me the biggest disadvantage of a player going to the WBC (besides random injury possibility which could happen any time) is the player isn't training with the team he'll eventually break camp with.

The biggest advantage is you get players hitting the ground in April without as much rust.

...but yeah, the point of the whole thing is international visibility in an attempt to make the sport legit outside of it's traditional areas (and that includes Japan/Korea in traditional areas as well as the common Hispanic countries).

I didn't condemn Selig for the WBC. If he truly wants to make it global, then God bless him, but he better do more than a 3 week exhibition series.
A "World Cup" football championship has been around in some form since the late 19th century, leading up to the organization of FIFA. The first World Cup under FIFA was played in 1930, its precursors involved a couple Euro teams, England and a couple South American teams. If you read my statement as "it's more popular because it's been around longer", you miss the point. The Cup as an entity is ingrained in the culture of football which is ingrained in the societies of the countries that have participated for nearly 80 years. I'ts part of the soccer fabric outside the US as much as MLB is stitched into ours. And pro leagues stop in order to send the best players to the Cup. (If Bud is serious about global baseball, then maybe he ought to try doing that?)
And I didn't make any reference to whether the players felt it was a larger calling. The fans as a whole in the US don't care. There are plenty of players who turned down invites but I don't hold them in any lesser light than Rich Harden.

"And I didn't make any reference to whether the players felt it was a larger calling. "
after having said:
"It's an honor to play on teams playing for the World Cup"

"The fans as a whole in the US don't care." Once again, forgetting the fact that the tournanment is not about Americans.

"There are plenty of players who turned down invites but I don't hold them in any lesser light than Rich Harden." And now, you're speaking for all the citizens of of the 16 countries - I can only assume godhood is coming up for you next.

You're missing your own point. How did the FIFA World Cup become "ingrained in the culture of football"? By being around for a long time. Something cannot be around for a long time if it never starts.

The World Cup tournament lasts about 18 months, by the way - and plenty of players miss time from their club seasons to participate or because of injury.

Great, so in 50 years the WBC will be a wonderful tourney. RIGHT NOW, as I said, it's not. US baseball fans in general couldn't care less about it. And what's Harden supposed to say, "My turn with the Cubs is more important than representing Canada"? Which is probably closer to the truth? And piss off his fans who wave the red and white?
I couldn't possibly achieve "godhood" (nice term) as long as you are around to rediagram all my sentences.
Is this Real Neal, or Dan McNeil?

But now you can see that there is upside, right? Maybe there's no upside for you, but for MLB, and the future MLB players, there is upside (read upside as even more ridiculous ammounts of money to be earned).

Well... at least it has more upside than Joey Gathright...


Wall Street Journal article says New owner in the Cubs sale final decision will be done mid week, meaning as soon as tomorrow


Then the new owner can go get PEAVY to start his reign as owner of the CUBS!

If I was the new owner, my first question at the first staff meeting would be, "So, Jim, about the 5 minor league pitchers you got.......you done now?"

Potentially good news on the Peavy front:


Intriguing -

but, I think about this, too. I forget who mentioned this yesterday, but Peavey could be identified as "we are fucked", if he goes down:

"It's anyone's guess whether Peavy will get hurt, but an arm ailment could make it nearly impossible to move his $63 million contract, which the Padres have shopped since October. Entering 2008, Peavy was healthy enough that the Padres guaranteed him a $52 million extension. At that time, a clean MRI exam led to an insurance policy for Peavy without exemptions for any body part.

But by last May 20, Peavy's right elbow and upper forearm were swollen, leading to a month on the disabled list."

The staff injury potential list then COULD become:

Dempster (TJ three years ago)
Zambrano (shoulder problems, 2008)

As opposed to whose staff? St. Louis? Houston?

But their rotations don't make up 50% of the payroll.

People make it sound like Peavy never pitched again after this minor problem with his arm.

He came back and in 14 of his 18 starts to finish out the season he gave up 3 earned runs or less. Posted a 3.30 ERA in the second half to boot also. Not bad for a guy whose arm is shattered beyond repair.

You understand the meaning of the word, "could", right? This word, which is used freely on this blog is:

could |koŏd|
modal verb
past of can 1 .
• used to indicate possibility : they could be right | I would go if I could afford it.

And, as you infer out equally well, Peavy (and the others on the staff) could remain healthy the entire season. Which I hope is the case!

Just stating that people make Peavy's injury out to be wayyyyyyyy worse than it is and I really don't think people know he pitched and he pitched pretty damn good after coming back.

But if you want to go on the "COULD" arguement. The entire staff/roster "COULD" be injury risks. Not just the ones you mentioned.

In fact your entire post is pointless on the "COULD" arguement. But I wasn't addressing that, just the worries about his arm.

But thanks for the definition. It really didn't help your arguement in the slightest bit, lol.

Exactly. If Hendry came out and said he was not going to pursue Peavy because of the potential that he would get hurt, can you imagine the backlash? Peavy is going to be a small gamble because he has had arm issues recently, but to not want him because of that is running scared. If you say you'd like the Cubs to get a pitcher with a better history of health, I'd agree. Pitchers of the quality of Jake Peavy with clean bills of health are not (apparently) available. I wouldn't run away from Peavy, especially considering the way he pitched from June till the end of 2008.

Good point. The thing about injuries is that there is no reliable way of predicting who will and will not be injured. If were going to go with paranoia (that's what it sounds like to me), every single rotation in all of the major league clubs have question marks. In fact, I would dare anyone to name one that doesn't have "could" happen concerns.

The staff injury potential list then COULD become:

don't worry, if this happens we'll have a pitching staff of:
Ted Lilly
Ted Lilly
Ted Lilly
Ted Lilly
Sean Marshall

and the TLSC predicts at least 80 wins for TL


Thanks Cubster!

Is Bulldog the setup guy for Marshall's starts? Then add 20 holds, and 10 saves.

Or the starting staff COULD look like:

Ted Lilly
Derek Botelho
Steve Engel
Johnny Abrego
Jay Baller

With Reggie Patterson ready to step in if Lilly hurts himself slamming his glove to the mound...

I'd rather see

Ted Lilly
Sean Marshall
Scott Sanderson
Paul Kilgus
Al Nipper

that's ridiculous, absurd even. Paul Kilgus is a loogy reliever. That's where Laddie Renfroe comes in. Put Laddie down as the #4 starter.

OMG.....The 1985 Cub Rotation post injury spree...WHAT A MOTLEY CRUEW OF PITCHERS THEY ROLLED OUT...UGH

I didn't even mention how luminaries like Dave Beard, Jon Perlman and Dave Gumpert were needed to fill out the bullpen that year...

Vote Dick Ruthven for closer

Let me try this one more time. Does anyone know what are the dates that WBC players will out of ST camp? I'm trying to plan for some Phoenix games, but I don't want to go to ones where half a dozen Cubs regulars are missing. Thx.

You're not getting an answer because there is none. Cubs players are on many different teams. Nobody knows when those teams will be eliminated, but, fwiw the WBC starts March 5 and is over March 23. The last game at Mesa is 4/2.

there's also a few exhibition games before the official WBC ones start, a few days before

Official rosters are out Feb. 24th...Cubs start Mesa games on the 25th.

Got it. So basically, any WBC player will not be present in his team's ST camp, except for perhaps the last week. Sucks.

Well, seeing a linup that consists of Koyie Hill, Micah Hoffpauir, Ronny Cedeno and Joey Gathright et al. as starters is pretty typical of going to Spring Training anyway. You never know what you're gonna get.

Yeah, I've done spring training three times, sometimes earlier and sometimes later, but I have yet to see 7 projected starters in a lineup. Little nicks and dings, split squad games, trying to figure out your 24th and 25th man etc. If you want to see the starters you're best luck is going to New York - suggest you bring a coat.


Verducci thinks Lilly is a good bet to make the USA team with other countries having a lot of lefties in their lineups.

some other good notes in that article.

World Cup started in 1930.

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  • Throwbacks with fashionable cutouts would be a nice touch.

    Charlie 2 hours 20 min ago view
  • The next 2 games are nationally televised. I think we dominate tonight, hitting 3 HRs off Shields. Great night for KB to end HR drought facing HR prone pitcher in one of the most hitter friendly parks in the league.

    chitownmvp01 2 hours 53 min ago view
  • If the ball didn't deflect off the pitcher's mound, the game wouldn't have ended. Montgomery did miss his location though, but if that same contact was made and went in any of direction, good chance of ground out if it doesn't get through.

    If it was 1 night later, Chapman would be out there and we probably would be going to extras.

    Also, If KB wasn't robbed of a HR, perhaps we would have won. We will never know. Nice play by Melky though.

    chitownmvp01 2 hours 54 min ago view
  • The comparison isn't Chapman replacing Rondon. It's Chapman replacing Richard (hopefully) in the pen. Chapman's better.

    billybucks 4 hours 52 min ago view
  • I'm with you, Rob. You pretty much summed up how I feel about it.

    JoePepitone 7 hours 11 min ago view
  • Been quite the roller-coaster the past two days -- both games, plus the Chapman kerfuffel. How about a couple of nice, comfortable wins before facing Sale? Cubs should definitely wear throwbacks for that game.

    billybucks 8 hours 7 min ago view
  • The Cubs are stronger defensively than most of the teams they play. In order to capitalize on that, they have to a) put the ball in play and b) run the bases aggressively.

    That said, Cabrera has a strong, accurate arm, as witnessed by his 97 outfield assists over 12 seasons--mostly left field but also a lot of center. Bryant is rarely thrown out, but I guess you have to know who's throwing the ball.

    VirginiaPhil 9 hours 34 sec ago view
  • On the other hand, Pries won his first start for Iowa, only giving up two HRs in the process. This trade has got some legs yet!

    Eric S 18 hours 9 min ago view
  • KB now with 0 RBI in his last 10 games and 1 in his last 15, despite having 19 hits in his last 15 games and raising his batting average from .278 to .286 over that span.

    Maybe have Zobrist hit 2 and KB hit 4?

    Also -- no HR in the last 15 games -- time for a bunch. Starting tomorrow.

    billybucks 18 hours 24 min ago view
  • Down a run. Fowler on first. Nobody out. KB singles to left, Fowler makes it to third, perfect throw from Cabrera nails KB trying to stretch for 2nd.

    So, instead of 1st & 3rd and no out, you have 3rd with one out. It was a perfect throw, but why take the chance with 3-4-5 hitters coming up?

    billybucks 18 hours 39 min ago view
  • Must be a Cub thing - our lefties can;t get lefties out.

    billybucks 18 hours 39 min ago view
  • Splitting hairs, but Jake's pitch was poor execution, while KB's play was a poor decision (and the 2nd time he got thrown out trying to stretch in the game). Poor execution happens. Poor decisions are preventable. Speaking of poor decisions -- Baez's steal of 3rd made absolutely no sense.

    billybucks 18 hours 40 min ago view
  • Didn't Jake cost them the game with a pitch to Frazier?

    The E-Man 18 hours 53 min ago view
  • Missed the play w/Bryant. What happened?

    The E-Man 18 hours 54 min ago view
  • Not a good decision by Bryant in the 9th. That may have cost them the game.

    billybucks 18 hours 58 min ago view
  • Can we un-do the Montgomery deal? Please?

    billybucks 18 hours 59 min ago view