World Baseball Classic Roster Announced; 8 Cubs

The World Baseball Classic Rosters were announced and eight Cubs will be involved with the event - five from the major league squad. (Drumroll please)

  • Carlos Marmol (Dominican Republic)  (See Update below)
  • Carlos Zambrano (Venezuela) (See Update #2)
  • Kosukue Fukudome (Japan)
  • Geovany Soto (Puerto Rico)
  • Ted Lilly (USA)
  • *Vince Perkins (Canada) 
  • **Alex Maestri (Italy)
  • **Hung-wen Chen (Chinese Taipei)

* Non-Roster Invitee, ** Minor League System

So the story from yesterday turns out true about Zambrano and looks like Carlos Marmol had a last minute change of heart. Say hello to your 2009 closer - Kevin Gregg!

UPDATE: Either Muskat is doing her usual bang-up job or some things are still up in the air. Her story doesn't mention Marmol or Zambrano at all. Soto is set to DH in the first game for Puerto Rico and catch Jonathan Sanchez in their third game. Also, under the Cubs headlines on that story is the "Cubs' Marmol opts to skip Classic for D.R." article and it looks like the rosters no longer have Marmol on them, but Zambrano still is listed. Not so fast Kevin Gregg - hahahaha!!

UPDATE #2:  Zambrano said he's not pitching in the WBC. He is set to go Monday for the Cubs in Cactus League play. The Venezuelan teams attempt at the Jedi Mind Trick seems to have failed. 

"Carlos, it says right here that you're pitching for the team. You will pitch in the WBC. Look, it's been printed on the web."

"No, I'm not"

(Waves hand) "Yes, you will."

"No, I'm not, and stop waving your fucking hand around."


Repost from the last thread.

We're probably set on the keeper league pending final vote. Thanks for all the interest.

Those who are signed up - stop by and make some recommendations. Possible Parachat about it if there's ample reason.

I'm having problems getting into Parachat. Hopefully I can get in later tonight. I'm going to try periodically.


"Say hello to your 2009 closer - Kevin Gregg!"


Updated...seems they jumped the gun on Marmol. Zambrano is still listed although Muskat doesn't mention him.

When did Puerto Rico leave the United States?

The Team Venezuela page still has a picture of Z saying he won't play and the article from Feb. 13th, but he's on both roster pages still.

Other fun notes, Cueto and Volquez both pitching for Dominican Republic...shall we pick squares for their injury date?

Guess this means Gregg is one of our starters.

joe got a chance to come back from a near-dead career and made some DAMN GOOD loot for himself. from what it seems he's a decent enough guy to have that happen to. later borowski...

I have fond memories of Joe that completely overshadow his hard times as a Cub. He was definitely a feel-good story, and seemed like a personality I could get behind. That said, he had a pretty good run, in comparison to almost everyone else who plays the game. I'm glad he got to be a pretty successful big league player for a while.

So long, Sweaty Joe.

all i hear on local chicago tv markets is who is gonna be the 5th starter
should we be more worried who is gonna be the 4th starter in my eyes rich
hardin should be the fifth starter if healthy if he is not then we need a 4 and 5
assuming lou wants marshall in the pen ( i think ) then samardzja would
be stretched out for a starters role.

Just curious, are we counting Peavy as one of the Cubs that's playing in the WBC? When's that trade coming through? Soon?

seems like he needed a new visa when he changed employers...

not to make excuses, but seems like the team should know that.

Wait... I thought it was Pie's fault... and it is another reason that we should be glad that he is gone?

Except Pie himself had to reapply "for his visa that noted his change of employer."

There is nothing in that article or in the information that we have available that identifies the source of the problem. Likely a combination of many factors.

And yes, I am still glad he is not around. If you guys miss Pie then that's your prerogative. I think he is a worthless turd and am glad he is not around.

no there wasn't...

I was just thinking that a team would know more about the visa process than an individual player, especially if a trade goes down. You think they'd give a player a heads up.

no biggie...

A new article after Pie spoke to the media today indicates that he had "passport" problems. We will probably never actually know what "i" was not dotted and who was supposed to dot it.

MLB Clubs have administrative personnel who assist major league and minor league players with these matters. Perhaps the Orioles admin was on vacation when Pie was acquired.

I am sorry... can you point out where I said I missed Pie?

Why does everything have to be a fight? If you don't miss him, why can't you just say "well, I'm glad to see him gone too." Instead you have to do this crap.

I said "IF" you guys miss him, then that's fine, I don't. Simple as that. I assumed from the ferocity in which people flocked to defend him that some of you must miss him.

All I pointed out was that it seems like he is always in the news for something - yelling at coaches in the tower in Arizona, late night partying with Soriano, now VISA issues, etc. Even if this problem is not at all his fault, some people are magnets for distractions and I for one am happy we are not dealing with it this year.

well said

Great. Are you done yet?

Double posted.

Wow... you are getting crabbier around here these days.

It is pretty funny that I am doing "crap" and you are just being nice.

I just think that using Pie's visa issues to bash him is pretty laughable. I made a smart ass comment about it, and you got pissy. I don't and won't really miss the guy, though I still think that he could become a pretty productive major league player. And I still think that he is a better option than Gathright.

And FWIW... he wasn't in the news for yelling at coaches in Arizona. He was on on TCR about that. And I am assuming that you have a problem Soriano also then, right?


That was classic lowitzski!!

Nah, there was no "Uh..."

according to bruce levine Z IS NOT IN WBC.

JUST on espn 1000, z pitching monday for cubs. z said he doesn't know why they think he s in wbc.

scott eyre"broke" due to madhoff .

updated the post btw...weird.

There you go again Rob with that not child safe language, you bad boy of NL Central Team's Blogs. But I would envision Big Z saying "quit waving your fucking hand".

I'd like to know how many of these players have taken some kind of anabolic steroid being that baseball seems to the the sport with the most people on the news for juicing up.

In my opinion baseball is the best game if it is played solely on your health. Usage of legal steroids are harmful and have only short term benefits.

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  • RAISIN: All I know is that Oscar de la Cruz is still shut down, and I don't know what his prognosis is, or what the plan is going forward.   

    Arizona Phil 1 hour 48 min ago view
  • Remember just two weeks ago, when "all" they had to do was play .500 ball the rest of the season and coast into the playoffs?

    BobbyD 1 hour 51 min ago view
  • Well I guess if pitchers can keep working the edges of the plate to perfection it will be a long season. But that doesn't seem likely. Rizzo finally, fully, snapping out of it would help.

    Old and Blue 3 hours 57 min ago view
  • If I didn't believe in coincidences (or science), I would apologize to Gordon Downie--one of my favorites. Sad news about a great talent.

    CTSteve 4 hours 4 min ago view
  • Hi Arizona Phil,

    Has there been any news on Oscar de la Cruz' health?

    Raisin101 10 hours 35 min ago view
  • bruh...

    crunch 11 hours 50 min ago view
  • O&B: Cease was apparently working on his off-speed pitches in his first & thrd innings, because in his second inning of work he just blew the D'backs away with high-velocity gas (that's when he hit 99-100 and struck out the side). 

    Arizona Phil 12 hours 8 min ago view
  • Wow, Lyin' CTSteve? He was just BEGGING for my endorsement last year!  Lame!

    Transmission 12 hours 14 min ago view
  • 1. I did not say the thing I insisted that Trans write down and attribute to me, or it was taken out of context.

    2. Trans and his "roast" (aka, a Salisbury steak TV dinner by Swanson) are very low energy.

    3. Make TCR great again.


    CTSteve 12 hours 20 min ago view
  • Yeah, I'm fine if I don't hear another one, furlong time.

    Transmission 12 hours 22 min ago view
  • nice recap, horrible game...i hope to never hear another horse pun/joke for at least a decade.

    crunch 12 hours 34 min ago view
  • Recap posted.  ~sigh~

    Transmission 12 hours 52 min ago view

    MY GAWD.

    crunch 13 hours 15 min ago view
  • Ok, fine. I'll do a recap.

    Transmission 16 hours 19 min ago view
  • Thanks for the post AZ. That's a huge attendance. Scouts must be excited about somebody.

    Would you say Cease's performance was a result of working on his change or was it just a bad outing? And isn't Ademan some ridiculous age, like 17 or something?What are your thoughts on him?

    Old and Blue 16 hours 27 min ago view
  • LOL and yes. No need to even be that formal, can just say "Trans, keep my name out of this abomination of a discussion."

    Transmission 18 hours 58 min ago view