Gameday Open Thread/Brewers @ Cubs

 Yovanni Gallardo vs. Sean Marshall to start the game at HoHoKam Park.

Lineup from Muskat:

CF Joey Gathright, 2B Aaron Miles, RF Milton Bradley, 3B Aramis
Ramirez, LF Micah Hoffpauir, 1B Jake Fox, C Paul Bako, SS Darwin Barney
and P Sean Marshall.

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This is why spring training is boring. Other than Bradley and Ramirez, I couldn't care less about any of these hitters (maybe HoffPOWER a little)


Well... there is a very good change that 7 of those 9 will end up on the 25 man roster.

I beg all of you to stop with the first. People are not going to realize you're joking and it will catch on here.

It's ok Rob, I'm the only one who got my balls broken on claiming first...after days crying in the corner lying in the fetal position, I'm ok.

Yeah, SJS, that was a little harsh. That was me. I am sorry. It was just a shock to my system, since it was the first time I had ever seen anyone on this site do that. Glad to hear you're recovered...

Does that also go to being the first to post "Man this lineup sucks?" 'cause I thought that was kind of good luck.

no that works...

Not sure if everyone has heard yet. Apparently Scott Eyre is having some financial difficulties.

Damn, I was all amped up to make fun of him until I read the article. Poor Scotty.

And btw, your link isn't working for some reason. Try this.

This lineup sucks.

(Ahhhh, baseball is back!)

(1998)Rick Helling, a 27-year-old righthanded pitcher and the players' representative for the Texas Rangers, stood up at the winter meeting of the Executive Board of the Major League Baseball Players Association and made an announcement. He told his fellow union leaders that steroid use by ballplayers had grown rampant and was corrupting the game.

"There is this problem with steroids," Helling told them. "It's happening. It's real. And it's so prevalent that guys who aren't doing it are feeling pressure to do it because they're falling behind. It's not a level playing field. We've got to figure out a way to address it.

you suck Marshall....

down 1-0 in the top of the first, Hardy RBI double

go high sky...Hoffpauir loses the ball in the outfield, ends up throwing out Hardy at home.

Thanks, Rob. Glad that someone is able to follow the game. Are you getting it on radio?

Santo and Hughes on to head out for lunch though, you're all on your own.

Damn... Anyone else?

Brewers 3rd baseman looks a little familiar...

Bulls great Norm Van Lier dead at 61...

I ran into Norm on the street a couple of years ago and had a very pleasant chat with him. Very sorry to hear this news.

RIP Norm

That sucks.

I dont know what I'm shocked about more - the fact that he died or that he was only 61. He looked about 87 years old on his CSN Bulls pre/postgame stuff.

Gathright got on first somehow, Miles lined out to SS, Bradley walked and immediately removed for pinch-runner...

Great... is he hurt already? One plate appearance? Seems odd that they would be planning to replace him after just one AB...

Bradley walks and is taken out for a pinch runner...Santo says he's OK but I smell something fishy (not Steve Trout)

Pat (to Ron): You do weights don't you? 12 oz. at a time...12 oz. curls?

bases loaded, 2 walks and a fielders choice...Jake Fox up.

bases ended up loaded, 0 runs

Must be 2 out...


Robnett in RF they guess.

top of the 2nd over, gallardo already done

Barney single...

Hughes/Santo justifying Soriano batting leadoff saying that they talked to opposing pitchers and a power-hitting leadoff man is imposing...

Clevenger pinch-hitting...

and now I'm out for an hour or so....

I imagine it's equally or more imposing to pitch to Soriano with baserunners on. Just throwing that out there.

Yeah, I would think that it is just imposing to pitch to Soriano, regardless of where he hits. I would agree that it would be more imposing to pitch to him with runners on...

i have got to think that most pitchers want to throw fastballs right out of hte box. and having soriano there is a problem.

that's great for the first AB of the inning.

other than that he's turning his xbase hits into solo shots or sitting on 2nd for theriot/fukudome/whoever-hitting-2nd to move him so dlee can knock him in.

the first inning solo shot wins the game almost every time. the pitcher is then shaken and we jump on him.

Until our pitcher comes out and gives up an even bigger crooked number in the first, that is.


bottom 3rd, game 1-1 on Gathright single/rbi.

Gaudin pitching vs McClung

ARam leading off, walks. Hoffpauir up.

Santo: "McClung, big boy, throws hard. If Hoffman doesn't work out cause he's up there in age, McClung could be the closer. 6'6 250#, He's big and not fat."

Scales pinch running for Ramirez. Hoffpauir walks.

Jake Fox up. BLAST...3run HR. Line drive to Left.

4-1 Cubs.

Haha... With praise like that for McClung, I wonder how Santo is feeling about him now... Personally, I we be okay with that kind of production from the Brewers' closer...

straight as an arrow fastball and a little wild...mcclung.

Fox with a lined shot off McClung (?), plates 3. 4-1 Cubs.

McClung well suited for the 9th inning based on this outing.

Mc Clung actually is a decent pitcher with a power arm. Unfortunately for him, with their staff he's gonna be a tired guy by the AS break.

3 hits in the top 4th vs Gaudin including a long HR by Cameron and a "ringing" single by Casey McGehee.

inning ends on a 6-4-3 DP.

4-2 Cubs

tightness in left quad for Bradley...pulled to be careful

Thanks for the scoop, cubster... When the hell did he start to feel that? He walked, then was pulled...

he did chase a flyball down in the first...

Someone warm up the Photoshop, and super-impose Milton doing the "towel drill".

Bako setting the bar pretty high for Hill... Can Hill hit .000? I think he has it in him...

...pulled to be careful
get used to that.

Marmol showing that he's better in the 7th, 8th and 9th

actually he gave up a run on a hit, 4-3 Cubs on to the bottom 5th

Is it wrong of me to be mildly peeved and frustrated that Joey Gathright is 2-for-2 with a walk and a stolen base thus far?

Can you imagine what Dusty would say? "Joey's gotten a bad rap, but he's a gamer, he makes things happen. Fact that he didn't score doesn't mean that he wasn't making things happen out there."

i'd be more worried about the current old-man-who-doesn't-play rather than dustbag or baylor or don't wanna get into a miles discussion or anything.

Justin Bateman pitching for Brewers.

Barney out, Castillo walks, Gathright singles, Miles singles/rbi into the alley. 2nd and 3rd. Pitching visit to the mound. Robnett sac fly, Miles goes to 2nd. Gathright scores on very shallow fly. Pat: "most guys wouldn't have tried to score". Scales grounds out.

6-3. End 5.

Justine Bateman is pitching?! I always liked Jason, I'd love him on the team.

Dusty would have Gathright leading off for all 162. On second thought he does, his name is Willy Tavares.

Stanton now pitching for Cubs.

Wow, through 5 IP, the Brewers have walked EIGHT! That's brutal...

IS it me, or are you guys excited about ST baseball?

You see any other baseball to get excited about? No? Okay then!

Stanton tosses a fastball right down the middle to backup catcher Rivera. 6-4.

Fuld in CF for Gathright.
Andres Blanco at 2B for Miles.

current lineup: Fuld, Blanco, Robnett, Scales, Hoffpauir, Fox, Pitcher, Barney, Castillo

Anyone here use MLB.TV? Do you like it? How often do you have "glitches"?

Do I really need the MLB premium? Are blacked-out games blacked out over MLB.TV, too?

it can be glitchy, yes...

definitely recommend the premium though and downloading MLB Mosaic....far smoother than

Blacked out games are still blacked out...

I like it for the most part. The quality really depended for me on the internet. You probably won't be able to stroll into your local coffee shop and put in headphones and watch. I used to live in a house with 3 other people, all online a lot, and the feed cut out a lot and I would have to reload a few times a game. Now I am in a nice building with high speed for all residents and I have no problems at all.

I have never done the premium. I personally don't have use for any of those extra features.

And yes, if game is blacked out due to ESPN or something, you won't get it online either.

I'm gonna take a big ol' dump on the blackout rules.

I'm examing the website, how legit is this? Do you watch all your cubs games at the site? I'm currently watching the Cavs/Rockets game, but not sure if that's because it's already on national TV or if all games are available, even those on local sports channels.

I'm sure it's not legit, it's essentially people in another country rebroadcasting the game.

Not sure if it's improved, but the picture quality was pretty poor when I've used it and audio wasn't always there and it was considerably lagging behind the action.

Great though if there's a blackout...

it's 100% not legit.

quality depends on the source of the feed. it's generally just "some dude" sitting at home rebroadcasting it to a central server who can feed out off a large bandwidth pipe.

Well if it's not legit, I definitely won't be using it.

* stifles a laugh*

You know, if people didn't steal intellectual property, our country wouldn't have such a trade imbalance and people in Rob G's industry probably could all afford health insurance.

Just a thought...

mmm kool aid.

Correction: If people [bought] intellectual property [through legitimate channels instead of stealing it], our country wouldn't have such a trade imbalance and people in Rob Go's industry probably could afford health insurance.

Got it.

Just cause we'll enjoy something stolen for free doesn't mean we'll pay to have it legitimately. And by "we" I mean other people, of course.

Not that I'm in favor of this sort of behavior, just pointing out that people not stealing does not necessarily mean people buying.

since my name was invoked, I'll chime in..

Charlie and Neal both have points, I'm not sure what crunch's was...and I'm certainly not qualified to morally judge anyone's actions.

But there are plenty of below-the-line people that put together TV shows, music and movies and they all struggle the same as any other middle-class, even if the job sounds glamorous. So yeah, stealing that shit off the Internet affects us too. And if you say the artists and executives would just pocket that money, you deserve a punch in the throat.

that being said, I've used the p2p thing to view blacked out games, because it's a dumb law and rule. I'm not gonna watch a Dodgers game because you make me. I'd happily pay for a blacked out Cubs game if they made it available.  I can  just tune in the radio broadcast over  instead of watching the game. Not sure why they think the TV broadcast is any different.

I'll chime in because this stupid argument was my fault.

I give less than a shit what people think about me for using P2P, but I do pay for MLB.TV every year and watch blacked out games with P2P. If that's against the law (don't if it is), I don't care. Deal with it.

my point was that "talking point" isn't valid under even slight scrutiny.

the lack of the media company's conventional/traditional distribution routes being the only game in town and the profits they provide is hurting domestic sales by far.

canada giving huge tax incentives to produce/shoot there are hurting more.

i'm not getting into the overseas aspect of it...mind you.

there's a lot of places to look for loss of sales before the impact of piracy makes a blip. a lawyer in the case this week tried to present lost sales numbers in court based on the assumption that everyone who downloads a copy of something was an actual consumer who would have bought it. the argument brought embarrassing laughter from the courtroom attendance...and the spillover well as the defendants.

it's hard to trust numbers and things being thrown around as defenses without looking at the full picture. the real amount of people taking things off P2P is pretty damn overblown compared to people out there still buying stuff. it doesn't help that the traditional media outlets have lost their stranglehold distribution methods to only become licensing businesses for online distros (especially for the music industry).

canada and foreign countries giving tax breaks to film companies hurts local economies and the states where they would be theoretically shooting the material. Shoot in Vancouver, you're taking money from California in essence.

It helps the production companies and film distributors bottom line least people are getting paid somewhere for the jobs they're doing.

yeah, i got my flow of thought screwed up there.

meant to tie in more localized bottom/middle-rung crew to that, too.

curious if you have a link to those numbers....

I've read 10's of billions when you account for taxes are being lost by piracy, and that's just music.

there are tons of links to all kinds of studies out in the wild. almost all of them are all over the place as far as the numbers. too many of these studies assume people would actually buy a large chunk (or all) of everything they download.

the ones being dragged into court (granted, they are argueing international/swiss law in that case) are bringing a bit of unconventional laughter at the case from people in the court room.

the music industry is REALLY hating losing it's distribution channels. distribution is where it's at. film still has DVD/Blu-Ray/etc. that the home consumer just can't quite replicate with a similar feel as the digital music distro at least...

I should reword. I figured it wasn't legal. The legality of things on the internet doesn't usually bother me.

I should have asked is it a reliable source of being able to watch the Cubs.

even though the sources/feeds can differ in quality, i'd put it as level, easily.

if the game gets REALLY interesting you can run into issues with too many users trying to get on the feed and lagging it.

these people feeding games aren't getting paid and they could really care less if you missed an AB because the person feeding it rebooted their computer or the shot is choppy because of too many users on a feed.

reliable, no...better than nothing, most of the time "yes."

also...these feeds are generally delayed for 2+ minutes to buffer the feed.

It's as legit as any P2P site:) Like others said, the quality isn't always great, but I tend to watch a lot of games at work in a small window. It's great for that. I've also watched plenty of games hooked up to a TV. Clearly, you get more than you pay for (nothing), though. Some times the quality isn't so good, but I've watched plenty of blacked out games through it which had good picture. It was especially nice for the playoffs which were broadcast on some channel I don't have.

A game is available if someone somewhere else is sharing it...but, I've never looked for a particular game and been unable to find it.

You can also watch Japanese games!...obviously at weird times of the day so I rarely do.

Thanks for the replies. We're considering ditching Dish. They just raised their rates and the only reason we have it anyways is so I can watch Cubs baseball.

You're in Indiana, right? I dunno if you can get AT&T Uverse where you live, but I love it. The only cable system I've found (non-dish) that gives us CSN and CSN+. Seems to be really spotty availability, though.

We've moved twice in the last two years, but only move where we can get UVerse.

Bradley left the Cubs' game Thursday after drawing a walk in the first inning because of mild tightness in his left quad, which he felt before the game started. "If it's April 6, I play," Bradley said.

Chad Fox made it through an inning of pitching without his arm flying out of its socket toward home plate, and getting all dusty.... cool...

Smells like Juan González, circa 2005 -- one AB and injury. Hopefully it's nothing serious. Nothing at all.

Justine Bateman is pitching?

Jason's sister?

I think Pat and Ron said Justin. It's obvious they don't work too hard on getting the names right during the season let alone spring training. Pat loves coming up with wacky roster names this time of year although this isn't one of those times.

"Justine Bateman is pitching?"

~squeaky voice~ "Jesus, Mallory!"

I win.

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