Gameday Open Thread/Cubs @ Padres and Day Old News

The Cubs travel to Peoria to play the San Diego Padres. Ryan Dempster and Jake Peavy will start. Here is the lineup from Muskat:

SS Ryan Theriot, 2B Aaron Miles, CF Reed Johnson, 1B Jake Fox, 3B
Fontenot, RF Doug Deeds, LF Richie Robnett, C Paul Bako, P Ryan

Carlos Marmol has changed his mind and will pitch in the World Baseball Classic for the Dominican Republic. Zambrano is still sitting out though.

Curt Schilling said if he does pitch this year, he would like it to be for either the Tampa Bay Rays or the Chicago Cubs. A Cubs source seems open to the idea.  Of course, I'm not sure if anyone has seen if he can still pitch.

Sam Fuld was named to Baseball America's All Winter League Team.

Thanks to the readers for the links.


Theriot single, Miles GIDP, Johnson grounds out

Theriot and Fox errors leading to runs for SD. Our defense may be suspect this year...Theriot/Fontenot are not that great up the middle, Bradley fields the DH position well, not sure how strong he'll be in RF.

Bruce Miles is reporting that the Cubs get Peavey if they win this game, and they don't if they lose.

Golly, that Kevin Towers drives a hard bargain.

I assume this is Wittenmyer being funny...

1-2-3 second for Peavy. Padres said to be demanding Soto and Zambrano in 5 for 1 deal. Trying to confirm.


Another 1-2-3 for Peavy. Padres tell Cubs they can't afford him and to have a nice century.


Piniella is all for Schilling...

then makes some ridiculous comment about Koskie and comparing him to Josh Hamilton

Harden faced some hitters on Saturday

phew...along with the 400ab miles statements and other crap it's nice to be able to get "news" like this without 100 posts picking apart the stupidity of a 60 year old fat man being out of touch with koskie's ability, bradley's injury handling, or having no control of his clubhouse because he can't field a volunteer team in vegas.

Ha... Piniella was clearly drunk.

Cripes, it's not even that old and I already fucking hate Twitter.

it's really weird to hear steve stone call WSox games on TV.

CSN and MLB Network, btw...and it's over soon.

sean casey immitating the batting styles of classic houston astros players #1.

Rich Hill was supposed to start today for the Orioles but was scratched due to "elbow and forearm stiffness." The article in the Baltimore Sun mentions "back and shoulder issues" last season.

Back, shoulder, elbow, forearm--what else is there?

Knees and toes, my friend. Knees and toes.


But the Peavy-to-the-Cubs rumor won't die a natural death because the Padres still can't afford to keep his $63 million contract. Another rumor making the rounds is that Peavy's boss, San Diego Chief Executive Officer Sandy Alderson, may be in line for a similar role with the Cubs once Tom Ricketts takes control of the team. The Padres are in the process of being sold.

Alderson declined to comment when asked if he'd be interested in running the Cubs if Ricketts buys the team.

A baseball guy as president that has an affinity for stats...imagine that. Maybe Depodesta would come with him.

You're such a tease.

I don't like you anymore. You're a cruel individual.

The only thing positive about this game was that it was baseball and I got to watch it live. 90 degrees and sunny. Is anyone else having problems with tcr on an iPhone? As I was trying to check az phil's 40 man roster from the stadium, my iPhone kept crashing. Too many scrubs to keep up with. Jake Fox is lost at 1b. SD's guy that pitched the 9th was throwing some serious heat(Morales?). Fontenot wore # 81 and played 3b. Doug Deeds sucks too, but has a decent arm. SD's 1(Blankes?)is built like a tank, think NFL TE. Going again on Monday.

it's snowing here...screw u...i mean have fun.

seriously, ST...awesome. have fun.

Total Consciousness, I've got that going for me, which is nice..
Notes: Padres RHP Mark Prior said he felt good Sunday, a day after his most recent bullpen session. Trying to rebound from shoulder surgery in June, Prior said he threw 55-60 pitches, "so obviously that's a good sign for endurance. It's coming. I think yesterday was probably one of the first days where I felt, 'OK, things are starting to kind of round into form a little bit,' so that was nice." Prior threw about six curveballs. "I'm feeling comfortable enough to throw that because obviously it takes some arm speed to throw the curveball," said Prior, who hasn't pitched in the big leagues since Aug. 10, 2006, with the Cubs. Black said it was a good sign that Prior is throwing breaking balls. "That'd be great if he could come back and be able to jump into our rotation," Black said

It would be a moral crime for Mark Prior to ever throw a single pitch to a Cubs batter in the regular or post season for the rest of his life.

I don't really like Mark Prior's politics, but I'm glad he's no longer a Cub.


Not sure if this is related to anything but.......

Randy Bush hates black people!!!

Pedroia MLB'09 ad...good stuff

more viral videos at their website as well...

I have mine pre-ordered! I hope I receive it tomorrow, but it will probably be Wed or Thur.

F'ing MLB 09 only on PS2/3. 2K9 is getting bad reviews and I have the 360.

Oh and MLB Front Office Manager blows, do not ever contemplate even renting it.

If you don't have a PS2 you ought to be able to get one really cheap by now.

I own a PS2, but if I could have 2K9 for the 360 or MLB for the PS2 I don't know which I'd rather have.

I just wold prefer the graphics and all that jazz for the 360, and they usually cut the good features on the Ps2 version.

Is 2K9 getting bad reviews? Saw the guy over at HJE thought it was pretty darn good. I don't tend to read any of the gaming sites reviews because I just don't take games as seriously as they do.

I'm probably going to get it either way, I guess. Baseball game I hate is better than no baseball game.

I have read mix reviews about 2K9 but everything positive about The Show.

The last season of Triple Play was the best ever. Now baseball games have gone to shit, which is too bad. I guess EA is making an assload of $$ on Madden to not care about the baseball license. They certainly haven't cared about NCAA for a few years since they fail to update stadiums at the very least.

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  • Oh, I'm sure you're right. He's not 27-27 in saves for nothing. But, man, I hope they learned last night that he didn't throw a single pitch in the zone to KB, Contreras or Baez, and they all just kept swinging.

    billybucks 36 min 3 sec ago view
  • Sounds like a much better game than last night's fiasco in Flushing.

    Old and Blue 52 min 48 sec ago view
  • I'm pretty sure it looks like a sweet pitch on the way in. How many sinkers like that are there at 98 mph? I agree that they should just do a Lackey and stand their with their bat on their shoulders until he throws a strike next time, but I can see how that's hard to do.

    The bullpen, on the other hand, is a mess, and Heyward is starting to piss me off.

    Old and Blue 53 min 50 sec ago view
  • I noticed that too. He's getting to everything, but when he gets right under it on a high flyball he looks uncomfortable

    cubbies.4ever 9 hours 27 min ago view
  • Did you expect anything different?

    billybucks 9 hours 57 min ago view
  • Wow, did they blow this game. Stupid plays by the kids in the 7th -- Almora throwing to 3rd instead of 2nd to keep the DP in order (when a DP probably wins the game) and Baez throwing to 3rd (to a backpedalling KB) instead of getting the easy 2nd out at first - cost them the game. Also, Contreras almost throws the ball into RF on a nonexistent pick-off play. And Maddon, for using Peralta in the first place. Did they do a bunch of shots in the dugout before the 7th? Unbelievably bad baseball. I thought Almora had a high baseball IQ?

    billybucks 10 hours 19 min ago view
  • men on 2nd/3rd, 0 out...and nothing.

    cubs lose :(

    crunch 10 hours 52 min ago view

    crunch 11 hours 2 min ago view
  • Getting tired of this Heywood weak sauce

    jacos 11 hours 13 min ago view
  • Yep, can't say I disagree with that. His first batter and resulting walk was just brutal. Reminded me of a bit of Jacque Jones spiking his throws into the ground from RF.

    Eric S 11 hours 21 min ago view
  • The use of Peralta in any semblance of a high leverage situation is questionable at best.

    fixed that for ya.

    crunch 11 hours 28 min ago view
  • The use of Peralta in any semblance of a high leverage situation is questionable at best. Hind sight is easy but Peralta had nothing.

    Eric S 11 hours 37 min ago view
  • make that just peralta...

    crunch 11 hours 37 min ago view
  • a.soriano new OF fielding coach?

    crunch 12 hours 41 min ago view
  • Why is Almora jumping up on catches?

    jacos 12 hours 43 min ago view
  • "Tommy La Stella (hamstring) will remain on his minor league rehab assignment through at least Friday."

    should be an interesting roster shuffle once these guys trickle back in. i imagine patton or peralta are on the hot seat for la stella's return.

    crunch 13 hours 2 min ago view