Gameday Open Thread/Dodgers @ Cubs

The Cubs return to Mesa and take on the Dodgers. Batting second and pitching for them is Randy Wolf, the Cubs send out Dempster. The lineup from Muskat:

3B Aaron Miles, SS Ryan Theriot, 1B Derrek Lee, RF Milton Bradley, LF
Micah Hoffpauir, 2B Bobby Scales, C Koyie Hill, CF Joey Gathright and P
Ryan Dempster.

Rich Harden threw a 43-pitch simulated game and could start Tuesday.


2-0 Dodgers in the bottom of the second, both runs in the top of the first...

Kemp single, SB, sacrifice by Wolf, Loney got on somehow that wasn't a walk, hit, error, HBP or dropped third strike (shrug), Walk to Dewitt, Ausmus RBI single, Mientkiewicz with an RBI out and then out of the inning...

Must have been a FC - maybe Loney hit it at someone who tried to nail Kemp at third and didn't succeed...

if I read the box score correctly, Kemp was already at third base after Wolf sacrificed him. Could have been a FC to try and tag Kemp or something and everyone was safe.

nevermind, Phil has the account of it, chopper to first and tried to get Kemp at home but he made it back to third.

Dempster gets the first hit of the day...


Hu's on second?

Hu's on first...oh wait.

Go CUBBIES!!! Can't wait to the official season starts up back in the city.
Keep the faith and support Chicago's real team. I already got my gear for my annual pub crawl,, bad a$$ shirts. Spring is the air in the Chi. Love it!!

i heard that company was run by nazi sympathizers.

tell everyone...i know i will!

Funny, I recently heard the same thing about you!

Me, too!

The 50 year contract deferral? How much is a Juan Pierre bunt single worth? It does look like LA will pay JP and Manny about the same dollars in 2009.

if Pierre is serious about wanting to play this year, and away from the impossible competition he faces with the Dodgers, then he must defer his salary for 50 years, and sign at the league minimum. The signing team pays him what he is worth (0.4 + 2.45 = 2.85).

how anyone gives a 1-dimentional player (his CF skills were already declining even with the legs healthy) a deal like LAD gave him still blows my mind.

2 year deal is risky enough...paying him 10+m for even one year is crazy, though...much less 4.

-separate tangent-

"By the way, the value of the Redsox increased by 100MM when Pedroia signed that contract"

that is fucking retarded. straight up slow-bus...even with the weak ass explanation after the statement.

Did Harden throw 43 simulated towel pitches?

Now Hu's on 3rd...wait, he's thrown out by Theriot at Hu's not home and Lou's thankful (per Pat Hughes).

Koyie Hill throws out the runner at first to end the inning.

Bradley 1-2, lifted in the 4th for a pinch-runner...

early reports were that he was mauled by a lion.

scoreless innings for Berg and Vizcaino

Hoffpauir SF. He's got the most rbi's in the cactus he's got that going for him, which is nice.


mountain lion or puma in Yuma?

puff piece that Ed Campusano is the locker room joke-teller...

is it just sad or foretelling of things to come that the clubhouse there looks a lot more player-friendly and nice than the one at wrigley?

it's a nice old building, but as much as the fans hate the bathrooms...yeesh...

Stevens and Atkins competing for who will get cut first...

Well I see the linescore, but how did Demp look?

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