I know as a flag-loving American and blogger that it's my duty to be critical of just about everything, especially something new and different. But I just can't find the energy or a good reason to hate on the World Baseball Classic. The set-up certainly is not ideal, the biggest problems being the inability to get all the top talent and the schedule, but I'm not sure how to fix either situation. They could try playing in November after the World Series, and maybe a few extra bodies would show up on rosters...or maybe not. Teams and players would still have injury issues to deal with and most of the top pitchers would be wary of adding extra innings to their arms. At least having it in March, the pitchers are on their normal spring training schedule. Having it in March also capitalizes on the enthusiasm of not having any baseball for the last four months, put it in November and the average fan has been a bit burned out over the last seven months and probably already moved on to football (either version).

As far as I see it, it's competitive baseball in March with some of the best players on the planet. That sounds a lot more fun than watching So Taguchi getting four at-bats a game. 

I'm going to go get my face paint and flag as Team USA takes on Canada at 1pm CST on ESPN today...I'll try and stop by Parachat for the festivities.


Netherlands trying to shock the world...up 3-2 going to the 7th.

Will this be a lead-in to the upcoming war with Canada as envisioned by South Park? One can only hope.


i keep all my shit there...it rules!

Sidney Ponson hasn't pitched that well against a big league lineup in 5 years.

Fuck Canada.

down 1, man on 2nd with 1 out and Tavares on 2nd base...Hanley Ramirez up.

tries to steal third and is thrown out...Ramirez walks, tries to steal 2nd and from his knees the catcher guns it to second. Looks safe, but Netherlands starts celebrating...ends up being strike 3 on the batter and game over.

Canada up 1-0 already....could have been a double play but Youklis fumbled it and then decided to tag 1st and go for the throw and hit the runner in the helmet.

uh oh.

watch out lockerroom...the bearded baby will destroy your stuff.

seriously, youkilis has to be one of the most self-centered guy in the game. at least tony gwynn could be self-centered without the extreme outbursts.

Wonderful finish to the Netherlands/DR game....

*Marmol comes in the 9th, faces 4, K's them all, HBP-Randall Simon

...the mighty DR team has problems. Very little offense against a bunch of thumbers. Will face either Panama/Puerto Rico in an elimination game. DR just looked lathargic all game long.

good game fwiw...

6-4 heading into the 9th, doubles by Martin and Votto make it 6-5. Putz gets a groundout by Morneau...

Jason Bay up with 2 out...

What a fantastic, fantastic game.

And now, a Julio Zuletta sighting in the Panama/Puerto Rico game! sweet.