TCR Saturday Notes

- Lou says Sean Marshall is well on his way to securing a spot in the rotation.

"He has done absolutely nothing to hurt his chances," Piniella said.
"He's throwing the ball as well as I've seen him throw it. He came in
here as the front-runner and, truthfully, he hasn't lost that status."

- If you're missing Wrigley Field, you can print out and assemble your own thanks to this link I found through Baseball Musings. Or if you need some set pieces for a Godzilla movie you're filming.

- Jonathan Mayo goes through his Top 10 Cubs Prospects at which has some nice bits of info including that Tyler Colvin has hit the weight room pretty hard while rehabbing from Tommy John surgery.

-  THT has been doing their own farm system run-down and has the Cubs as 26th in baseball.
They also did a composite top 100 list combining the results of some of
the major prospect lists and came up with Josh Vitters as the #36
prospect in baseball.

- Jeff Passan pens an excellent piece on the fall of Mark Prior and the fallacy of his "perfect mechanics". There's a couple of good links within the article explaining some of the possible issues with Prior's delivery plus a bit of Dusty bashing. Also, we get a brief glimpse into the genius of a major league ballplayer:

“For a four-year stretch, everything was good, and then it suddenly
happens?” Prior said. “Who knows? There may be some validity to the
people who say it’s mechanics. I’m not changing. I don’t think there’s
anything I specifically do that has caused my injuries. No one’s ever
going to be able to tell me for certain that it is, either.

Stupid is as stupid does....

- Big League Stew thinks ballplayers taking out an ad in the newspaper to thank the fans of their old team is an antiquated practice ands asks for a little creativity - like skywriting! Also, I didn't realize the writer - Kevin Kaduk - wrote Wrigleyworld and grew up a Cubs fan.

- Reed Johnson has a blog and promises to make fun of Mike Fontenot in each one of his posts. This will be fantastic.

- Cubs face the Angels again today with Aaron Heilman on the mound. The game is on I see, so it's being televised somewhere.


Didn't mean to post over you - didn't see anything else in the works as I was saving mine (and updating my time stamp as I saved it.) Happy to trade spots with ya, remove mine, or whatever.

no worries, I think my time stamp is set for the wrong time zone still.

It's just links, I could care less where it's displayed.

Cubs face the Angels again today with Aaron Heilman on the mound. The game is on I see, so it's being televised somewhere....

FYI: The game is televised on WGN AMERICA today.

Baseball players and (especially) beat writers should leave blogging to us perfesionals.

Spilling secrets, pulling back the curtain and providing inside information the Cubs don't want to get out to the public, unsubstantiated rumors, and provacative irresponsible speculation are the lifeblood of any Cubs blog, and Carrie Muskat and Paul Sullivan don't understand that. They should just get out of the way. They don't need to blog. They already have access to the mass media.

And I challenge Reed Johnson to write what he really thinks, and not clear it first through the Cubs.

BTW, Jim Bouton and Jimmy Piersall would make great bloggers, because they aren't afraid to give their opinions and don't withhold anything. They're not afraid to let you know what they know.

And I can tell you without any question that the Cubs HATE blogs like The Cub Reporter. The players and the players families love us, but the executives and the field managers don't. They wish we would just go away. They believe "What you see here, what you hear here, what you say here, let it stay here." 

"And to those who make a fuss about the Inverted W and point out that House’s prized student has been laid up for years? Well, House said, “They don’t know their asses from a boat paddle.”"


oh tom...

i don't buy it myself, but wow...out of all the people he attached his legacy to and all the pitchers he's worked with...mark prior and that stupid ass 'inverted-W' nit picking is gonna haunt house his whole life.

it doesn't help that tom is now so tired of the questions he's just bitterly defensive at this point over one of his prized methods.

Reed's blog sure talks a lot about inserting Fontenot...

Just saying.

Now you're just peniacally obsessed.

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  • shelby miller (ATL) finishes the season with a win, snapping his 24-game winless streak...because ATL bats are non-existent.

    3.02 era, 1.25 whip, 205.1ip, 171K

    6-17 w/l...ugg.

  • Totally independent of the Cubs winning or losing today, Dan Haren came into today's game having earned $2M of his potential $3M in performance bonuses for 2015. 

    By making the start (his 32nd start of the season) he picked up $500K, and he'll get the remaining $500K if he can throw at least 8.2 IP in the game (he was at 181.1 IP coming into the game, and he needs to reach 190 IP to get the remaining $500K), 

    It's a bit like the old "Bowling for Dollars" TV show, but of course Haren is actually "Pitching for Dollars."

  • holy crap, MIL is just...awful.

  • i think he's currently playing for the Santo Domingo Meths. he's an Adderall-Star player there.

  • I'm longing for a Neifi sighting.

  • if you have stable/fast internet you can stream with and you don't mind giving up $20 a month check out "sling tv".

    TBS, TNT, ESPN 1+2, etc...100% legal.


  • 68 pitches (50 strikes)

    love seeing that...especially with the batters doing very little with it.

  • Yeah, keep him off the playoff roster.

  • Or, he's looked exactly like Ted Williams.

  • Lately he hasn't looked like Ted Williams...

  • Reading between the lines on some of his comments he seems to know his longish swing doesn't play well with a man on third and two outs, and two strikes on him. I doubt a playoff adjustment is happening, just something he'll need to figure out next year. I have this odd feeling he will.

  • Mark Gonzales ‏@MDGonzales 4m4 minutes ago
    Bryant leads NL rookies in HRs (26), RBIs (99), 2B (31) and runs (86). Last rookie to reach 26 HR, 99 RBI, 31 2bs, 86 runs and 74 BBs?

    Mark Gonzales ‏@MDGonzales 4m4 minutes ago
    Boston’s Ted Williams in 1939

  • Surprised and bummed that Mark Buehrle is retiring. One of my all-time favorite pitchers. I think he could pitch for 5 more years.

  • Probably going to a bar/restaurant with TBS. Cord-cutting is so over-rated.

  • Thanks for the update on Underwood.