Gameday Open Thread/Rockies @ Cubs & 2 Get Cut

Colorado strolls into Mesa today with lefty Franklin Morales to start and Lou trots out what might be the regular lineup versus lefties to start the season.

LF Alfonso Soriano, SS Ryan Theriot, 1B Derrek Lee, RF Milton Bradley,
3B Aramis Ramirez, CF Reed Johnson, C Geovany Soto, 2B Aaron Miles, P
Chad Gaudin.

Also, Sam Fuld and Jake Fox have been sent to minor league camp and there should be more roster cuts later today.

UPDATE: As suggested, there were more cuts...Jose Ascanio will join Fuld and Fox in Triple A for the time being, with pitcher Jason Waddell and INF Bobby Scales being assigned to minor league camp. That leaves 37 left in camp. Also, Richie Robnett was outrighted to Triple A, which now leaves two spots open on the Cubs 40-man roster.


Decent lineup today.

Bullshit. This lineup sucks.

Only MICAH HOFFPAUIR has more ST AB's than JAKE FOX.

Jake got another long look. I'm guessing we'll see him called up if Hoffpauir falters as D Ward's replacement.

He-Man shall not falter. Do not even suggest it.

350ab, 150K, 15-20 homers and doubles...100+ RBIs...he's gonna be that damn clutch.


ンラナ トチニシ ニカル

CLAY RAPADA, 6K's 1 BB 0.00 ERA in 7 appearances for the Tigers got some kind of one year deal announced today.

JOHN KORONKA, 4Hits 2K's 1BB 1.50 ERA in 6 appearances for the Marlins is said to be vying with Dan Meyer for the last spot in the bullpen.

says 3-4 more cuts later today, and more this weekend.

I REALLY wish J-Fox could play defense. There has got to be an AL team who wants him, no?

Also, reports more spring cuts (besides Fuld and Fox):


This puts the spring roster at 37.

And they outrighted Robnett to AAA, bringing the Reserve List down from 39 to 38.

I hope AZ PHIL can weigh in on these transactions.


They cut Waddell before Stanton? Oy.

Waddell and Scales sent to minor league camp. Robnett outrighted to Iowa.

Richie Robnett, Jason Waddell and Bobby Scales all got sent down too. Waddell might emerge later as a situational lefty in the pen if he excels at Iowa, whether or not we see Fox before September will depend more on injuries and Fukudome's bat. FWIW Fukudome had a terrible World Classic, he wasn't even on the field last night after hitting .200 during the tournament. Dude has a lot to prove.

Don't read too much into that. Japan sat a lot of LH hitters for the Korea game and with arguably their best hitter Aoki in CF and Ichiro a fixture in RF there wasn't any need for KF to play.

Seven minor leaguers cut yesterday (mostly pitchers)and a former #1 draft pick (2003) Ryan Harvey. I too hope AZ Phil is getting the scoop on the pairing down of these rosters.

Shawn Hill signs with the Friars and joins Mark Prior on the All-Sim Game All-Star Team.

Cubs made some cuts today. I will post the names as I find them out.

I haven't been advertising for any spots in the fantasy head-to-head league I run each year at yahoo because, well, 16 of us all returned from last season to play this year.

One of us had to drop out, however, so if anyone here wants in, drop me an email at at and I'll hook you up.

The brief version: A head-to-head league that uses lots of stat categories with a mildly sabrmetric bent to it, and lots of active roster positions. The big thing to know is that if a team goes "Dead" for thirty days (no activity from the owner) it will have its players dispersed to waivers to get redrafted by the rest of the league owners. So don't inquire about the league if you aren't convinced that you can stay active for the year. If you join, you get to play with 15 fellow Cubs fans in a very active and friendly league. Not a bad deal. Draft is this saturday.

And that should have had paragraph breaks in it.


Sort of like this.


ta dah.

"if a team goes "Dead" for thirty days (no activity from the owner) it will have its players dispersed to waivers to get redrafted by the rest of the league owners."

I'm JD and I support that rule.

offense is waking up..2 runs in the first.

Theriot dooble, Lee and Bradley single, sac fly Ramirez

soriano got a hit in the first...what happened to him as it was followed by a theriot dooble? Baserunning blunder? Boxscore doesn't say anything about out stealing, must have been thrown out at 3B. Fielder's choice on a dooble?

Looks to me that Seth Smith gunned him down at 2nd.

Any lineup with derek lee batting 3rd is a crappy lineup.

i hate lou pinella and i don't like this team at all.

"i hate lou pinella and i don't like this team at all."
Why would anyone watch a team they don't like?

i can't believe that a cub fan is asking this of another cub fan

They're weaker this year, I think that much is clear, but they're still the favorite for the division, imo. I agree D Lee needs to be moved down the order. I don't think we'll see another 2005 out of him.

And that said, there's no reason to be a girl about it, Chad.

i'll just be chad being chad.

if not for z or rammy, i doubt i would like this team at all.

i unlike other people here, don't root for laundry. and i don't really like the players that make up this team.

i'm still a cub fan and hope they will but i don't feel nearly as connected to this team as i have in years past.

No love for Soto or Marmol?

I've got some Fontenot, Marshall and Dempster love going on in addition to those other players.

Oh, and Samardzija, mostly because I saw his debut in person.

Come on, Chad. You of all people should partake of some man love.

nah nothing much for soto or marmol.

Aram and Z and that's about it.

And man love? perhaps you missed last year when Jim Edmonds was on the team.

Laundry is dead, but there is a statue of him taking root outside new cowboys stadium in Arlington.

Bradley HR, Soto dooble as well

4-2 at the moment, 3 SB's off Gaudin/Soto so far, error on Miles.

2 IP, 1 ER, 2 BB, 2 K for Gaudin

and i don't like this team at all.
they need to play more chadball?

John Brattain, a contributor to The Hardball Times and long-time personality and commenter at Baseball Think Factory, has passed away.

Never met him, never even interacted with him, but I made a point of reading just about anything with his name on it. He seemed to be a very classy, funny guy.

For a good sense of his wicked sense of humor, try this.  He's the guy commenting as "The Bones McCoy of THT" in a hysterical thread about baseball players saving drowning women.


FWIW, if I ever drop dead, I expect Parachat to be renamed in my honor.

if you drop dead, how will we ever know?

I read his last article about David Cone's HOF chances and at the bottom it mentioned he was going in for heart surgery. Apparently that didn't go too well...

Actually meaning this seriously, it'd be through Sister Trans.  She is friends with one of Ruz's relatives, and knows of my work here.




I would have imagined a loud thunder clap heard throughout the Internet....

Soriano's now, what, 0 for 3 in SB attempts this spring?

hitting good, pitching bad today

Samardzija pretty much guaranteed to go to Iowa now..

Good. Let him get some innings and work on his command and his off-speed stuff.

Bobby Scales has a real nice swing, it's easy to see why he tore up AAA last year. I'd be surprised if he saw any time in Chicago with Fontenot, Theriot, Miles, German-type depth at 2B. Plus he's 31. Who knows. Too bad for him.

Mr. Scales has deserved a shot with somebody for years. He's got a career .285/.371./.430 line in the minors and has hit as many as 15 HRs in a single season. He could be a fringe starter with a fringe team or a backup/substitute with a number of major league teams, but instead he's been in the minor since 1999.

Look at Aaron Miles's career minor league numbers: .289/.338/.401. How 'bout German's: .296/.397/.397

On offensive numbers at least, Scales compares favorably to other backup infielders. He's played almost no shortstop, but he's played plenty of 2nd and 3rd and has even occasionally played 1B and the OF. Anybody know what he does with the glove? I hope the guy finds a major league job soon.

competent glove...nothing special...joe mcewing, hehe.

i think his lack of power and K-rate are working against him off the bench, too.

still...there's worse players that will make team's 25-man rosters, probably.

Some guys can hit 330 at the AAA level, be brought up and hit 230 at the big league level. Other guys can hit 290 at the AAA level and get the call up and hit 280 at the major league level. It all depends. My point is Scales has a real nice swing. Hell many big leaguers don't have a swing that nice. Nice bat speed, nice discipline.

I didn't intend to post this as a counter to your statement. It just seems like another rule, in addition to his fundamentally sound swing (as you see it—I haven't actually seen him play yet), that he ought to have been given a chance by somebody. And yet he has never played in the majors. Not one at bat. Usually you trust those minor league numbers until a player negates his minor league accomplishments by stinking up the majors, which Scales has never had the chance to do. So, yeah, not disagreeing with you.

I've only seen ST appearances that were on TV

I don't think it's 3/44...

Soriano has a car stereo with enough power to topple small nations.

Yes it is, but only by about a year or two.

Apparently he used all of Scott Eyres money to pay for it.

Ahh. well, the article I linked to is new, at least.  How'd that big election everyone was talking about go?

Reagan beat Mondale in an upset.

Yea... um... that's real necessary.

if not for z or rammy
and by six degrees of separation we all know Z is now connected to Fontenot

Rocky Cherry signs a minor league deal with RedSox

yawn, still he's got a memorable name

5 Reasons to be Concerned:

1. Kosuke Fukudome looks to be an unbelievable bust....could they swap with GMJ from the Angels?
2. D Lee has become an average-at-best 1B...and desperately needs to be moved lower in the batting order (6th)
3. Iffy health of Rich Harden
4. Iffy health of Milton Bradley
5. Potential that Aaron Miles logs more than 300 PAs

5 Reasons to be Optimistic:

1. (Hopefully) 150+ games of Alfonso Soriano's bat in the lineup
2. Sean Marshall will be a much better 5th starter than Jason Marquis
3. Heilman will be a much better bridge reliever than Home Run Howry
4. Micah HoffPOWER will be a much better bench bat than D Ward
5. If healthy, Milton Bradley's overall production > Jim Edmonds' production

If you view these as roughly a wash, there's no reason not to expect a 90+ win season and a three-peat atop the Central. I'm ready for the real games to start!

PS for Phil--why the hell didn't the Cubs cut Stanton? Is it more of that Jim Hendry, "showcase the veterans as a courtesy" BS for which he's become famous? Is that why others like Taguchi and Fox are still hanging around, as well?

I'll bet 5 virtual bucks Jason Marquis wins more games than Sean Marshall this year. Any takers?

You're on!

It's not really fair odds as Marquis is probably the Rockies' 3rd starter and Marshall's a clear 5th. Still, I'll take that action as well.

Sure, but by virtue of playing on a (hopefully) better team, Marshall ought to get more wins. Kind of like how Dice-K won a shitload of games last year while only throwing 5 1/3 innings per game.

"I'll bet 5 virtual bucks Jason Marquis wins more games than Sean Marshall this year. Any takers"

Warning: Ex-Cub factor looming.

Btw, Marquis: 3.1 IP, 10 Hits, 11 ER, 4 W, 1 K. Spring ERA 14.14.

Just wanted to reiterate that I'm taking this bet.

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  • Ride the Kid Magic! Schwarber hadn't homered in a long time before last night.

  • Greg Maddux was 8-18 in his rookie season. Kyle has the 8 wins down pat.

    Think Baby Maddux.

    Prof. Harold Hill's THINK system at work.

    Kyle is on the far left.

  • I support this. Hendricks has not only looked better lately but seems to start struggling after a few innings which is better than the 1st in the playoffs.

  • Just tweeted via Jesse Rogers: Hendricks starting Game 2. Wow. Just wow.

  • That was good!

  • Well said. On one hand, I thought the HBP was a bad baseball play -- down 4 runs, put a runner on for a red-hot Fowler. On the other hand, they needed to do something -- I hadn't thought about the warning/pitching inside point. Is Hurdle that smart? He does not strike me that way. By the way -- not clear which fan base you are referring to in your "first" 3rd point.

  • My unsolicited opinions on topics covered in this thread:
    1. I hate the fact that after 162 games, a team could be out after 1 game. However, I think the system is pretty close to perfect right now. 2 of 3 isn't feasible unless they shorten the regular season, and it ices the division winners for way too long. This creates excitement, and rewards the division winners.

  • Personally, I think the game could have had a very different look had the Pirates held onto the ball and tagged Fowler out on the steal in the first. Cole was clearly frazzled, but if they took that runner off the base, it could have relaxed him a lot.

  • Football games are played once a week. There are 16 games a year. I'm not even remotely following at all how you can compare the two leagues and playoff systems. It is physically impossible to play a home and away series. The idea of not having any road games in baseball playoffs is certainly a head scratcher.

    How is not having the first and last game at home a benefit for the division winners and team with the best record? How is it not an incentive to win the division when a WC team has to blow their top pitcher?

    Call me lost.

  • Two 97+ win teams in a do-or-die, great bullpens, overpowering starters, plenty of pop--hard to believe that game wouldn't be tense. A 4-0 lead is not a blowout, especially in that situation and with the Cubs' young bullpen. Not only would a defensive play here or there make a difference, but you get the win there also on the home plate umps strike zone (generous strike calls for Arrieta, including a couple Ks), and on Schwarber sitting on the right pitch at the right time.

  • Unbeleivable Dodgers:
    I just noticed the Dodger's payroll today. It is just absurd. $300,000,000+!!
    Here is where just some of their money is for 2015:

    Some "Highlights"
    Carl Crawford $20MM
    Brandon McCarthy $17MM
    Bronson Arroyo $3.5MM
    Darwin B $2.2MM
    Dan Haren $10MM
    Matt Kemp $18MM
    Brian Wilson $10MM
    Ryan Webb $2.2MM
    Dee Gordon $2.5MM

  • So I think tomorrow will be the most important test of how far we can go. We can win it all with two pitchers since Arietta has shown he can carry over his success to the post season. If Lester can be dominant also then I think we can go far no matter how Hendricks or Hammel do.


    And in terms of pitching just went through to see how we could maximize Lester and Arietta and came up with this (Lester would be going on 4 days rest three times and Arietta twice):

  • i still can't believe that crawford contract (7/142). all that loot and years for a LF'r who's entire hitting game revolves around his legs and line-drive power. those triples that raised his value are deceptive as hell to his true power, but it helped him get paid.

    there's also pause about a guy who's ob% is almost totally driven by hits rather than walks. BOS got lucky unloading that crap deal.

  • I think the Cubs take Berry and Soler off playoff roster and add Hammel & Ramirez. Believe Maddon will find Denorfia & Jackson defense too hard to lose.

  • O & B: I like the one-game Wild Card heart attack game, but I'd actually like to see a best two-out-of-three LDS played in the home parks of the two division winners with the best records, and then the LCS as a best two-out-of-three in the home park of the division winner left standing with the best record, and then let's get to the World Series already. 

  • I...don't know. If chanting would help the Cubs beat the Cardinals in the next series or ultimately the World Series I think I'd be ok with it lol. I'm not supportive of saying insulting things to opposing fans or throwing things but loud noise and chanting seems appropriate to me.

    I also grew up in France though and that kind of thing is par for the course at soccer and rugby matches and I love it. I find crowds too passive here.