Free Agent Frenzy Winner

I mentioned it when Manny signed with the Dodgers, but here are the final standings for our Free Agent Frenzy contest for this season. Congrats to "CincyKid" for the win, you are the proud owner of "Crazy '08" by Cait Murphy. Email me your address so I can send your prize out.

The number in parenthesis is the total correct number of picks out of 15.

  1. CincyKid - 78 (7)
  2. Andrew - 75 (7)
  3. Eric -70 (7)
  4. The Real Neal - 66 (6)
  5. Carlos Rubi - 66 (6)
  6. jackie t - 62 (5)
  7. Dejon R. - 58 (7)
  8. Tito - 58 (6)
  9. John Beasley - 56 (5)
  10. twcoffee - 54 (6)
  11. RW - 54(4)
  12. Rob G. - 52 (5)
  13. Tom R. - 47 (4)
  14. big lowitzki - 44 (5)
  15. JD - 44 (4)
  16. chifan - 38 (3)
  17. Ruz - 35 (4)
  18. Jacos - 31(3)
  19. allinginge - 30 (3)
  20. Brian H. - 9 (3)
  21. Charlie - DQ'd


Curses! So close.

What, no consolation prize, Rob?

the economy seems to have taken a hit on the swag we get here at TCR. I'm dry on prizes right now. I have a copy of the 1907 book, but it was more for review than prize giving and I wanted to read it.

I don't know whether it hurts more to be me or Brian H.

I'm gonna go with me.

I just finished the book a few weeks ago. It's truly one of the better baseball books I've read.

Crane Kenney says the team wants to increase the number of night games from 30 to 50.

The rest of the article says it's not likely to happen for at least 6-7 more years.

Wittenmyer opines on how the bullpen will shake out.

He seems to think Gaudin is locked in.

Just noticed that Kerry Wood was a unanimous and mostly high confidence pick to stay a Cub...painfully, nobody saw his future unfold the way it did.

in contrast, two contestants picked Dempster to move on.

Going to advertise again (and for the next few days, if need be) that we have a late opening in a 16-team TCR Head-to-Head yahoo fantasy baseball league.

It's a very active, skilled, but relaxed and friendly league. Big rosters, a very modest sabrmetric bent to the (many) stat. categories, and a clause that we re-draft players off of any team that goes "dead" for more than a month.

Did I mention that it is Transmission Tested, Jacos Approved?
email me: at and I'll hook you up.

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