Recap of the Greatest Parachat Ever

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 Parachat Recap

Innings 1 - 9:

~stunned silence~


When someone gets official word on ARam, please post...Thx

can you be too scrappy?

The scars from last year haven't healed and now we have an 8-8 team, with blah performances from most everybody, except maybe Sori and the low-impact Riot. Woody's replacement has been terrible, and Bradley seems destined to become Jacques Jones Jr. I like Demp a lot, and am happy he got a big contract, but last year was likely the best we will see from him. Not feelin' the karma with this team. Cubbie blues.

best parachat recap ever.

I guess it's just the nature of Cubs fans to be freaking out over 8-8 starts. There's probably 50 teams that started like that or worse that won the world series. Take a deep breath.

8-8 would be a serious matter; but it's still 8-7 before Saturday's game. day-to-day, Lou says they'll have to bring in someone with the bench short, so expect Bradley or Aramis to get the DL.

worst parachat recap's a good thing you're heading to Dallas Trans. Seriously though, best parachat outing ever in my handful of years 'round TCR. Thanks "gentlemen"

Milton Bradley's confidant gives us this Ramblin' Rose (Milton likes Nat King Cole) report: Carlos Marmol apparently strained a muscle on the inside of his left knee when he tried to field Albert Pujols' line drive single in the eighth inning, and Aramis Ramirez strained his left calf when he hit a double in the second. Both will be re-examined on Saturday, and the Cubs will have a better idea as to how much time they could miss. Marmol scoffed at the idea of going on the DL; Ramirez said his leg was sore.

Ugh, this team was playing lackluster at best, these injuries to key people will not help that. If ARam and Marmol or on DL any serious length of time, we just brought everyone back into the division. This team is just not good enough to be hurt, playing blah and guarantee to make the playoffs.

Wittenmyer/Sun-Times speculates that Bradley will go to the DL with Bobby Scales getting called up from Iowa (or possibly Andres Blanco).,CST-SPT-cub25.article Ramirez and Marmol were to be examined again today. ''We'll see how it is [today], but right now it doesn't feel too good,'' said Ramirez, who hurt the calf in the second inning looking to advance to third after he doubled. He stayed in the game for three more innings. ''I feel OK, but we'll see,'' said Marmol, who said he didn't think he would require a DL stretch.

Wittenmyer has a 2nd article on Bradley. MB says he's about 65% of normal and worsened his groin strain from the Wed night game vs Reds on the Lilly error/throw past first base. Let's face's Hatfields vs McCoys (Chicago media vs. MB) ----- ''Basically, for me, I talk to people I like. I don't particularly like the media, and the media doesn't like me. So let's not pretend we're buddies or you're trying to do anything for me. If anything, you hurt me more than help. So I don't see any benefit of really talking to the media. That's just how I feel. That's how I've always felt.'',CST-SPT-cside25.article On aggravating the groin injury: He said he aggravated it in the third inning Wednesday chasing down the ball pitcher Ted Lilly errantly threw past first base after a bunt. How severe is it in terms of a percentage? ''Before the other night playing, I probably would have said 80 to 85 percent. After playing the other night and re-aggravating it, I'd probably say 65 percent, maybe.''

Bradley reinjured his groin? SHOCKER!! Who would of thought that could have happened? This is 100% on Hendry and Lou. What a stupid fucking mistake. For what to get some half-hearted PH attempts. So now they set Bradley back a few weeks and in the mean time ARam and Marmol, their best hitter and relief pitcher gets injured. Hopefully they learn from their mistakes and if ARAm is going to be out like 7 days or so, just to DL him and make sure he is 100% when he comes back. We can't have it like Soriano was a couple years back playing gimpy the whole year. Not sure how much more Hendry can screw things up more since last year.

this really reminds me now of 2006 redux. the year Hendry fucked the Cubs. on this years version, the worst move this idiot made waa trading de ro for nothing. bradley notwithstanding, at least Dome is performing. but, to give away the best "6th man" in the game waa fucking Stupid!

spot on! put Hendry under any budget restraints at all and he produces the 2006 Cubs* *a very balanced LRLR club btw

It ain't balanced if they can't get on the field.

Great point navigator. I don't think it is a coincidence that the year the Cubs rebounded was the year Hendry had a ton of money to spend all of a sudden. See when you have a ton of money to spend you can make up for your mistakes (K-Fuk, etc.). I think people are finally seeing what I have seen of this fraud for years. Get his fat ass out of town ASAP if the Cubs want to really win a WS, and do it fast before this core gets broken up.

This is probably the dumbest thing you've said... and you've said a lot of dumb things. "Get his fat ass out of town ASAP if the Cubs want to really win a WS, and do it fast before this core gets broken up." Just out of curiosity, who is this 'core' you speak of, and which GM brought this 'core' to the Cubs?

Like someone said in an earlier thread, Hendry is the Doug Collins of MLB. I think he can get the team close, but doesn't have the ability to get them over the edge and build a World Championship team and win a title.

Miles (S), Gathright(L), and Hoffpauir(L) all healthy. Not that I want any of them actually on the field today.

I would guess the new owner will keep him around for one year. At least. Ricketts and Hendry have Creighton ties.

I'm loving the speculation of Bobby Scales being called up. He's not the next all star but dude has a sweet swing and he'll get nice hits I predict.

I got hosed on the prediction contest by that Vizcaino nonsense...

Mets sign Mike Lamb...there goes another backup option at 3B

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