Bradley's Mammoth Shot

Milton was the talk of the town last night with the moonshot to replace all of the farthest non-steroid enhanced home runs I've ever seen. You can see the video at The story coming out this morning was that he may have been jawing with some of the fans in the on-deck circle and right at the end of the clip you can see him put his hand to his ear as if to say, "oh now you love me".  Bradley may have been addressing it to the whole crowd,  but with the little head nod at the end accompanied by the "we'll shut up now" looks on the faces of the clowns with the good seats, it looks more like a little give and take with the Wrigley faithful. Screen grabs after the jump....



It's all games and smiles and puppy dog tails as long as the Cubs are winning. In 2006, Bradley takes the bat and Al Capone's them.

UPDATE: Reader Chris points out this is actually now a pattern for Milton. His other home run at Wrigley against the Marlins he shooshes the crowd around the 0:36 mark of this clip. There's some yelling and laughing by the fans right as it happens, so not sure if he directed it at someone or this is going to be Milton being Milton.


HitTracker has it at 450 feet, the longest at Wrigley this year and the longest by a Cub this year:

Even in the at-bat before this one, Bradley was really swinging the bat hard. MB is going to take his hitting slump out back and f*** it up big time.

Glad to see it. Sadly, Cub fans are too quick to boo, as if we were accustomed to 110-win teams or something. What did Sandberg start out as a Cub - 1 for 21? The current fan crop would have bood him back to Philadelphia.

Sandberg started 0-19 with the Cubs and was 1-30 before he finally got it going in mid-April. Of course he ended the season with a .271/.312/.372 and 32 SB. He also was a rookie playing for the minimum for a team that was 73-89, and a team coming off of a dismal 38-65 strike-shortened season in 1981 with no expectations.

Bradley was signed for $10 million a year for a team expected to make the playoffs.

So the comparison only goes so far, but I do agree with your larger point that the recent success for the Cubs has led to a situation of rising expectations amongst Cub fans. There is a great deal of anger now at failure that we were so accustomed to we took in stride just a decade 15 years ago.

I actually think the booing, if measured, is a good sign. If measured, I emphasize. We should start expecting our team, with this kind of talent, to be better than it was 15 years ago. I mean, those were the days of Larry Himes, we should've been pissed, at the ballclub if not at individual players.

We need Bradley to heat up and hold the fort until Aram can come back. That said, with all the things that have gone on early this year, from injuries, to ineffectiveness, I'm pleased enough with where we are.


On a side note, 3rd straight solid outing from Jay Jackson today. 6 innings, 2 runs, 5 K's, giving up 5 hits and 2 walks against WTN. Stands out because he struggled against WTN last time (granted, this time he was at home).

"non-steroid enhanced home runs "
We hope.

I thought I heard the bald guy in the pix was the president of the Spanish speaking radio station that was doing the Cubs games.

Not saying he was the guy who was yelling, he had that great seat in the corner by the dugout and on deck circle.

I would love to sit there for a game.

isn't that where Kenney sits or where McDonough and Fitzsimmons use to sit? I think the Cubs own those seats and give them out on occasion to special folk. I think Denise Richards got those seats her night.

I think Denise Richards took it in the seat.


(that was for Carlos)

You didn't just say that. Oh fuck yeah you did.

Congrats, Neil Cotts. You are officially worse than Glendon Freaking Rusch against lefties...

Cotts: 3.0 IP, 4H, 6BB, 2K, 1HR, 3.33 WHIP, .308 BAA
Rusch: 4.1 IP, 6H, 0BB, 3K, 0HR, 1.38 WHIP, .353 BAA

Okay... I guess according to sports radio we're supposed to be offended and pissed off about Bradley pointing to his ear. That's news to me. Geez.

'"It's nice to hear some cheers," Bradley said. "I didn't come here to suck; I know I've sucked so far, but give me some love, you know what I'm saying? I am a Cub."

When asked about putting his hand up toward his ear after hitting the home run, Bradley said, "You want a bunch of duds walking around with their shoulders slumped with no emotion and no feeling? I don't think the fans want that. I think they want a guy who feels it a little bit."'

Just curious about your claim that Bradley is not artificially enhanced.

I know nothing about PEDs, but . . . overmuscled, breakable--isn't that the profile?

right, no one was breakable before steroids. Everyone played 162 games.

nonetheless, I'm an innocent until proven guilty kind of guy. Let me know when you dig up a receipt or a positive test or he doubles his home run totals.

Haha... he either sucks or he's juicing. Dude can't win.

I just assume they all are doing it or did it, so it is an even playing field. That is why PED's don't really bother me much.

I saw the highlight at a bar with no sound and it was easy to see that moment as him hopefully turning the corner.

Dear Bradley, doing the same thing again tonight against Chris Young would buy you a lot of Wrigley Field popularity capital.

I can't believe Bradley is getting a hard time for the ear-point. If it's OK to boo him, it's certainly OK for him to say "suck it" after he does something good. (Actually I think both responses are bad choices, but MB's response is fair and predictable after being booed.)

And I like his quotes in the paper, too. Sure, fans have the "right" to boo, but it doesn't mean there aren't consequences to booing.

(By the way I love the "I paid for my ticket, I can boo if I wanna" argument that meathead fans rely on. Yes, you have the right to boo. Just like you have the right to cheat on your wife or hate minorities or be a dick to your neighbors -- none of those things are illegal, either. Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD do it.)

Don't mind me, I'm just going to change out of my clan robe know.

433, you used to be cool

Yes I am getting crabby in my old age, but don't change clothes on my account.

Not sure why the "I do it because it's my right and I wanna" logic bugs me so much. But it really does. It seems this is the best (only?) argument that the pro-booing crowd uses to justify their booage.

On second thought, maybe I should start using this logic more often in my own life; it could be fun. I could pee in my kitchen sink, wear Doritos as earrings, go Christmas caroling in July and make fun of my neighbors' kids clothes. And boo the home team.


YOU SUCK!!!!!!!

never argue logic with people who buy multiple $6-$8 beers.

Iowa Cubs going nuts today, 18-3. That 16-15 loss yesterday must have really ticked them off. Fox with 42 RBI; Chris Robinson still trying to hit .400.

Dempster cleared of no wrong-doing...Bradley decision made but not announced yet. Cubs and Bradley think he deserves no more than a fine.

Tentative lineup for tonight, assuming Bradley can play and no rain.

sori, riot, fuky, lee, milt, font (2b), soto, farney (3b), lilly.

Whatever days not given to Bradley should go to the umpire, because clearly reducing the punishment from 2-games to 0-games would be an admission that the umpire was wrong. I forget who said it earlier this year, but some of these umpires think the game is about them. It's irritating.

Told you Bradley hits the ball hard.

"Okay... I guess according to sports radio we're supposed to be offended and pissed off about Bradley pointing to his ear. That's news to me. Geez."

This is exactly what I hoped Bradley would do when he got hot - take all that guff and tell the fans to stick it where the sun don't shine. Larry Bowa always had the best reaction to fans that never got off his case at Wrigley - he got hits in crucial situations and then flipped them off as he neared the dugout. Fans have every right to boo, but the players have every right to go back at them just as hard. Both constituencies should learn to have thicker skins, and take the bad with the good.

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  • Boras is 63, maybe he'll be retired or dead by the time Bryant, Russell, Almora, Albertos all hit free agency. Doubt he will be before Jake hits there though.

    cubbies.4ever 1 day 34 min ago view
  • Interesting choices when guys get healthy.

    LaStella, Fowler & Soler replace Coghlan, Almora and Sczcur? I assume they don't want Almora to sit.

    Despite MIggy's demise, I assume they keep him around to mentor Contreras?

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  • I believe Willson now has more CS than MIggy. The kid has an arm. Also, Russell is amazingly good on those plays at 2nd.

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  • oh yeah...thanks joe/billy.

    poor outing, still got the win, go cubs.

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  • Although it felt like it, Jake didn't lose to them -- he got the W. (Assuming you are referring to Monday's game)

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  • Arrieta didn't lose to the Reds. He got the win -- he just didn't pitch like we expect him to.

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  • almora's 1st HR!

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  • it's not like this CIN team is lost-cause horrible, but aside from defense and power this is a truly horrible team.

    kinda crazy arrieta lost to them and yesterday's game had to go 15 innings for the cubs win.

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  • It looked like Hamilton got screened by Duvall and that Duvall just barely deflected the ball off of his glove--redirecting it slightly without taking away much of its momentum.

    At least it didn't turn into a Schwarber/Fowler situation. Hamilton and Duvall are both pretty important youngish players for the Reds.

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  • he walked off the field on his own. aside from a concussion watch and some attention to his leg/knee that buckled a bit under him, the biggest thing hurt was probably his pride after the ball knocked off his skull.

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  • After last night, an inside-the-park HR seems kind of run-of-the-mill somehow.

    Sounds bad for Hamilton. Hope he's okay--listening on the radio.

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  • SHOW ME THE MONEY: Jose Albertos has signed with Mega-Agent Scott Boras.

    Albertos has already received his signing bonus and won't see any additional significant money until he reaches the big leagues, so this is a long-term investment for the Boras Corporation.  

    Other Cubs represented by Boras include Jake Arrieta, Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, and Albert Almora Jr. 

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