2 Months of Mediocrity Looms

This last week was about as fun as mistaking Icy Hot for a tube of KY Jelly...painful and unsatisfying for all the parties involved.  Clearly my absence from TCR of late has greatly affected the morale of the Northsiders, so I'll suck it up and watch the game today. A loss would drop the Cubs back to .500 on the season, with just over a quarter of the season done.

Lou's desperation is showing batting Reed Johnson third versus a righty. If things get ugly again today, I recommend Derrek Lee taking a swing at Chris Young again just for good measure.

(Looks like a late lineup change, Hoff in, Johnson dropped to 5th)

Soriano LF Eckstein 2B
Theriot SS Hairston CF
Hoffpauir 1B A. Gonzalez 1B
Bradley RF Kouzmanoff 3B
Johnson CF Hundley C
Fontenot 2B Headley LF
Soto C D. Macias RF
Scales 3B Wilson SS
Lilly P Young P

Join the crew in Parachat today, let's stew in our misery together.


Lee "under the weather" according to Len and Bob.

I wouldn't be so frustrated with this PIECE OF SHIT offense if it seemed like they were taking a good approach to their at bats and just having bad luck.

But the fourth inning alone is a microcosm of why these Cubs absolutely SUCK right now:

Soriano swings at a pitch two feet outside.
Hoffpauir swings at a 3-0 pitch and pops it up.

The Cubs will continue to score 1-2 runs a game (if they're lucky) if that bullshit continues.

As a personal note to myself...I can no longer allow this crap to ruin my day.

Soriano has always swung at those pitches.

If Hoffpauir is swining at 3-0 pitches in the majors worst offensive ballpark with a team that can't buy a baserunner, that's on Lou.

This is 3/44 but...

Jason Schmidt on a rehab assignment vs the Isotopes was hit in the head by a pitch and had to be taken to a local hospital.

K-Rod left game yesterday in severe pain from back spasms, probably will go to the dl

The Cubs offense, recently missing in action, was found on a southern california highway DOA as roadkill

Our lineup today features an entire infield 2-6 of former Cubs farmhands all of whom were never expected to amount to anything, a center fielder who was dfa'ed by his previous employer, a mental case in RF, and an aging spoiled superstar in left.

What's not to love?

FUCK you Heilman!!!

This is disgusting...


I have one word for Hendry: SELL