Mother Nature is Even Tired of Cubs Losing

The Cubs end their eight game losing streak with a 6-1 rain-shortened victory over the Pie-rats.

Why the Cubs Won: The offense continued where it left off yesterday with a six-run outburst in just five innings of play. Fukudome started the fun with a home run in the first, his first home run in May after four in April in what should be his only other start this homestand besides Friday against Chad Billingsley as south-paws are scheduled to face the Cubs the rest of the month. Sean Marshall then came through in the second with a single to score the Cubs second run and and a Hoffpauir double to deep right netted the Cubs third run in the first three innings. They tacked on three rather meaningless runs in the bottom of the fifth and then the clouds opened up to ensure the win and end this rather dreadful losing streak.

Marshall on the mound was effective as well, including a few defensive gems to help himself out. He finished with the easy 5 inning pitched complete game with 6 K's and just one run allowed.

Fun Stat: 5.14 Runs per game at home for the Cubs, 4.04 on the road.

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I figured there was no way they'd get an official game out of it.

I would bet that Fukudome does get another start. Even Pinhead should know that when your team can't score runs you don't bench a guy with a .440 OBP... shouldn't he?

In Lou's defense, it is hard to get that vision of FU screwing himself into the ground out of one's head. I still am playing wait and see with our young, determined Japanese friend.

fuku's avg and ob% was better vs. lefties last year and he barely gets to face them so far this year...go figure.

his power definitely seems to suffer, though, so he doesn't have his complete batting game vs. lefties.

also, cotts is still not a loogie.

it's really just his batting average, 25 pts higher last year versus lefties, his OBP just followed it, his walk rate actually falling off slightly, as his OBP is just 16 pts higher versus lefties.

Don't feel like doing the research, but it seemed like he was being sit pretty regularly down the stretch versus all lefties while he was in his death spiral, probably saved his numbers a bit. I do know he takes some pretty ugly swings on a decent slider by a lefty.

Reed certainly has no problems with lefties, so it doesn't bother me at all. I assume Fukudome may rest Bradley for a game though during this 5-game stretch against four lefties.

if the flu going around can be confined to the infield, kosuke will only start vs rh. if the flu makes the leap to the outfield, all bets are off. yet another reason to keep soriano away from 2b.

Does the TL Supercomputer lie too?
Davidson said Lilly lied to the media afterward when discussing the incident.

Davidson said out of 215 pitches Monday, he was told he'd missed 10.

"Eight of them were pitches I called strikes that shouldn't have been," he said. "The other two, one went against Pittsburgh and one went against Chicago. My concentration was excellent."

OK ... how did the 8 pitches you called strikes break down by team?

One of TCR's great traditions is debating pitch counts and pitch limits. I just read a very good article about team president of the Rangers Nolan Ryan...

“I haven’t been pleased with the direction baseball’s taken pitching over the last 15 or 20 years, and I felt like we needed to regain some of what we had lost,” Ryan said. “I felt like we had a lot of pitchers that have been on pitch limits ever since Little League, and we don’t know what their genetic potential is as far as the number of pitches and workload they can handle.”

It is a very fair point that has been argued back and forth amongst us and why pitchers of today can't do what pitchers of the past did.

Ryan brought in Mike Maddux who i thought was brilliant in his time in Milwaukee...

Last winter, Ryan hired Mike Maddux from the Milwaukee Brewers to be the pitching coach for Manager Ron Washington. Maddux had coached for Ryan’s minor league team in Round Rock, Tex., and shares his distaste for strict pitch counts.

“Guys that train for a mile ain’t running more than a mile,” Maddux said. “That’s kind of my take on it. Go out there and go as long as you can, and the hitters will let you know when you’ve had enough.

Read what Ryan did with 20 of the organizations best pitching prospects to toughen them up. Is it working?

Their starters rank first in the majors in complete games, and their bullpen ranks last in the majors in innings pitched.

I certainly like the concept.

Yay!! We won. Yay!!

Bruce Miles says Fox is going to be recalled today, Miles will go on the DL and Cotts might be going....somewhere.

ESPN also confirming that Fox is being called up with the ambiguous corresponding roster move later today.

Cotts 15-day DL [foot in ass]
Miles 15-day DL [foot in ass]

"Cotts 15-day DL [foot in ass]"

Foot? Not head?

Once doctors remove the foot, who knows what they'll find?

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