The Uncomfortable Reunion

(Hallway somewhere in Wrigley Field, two players emerge from the visiting team's clubhouse dressed to the nines in their gray road uniforms)

KW: Man, I sure miss this place...this city.

MD: Well, when you move to Cleveland, there's a good chance you'd miss living in Kazakhstan.

(They share a laugh as a portly gentleman comes towards them, head down, cell phone glued to ear)

JH: Yes, Andy...I'll be sure to pick up the dry cleaning, and pick-up dinner...glad you're flying in this weekend. How's Rich and Felix doing? They ever ask about me?

(Lost in conversation, the two parties bump into each other)
JH: Oh sorry, excuse me...

(He looks up, his heart stopping for a moment, he puts the phone away before finishing his conversation on the other line)

JH: I got to go Andy...

KW: Oh hey...

JH: Hey, didn't expect to see you...figured you'd be busy visiting old friends and family and stuff.

MD: Um yeah, got the game today and all (gesturing towards the field).

JH: Right, how are things going? I haven't been really able to keep guys look great.

KW: Oh thanks...(forcing a compliment) you too.

JH: So are they treating you good in Cleveland?

MD: Sure, not the season we expected, but they've been good to us.

JH: Yeah, not the season we expected either, I can relate. 

(they share an uncomfortable can see KW and MD itching to say more but they uncomfortable silence fills the air...JH finally fakes like his cell phone is vibrating)

JH: Oh look at there, got a call, I got to take this...

KW: Oh, alright...well it was great to see you.

JH: You guys was really great to see you..

(they slowly walk away in opposite directions, KW and MD towards the field, JH sulks to inner bowels of he reaches the end of the corridor he looks back, hoping they look back to, trying to muster the courage to say something...a small tear wells up in his eye)

JH: (under his breath) I miss you guys...

KW & MD:  (walking onto the field, the buzz of the stadium making it too loud to hear JH) Jack-ass!




Listening to the Comcast interview with DeRosa just pisses me off all over again.

When the trade was made I was willing to give Hendry the benefit of the the doubt-- though I hated to see him go. Now as things have turned out as of yet.... What a stupid move. Maybe those arms the Cubs got in the deal will pay off? Who knows. All I know is DeRosa's production and clubhouse presence would make a huge impact on this sad sack team.

it's clearly making a huge impact on the Indians (checks standings)

You are oversimplifying. I don't think Cleveland's problem is Mark Derosa.

not having Mark DeRosa isn't the Cubs only problem either...

obviously the way he's starting hitting would have helped fill some of the void left by Aramis, but that leaves 6 other guys not hitting on the team.

and no, I don't care to hear about any B.S. about team chemistry...

Then you must think DeRo is stupid because he says it is important and he never played on a team with better team chemistry than the '08 Cubs.

when you win, team chemistry is great, when you lose, it's
not...occassionally there are exceptions, but you don't plan a ballclub
around it. 

Guess the Indian that said this...

You know what? Chemistry -- it's like the chicken or the egg? Which one
comes first -- winning or chemistry? I think you have chemistry when
you start winning. Some people say you don't win until you have
chemistry, so, I don't think we'll ever know the answer to that. But,
we've got a good group of guys here [in Cleveland], we had a great
group last year [in Chicago] -- I had a great time. I'm here in
Cleveland, we've got our own set of problems we're worrying about.

let's ask Phil Jackson what he thinks

Exactly. What was I thinking? He's plays for the Indians and the Indians are bad. Clearly there wouldn't be an impact, huge or otherwise, if he were a Cub. The more I think about it, the more I realize the Cubs would be worse off with him.

I'd like to be on the Wrigley grounds crew. What a job.

I imagine people asking, "Where do you work?". Wrigley. Wrigley Field. I don't think I'd ever get sick of it. My family would have to go on food stamps, but sacrifices have to be made sometimes.

They have that Groundskeeper for a Day contest. For my part, I couldn't imagine wanting to enter a contest where I had to go do somebody's job for a day. Especially at a Cubs game where I'd rather be watching the game. But it sounds like there are folks out there who would be interested. Might be right up your alley.

No way bro... just to say you did it, it would totally be worth it.

When do the expect the game to start?

supposedly 2:30pm CST...

make it 2:45 according to Muskat...

Nice work Rob G. If your blogging ever fails you can write Rene Zellweger films.

does she still make films?

Films in the loose sense of the word, yes, unfortunately.

Hope that's a typo... scoreboard says Indians have 4 hits and 6 runs in the 3rd inning.

Not a typo. *sigh*

6 runs... geesh, that's like a week's work for the Cubs lineup.

Cubs look like they don't belong on the same field as the Tribe -- and Cleveland is 10 games under .500.

Big Mo!

DeRosa was asked the same "what do you miss most?" question and, like Wood, he didn't hesitate.

"Being a Cub," he said. "You can't take it for granted. This is a special place."

sob, sob...shut-up I'm cutting onions.

Any suggestions for a team I can adopt for the rest of the summer?

I'll still root for the Cubs, but I'd like to have some fun following baseball too.

well you can't root for any NL teams....

I think your best options are Angels trying to put things together after the Adenhart tragedy and rooting for Joe Mauer to hit .400. Not a lot of great underdog stories so far this year.

his control is sketchy (hey, welcome to the Cubs), but nice movement on his fastball and a nice breaking pitch.

didn't beat it out, but was going full out on a grounder up the middle.

Maybe time to try him in CF here and there and get Fox(0 for 3 vs. the lefty today) and Hoffpauir(not like he's hitting either) in there on occasion.

Fox hasn't killed anyone behind the 1st base dugout today there's some good news. I only saw one chance myself.

great scene, rob...only change I'd make would be KW & MD farting in unison w/ lifted legs instead of saying "jack-ass..."

alternate ending on the DVD

Don't look now but that crazy Milton Bradley guy will be batting, .250 in no time!

I was a trade-hater from day one, yo. I don't even hate Bradley, or anything; the moment Aaron Miles was signed my blood began to boil.

that was fun....

for the second day in a row:


groundhog day ... almost

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    ST. LOUIS – Whether it’s a year early or right on time, Jon Lester’s $155 million moment arrives just after 5:45 p.m. Friday.

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  • Who are you? Andy Rooney?

  • K-DUB: I get a chance to see the other MLB clubs Player Development operations out here and I have talked to scouts and other baseball people about it, and I can tell you that the Cubs Player Development program has gone from being almost a joke to one of THE best. 

  • how did ej martinez go from asking for $10m, to supposedly mulling over $7m offers, to eventually signing for $3m?

    ...and what happened with him and the giants a few days ago?

  • Its not official until AZ Phil adds him to the Cubs Depth Chart!

  • Just freakin love it!

  • From Keith Law:

  • This from a Kiley McDaniel chat a couple weeks ago...

    "Comment From Wrenzie
    Who has more ceiling between Yusniel Diaz or Eddy Julio Martinez?

    Kiley McDaniel: Martinez. I have Eddy (20 years old) as a 65 runner with a 55 arm and 50 raw power that profiles as an everyday CF that could be above average depending on if the bat is a 45 or a 55. I have Yusniel (19) as a 60 runner with a 55 arm and 40 raw power that can be an everyday guy if he hits enough (50 or 55)."

  • "Per Jesse Sanchez at, Cubs reportedly have signed 20-year old Cuban OF Eddy Julio Martinez for $3M bonus.
    Arizona Phil 7 hours 23 min ago"

  • it's day old news, and it's got nothing to do with the cubs, but ichiro signed a $2m deal with MIA (with a $2m option for 2017).

    neat. 41 years old and damn close to 3000 hits.

    also, rain delays suck.

  • take that giants

  • I think that if a team objects to the 1-game wildcard playin game so much, they could just win the pennant and avoid themselves the trouble.

  • Per Jesse Sanchez at, Cubs reportedly have signed 20-year old Cuban OF Eddy Julio Martinez for $3M bonus. 

  • BLOCK: Of course any advantage is an advantage. An MLB, NBA, or NHL team getting the extra game at home in a seven game series is an advantage, I just don't think it is enough of an advantage for winning a division and/or having the best record in a conference or league over the course of an 82-game season (NBA and NHL) or 162 game series (MLB).