The Gregg Game

I watched just two innings of last night's affair, tuning in as Micah Hoffpauir gave the Cubs the lead and turning it off right before Ryan Raburn's ball landed. The saying goes something like "a picture is worth a thousand words"...well here's my word quota for the night.


Not the way to be celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Sandberg Game.


in honor of the guy who ruined my night:

Kevin Gregg is so bad (how bad is he?) He so bad that whenever he pitches his blows a ___blank____

I believe "Chad" is the answer we're looking for.

I've had enough of that goggle-eyed sonofagregg. His curve looked like a beach ball and he kept going back to it until Rayburn jumped on it like a crow on a flattened squirrel.

scalpel don't fail me now...

I had just settled in for my Sandberg Game Day Turkey and the kids had just finished opening presents then Gregg came along and ruined it for all of us.

Happy Sandberg Game Day indeed.

When you acquire the league leader in blown saves, he's going to.....blow some saves.

When you acquire a RF with a history of injuries and stupidity, he.....well, he throws the ball into the stands with 2 outs. The fact that no runs scored on the play doesn't make the mental lapse any less idiotic.

This year, Gregg even blew a 4-run lead -- while getting zero outs -- which is so bad the inventors of the Blown Save stat didn't consider it possible, and thus didn't include blowing a 4-run lead in the Blown Save category.

Gregg is a good proxy for this team -- goes along pretty well for while, you think they could get on a roll, then....bam!

I don't think Gregg is the greatest closer, but he has been good lately. And it's not like Wood has been any better. He struggled to finally get his ninth save last night.

Obviously, the pitching is not the primary reason why the team has struggled this year. To me, the biggest difference was evident in the first inning last night. Bases loaded, nobody out. Last year, Cubs get 3-4 runs in the inning; this year, they get one. With every game this year being low scoring and close, blown saves are bound to happen, no matter who you have in there.


I wonder what the Tiger fans are saying about Zumaya. Would have been nice had we pushed across an insurance run in the 9th. 1 run saves may not be in Gregg's Idiot's Guide to Closing.

Luckily there will be another baseball game this evening.

Harry: "I know what you're thinking punk. You're thinking does Gregg suck as bad as we all think he does and he is just lucky. And to tell you the truth I forgot myself in all this excitement. But being this is the Cubs, the most ridiculous baseball team in the world and will blow your head clean off with their excrement, you've got to ask yourself a question. Do I feel lucky? Well do you, punk?"

How about that Andres Blanco, though? Great defense and though he's not going to be super productive at the plate, he at least makes opposing pitchers work. I'll take it.

And that slow chop 6-4-3 double play started by Theriot was awesome.

The home run by Hoffpauir was awesome. It was truly an exciting game and good to see a big hit in the eighth inning.

Blowing saves blows though. Really the biggest problem I had with Gregg's outing was walking the leadoff guy. Why give them the runner? Oh I know he didn't do it on purpose, but you can at least drop one down the middle. If HE hits a homer (which he wasn't going to do) it's only the tying run.

Except for the Cubs losing it was a pretty good game to watch.

Wasn't that an 8 or 9 pitch walk to the leadoff hitter? Seemed like a pretty good at bat.

The things that pissed me off was the ensuing gopher ball, the meatball that Zambrano threw to Inge and (why is Inge OK with Firefox, but not Zambrano?) and the pitch right before the Polanco triple that the umpire didn't call for a strike. I am sure it was just my fandom, but I could have swore Zambrano got squeezed about 5 times that Jackson didn't.

Gregg reminds me of a scared high schooler in the first game of his freshman year. He glances around as if he is looking for his mom in the stands to give him that, 'It's OK honey - you can do it' smile. Then he throws (seemingly underhanded) to see how far the guy can hit it. This is turning out to be a crap season. No, we are not that far out of the hunt but shit fellas, do you ever feel secure with the way things are now? It's like looking in the refrigerator hoping that you will find something good to eat when you know that you still have only the same crusty ketchup bottle, half a jar of pickles and milk that will expire by tomorrow. Time to get some fucking groceries!

you still have only the same crusty ketchup bottle
Rob seems to have found a good use to that Krusty Ketchup...pouring it over his Gregg pics. Is there a ketchup filter for photoshop?

The fact is, Gregg is not a closer. He's got middle reliever stuff and doesn't seem to have any kind of closer mentality. Just because he was the closer for the Marlins doesn't mean he gets to be a closer for the rest of his career. But, if keeping him in the closer role is our only shot at getting a draft pick out of him then so be it.

If we're really honest with ourselves, this season isn't going anywhere. If Hendry can position the team at all for next season, I wouldn't be opposed to it. Trade Harden at the deadline, hopefully get a draft pick for Gregg, try like hell to shed any unnecessary salaries (Miles, Freel, Heilman), make 100% sure Aramis gets back to full strength, and hope the ownership situation gets resolved so we can find any kind of offense via FA.

If I'm not mistaken, the oft-coveted Brian Roberts will be a FA this year. Since 2B is about the only position we could potentially upgrade, he seems like a pretty likely target.

Roberts signed an extention with Baltimore.

The best Free Agent 2nd baseman is probably........ Mark DeRosa

Fuck. Why would they do that? In what universe is Baltimore going to seriously contend for anything unless they pull a Tampa Bay and stock up on draft picks for 10 years?

Maintaining fan loyalty.

and Paul DePodesta's laptop...draw your own conclusions.

more excerpts

this script though was before the latest revisions that got the film cancelled.

They pulled the plug on Moneyball, ROB G?

Who was it optioned to?

it's pretty much dead...the director Soderbergh made some script changes and the studio (Sony) didn't like them. Some rumors are that Brad Pitt didn't like the script changes and Sony is covering for him, but who knows...

It was about 4 days from shooting, they put it in turnaround, meaning other studios could basically buy it from Sony and make their own film but they all passed. Now either Soderbergh gives in, they find a new director or it dies and it doesn't sound they're all too interested in pushing forward to it.

Nice rolling slider, fuckhead! Did you hear him say that the pitch slipped out of his hand?? It's only the game, so make sure of your grip next time, juicebag!! Wow is he ridiculous! The way Marmol was pitching last night, I would have let him start the 9th and possibly get a 2-inning save... Go with the hot hand!

My oh my do we suck at hitting with runners in scoring position! We had 11 baserunners against Vazquez in less than 7 innings, scored no runs, and went 0-6 with RISP. Last night we were 0-8 with RISP. It's like a broken record... we aren't getting nearly enough guys on base, and when we do get them into scoring position, we aren't getting them in.

Aren't we due to blow somebody out real soon???

On another note, personally, I think it was dumb to sit Soriano and Bradley on Monday when you follow up with interleague games in AL parks, which you can use to rest guys. We had a nice 4-game winning streak going and were starting to build momentum, and I say keep putting your big guns out there until you lose...

With how horrific we have played, I can't comprehend that we are only 3.5 games out of first. This division is ripe for the picking but we're too disjointed to take advantage.

I don't have the time to watch games night in and night out like I used to with the new baby here, but I'm getting to the point where I couldn't bear to watch even if I did have time. I guess I'm towards the end of the pissed off phase and moving towards apathy/being resigned that we are good as we are going to be this season.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I don't feel any better, but at least I won't explode now!!

4 IP, 4 K, 0 BB yesterday for Daytona...

Starlin Castro is on fire, 5 game hitting streak, 3 hits his last 2 games and 4/4 with 4 RBI and an inside the park home run in the FSL All-Star game over the weekend.

Did you happen to catch the error count on Castro when you looked at the boxscore 8 (

I just peruse the First Inning recap from the right sidebar, so in this case no. Sometimes they mention errors in the notes...sometimes they don't.

He's 19 and holding his own with the bat in the FSL after jumping from the Arizona Rookie League, that's pretty neat.  24 errors on the year so far not so neat. Wish they'd break it down between fielding and throwing errors, but oh well....

Yeah, I just noticed that today as well. Lots of errors and he's not showing the power potential to move to second or third, but 19 in a 22 year old league and not striking out all the time certainly shows promise.

A lot more errors than Furcal or Rollins had at the same level at approximately the same age. Maybe some of it is on the 1st basemen!

Didn't Jeter have close to 50 errors in A ball one season?

Maybe that should have been a sign that he would continue to suck defensively at SS?

A guy Jeter's size who still fields SS passably at 35 is good enough for me. Jeter is surely no worse than Theriot.

Not really sure that you want to use Theriot as an example of anything defensively.

Jeter is a very bad defensive SS. As in, one of, if not THE, worst defensive SS in baseball.

Theriot's been pretty good this year in my opinion, and about average with BP's measurement.

Jeter had 56 errors in low A at age 19, and is 104 runs below average for his career. He hit about the same as Castro that year too (.295 .376 .394). Castro's playing in a pitcher's league though. I imagine based on the hype here that his defensive chops are supposed to be superior to Jeter's.

Chicago Cubs
Signed: RHP Jesse Ginley (NDFA—St. Petersburg (Fla.) JC), RHP Joe Simokaitis, LHP Daley Cox (NDFA—Santa Fe (N.M.) JC)
Draft picks signed: RHP Tim Clubb (29), RHP B.J. Dail (17), RHP Steve Grife (26), RHP Danny Keefe (14), RHP Corey Martin (27), RHP Jake Schmidt (41), RHP Robert Whitenack (8), LHP John Mincone (11), C Matt Williams (18), 1B Justin Bour (25), 1B Greg Rohan (21), 2B D.J. Fitzgerald (22), 3B Charles Thomas (10), OF Jeff Pruitt (23), OF Cody Shields (15)
Released: RHP Cedric Redmond, RHP Steve Vento
Recalled: 1B Jake Fox
Reinstated from DL: RHP Justin Bristow, RHP Jay Jackson, C Mark Johnson

If that's the same Simokaitis, he was a SS drafted in 2005 in the 10th round by the Cubs out of Nebraska. Even played in the AFL for the Cubs.

Here's hoping he gets a shot to develop as a pitcher. IIRC, the off-field stuff was good. The college batting report wasn't that bat, from what I recall, but he never adjusted to wood.

RHP Jake Schmidt received well over slot $344,000 bonus to sign with Cubs.

hit streak up to 20 games, on-base streak up to 30.

Zimmerman had a 30 game hit streak, 43 on-base earlier this year.

Hard to believe he was hitting .194 on May 13th! WOW!

Almost as hard to believe is that Soriano was hitting .280 on May 17th!!

By the time Aram gets back from injury, maybe Soriano, Bradley, Fukudome and Soto will be on a roll again, and it will be like picking up 5 All-Stars at the trade deadline!!

Yeah, right...

Did you hear him say that the pitch slipped out of his hand??
His hand was sore from all the clapping he did last weekend for DeRosa and Wood.

Speaking of the 25th Anniversary of the Sandberg game, here is a link to the highlights...

I know I enjoy watching this over and over again! Can you believe that closers like Sutter pitched 3 innings back in the day? What a novel concept!

Submitted by Rob G. on Wed, 06/24/2009 - 11:42am.
If that's the same Simokaitis, he was a SS drafted in 2005 in the 10th round by the Cubs out of Nebraska. Even played in the AFL for the Cubs.


ROB G: It's the same Joe Simokaitis.

The Cubs traded Simokaitis to Seattle last year after they gave up on him ever developing as a hitter, and the Mariners thought so much of him that they immediately demoted him to the California League (Hi-A), before releasing him at the end of Spring Training 2009.

BTW, the now 26-year old Simokaitis (who had a rifle-arm at shortstop) had a 1-2-3 inning with two strikeouts in his first game last night for the AZL Cubs.

The Cubs actually knew a little bit about Simokaitis as a pitcher, because he was occasionally used as the "garbage" pitcher in blow-outs when he was a Cubs minor leaguer.

Why draft & sign pitchers when you can just sign position players who can't hit and turn them into pitchers? Waste not, want not...

Wow, what a tasteless image.

Looks like it tastes like strawberry jam.

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  • Don't know if Cubs will recover from "spanking" Gordo

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  • Thank goodness for Jansen's 2 WP on Friday -- otherwise this would have been a sweep.

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  • Rough 8th inning all around -- HBP, Cahill error, Javy's poor decision.

    Oh well - given that the Cubs didn't look like they were going to score, it's better to lose in 9 innings, save the bullpen and get changed for the PJ trip home.

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  • Baez still learning

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  • heyward with his 3rd multi-hit game since the all-star break (all in august)...2nd in the past 3 games during his 7 game hitting streak.

    he's gone from flirting with a sub-.300 ob% to nearing .310 ob% in 3 games (1 game was just a 1 for 1 pinch hit appearance). all 5 hits in the past 3 games have come in a row...neat.

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