Ryan Dempster Breaks Big Toe; Hart Returns

Ryan Dempster heads to the disabled list with a broken toe on his right foot and Carlos Zambrano will get the start tonight on three days rest. To fill the roster spot, Kevin Hart has been recalled from Iowa, just a day after being demoted, and will start tomorrow versus the Braves. This should set up the four game series versus the Cardinals to be Harden, Lilly, Wells and Zambrano for the Cubs and then the All-Star break. 

For those planning their second Mark DeRosa returns parties, he's gone on the disabled list as well and will miss this weekend's series. Get your deposit back on the balloons and catering....

UPDATE: Dave Kaplan is "hearing" that the injury is non-baseball related and could be anywhere from a 3-6 week stint. Paging Doc Halladay...

UPDATE #2: From the twitterverse, Demp says the injury happened jumping over the railing celebrating Sunday's win. Earlier photos show Kevin Hart tying Dempster's shoelaces together...

Dempster thinks he'll miss about 3 starts, Lou and the training staff may disagree.


Kaplan says on his blog that Dempster will be out 4-6 weeks, it's a non-baseball related injury. Hope it's not Thom Brenneman non-baseball related.

i better not be something stupid. i mean if he was carrying groceries up some stairs and tripped fine. but if he was out drinking and decided to kick a pinball machine or some shit, imma gonna have a fit.

it would be smoking weed and tripped going for his bong...

did he kick the gatorade machine?

I wish I could laugh at this, but this significantly weakens the team within the Division.

With Harden a 50% efficient pitcher (meaning he performs one out of every two starts), it means that the rotation is now Z, Lilly, Wells, and this Harden guy - or whoever inhabited his body.

So, three serviceable starters, none of whom have "Ace" material in the top 10 of the N.L.

Again, this is really, really bad.

BTW, ROB G, "...tomorrow night's game..."

Small correction: Its a 1:20 game on Wednesday.


Non dislocated fracture-paging Cubster.

Hurt it jumping over rail after last victory he won.

According to WSCR

Great. Mike Harkey blew out his knee jumping off a dugout step, or something similar. Was never the same, after.

What the fuck, Dempster?!

Dizzy Dean hurt his toe in an All-Star game, came back too soon, altered his delivery and ruined his arm. THEN he pitched for the Cubs.

That would make it at least partially baseball-related.

"partially baseball-retarded"


Dempster thinks 2 weeks, Lou said trainer said atleast 4.

Z limited to 89 pitches tonite, pitching again Sunday.

this is so stupid. i get the low pc tonight, short rest and all but sunday is followed by the all start break.


Hart has been impressive as a starter at Iowa.

52.1 innings, 39 hits, 20 walks, 57 strikeouts, 1.13 WHIP.

Ascanio has been a starter this season also, with interesting results.

33.2 innings, 22 hits, 13 walks, 36 strikeouts, 1.04 WHIP.

Then there's Samardzija, and Atkins with his 81 strikeouts.

So opportunity knocks for someone.

(The one guy we can't seem to get on the DL is Bradley.)

The rumored Pedro Martinez signing is starting to feel more and more possible...

"Hart has been impressive as a starter at Iowa.

52.1 innings, 39 hits, 20 walks, 57 strikeouts, 1.13 WHIP."


However, this is Iowa.

He has had success at Iowa, pretty much, since he came from Baltimore.

However, when he steps on the rubber in a MLB uniform, he becomes transformed and forgets what he did in AAA that was successful.

That has been his MO since with the Cubs, and the reason he always gets demoted after short stints with the team. Personally, I am not holding my breath for him as a starter here. I hope he proves me very wrong.

He, unlike the rest of the Cubs, pitched decently Saturday. Hopefully starting he'll put less pressure on himself to K everyone and will stay in the strike zone.

We can only hope, TRN.

We all know of many Cub examples of AAA superstars that, for whatever reasons, could not transfer it to the Show.

Randy Wells started 45 games at Iowa. Until this year, his lowest WHIP was 1.357.

Hart and Ascanio may look like different pitchers when they start. For one thing, starters have to rely on their fastballs more. Think Dempster.

We still have MARSHALL.

Good, he can spend some time with his family.

Baseless rumor:

Jake Fox for George Sherrill.

Oh man, that would be great and it's not a completely whacked out idea.

I assume I'm one of the few here who couldn't care much less about whether we have another bullpen lefty. But how many wins difference does even an effective bullpen lefty make? I guess Fox doesn't have that big an impact coming off of the bench either, but he's cheap, he has upside, and he could step in full-time if there is an injury to Lee, Soriano, Bradley, or perhaps Aramis. Sherill ain't going to mix into the rotation.

If anyone can make a strong argument about the effect of a lefty reliever--with stats in addition to the theories we hear regularly--I would honestly like to see it. Surely THT or some other blog or sabermetrician has conducted this sort of study?

Speaking of lefties, I knew Papelbon was promoted to Iowa recently, but I just noticed the reason: Gaub on the DL (elbow).

Fuku, Theriot, Lee, Hoff, Ramirez, Soriano, Fontenot, Hill, Z

Sgt Hulka...he's like our big toe.

I listened to Dempster explain his injury to the media, hooking his foot on the chain link fence by the dugout then falling. DLee saw him do this and laughed because it was so stoopid.

Then all the media went out to the dugout ala CSI and Paul Sullivan reinacted this based on Dempsters description and almost killed himself...so the media believes Demps story is plausible.

Dempster he said he thought the nail was torn and the trainers would numb it up for tonites outting... but they got an xray before treatment...which showed the fracture.

Didnt Sosa have an infected toenail in 2004? I'll have to check but I think he was out 3 weeks.

Heading to the game right now, so I'll try to do a writeup later. E-Man, please chill out...methinks this is not that big of a deal in that Dempster will want to get back quickly since his alternative is round the clock diaper changes.

"Dempster will want to get back quickly since his alternative is round the clock diaper changes."

LOL, let's hope so.

It would be amazing if KEvin HArt pitches 6.5 innings of 2-run ball.

Maybe he'll be the beneficiary of the "we've never seen this pitcher before", scenario?

Let's forget the actual reality of whether this is possible or not but IF:

The Blue Jays would take a package that included Vitters and a pitcher or two, do you pull the trigger?

If you're talking Halladay, um yeah. They can have just about anyone for him.

Olney says the Jays want "five or six players" one of which is an ace quality starter who will be under club control for six years, and the top two guys in any system. That's obviously not going to happen - unless 4 of those guys are marginal prospects. Yes, he's under club control for 1/2 a year or 3/4 of a year more than Santanna and Sabathia were, but in today's market conditions prospects are more valuable than they were 13 or 19 months ago.

Edit. Joel Sherman agrees with me. http://blogs.nypost.com/sports/st/archives/2009/07...

Barring the weird, I think I'll be recapping. At the least, I'll be in parachat.

Tell your friends.

so since you are barring the weird, does that mean i am not invited?

My unofficial over/under on Demp's return:

8/3 @ Cincy

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