Trade Deadline Open Thread

I had a more thorough analysis of the trade partially written up, but then my dog ate it. C'est la vie.

And unfortunately I won't be around my computer much today, so feel free to continue the discussion here and any other deadline deals.

Otherwise, the Cubs march into Florida, a place that hasn't been too kind to them over the last few seasons. They beat them 2 of 3 last year, but in 2006 and 2007, were swept out of LandShark Stadium or whatever they're calling it these days. Rich Harden vs. Christ Volstad tonight, Zambrano pitches for the Cubs Saturday, but I don't see a starter listed for the Marlins anywhere. Sunday brings old friend Ricky Nolasco versus Ryan Dempster.


Washburn goes to the tigers for a couple pitching prospects. and

I had a more thorough analysis of the trade partially written up, but then my dog ate it...
we'll eagerly await your analytical report when you get it back. Don't forget to use a pooper-scooper.

Does anyone else think of Gabbo when you see the name Grabow?

I need a life.

He'll tell us what to do!

Grabow ? I got to say pipes.Not to say he has any singing ability that I know of. He just needs to be good more often than bad for us. I still preferred Sherrill but out of reach money and talent wise IMO.

Rosenthal, among other rumors, says that the Marlins are trying to get Nick Johnson in time for their weekend series with the Cubs.

Stupid Marlins, don't they know we got Grabow? Oh wait, he's not a LOOGY.

Just for the series against the Cubs, or will Johnson remain on the team past this weekend?

Probably depends on how they do and if he makes it through waivers.

So who will leadoff again left-handed pitching? Jeff Baker? I hope it's not Soriano--he really seems to have settled in batting sixth.

How about Milton Bradley? I don't actually expect it to happen, but his OBP this year against LHP is .402. I would love to have Bradley hitting before Lee, ARam, and Soriano.


Ryan Theriot and his .398 OBP against lefties waves 'hi'.

I think Lou said Theriot would leadoff against lefties, although possibly Fukudome. That being said, I think I read that the Cubs won't face a lefty starter for a couple of weeks.

Lou needs to realize Bradley has little power right now and his ridiculous obp would be best served at the top of the order. It also might help Bradley relax and not think about hitting for power, which might help in a reverse psychology sort of way.

Cubs fans need to realize that Bradley has hit .289 .417.447 since the ASB.

He's also hit .333.462.533 since his predicted last game of the season by E-Man.

Cubs fans need to realize its July 31st and a RFer posting a .250 average with 8 HR's and 26 RBI at the tread deadline is pathetic.

I am also glad to hear people still waiting for Milton Bradleys power to show up. Please point me to all his 30-40 HR seasons as proof of his power hitting ability. Please show me all of his 100 RBI seasons as proof of his ability to knock in runs. Hell i will make it easy, you can include all of his 80+ RBI seasons as proof of his run production ability.

His power hovers somewhere between Mark Grace and Alex Gonzalez (the Cub one). Yeah they can get in double digits but your pushing it if you expect 20 HR. His run production ability is somehere between Neifi Perez and Jaque Jones.

Bradley is still on pace for a 50 RBI season or less. Its taken him 4 months to get 26 RBI. 2 months of the season are left...can he get 24 more? He is going to be pushing it to do that and people are happy with him still? You deserve to lose your job if your that bad over the course of the season. His ass was paid to sit in the middle of our lineup and knock in runs, not to hit like a back up middle infielder.

For as bad as Mike Fontenot has been at the plate he still has managed a .230 average, 8 HR, and 32 RBI. And yet Fontenot is the king of suck at 2nd base and Bradley is still worshipped for doing worse.

I can point you to the 2004 year when the Cubs hit plenty of HR's but were in the middle of the pack when it comes to offense, or I can point you to 2008 when the Cubs lead the league in OBP and not coincidentally lead the league in runs scored.

Tool down.

Rob, your dog ate your computer? Must've been one of the 10" Acer's with XP running...

Here's hoping the Dodgers don't get Halladay, which now doesn't look likely - I think he would have been this years C.C - come over to the NL and just dominate for a while. Heck he's dominating the AL now.

It's too bad the Cubs are payroll constrained otherwise he would have been a nice piece to mortgage the future for a run this year and next. I'll bet a Vitters, Cashner, Wells, Samardzija type package would have gotten it done and Roy would be more dominate than Peavy IMHO.

I don't want Halladay in the NL with a potential playoff opponent. That gives me bad dreams.

I think the Cubs are stuck with Samardzija, he has a no trade clause and I think his agent has made it clear he will not accept any trade. The bigger problem is he sucks. Why he's on the big league roster is a mystery. Another bad contract move by Hendry, couldn't he have gotten him to sign that giant contract without giving him a no trade clause?

"couldn't he have gotten him to sign that giant contract without giving him a no trade clause?"


Then Hendry shouldn't have signed him. The contract was ridiculous given his lack of baseball experience and draft position. Then they rush him to the majors and can't make up their minds if he's a starter or reliever.

I am going to go way out on a limb here and speculate that his draft position had more to do with him being an All American football player than it did where the average MLB team thought his talent deserved to be drafted.

Thanks in great part to former Notre Dame coach Paul Mainieri who after singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame the other day went on to say that Aaron Heilman was "the greatest college pitcher" he's ever seen.

Two of Mainieri's closest friends are Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry and Assistant General Manager Randy Bush, and two of Mainieri's former players at Notre Dame - Aaron Heilman and Jeff Samardzija - are members of the Cubs pitching staff

Lets see if this fixes it.

Brewers get RHP Claudio Vargas from Dodgers for minor league catcher Vinny Rotino.

Not that as Cubs fans we really care, but some White Sox haters might. Twins finally get Cabrera from the A's. again via mlbtraderumors.

Navigator's post seems to have corrupted the board - literally.

Cool, now the Cubs should go get Punto.

Punto ? This must be the joke about the Mexican football player who couldn't El Passo or El Runno so he had to El Punto. Nick Punto makes someone like Neifi Perez look lethal.

Any Cubs rumors coming out of Chicago or are we done?

I haven't read anything involving the Cubs today. Perhaps they deal for a backup OF under the radar.

It's waiver time now. Boy I'd like to see the list of players put up for waivers. Most will get pulled back and then see what teams will offer for their players.

Off topic but I was thinking about something last night.

Rob G said that the Cubs righties had been as effective against left handed hitters as Grabow has been this season, but I have to wonder, were those the same hitters? It seems like if a tough lefty comes up, Marshall or earlier Cotts may go in to face them, whereas a righty pitcher may face a lefty but not the really good ones.

Like Curtis Granderson?

Marshall came in only to face Granderson two nights in a row. Struck him out both time, total 6 pitches (3 pitches each at bat).

That was when I decided Marshall has massive cajones.

And good job thinking outside the stats. Don't get me wrong, stats are important, but numbers always need interpretation.

Marmol, Gregg, Guzman and Marshall had better OPS against versus lefties than Grabow. Marmol and Gregg pretty much pitch the 8th and 9th no matter who is due up, so not sure if that's much of an issue, Guzman and Grabow are about the same and Lou will play match-ups more with Guzman.

Hendry in that video interview Cubster linked to indicated they were worried about Marshall burning out, especially having to warm up, sit down and warm up again.

If he takes Ninja, Heilman or Stevens spot in the pen, all the better...

Red Sox are pulling in Victor Martinez.

MLB Network is very slow in reporting that. They even have a Padres beat reporter on discussing Adrian Gonzalez.

Nick Hagadone and Justin Masterston, possibly a third prospect going as well...

I think Hendry may have done well to deal Hart when his numbers looked best, though time will tell. Hart's w/k ratio was scary and was probably going to catch up with him. Not pitching like someone Lou would rely upon. Let's hope for the best.

Remember when MLBTR was nothing more than a complete joke? I believe TCR collectively disclaimed anything coming from Dierkes for awhile.

They've enjoyed a nice ride to the mainstream over the last year or so. It would be interesting to see a piece on their progression.

I remember when Tim started out, it was maybe a step above Al Yellon. Then he reversed course and started linking to breaking news, a simple concept but executed very well.

It's nice to see him succeed and grow that site. And I must say Ben, the main guy Tim has filling in for him while he's waiting for their baby to be born has done a great job too.

the site is on my perm shitlist for the MASSIVE spamming efforts and history revisions to make their predictions/writings the truth after the fact in the earlier days. They were also fond of taking other people's scoops and not crediting them while calling it their source.

...also bans for those that asked them to quit spamming their sites or called b/s on them for changing "news" after the fact.

i'm sure they're doing just fine without my help and support, though...hehe

if someone wants a piece on their progression i'm sure the 1st year or so of it would make a lot of people pissed off at how annoying they decided to launch their themselves on the back of others at any expense.

MLB Trade Rumors just copied and pasted off of Fox Sports Rumors section and then added in their own ridiculous rumors. They always claimed they had sources but i found out early on it was bullshit. I remember years ago explaining that on TCR when people would qoute that site and say they had sources. They were no different than you and me sitting at the keyboard. They had no inside knowledge, they had nothing.

I refuse to visit a site that operated in that manner. Like crunch said, what they have now is off the backs of others.

I remember posting "Bullshit" on their site, or to the "contact" link several years back.

All they are is a repackager, period.

If you know where to go - you get the same stories, without their lies or "editorial commentary".

I wasn't around for MLB Trade Rumor's early days, but I think they do a nice job now. As far as claiming they had heard things from unnamed sources, how is that different from 90% of the "legit" rumor mongers out there? Most of those guys just throw shit against the wall and see what sticks.

If Tim has changed his MO, it's working. It's nice to go to one site (rather than several) to see what's going on.

I agree with both of you, however at least now they don't act like they are breaking trades. They post their sources and leave out most opinion in favor of just being a one stop shop for info.

the "spam missions" bugged me the worst. bans for criticism and proof of where they stole their "exclusive" breaking news (with timestamps before the post date on their site) was just crass.

the "stealing other people's news without credit" and having crappy "sources" is just another thing that didn't make the whole 1st year+ of that site any fun for a lot of people on the baseball side of the net.

at least now they stick to recycling other people's news, with credit, rather than being on some huge self-promotion kick while trying to look like gods of all baseball rumors with super-inside knowledge.

i can do without them and i'm pretty sure they're not missing me.

Just because they may be legit now doesn't make what they did right. They basically do like the mafia, lie cheat steal to gather their resources and then open a legit business. Nevermind the fact they stepped on everyone in their way and used them.

If they are making money, are they giving any of that to all of the people they stole from? Hell no, they are just as pathetic now as they were then. By visiting the site, you just tell them it was ok to steal and lie. Because the ends justified the means.

Is it just my browers or did I miss the memo about only posting in italics?

Annual tradition here at TCR.... only post in italics on July 31st.

re:Italic Reporter


Well, if the Phillies getting Lee, Cards getting Holliday and the Dodgers getting Sherril are the only big adds by the NL contenders, I think the Cubs dodge a bit of a bullet when they were hamstrung by the ownership situation at the deadline.

The one thing about the Phillies, even though their offense is ridiculous, their pitching is heavily left handed (Lee, Hamels, Happ likely all in their playoff rotation) and for example righties are hitting over .300 against Lee (see, DLee, Aram, Bradley and Soriano batting against lefties all series)

The Dodgers are still a tough matchup and I don't think we've done much to improve our chances from last year, but at least they didn't get much better either and hopefully Manny doesn't go off in the playoffs again.

I'm still holding out hope that the Cubs land Teahan. We'll have to see would be a nice addition to the bench. He could replace Hoffpauir and is way more versatile.

WTF? MLB Network claims Rosenthal says Dodgers are working on blockbuster deal with Pads for Adrian Gonzalez and Heath Bell. Can't find any link to it on the web.

Won't the Padres be shooting themselves in the foot (or somewhere worse) by trading Gonzalez and Bell within the division? Unless the Padres are giving up any hope of competing for the next several years, I don't see this kind of trade making sense. I feel the same way about the possibility of Toronto trading Halladay to the Yankees or Red Sox.

way to really go for it, Brewers

(points and laughs)

It'd be sweet to land Hermida or Teahan somehow, but I'm not really interested in offering up the top guys for either of them. Maybe another scrappy middle infielder? Either one.

So Dodgers are going after Adrian Gonzalez now, too? Wow. On the bright side, next year's ASG selections for the NL will be very simple, just send the Dodgers. Yeesh.

This is hyperbole, of course, so save it. It's exaggeration for effect.

Hendry should be on the phone with Towers now offering whaterver and his first born to get Gonzalez.

That would be a hell of a bench bat.

Whole bunch of trades just went down...

1b Laroche back to Braves
LHP Beimel to Rockies
Jerry Hairston Jr. to Yankees

Jerry Hairston Jr. to Yankees


Dusty Baker :(

Dusty Baker :(
Neifi and Rubi Perez to fill the roster spot?

Somewhere Enrique Wilson's pager just went off...

Reds finally pull the deal for Scott Rolen.

He's a good fit for the Reds.

Excellent fit, especially if they got the Jays to pay most of his salary.

Doesn't Rolen have to approve?

BTW, earlier today Ricciardi "dismissed" any chance of a Rolen trade.

Never say never.

NY Post says Rolen approved the deal. Looks like it's Rolen and cash for Encarnacion. Kind of a weird salary dump for Toronto.

And the Larouche for Kochman trade makes no sense for Boston, other than making Youkilis happy.

Well it is Toronto...

GM: Scottie, would you approve a trad...
Rolen: YES!
GM: Don't you want to know wh...
Rolen: NO!

{knock at GM's door}

{Rolen enters with his bags packed, GM sets phone on receiver}


"And the Larouche for Kochman trade makes no sense for Boston, other than making Youkilis happy."

Am I the only one totally confused about this statement? What does this trade have to do with Boston or Kevin Youkilis?

MLB Network reported earlier in the day that Youkilis had thrown a fit over sitting a game or two so Laroche could play.

I figured they picked up Laroche to get some time at DH and some at 1b, maybe with Youkilis playing a little at 3b with Lowell banged up. Looks like the Red Sox have been very reluctant to admit Ortiz should spend most of his time on the bench. But tell me how trading for 1b Victor Martinez, who really shouldn't catch very often, and then adding a defensive 1b in Kotchman makes the picture any clearer? It's like Boston has so much money and prospects they don't know what to do and can afford to change their mind every few minutes.

Looks like the Red Sox have been very reluctant to admit Ortiz should spend most of his time on the bench.

Since 6/1, in 49 games, Ortiz has a line of .280/.355/.591 OPS: .946, with 14 HR and 42 RBI.

Pretty sure that doesn't belong on the bench on any team.

Stats can be manipulated to show anything. LOL

Sorry I even asked that question. If I would've just searched Laroche's stats or the trade itself I would have seen that Laroche had been traded to Boston and was not still a member of the Pirates at the time of the trade. Lazy idiot moment.

This is 3/44, but can anyone recommend an inexpensive wired router? My Netgear is causing problems. Thanks.

3-44 is for old news. I think you mean this is OT... off-topic. I use a Belkin wired + wireless router at home and never had any trouble with it. I think it cost me a whopping $35 if I remember correctly. Also I hear LinkSys is manufactured by Cisco, I guess they make good stuff.

Wired Internet is soooo 3/44.

Linksys WRT54G is what I use. Wired and Wireless for around $45. It's a little bit of a pain to set up using Apple but the reviews say setup is breezy for windows based computers.

Linksys WRT54GL here, it's rocksolid and fast.

Circuit City has recertified ones for $29.99

Thanks for the leads, guys, I'll check them out.

Peavy traded to White Sox again, according to Heyman. LOL.

Marlins get Nick Johnson for AA lefty Aaron Thompson

Rumor that Halladay was traded to the Angels. Heyman will be on MLB Network in a minute.

And Peavy is on the DL, so what are the Sox thinking? I hope the Peavy trade is true so we don't have to listen to the rumors to the Cubs again.

UPDATE: Heyman says the Peavy deal is done but he has to approve it and wonders if Peavy already approved a deal before it was made. He could be ready sometime in August. If I were a Sox fan I would hope Kenny got Towers to pay a big chunk of that contract.

Halladay Update: No deal.

WSCR and other sources discussing Peavy to WSux for Aaron Poreda, Clayton Richard, Dexter Carter, Adam Russell

MLB confirms it's a done deal. Kenny Williams goes under the radar again.

WSCR/David Schuster said Peavy has agreed to approve the deal

Interesting that Clayton Richard was scheduled to start vs Yankees tonight

"According to's Corey Brock, the Padres have dealt injured ace Jake Peavy to the White Sox for left-handers Aaron Poreda and Clayton Richard, and right-handers Adam Russell and Dexter Carter."


Perhaps he could be the starter in the make-up September 3 game against us.

This one game will turn out to be actually meaningful for both clubs.

Its ok - we have Dempster locked up for THREE MORE YEARS.

Towers was quoted a few weeks ago that it was "50/50" that Peavey would pitch this year.

They would rather "play it safe" and have him back in 2010.

Way to roll the dice, Kenny maybe you can get Dave Dravecky too.

I enjoy your jab, but there is a certain pitcher for the Cards that had TJ surgery and is doing pretty well last I checked.

At least he will not be in the NL.

Down the road it may work out.

But for this year, I doubt it.

And then they are on the hook for that contract, and the Sox were crying poor mouth 3 weeks ago.

Very risky imo.

Fox starts in LF
Koyie Hill catching again

the rest of the story

does sori need the rest that badly?

yeah, he's played all week, but what a f'n week it's been...and it sure didn't slow down last night.

Greatest Trade Deadline Ever!

not for the Cubs necessarily, but for baseball...

What time is the deadline today? Midnight, or 6:00, or ???

I think it was 3pm should be over for now. Waiver deadline though should be active, not gonna be a lot of claims put in.

They say you should always barter during a recession.

Rich Hill has a torn labrum based on an MRI-Arthrogram. Considering surgery.

Rich Hill has a torn labrum in his brain. Ha, I'm so awesome. What an original joke I just made.

cubs should use the "cash for clunkers" program to turn miles/blanco into something worth having on the roster.

The Cubs still have to be sniffing around looking for a right handed hitting OF'er,while JH is at it why not look for a lefty as well? White Sox grabbing Peavey who figures more for 2010 than 09. Teahan aquisition between now and next season could right the wrong done by Hendry when shipping out DeRo.

Not sure if this has been mentioned, but Brett Jackson has moved up from Boise to Daytona. There might be more corresponding moves, but I haven't noticed any quite yet.

Jackson was moved up from Boise to Peoria. Jose Made was moved from Peoria to Daytona to fill the roster spot created when Josh Harrison was shipped to Pittsburg. Jackson played for Peoria last night and went 2-6, 2 RBI, 2 runs. Despite losing Vitters in June, the Cubs currently have a lot of talented players in Peoria including Kyler Burke, Ryan Flaherty, D.J. LeMahieu & Brett Jackson.

I am quite encouraged by the progress of Kyler Burke this year. He is very athletic, plays a great center field, has a plus arm, hits for power and has raised his average to nearly .300. Although not there yet, the Cubs farm system certainly appears to be headed in the right direction.

Agree about Burke, Peoria, farm system.

Burke now has 35 doubles, plus 10 outfield assists.

After losing Vitters and Harrison, the Chiefs can still put together a potent lineup. The first five hitters last night--Jackson, Flaherty, Ridling, Burke, LeMahieu--produced thirteen hits. After that you get Rosa (.316 in 79 ABs at Peoria), Brenly (.291), Lake (.257).

Flaherty hit his 15th home run on Thursday in a game that was washed out, so he's back to 14.

People hear the name Brenly and think the Cubs did their announcer a favor by drafting him, but the kid can catch and hit.

Ridling is starting to look like a serious prospect, not just a big kid with a big swing. He's a run producer with 73 RBI.

Chiefs have won eight in a row.

One other minor-league note. I found this in the Daytona Beach News Journal:

Daytona 3B Josh Vitters missed his fourth straight game because of a hand injury.

We mentioned age in a previous thread, and that's what's in Burke's favor. Put it into a bit of perspective, he's younger than Flaherty, just about the same age as LeMahieu and Ridling, and, if you want to stretch it, is younger than everyone on the Tennessee roster.

Seems he (Burke) turned a real corner this year. Every stat is improved, most notably his K rate, which has dropped (25% in '08 to 20%'09). As would be expected, his walk rate has risen accordingly (8% to 12%).

Looking at more detailed metrics though, are his stats a bit deceiving as his BABIP is .358? That's well out of line of anything he's done prior. Now, of course, he could be hitting the ball harder, as he's swinging at better pitches, but seeing a jump this far out of line does make me hesitate a bit in heaping too much hope on him.

Without any info on his groundball, line drive, and fly ball rates, it's hard to say how much of that .358 BABIP is luck, though I'd wager that even if we assume improved line drive %, at least a small part of that has to be luck. The real question is going to be, though, whether Burke can keep the strikeout rate reasonable and still regain some of his homerun pop (will some of those doubles turn into homeruns).

This may help with the rates:

Assuming those numbers are accurate, it looks like Burke's line drive rate is actually down a smidgen from 2008, but up from 2007. So for that increase in BABIP to be really, he either has to be hitting the ball harder on a more regular basis, or he has to be aiming it better (hitting more fly balls in the gaps and more ground balls up the middle)--which depending on your opinion could be construed as mere luck.

Hitting the ball harder on a more regular basis is a great way to describe Burke so far this season. One of the biggest changes I have noticed this year is his plate discipline. He appears to have sharpened his command of the zone and rarely swings at a ball out of the zone when he's down in the count. He has a slightly expanded zone with fewer than two strikes as he looks to drive the ball, but he really tightens it up in two strike counts.

I am surprised to hear his line drive rate is down because it seems that nearly all his hits are ropes about 10 feet above the infielder's head. He has done a good job hitting to all fields and really looks like he has figured some things out.

I was a bit usure when he started playing CF as he had always played RF because of the big arm. But he has played a solid CF with good speed and excellent instincts. Its fun to watch Peoria with Burke in CF and Perez in RF. Their arms get plenty of respect and plays at the plate are rather infrequent!

Thanks, Rob Quadniner! You should post here more often. This sort of qualitative, eye-witness description is one of the reasons we all love AZ Phil, Mike W, etc. It's the kind of stuff that's harder to find on the net, whereas the stats are fairly simple.

As far as the line drive rate goes, I'm not sure about the accuracy of that site, with which I'm unfamiliar. I usually rely on fangraphs for that sort of stuff, but not much batted ball is available there for Mr. Burke.

Looks like the road offense woes are back for tonight. Going to have to hope that the Astros really are the Cards nemesis.

I hate to say it, but damn you, Mark DeRosa.

ROB G: Yep, that Julio Lugo sure does suck, right?:

.393 .414 .714 1.128

With the Cards!

That is almost as good as Fontenot, I tell ya!

Good call.

Fontenot is a AAA ball player. Cardinals, Dodgers, none of the top-tier teams would have this scrub on their big league club. But Cubdom is in love (that kind of irrational Matt Murton love), so don't try convincing them otherwise.

And Gooz & Marmol need to swap roles. Gooz will still walk his share, but I'm am so tired of walking the first batter in the 8th inning of close games.


Fontenot should be sent to the minors until he wakes up, if he wakes up. If he's not going to hit and looks so depressed, send him down and play Blanco. Blanco won't hit either but at least we get plus defense, and he doesn't carry himself like a baby.

BTW, Lou said Gorzelanny will be with the team on Saturday and throw a side session over the weekend, then start Tuesday in Cincy.

Fontenot has as many HR's and more RBI than Bradley, who do you think needs to be sent down?

I'll take the one who has the 343 OBP. Not the guy who has the 386 OBP.

Or the one with the 73 OPS+. Not the one with the 102 OPS+.

Or the guy who has a 588 OPS in the last two weeks. Not the guy who has a 1.039 OPS in the last two weeks.

Or the guy who hasn't had an OPS under .800 since 2007. Not the guy who hasn't had an OPS under .800 since 2004.

you're kidding, right?

it's over 33 PA's...

from May 30th to June 9th, Fontentot had a 1.027 OPS in 38 PA's....

from May 21st to June 5th, Lugo had a .381 OPS in 30 PA's...

it's 33 PA's, it don't mean a lot other than he got hot for a week....

So - you wanna go Retro?

Let's do it!

Lugo, last 28 days:

.333 .351 .639 .990 (37 PA)

Last 365

.305 .361 .447 .808 (156 PA)

Fontenaught, last 28

217 .242 .417 .659 (62 PA)

Last 365

.251 .325 .394 .719 (403PA)

Lugo Career:

10 seasons - .272 .336 .392 .728

You're still going by the "Lugo sucks" moniker?

Think Esther is going to stick around and do this well - not that he's hall of fame material, but the whole point was that I'd rather have Lugo as our 2B or SS, than who we have now - and he was available on the cheap.

Certainly with Pedroia at 2B, and their excellent SS, Lugo's AB's were limited. But the guy can hit better than Esther, which is who were are stuck with - or Blanco - phenominal glove and no bat.

You're still going by the "Lugo sucks" moniker?

pretty much, we'll see at the end of the year what Lugo does versus the Fontenot/Baker platoon...

My guess is that Lugo will barely outperform them.

also font/baker probably never hit their wife, even by "accident"...

He is a wife beater?

This I did not know.

If so - fuck him.

arrested for allegedy slamming his wife's head in a car door, claimed he was innocent from the very beginning. His wife was apparently treated for  injuries. Went to trial and was acquitted when he his wife recanted and said it was some sort of accident.

so other than Lugo and his wife, who knows what happened, but they obviously felt they had enough of a case to go to trial and somehow she got hit.

I'm all for second chances and hell, maybe the guy's innocent, but it sure sounds suspicious.


When someone recants testimony like that indeed it raises eyebrows.

Don't understand why Lou had Baker pinch-hit for Hoffpauir instead of Soriano in that situation. If you weren't going to use Soriano there, when were you going to use him? As it turned out, never. Soriano ended the game in the on-deck circle.

Meyer wound up striking out Baker, and the momentum seemed to shift back to the Marlins.

BTW, does Jake Fox ever NOT swing at the first pitch? He drives me crazy, though I admit he's fun to watch hit.

Also, Len automatically calls every Harden non-fastball a "changeup." But it sure looks like he throws about 10 or so sliders a game to right-handed batters. Had great stuff tonight.

I don't understand it either. Still, Marmol can't be walking the first two batters in a tie game. That's shit baseball and I get more and more irritated the more I think about it.

Soto update from sun-times:

Catcher Geovany Soto (oblique) is scheduled to start a minor-league rehab assignment today as the DH for rookie-A Mesa, then travel Sunday and play Monday through Wednesday for Class AA Tennessee. Barring a setback, he then would join the Cubs for Friday's series opener at Colorado.

also something about not giving Grabow his #34 jersey, so he took #43. Kerry Wood had another blown save vs Tigers last night but the Indians won in extra innings. I guess the Tribe blogs probably posted something about Marmol taking another loss (file under, glad we don't have both of them?)

The Franchise about to get released by Padres...hasn't thrown since April.

Wow. Such a sad story. I can't even imagine what the inside of his shoulder/elbow/arm must look like compared to one that's healthy.

Victor Martinez bobble head day at the Jake:

It has been a few weeks since I looked but the Cubs offense has made strides:

10th in NL in total Offense

"Up to" 14th from 16th in success with RISP (how bad is that, though?)

5th in NL in "total" pitching (3rd in holding RISP)

4th best starting staff (tie with Dodgers, Cards 2nd)

6th best relievers (Cards 11th)

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  • I saw the first three innings and the last three, so I didn't see Arrieta get hit. His stuff looked nasty at first...what happened? Any insight from anyone who watched?


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  • That question came from CRUNCH's cousin.

    The E-Man 1 hour 23 min ago view
  • He's definitely one of the best


    Tito 1 hour 24 min ago view
  • Jeff Sullivan of Fangraphs on Lester:

    Question: Do you think that Lester’s base-throwing yips/lack of the ability to hold runners is a big deal? He’s had a long, successful career despite this, mainly due to being good a run prevention, but it did hurt that one time vs. KC in the playoffs. Should Cubs fans be making a bigger deal out of it, or is it just not that big of a deal?

    Tito 1 hour 35 min ago view
  • Miggy seemed remarkably unhappy for a guy who just won the game. Probably related to the fact that he never plays any more.

    billybucks 2 hours 8 min ago view
  • Yeah, that was the official scoring.

    billybucks 2 hours 9 min ago view
  • Classic ending, about 12:11 AM, CST. 5 hours, 3 minutes. Both teams have bases loaded, no out situations in the last inning.

    Magic #19.

    Last man on the bench, Montero gets it done.

    Cubster 10 hours 14 min ago view
  • This fucking game

    Baez lucky to not have hurt his hand with headfirst slide on play at plate in 12th inning.

    Rob G. 11 hours 10 min ago view
  • #$@!$!@$!@$#@!$@!$!@#!@!


    crunch 12 hours 15 min ago view
  • Maddon's master plan to challenge his offense to improve on coming from behind late in games is working amazingly.

    Rob G. 12 hours 48 min ago view
  • Everyone remember Starlin Castro dropping or misplaying just about every ball near second base that involved a tag?

    Javier Baez is the opposite of that.

    Rob G. 12 hours 57 min ago view
  • on the wild pitch thing, did they really call that a wild pitch on Jansen that Heyward scored on Friday? If so, I don't know what a passed ball is anymore.

    Rob G. 13 hours 51 sec ago view
  • Let's see -- up 3-0, at home, Jake on the mound and contrast 2015 to 2016. Bleh.

    Hopefully, the Pirates will uncork a series of 9th inning wild pitches.

    billybucks 13 hours 4 min ago view
  • modern media

    @BNightengale: Former #MLB pitcher Dan Haren will be throwing to Tim Tebow tomorrow during his tryout in LA, he announced.

     [email protected](dan haren): @BNightengale nope, I was offered the opportunity and declined.

     @ithrow88 Oh and memo to my agent, @bvanwagenen: Pitching to Tim Tebow tomorrow DOES NOT count as getting me a real job offer.

    Rob G. 13 hours 23 min ago view