3 Teams Zambrano Willing to Get Traded To

This is basically a one-line blog entry, but I'm so over all this Bradley drama.

Nick Cafrado over at the Boston Globe is reporting that if Carlos Zambrano is moved, there are only three teams he'd be willing to go...Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox. I would say, I don't know how the Angles wouldn't get on that list. If he's willing to to an AL team or Los Angeles, you couldn't find a classier organization than the Angels, so if the Cubs really pursue that course, I'm sure they'll get a few attentive general managers on the phone.

As for Bradley, pardon my over-used metaphor, but it's a disaster of Hindenburg proportions both by the player and management. Good luck trying to move that $21M off the books Jim, unlike Zambrano, I don't think they'll be a lot of attentive gm's on the phone for that call. The only other parallel I can think of is Jose Guillen getting suspended by the Angels near the end of 2004. The Angels did move him to the Nationals in the offseason for Maicer Izturis and Juan Rivera, but Guillen (according to BR.com salaries) only had $3.5M and a $4M 2006 option left on his deal. They also had Jim Bowden as their GM, who made a habit of taking on talented basket cases at a discount.


It's hard not to compare this off-season that's shaping up to the 2005 one. You've got an underperforming team, you've got openly critical broadcast booth and now you've got a move afoot to get rid of the 'bad apples'. At some point Hendry, or his successor, will figure out that winning makes a good clubhouse, not the reverse.

It's hard to say what sort of influence Zambrano has on a clubhouse, he often seems to be having a good time, and luckily when he sucks it only happens at most every five days. Any team that the Cubs try to work out a trade for is going to want to 'buy low' because they know that he has that NTC and erratic play aside he is a bit of a nutcase.

I think this guy just pulled those teams out of his ass. He had to throw Boston in there to make it interesting to his readers. Any team that takes on Zambrano is probably going to be a playoff contender in the NL, which means the deal probably will come back to bite us in the ass, unless we get something really great back for him. I just can't see that happening, because even with the thin free agent class, Hendry won't have a lot of leverage. He's over paid, he's inconsistant, he has trouble staying healthy and he's a danger to other players in the clubhouse. The suitors will just be lining up.

I just can't see that happening, because even with the thin free agent class, Hendry won't have a lot of leverage. He's over paid, he's inconsistant, he has trouble staying healthy and he's a danger to other players in the clubhouse. The suitors will just be lining up.

I just came from your MB love fest in the other thread to read this. I thought you was talking about Milton but no it was Zambrano.

You can bring yourself to say that about Zambrano but will defend a guy to the death who has one 500 AB season to his credit.

Clearly your the most insane poster ever in TCR history.

I can say the same thing about Bradley, except at least if he's dangerous to other players it's an accident.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that when I correct people's mistakes in their assessment of Bradley as a ball player, the same people use their same warped logic to determine that because I say Bradley can field and get on base, I think he's the greatest ballplayer in the history of the game.

And your consistent mistake is that you think you know everything or can be explained by a stat or split. Did you ever play or coach the game? Or spend time in a winning/losing locker room?

The point isn't Bradley`s talent or stats. He's a miserable human being and given a choice it appears no teammate is blocking the door to keep him on the team
This was another of Hendry`s mistakes that could and should get him fired this off season. Lou is an accessory for not managing Bradley among others.

Not every discussion point can be or needs to be explained with a stat or your opinion why every poster is wrong. But go ahead, Neal, thrill us with your literary acumen as you pursue Silent Towel as TCR's most obnoxious poster.

You are a joke. I didn't even mention Milton Bradley. Seriously, grow up and go to the mirror store with Milton.

And George, I'll play you one on one in any sport you like.

Is that near the Jerk Store?


That was sort of stupid. I've played and continue to play sports for over 30 years. However, knowing what you don't know is very important and for any of us here to imagine they've got a true feel for what has gone on in the Cubs clubhouse is a bit absurd. Even the one or two contributors who've played professional baseball probably couldn't accurately explain the dynamic of an MLB clubhouse.

When do you find the time?! You post here non-stop.

I only use the TV to watch sports. Give it a try. You'll be amazed at how much time you've wasted worrying about who's going to be voted off the island or if Ross and Rachael will stay together.

That a boy, Neal. Three things we can always count on you for: reply to every post no matter how inane your response, miss the point of what everyone is trying to tell you, and insult or demean almost everyone you respond to.

You're the joke (which should be intuitively obvious to even the most casual observer - that would be you) and a jerk (which most posters on this board have realized by now).

I guess it would be your turn to toss an insult now, but I have other plans than to feed your cyber-space habit anymore today.

Edit* I forgot to point out that I was being serious, and not snarky. If you quit watching Lost and sitcoms, you'll find a lot more time in your life.

But to what was said earlier:

Here's the point of what I was being told: "Clearly your the most insane poster ever in TCR history."

I wasn't even talking about Bradley, I wrote a nice post on what I thought the chances of dealing Zambrano would be and I got called 'insane'. So I made fun of him about it. He wanted it, he deserved it and he got it. That's how things work here in the real world.

Edit 2* Taking Rob G's good example to heart.

They called and they want you back.

Just out of curiosity, you guys know there are mirror stores, right?

"Clearly your the most insane poster ever in TCR history."

I disagree. I wouldn't characterize Neal as "insane". Moreover, nobody has even been in the neighborhood of approaching the madness that was Silent Towel. ST remains the poster child of commentor wackiness.

Well hopefully, Zambrano will take this season as a wake up call, and start to realize he's squandering his talent. He's 28, with a decent amount of mileage on his body. It's time for him to get in shape, get his act together, and pitch like he can.

Or go the Bartolo Colon route...whichever I guess?

Hendry won't be able to unload the $21M, but I'm sure someone would be willing to take Milton for half that over the next two years for some low prospect.

The "change of scenary" theory and stats he's put up historically would make him too enticing to an American League team.

Hendry will likely have to eat more than 2/3 of that contract plus the distraction and playing time he cost the team (not to mention the Derosa trade), the opportunity cost of signing Milton was far worse than the $20M of cash it cost.

Or they could trade him for another shitty contract.

Say Juan Pierre

(Not advocating that. But I wouldn't be shocked)

Especially since lou has groaned about lefthandedness and speed.

Unfortunately the Dodgers are also on Milton's burned bridges list.

One weird thing is how Ron Washington was happy to get Bradley even though he came from an organization that essentially did the same thing the Cubs did this year - suspending him indefinitely pending a trade.

I don't know that the Rangers need him, but it could be that they would be happy to get him for two more years at $5.5 per. Washington also got pretty good production out of Sammy, didn't he?

Couple of the sports station are floating around a Milton to Tigers for Maggs deal. Supposedly Tigers like Bradley. Still paying for one player but only for one year ($18 million).

If they uload Zambrano - you better get something pretty special in return. And that means you pretty much have to go trade for Halladay, because there aren't any other big time FA starters this year.

The most intersting part of the offseason will be seeing how big of a fan Tom Ricketts really is - is he going to spend some money to make this a better team.

The Cubs are one of the most profitable teams in the Majors, so the money is there.

Maybe Hendry can work out a trade for Milton with some Japanese team if Milton really likes to be to himself so much. That way, he won't need to, or be able to, talk to anybody at all in the clubhouse OR the local press.

As for Z, he seems, just based on the in-game clubhouse shots, pretty jovial most of the time in games where he is either not pitching or pitching really well. Those shots of him putting his hand out of Fontenot's reach when doing the high five when Fontenot used to hit a little bit were classic.

That's not a half bad idea on the Japanese thing - unfortunately, I don't think they pay players that much. I imagine the fans would be aghast when Bradley loses it with his first umpire. I don't think that the Japanese fans boo their home team (though they make a lot of noise), so that would be good for him.

"I don't think that the Japanese fans boo their home team"

If Milton played for them I believe that tradition would be challenged.


Unlike quite a few others here I've always thought Pie got a bum steer at Wrigley. Unlike C Pat, I always felt this guy had some good baseball instincts at the very least, and once in awhile showed some flashes of decent power. I wonder how his stats would have panned out if he had as much playing time as MB this year. In Wrigley.

Depends on if he ever fixed the ridiculous swing. He's basically Curtis Granderson back when Curtis Granderson struck out all the time.

Slightly off topic...why didn't the Cubs draft Granderson? UIC product..weird...

Why didn't the Cubs draft _______? The age-old question.

In Granderson's case, we needed those picks for Bobby Brownlie, Brian Dopirak and Justin Jones.

Frankly, sometimes it seems amazing the Cubs have drafted and developed anyone. Sure hope Wilken is the man who saves the org. We could use one of those.

Do the Cubs use high round picks on guys from podunk schools? I can't think of any of the top of my head, but I am sure there's a blatant exception right in front of me.

THE Justin Jones??/ Oh..well never mind huh? Lol...

From the tidbits a the bottom of today's game story:


"Smokies manager Ryne Sandberg told a Chicago newspaper he's willing to listen to big league offers. "I'd have to weigh everything," Sandberg said. "I don't know the situation with all the teams. But if somebody thinks I'm ready, if they want to talk to me, I'd definitely listen."

Which implies that I missed it previously... 3/44? Milton Bradley can't hit with RISP?

Joe Sheehan with his own diatribe on the Bradley Fiasco over at BP: Subscription only but you can read the first few paragraphs for free. Pretty much jives with what Rob G has said.


diatribe is correct...

it's mostly head-on, but it's in usual sheehan "gospel truth and i'm gonna tell you like it is most-definitely-no-room-for-movement even though it's just my educated guess" tone.

kind of what crunch said, although Sheehan happens to agree with me this time so I think it's fucking brilliant this time around. :)

Moreover, the Cubs aren't all that far from where they were supposed to be. They're on pace to go 83-79; I had them going 87-75, and I still think that was pretty realistic. The Cubs are four games off that projected pace, which seems so much worse because the Cardinals are 15 games ahead of theirs. The Cardinals resurrected Joel Pineiro, got a mostly full season from Chris Carpenter, and traded for Matt Holliday, none of which has anything to do with Milton Bradley or the Cubs. The Cubs are off their feed because Aramis Ramirez missed time and was replaced with zeroes, because the bullpen was even worse than expected, because Alfonso Soriano was awful, and yes, because Milton Bradley didn't hit for as much power as was expected. He's part of the picture, but far from the entirety of it.

now let's compare how much time is spent bitching about Bradley on here and the papers versus bitching about Soriano, the bullpen or Lou's playing Neifi2 at 3b when Aramis was out.

The thing that bothers me the most about it is that it's just so self detrimental.

We already know, that with Bradley in tow, we were going to have a tough time making improvements to this year's team because of payroll constraints.

Now we're going to wind up paying $15 million for a right fielder when you count the whatever $8 million that we're going to pay some team to take Bradley - or we're going to go with a Fox/Hoffpauir platoon, which will undoubtedly drive in more runs that Bradley did this year, but probably give all that value back in defense and getting on base.

So clubhouse considerations aside, this only sets us up to be, as good as this year or slightly better with an even higher percentage of our limited payroll going to the outfield.

It just would have made so much more sense to bench Bradley and tell him to stop granting interviews, than suspend him.

A couple weeks ago someone, and forgive me for forgetting who it was, was saying that Hendry was totally a reactive manager, with no plan for the future. I argued the point then, but gosh, the evidence keeps building up doesn't it? Maybe Hendry is sure he's going to have $170 million to play with this offseason... the things he does hardly make sense otherwise.

From the article:

"This is a severe and unwarranted overreaction, a cynical public-relations ploy designed to curry favor with fans and the media and distract both groups from a Cubs season that is ending with a whimper."

I generally agree with this. As a fan, Bradley hasn't performed to my expectations, but I really don't care about anything else--the interviews, the attitude, etc.

If he's actually skipping games when he could play, then that's a problem. But a quote in a paper...your teammates don't like you--who cares?

Seems a lot more like Hendry protecting his rep and pandering to the overblown Bradley hate.

Or maybe Ricketts told him to do it. In which case, it's Ricketts pandering. But it seems like Hendry's taken full credit.

There have been a few blogs and articles applauding Hendry for taking action.

Of which I would just like to say horseshit.

He's just as culpable as Bradley for this disaster. I could only wish I had a job where I could throw away $21M and have job security. and if that shit is true in his contract about voiding the deal or last year if he's on the DL, how do you suspend him and not put him on the DL? That's beyond moronic (if true). I haven't read the contract myself so who knows exactly what the wording or clause is, but if that is true, holy epic GM fail.

Teflon Jim...

"I could only wish I had a job where I could throw away $21M."

There's a political joke in there but I'm not conservative enough to make it. : )

"how do you suspend him and not put him on the DL?"

I think someone mentioned deep in the previous thread that the clause triggered with only a specific injury. But I have no real idea.

Also, I think the union would raise hell, and rightly so, if a player was put on the DL specifically to trigger a contract clause.

I'm not a Hendry hater, but I like him less this year. He, and the Cubs in general, do not seem to handle adversity well. They're likely to panic and do something rash when faced with a dilemma. Kind of like their right fielder.

Hendry and Bradley went to dinner together, how could he have screwed this up?

Bradley was also recommended by the same group who vetted Sarah Palin for VP.

i never thought i'd live to see a day where the cubs got rid of a .370+ob% guy with some pop who can play CF/RF and people are going "about time!"

bravo. maybe they can replace him with a guy who waves to the OF bleacher bums and signs more autographs. that's what i watch cubs baseball for...the social experience. we're special.

I don't care about the numbers, crunch, I say Milton Bradley doesn't help a team win games and I'll stand by that all day. I respectfully don't give a shit about that 370+ obp

Bobby Scales wins games, so does Koyie Hill.

just messin'

Where's Matt Murton?

Bradley didn't help the Cubs win a lot of games - but the '07 Padres loved him and he's helped some teams to the playoffs before.

Well, then, problem solved. We ship him to San Diego.

It's not like we want anything in return (e.g. Jason Marquis, Michael Wuertz both "traded" for nothing).

i never thought i'd live to see a day where the cubs got rid of a .370+ob% guy with some pop who can play CF/RF and people are going "about time!"

Well, just last year a .257 .358 guy with some pop who can play CF/RF better than Bradley lost his starting job in RF which is why we're even talking about Bradley today.

But to clear up any confusion you might have, there's this:

#3 .734 OPS
#4 .699 OPS
#5 .665 OPS

That's what Bradley did this year batting in the middle of the order -- the role he's paid $30 million to do.

Outright strange: the bat-on-the-shoulder walk-a-thon .179BA .304 SLG! performance MB put on whenever inserted into the #4 cleanup spot and the 15 straight starts without a walk to finish the season after protesting that his hot streak in August wasn't due to Lou moving him to #2 in the order where his penchant for taking walks with men on base might actually help the offense.

still toking that crack, huh?

and Orlando Hudson could be losing his starting gig in L.A. to Ronnie Belliard, which I only mention cause he was suppose to be so awesome for the 2009 cubs and could be an F.A. target.

Can't remember where I read it, but it also said Orland Hudson made $7.3 million this year (and it climbs 10K with every PA for a bit).


That is surprising.

I'd suspect hometown boy Real Neal will chime in, but is it Coopers fault their idiot owner had Mike Hampton, Russ Ortiz, and the other #5 starter whom I can't remember that the Cubs pummel?

They were lucky Wandy Rodriguez had a career year.

McClane gutted the scouting and development budgets to go for it all back in the Pettite-Clemens days and he doesn't understand that he can't compete every year with a $90 million payroll and no prospects coming up to supplement the team.

The hot streak they went on last year was sort of a curse, because they may have realized that it was time to rebuild a year earlier. The firing of Cooper, though, seems to indicate more of the same. A smart GM would trade Wandy and Roy and get a windfall of prospects for them this winter and sell the team as 'young and exciting' now that Tejada will be gone. But McClane likes to hire yes men, and assign blame. He's sort of the NL's Angelos, and they're headed for a really bad run if he doesn't put some baseball men in charge and let them do their thing. Now that Steinbrenner and Angelos have stepped back, he's probably the most meddlesome owner.

He gets a lot of fan empathy, because he does spend money, but Houston likes winners, and two more years like this one is going to turn that into apathy. Expect a four or five middling free agents to be signed and another 75 win season from the Astros.

I am starting to think that Rosenthal may be a Mimbo of baseball reporters but this blurb does reinforce my point:


He says McClane about 5 times before he mentions the GM. The fact that he says the Astros can't compete with their roster, yet still wonders why they waited so long to fire Cooper doesn't speak well to his intelligence.

why would Z want to play in BOS?

it's never been a popular place with the latin players and kevin youkillis is a king sized selfish implosive jackass...how are those 2 supposed to share a locker room without one of them having a bad day at the same time and someone getting hurt? =p

but it's BOSTON!!

just like NY and the Cubs, every fan and media member thinks every player is dying to go there.

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