Non-Tender is the Night

As expected, the Cubs opted not to tender a 2010 Major League contract to LHP Neal Cotts, making Cotts a free-agenct. Cotts would have been eligible for salary arbitration if he had been tendered a contract, and could not have had his $1.1M 2009 salary cut by more than 20%. So Non-tendering Cotts will save the Cubs about $1M in 2010 payroll, and reduces the Cubs MLB Reserve List (40-man roster) to 37 players.

Cotts underwent "Tommy John" elbow surgery last July and has been rehabbing at Fitch Park for the past several months, so he might agree to sign a 2010 minor league ciontract with the Cubs so that he can continue his rehab uninterrupted at the same place and with the same training staff. It's unlikely that he would get a better deal elsewhere.  

The Cubs did tender 2010 MLB contracts to their eight other arbitration-eligible players, as well as to all 19 of their pre-arbitration ("auto-renewal") guys. 

Should a tendered player who is eligible for salary arbitration fail to reach agreement with his club on a 2010 contract, the player or the club can file for arbitration during a ten-day period beginning on January 5th. 

Pre-arbitration ("auto-renewal") tendered players can have their contracts unilaterally and automatically renewed by their club if the player and the club have not reached agreement on a 2010 contract by the first week of March.

Here is the complete list of non-tendered players:


Brian Bass, RHP

Brian Anderson, OF

D.J. Carrasco, RHP

Adam Miller, RHP 
Anthony Reyes, RHP
Jose Veras, RHP


Josh Anderson, C
John Buck, C

Jose Arrendondo, RHP
Matthew Brown, INF
Dustin Moseley, RHP


Chien-Ming Wang, RHP

Jack Cust, 1B-DH

Ryan Langerhans, OF

Gabe Gross, OF
Shawn Riggans, C


Raul Chavez, C



Josh Whitesell, 1B

Ryan Church, OF
Kelly Johnson, 2B

Neal Cotts, LHP

Garrett Atkins, 3B

Jonny Gomes, OF

Alfredo Amezaga, IF-OF



Mark DiFelice, RHP
Seth McClung, RHP
Mike Rivera, C

Lance Broadway, RHP 
Tim Redding, RHP 
Jeremy Reed, OF
Cory Sullivan, OF

Clay Condrey, RHP

Matt Capps, RHP
Phil Dumatrait, LHP


Jackson Quezada, RHP
Mark Worrell, RHP

Ryan Garko, 1B

Mike MacDougal, RHP
Scott Olsen, LHP



How can a guy named Lance Broadway manage to get himself non tendered by the New York Metropolitans?

Are teams being more conservative in tendering players contracts this year? This list seems fairly long and full of relatively useful players.

I suddenly think I don't fully understand what it means to not be tendered a contract, but the Cubs need to be in on some of these guys if they hit the market, especially the pitchers (with bullpen and/or rotation spots to fill):

Capps, MacDougal, Olsen, McClung, Arrendondo, Carrasco.

And OF: Church, Sullivan, Gross.

Garko would make a really nice addition if the Cubs aren't confident in Hoffpauir, but I imagine he'll look for a larger role as a part-time 1B or DH. Cust would be even better as a PH 1B backup, but dreaming of that is absurd.

Some of these guys are seriously injured, right? Like Wang, he's gotta be out of the baseball picture for 2010, right?

I'm gonna go turn on my Playstation.

put me down for Matt Capps and burning a 40-man spot on Arredondo for 2010, wouldn't mind Johnson or Church but I don't see either happening.

You say it and it is so (maybe):

Gotta figure why his BB/9 ballooned last year. No point in competing against Detroit, Baltimore, etc. to try to sign a guy who'll just have a 5.80 ERA again.

he had some injuries last year, a 2.82 BB/9 isn't bad...

obviously him being healthier would be paramount to signing him...

for the time being I've switched it so I have to approve new accounts, that should cut it down some.

There's a few other tricks past that if needed...

apologies for the hiccup, but at least I know where to get some cialis and kim kardashian porn now

Does most of this still originate in Eastern Europe?

whoa whoa, I missed the Kim K porn... repost that.

Seriously, another day of Cubbery (where Cubbery=nothing).

This is starting to suck, and I read somewhere ( JH talking about mid-February for things to take shape...

Cuz MB's value is just gonna skyrocket between now and then, just ask Bobby Abreu. Ugh.

Actually TONY S, I saw Hendry on CSN during the Winter Meeting exit, and he said - well he intimated - that he will hope for deals to get done "in the next ten days" before the Holidays."

As we are seeing, every day, every month, the MB "stock" becomes more and more devalued. This is not gonna end well and it is holding up any subsequent moves.

the best, and only positive I can say is that Hendry is cleaning up his own mess with the Aarons gone, Gregg, and trying everything to dump MB.

Thanks, E. It makes you wonder, was JH off his meds last year or something??

As we are seeing, every day, every month, the MB "stock" becomes more and more devalued. This is not gonna end well and it is holding up any subsequent moves.

This makes me want to keep MB. If Hendry reproduces last year's offseason of acquisition of talent I hope he never gets the opportunity.

Yeah, that's the kind of guy I always dreamed would be on our roster... a guy you can't pay someone to take.

"This makes me want to keep MB."

Well, with most "normal" players, a GM would do just that I'd think. While publicly many teammates say what a "great guy" MB is, privately I have heard the "beat guys" talk about how he is a "loner", "unapproachable", and more.

And, of course, he doesn't fit the "nice young man" image that is all things Cubbie.

Again, underlining the near-desperation level Hendry must have felt in order to have entertained ever signing MB in order to get more "left-handed".

I really thought that Hendry would have been gone after all of this, but, he gets a one-year reprieve imo.

Bradley is a cancer, and that cancer craeted havoc in the Cubs' $140 million team last year.

Cancers have to be removed, so even if it costs $8-9 million to do it, it's still a better option than having him damage another $140 investment in the 2010 team. As a practical matter, you simply can't allow a salary that equates to around 6% of your total payroll to bring down the whole team.

Hendry needs to bite the bullet, chalk it up to life experience, and move on.

How did Bradley cause poor years from Soriano and Soto, and injuries to Ramirez and Lilly?

My personal opinion is that the Cubs should just suck it up and play Bradley.

Bradley did not cause any bad seasons, or any injuries. He stunk on his own, plain and simple. Add to that his...interesting behavior? He's got to go.

Fair enough, but it seems to me that the best value the Cubs are likely to get for the $10 million they will be paying to Bradley next season is Bradley. I wish it were otherwise, but that doesn't appear to be so.

We paid some hefty change for a 40 RBI performance in an offensive position.

Just for comparision we paid league minimum for Jake Fox (44 RBI), Ryan Theriot (54 RBI), Mike Fontenot (43 RBI), and Geovony Soto (47 RBI) to drive in more runs than the great Milton Bradley.

An epic failure is an understatement for Bradley. His ass wasn't paid to underperform people with limited talents. And yet people try and spin it like he had a decent season.

He was the worst FA signing in baseball and among the worst OFers in baseball last year. But hell what do you expect from a guy who plays like and performs like a 4th OFer at best. 2009 is what you get.

Bradley didn't cause any of those injuries or slumps.

But he was a huge sisruption to team chemistry, and the players admitted after the season that one player could indeed have so much negative impact on a team.

There is an endless debate as to the correlation between "chemistry" and wins/losses. I am firmly in the camp that says that while winning can create good chemistry, bad chemistry can directly contribute to poor player performance and thus to poor team performance.

These players are together practically 24/7 for 8 months at a time. The Cubs' locker facilities are the smallest and most cramped in baseball, and the media attention here is intense. Thus, I think the Cubs need to be even more discerning of bringing in players who are not only excellent producers on the field, but also bring the off-field intangibles of leadership and positive team chemistry.

Bradley will never have less trade value than he has right now. These guys are supposed to be big leauers. I don't care if they don't love each other or even like each other. Put him out on the field. If Soto and Soriano hit,
a lot fewer people will notice Milton's problems. In fact, he might do better. If they don't, with Bradley or without, we'll still be mediocre. Why pay someone 12 mill so we can finish third. Sure it was a lousey signing but we have a history of lousey free agent signings. Buying our way out now just makes it worse.

the problem isn't the's the fans.

more than the's how bradley reacts to the fans.

bradley put up great numbers at wrigley, but riding his ass was more fun to the fans (especially those with wal-mart posterboard) than what he was doing at wrigley. ...and of course, bradley lets this stuff get to him like it always has.

some people are more concerned with WWE-style drama rather than watching their team.

it's not his production teams are scared's how bradley will interact with the fan base's expectations (and how they will return it) that scares a number of teams.

the bleacher bums can go drown in their $6 beers and hand out certificates to those throwing HR balls back...their culture means even less to me every year that passes. time to take off the Murton jerseys, guys. time to watch the game on the field, too, rather than planning an ambush on a guy who's an easy target just because it's fun.

Jacque Jones, Corey Patterson, LaTroy Hawkins, et al had the fans on their asses too. Worse than Bradley, from what I saw when I was in Wrigley this last year. The big difference to me is that Jones and company had teammates standing up to defend them. Even Captain Diplomacy Derrek Lee had turned on Bradley by the end of last season.

There's a lot more going on there than the fans getting under Bradley's skin.

don't forget Todd Hundley

Bradley's numbers were much better at home. He still only had 38 runs, 9HR and 28 RBI to go with .296/.407/.485.

Unfortunately, his road numbers of .214/.347/.299 were bad, with 23 runs, 3 HR, and 12 RBI.

So we could cheer him at home, but boo him on the road?

He's an easy target because he's an underperforming jackass, who's personality has made it hard, as a fan, to cheer for even when he's going well.

the fans were there to ride milton's ass...not watch the cubs.

ragging on bradley has been a fan-game before the cubs got him and it will probably continue. NY and BOS would eat him alive.

some people...a lot more than more about getting under the skin of a professional than they care about rooting for their own team, if only for the moment. i find these fans totally useless whether it's their right or not.

why milton lets himself be a target? ...well, it's the same reason you have to spend more time with him and baby him (aka, manage him).

It's the same reason the Cubs shouldn't have signed him.

There are plenty of assholes that go to Cub games to drink and swear at players.

It's a shame this didn't work out better, but hopefully it'll be over soon.

If a player on the Cubs plays well, or does something deserving of it, I'll cheer loud and long for them. I'm not going to cheer for the bone headed, uninspired play of the Cubs of 2009.

they shouldn't have if they weren't ready to baby him. the guy requires a lot of work.

Ok..I guess what they really needed was to get Bradley a personal counselor, and someone to follow him around at all times to affirm what a great guy he is.

no one said he was great.

...people are saying that if you adopt a pitbull with an attitude problem you better have more forethought about your adoption that goes beyond "oh boy! it's a new doggie!"

Ok...fair enough crunch. I guess, in the end...Manny being Manny is accepted because he puts up HOF type numbers, while Milton being Milton is not, because he doesn't

It's a not so great chapter in Cub history.

i feel that 'manny being manny' works because he could care less what others try to rope him into. he gets his share of hell, but just does his thing and doesn't care.

for one reason or another milton doesn't have that filter which makes him a lot of work for a team to own to keep the guy on a level headspace.

the fans were there to ride milton's ass...not watch the cubs.

Huh? When's the last time you were actually in Wrigley? Bleacher fans are rowdier than other fans to be sure, but they don't buy tickets so they can play mind games with Cubs outfielders.

Hell, most games the right field bleacher crowd spends more time heckling the left field bleachers than they do the players on the field.

not ALL bleacher fans, but yes...there were plenty of camera mugging, posterboard pointing, milton-ass-riding people out there.

in NY (mets and yanks) the bleachers barely watch the game because they're too busy playing games rather than the game on the field. cubs are trying to catch up since the 00's it seems.

So your position is that fans can't get on Bradley for not doing well on the road, because he did well at home?

my point is getting on bradley has more to do with what the fan wants to get out of it for his/her own personal pleasure rather than any other reason.

bradley falls for it...these people love it. it's better than the game. the "posterboard people" were some pieces of work.

i'm not saying it's all wouldn't even matter if bradley wouldn't fall for it, but he does and he should have been managed accordingly rather than being left on his own to deal with it.

no matter who thinks bradley should man-up or whatever...get over it...he doesn' have to baby this guy. you have to have people willing to put in the extra work. it's pointless to put money into this guy if you're not willing to do so.

But you keep bringing up that he hit pretty well at home. He also threw the ball into the stands at home. A minor transgression, sure, but it's not a forgettable one given the rest of his issues.

i'm just saying that the sport of "getting to milton" is a long standing home-team game for many fans he's played for no matter how good of a performance he's putting on for fans at the home park.

from the same clubhouse/organization that said it needed someone with some fire and the guys were too nice in 2007 and 2008.

Fire is competitiveness....a hard slide into second to break up a double play...a fist pump after a game winning hit..firing up your teammates to come back to win a game you were losing. Fire is not calling out fans as rascists, hitting poorly, and fielding indifferently...bitching at reporters...etc.

I understand that point of view, but I don't think it's going to be as low as $8-9 million.

Bradley is owed $9M in 2010 and $12M in 2011. If he's traded and the Cubs pay all but $5M (rough figure) they will have $16M tied up just in Bradley.

If whoever they trade for has a salary higher than Bradley's 2010 we have to add the difference. We then still need to fill CF by signing Mike Cameron, which Hendry will do at above market rate, given his history. If 1/$7M is market value, Hendry could offer an extra year to make sure he gets him, a familiar tactic, and pay 2/$14.

If Hendry intends on flipping the Bradley trade partner, he may take on more salary. Let's assume it's Pat Burrell going to the Mets for Luis Castillo, who is owed $12M over the next two seasons. If the deal can be done straight up then we add $3M more to the equation.

Bradley =$16M
Cameron =$14M
Burrell = $0M
Castillo = $3M

Total = $33M

I know there's probably a million logical flaws in the above, but I can't quit dreading how Hendry will attempt to resolve this situation

Agreed Jimbo, if the Cubs can trade Bradley and get out from under most of his contract they should. Sadly, the market only seems to be interested in Bradley (for all of the reason pointed out in previous posts) if the Cubs pick up most of his salary.

It seems that the Cubs are left with deciding if they want to eat Bradley's contract or play him. Neither are good options, but with little increase in salary the likely performance you will get for Bradley IMO is better than a replacement level alternative.

The Cubs aren't going to pay $16 million of Bradley's salary. They're willing (rumored) to pay $5 million of his 2010 salary.

It's Bradley $5
Castillo $12
Cameron $14

Which comes to $31 million for two years of Castillo and Cameron.

If they pay $5M of MB's 2010 salary they'll be paying $14M. Close enough for me. I say let him roam the clubhouse and see if he can regain his best form and maybe we can build up his trade value a little bit before we dump him.

I'm sure it won't happen, but I hate to see the offseason crippled by the perception that he must go no matter the cost.

As much as selling low bothers me, it bothers me just as much that once we sell low we will proceed to overpay the likes of Cameron/Byrd/Ankiel because Hendry has thrown any leverage he had out the window. Fuck it. I'll watch the minors for another year and hope that the farm system will come to the rescue in another 2-3 years.

"even if it costs $8-9 million"

I think the Cubs would hand over Milton Bradley's contract plus $8 or 9 million to the first person who came in the door and asked for these things.

The numbers that are thrown around pertain to 2011, because the Cubs are usually accepting a contract like Burrell's for 2010. But 2010 will cost extra millions, too, since Burrell, like Bradley, is overpaid by a factor of 2 or 3, and unloading him will cost big bucks, maybe $6 million.

So now we're up to $14-15 million, and I still don't think anybody is coming through that door.

If you're pro Bradley and your argument is don't pay $10-15M to make him go away then that I understand. But don't tell us what a great run producer and offensive asset he is to a team.

In a 10 year MLB career with 7 teams, he averages 96 games and has never passed 77 RBIs. The piece of crap was brought here to be a run producing LH bat in the middle of the order. How'd that work out?

My point is that there is nothing in his past to indicate he'll ever be what Hendry hoped he would be. So color me in the 'goodbye Milton' camp rather than put up with 'the world hates Milton rag' for two more years.

Most reports I've seen assume that the Cubs would only have to eat $1-$2 million of Burrell's 2010 salary in order to flip him.

Of course, depending on which teams sign Bay and Holliday, that number could change drastically.

I'd like to see those reports--or any reports where they calculate the amount a player can command on the market today. What, for example, is Milton Bradley's value to a team--any team--today? I don't mean his statistical value--that will always make too big a deal about his OBP--but his value to real GMs and owners. In Bradley's case, the second year remaining on the contract drives his value way down, since you don't know which day THIS year you will feel the need to kick him off the team.

Take that number and subtract it from $21 million. That's what the Cubs will have to swallow.

To me, Adam Dunn is worth two Pat Burrells, unless you really, really want to be more right-handed. Burrell is owed $9 million, Dunn $12--but to the Nationals it feels more like $10, since the two years are backloaded and they just got a big year from him for $8. Half of $10 million is $5. But Burrell is three years older than Dunn. He probably can't go back to the national league. How many AL teams are there for which Burrell in left would be an upgrade?

If Burrell was easy to flip, why haven't the Rays flipped him? Why don't the Cubs just flip Bradley? I love that word, flip.

flip, flip, flipadelphia!

It's always sunny!

TEX about to finalize their m.lowell trade evidently.


hope they buy some duct tape and medical insurance.

The Rangers have the "next James Andrews" on their medical staff. A lot of injury-prone pitchers will probably start heading their way.

MLB Network classic games make winter a little more tolerable...just saying...

supposedly taking a physical for Boston Red Sox...

Must be nice. Since Ricketts, et. al. are so interested in modeling Boston, why not just get Theo Epstein too?

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    Carrie Muskat [email protected]
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