River Cats Defeat I-Cubs at Fitch Park

The Sacramento River Cats (A’s AAA squad) defeated the Iowa Cubs 6-1 at Fitch Park Field #3 this afternoon in Mesa.

Bobby Scales had three hits and reached base four times, but that was just about the extent of the I-Cubs offense.

Mike Parisi got the start for Iowa, and was hammered to the tune of four runs on six hits (including four doubles), a walk, and a wild pitch, in three innings of work (52 pitches – 34 strikes). He also struck out four. Parisi was outrighted to Iowa last Saturday.

There were several roster moves made involving the Iowa Cubs today: Pitcher Alessandro Maestri, catchers Steve Clevenger and Blake Lalli, infielders Nate Samson and Tony Thomas, and outfielder Ty Wright were assigned to AA Tennessee, and infielders Jonathan Mota and Marquez Smith were promoted to Iowa from Tennessee.

Smith was promoted to fill a need at 3B (Bobby Scales will be used primarily at 2B), while Mota—a utility infielder--has been learning the catching position this Spring while with the Tennessee squad, and he apparently did well enough to qualify as the I-Cubs emergency third catcher should anything bad happen to Welington Castillo and Chris Robinson in the same game. Mota started behind the plate in today's game.

RHP Jake Muyco and LHP Dustin Sasser were moved up to the Iowa squad for today's game, but that probably was because several Iowa relief pitchers will be in the Cubs bullpen this weekend at Chase Field. There is no indication that Muyco or Sasser have been promoted from Tennessee to Iowa, although that is a possibility.

Catcher Jose Guevara was brought up from the Boise/Mesa squad for today's game, while Iowa catchers Welington Castillo and Chris Robinson are with the Cubs this weekend.

Here is today’s abridged box score (Iowa Cubs players only):

1a. Sam Fuld, CF:          1-3 (1B+E6, 6-3, Kc)
1b. Matt Camp, CF:        0-2 (P-6, F-7)
2. Darwin Barney, SS:     1-3 (BB, 1B, 5-3, 4-3)
3. Micah Hoffpauir, DH:   1-4 (Ks, F-8, 1B, 3-U)
4. Jason Dubois, 1B:       0-4 (L-7, Ks, Ks, Ks)
5. Brad Snyder, RF:        0-4 (Ks, F-8, P-5, F-7)
6. Bryan Lahair, LF:        0-4 (Ks, 6-3, F-8, F-8)
7. Bobby Scales, 2B:      3-3 (BB, 1B, 1B, 2B)
8a. Jonathan Mota, C:    0-2 (5-3, Ks)
8b. Jose Guevara, C:      1-2 (F-9, 2B)
9. Marquez Smith, 3B:    0-3 (5-3, F-8, HBP, F-8)

1. Mike Parisi -     3.0 IP, 6 H, 4 R (4 ER), 1 BB, 4 K, 1 WP, 1/3 GO/FO, 52 pitches (34 strikes)
2. Scott Maine -    2.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 1 K, 2/3 GO/FO, 30 pitches (20 strikies)
3. Jake Muyco -    2.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 2 K, 1/3 GO/FO, 32 pitches (20 strikes)
4. Dustin Sasser - 1.2 IP, 3 H, 2 R (1 ER), 1 BB, 2 K,1/2 GO/FO, 39 pitches (21 strikes)
NOTE: Top of the 9th inning was stopped early because Sasser reached max pitch-count for that inning

Bryan Lahair: E-7 (throwing error allowing runners at 1st & 2nd to move up one base)

Jonathan Mota – 1-1 CS, 2 PB
Jose Guevara –   1 PB


Jason Dubois, 1B: 0-4 (L-7, Ks, Ks, Ks)


"Bobby Scales had three hits and reached base four times"


Looks like a big time log jam in Tenn. It Looks like it will be an interesting next few days at Fitch Park.

Do we still have to pay him a $1M?

Has Dusty reformed?

How has Tyler Colvin come to the plate only once, but played all three outfield positions? Or is he just playing the outfield by himself? 1-1 with a triple and covering the whole outfield--he is God! Fontenot (circa '08) has been replaced.


This is probably 3/44, but I noticed this:


Kerry Wood out 6-8 weeks, w/a strained lateral muscle.

This is the reason the Cubs were gun shy of spending big coin on him, whether for a one-year or multi-year deal. Too many injuries...

It was one thing Hendry did right after being bit too many times in the ass by a Kid K contract.

Yeah your about a week or 2 late on that one.

- sigh -

Had a feeling.


Lilly slated to throw in Des Moines Friday night; alas, can't be there due to prior family engagement, but if he stays - as expected - for a 2nd start, that would likely fall the following Wednesday night & I will have a look @ him then...

this WGN camera work is god awful today.

the director has no idea what camera to call and keeps stalling on weird shots along with useless MTV-style jump cuts to other cameras.

It is probably not WGN's cameramen. AZ is a right to work state, and it is a local feed, with their own people. The WGN people on Cubs games that I know and have worked with are some of the best in the business.

Watched some of it. Felt to me like the director wasn't with his normal camera people.

Lou just on the broadcast, said he would be shocked if at the beginning ST he was told "Clovin" would break with the team.

DBacks D isn't supposed to be good, but this is some embarrassing/clumsy stuff for a home team in their home park.

it seems castro keeps getting more and more jewelry the longer spring training goes on.

that triple could have been an inside the park homer if it wasn't for the mr. t starter kit he's wearing. =p

ha...mike brenley came in to catch the 5th and could barely hold his glove/target still. he either needs a candy bar or has some serious nerves going on.

bob brenley stood in the booth the whole time his kid caught...bob howry gets him out on a grounder to the SS in his AB.

"he's doing fine...i'm about to vomit." - bob brenley

WGN ... DBags D ... Castro ... Brenly ... don't you have anything NICE to say about anyone or anything?

me? never.

brb, listening to some linkin park. at least they understand me.

I mentioned this halfway through ST when he was also hitting .259 Some guys just are what they are:

Today, Kosuke Fukudome finished spring training with a .259 BA and a line of .259 .375 .425
Last yr Kosuke Fukudome finished the reg seasn with a .259 BA and a line of .259 .375 .421

His cumulative BA for all three ST's is .254

So far his MLB numbers are very similar to what he put up in his second and third seasons with Chunichi in Japan. .253 .350 .446 and .251 .352 .440

There's still hope for Kosuke. He took it to a new level the following season .343 .406 .537 and never looked back. Maybe he can do it again, this year.

I don't think Rudy speaks Japanese.

But seriously, it's really annoying when some dude in a forum can evaluate stats in this way and the general manager can't or won't.

Old and Blue--what analysis do you see here that is telling us something new? How would these stats change Hendry's decision making process? I'm not following.

I thought it was sort of obvious. The average stats in Japan, aside from that one career year, translating to pretty much the same thing here. The overpaying for average stats and results.

For me, it was new -- I wasn't aware that Fukodome had been so average in Japan before his breakout season. But it should not be news to Hendry, and to me that makes the expensive signing sort of dumb. I still like Fukodome, though, and I am hoping he does turn it around. There is something about him that makes me cheer for him.

The stats navigator provides here are Fukudome's two weakest years in out of the eight he played for Chunichi (the only team he played for before switching to the MLB). They are also his age 23 and 24 seasons. From age 25-30 he never put up an OPS under .900 and averaged 24 homeruns a season despite being limited to 92 games in 2004 and 81 games in 2007. There's also a reason navigator left out Fukudome's rookie season line, the year before navigator's sample--his batting average was .284 . Of course, his OBP and Slugging were around the same. So why did navigator leave it out? He's stuck on this .259 thing. And yes, the fact that Fukudome has compiled roughly the same batting average in his first two years as an MLB player might be significant, but the fact that he had similer batting averages in 2000 and 2001 when he was 23 and 24 playing in another country against completely different competition (and those were his two lowest averages) tells us nothing.

You could make the argument that Hendry made an ill-advised gamble on Fukudome (a gamble because predicting the transfer from each league is damn difficult, but a gamble the White Sox, Padres, and another team or two to the best of my recollection were also willing to make), but these year by year stat lines selected based on similar batting averages and almost nothing else is not a good way to make that argument, nor is it something that could have helped anybody predict Fukudome's performance in MLB before signing him.

I with you on cheering for him, Old and Blue. And I'm also with you on thinking that he is overpaid for what he has brought to the field in his first two seasons (and, based on what we've seen so far in the MLB, what he's likely to bring in the next two seasons). But navigator's criticism based on the stats in Japan doesn't make any sense.

I have no problem with that kind of performance from a center fielder. I do have a problem with believing that level of talent is $13 million dollar talent and you pay him $13 million dollars to hit 259/375/425. It's extremely average.

heh...OAK beat writer tweets jackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk cust to be DFA'd soon.

Just what are you insinuating?

A couple days ago The Big Lowitzki, when I pointed out I have some concern over the shit hitting of our catchers this spring (particularly Geo Soto, who is going on 8 straight months of crap), said "Who cares, its Spring training", may want to look at this ESPN article from Jon Greenberg:


Lou, when asked:

"Look," he said. "He needs to swing the bat a little better. C'mon, we've gotten one extra-base hit out of our catchers this spring, the catchers we still have here. We'd like to see a little better. We'd like to see a lot better actually."

Soto went hitless in his last 17 Cactus League at-bats since March 20, though he has walked three times.

Yeah, Lowitzki, "Who Cares?".

Just the Manager of the team - and me.

Look, time will tell, but this is a trend already that needs to get reversed, and now, if the team is going to fight for a Playoff spot.

Eh. Lou's dumb.

He also got excited about Soriano's big 3-3 day. Take a look at Soto and Soriano's ST OPSs and you'll see they are remarkably similar, just Soto's .400+ is in the OBP and Soriano's is in the SLG. Soto also came to the plate a lot less (and got walked a lot more, meaning he often didn't get great pitches to hit, most likely). As for 2008, Soto's BABIP was .246--most of which had to be bad luck considering his line drive rate only dropped 3%. On the other hand, his HR/FB rate dropped over 4%, which could be bad luck but is (I think) probably more due to a slight drop in bat speed, quickness, squaring the ball--something in the swing or approach (which could have been affected by a sore hand or the big belly).

Long story short, yes, Soto needs to slug higher than .243. Soriano also needs to get on base at better than a .267 clip, Lee needs to do better than a .294 OBP, and A-Ram needs to get on the field and boost his OPS about .300. Soto and Koyie Hill are hardly the biggest concern (and that C spot is slotted to come up 8th according to Lou).

I still say who cares. Its spring training. Its meaningless.

Lou is exactly right. Obviously Soto needs to hit better than he did in ST. But his ST stats are about as meaningful as Colvin's - i.e. not worth much.

Nationals interested in trading for Fukudome? Interesting...


c.guzman is owed 8m and isn't starting because of his knees (and a capable mlb-ready replacement)...it probably wouldn't be pretty if it happened.

As much as I like Fukkakedome, it sure would be nice to see what Colvin can do every day.

it sure would be nice to see what Colvin can do every day.

Haven't we seen this already? He does have a minor league track record, and it isn't that good.

I would wait to see a little bit of Colvin against ML pitching before I relied upon him to be the sole right fielder.

And I sure wouldn't pay much of Fukudome's salary under any circumstances.

if you can get out of his contract, sure, but Fukudome is a pretty big asset with the glove in right and taking pitches and getting on-base.

An .800 OPS out of him with a good on-base percentage, while overpaid, is gonna help the Cubs a lot.

Lou quoted on cubs.com...It's a (fill in the blank) Event

"I think the Cubs, their time is coming to win the World Series," Lou Piniella said after the game. "Hopefully, it's very, very, very soon.

"When we do, it will be a seismic event," he added, looking at a frowning club official. "You don't like 'seismic'? OK, leave 'seismic' out. Just call it an event."

Not sure if that was a cryptic reference to the 1989 World Series?

I don't think the club official was frowning because he used the word 'seismic.' It probably had something to do with watching the MLB equivalent of Charlie Brown lining up to kick the football.

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  • in case it hasn't been mentioned yet, Twins are hiring Indians 32-year old Derick Falvey from the Cleveland Native Americans organization.

    Suppose McLeod could still be asked by another organization but likely staying put.

    Rob G. 1 min 12 sec ago view
  • Well put, both your remark, and Crunch's.

    Transmission 2 min 18 sec ago view
  • I saw the Gordon HR. It was like a funeral where the mourners were made to play baseball. So sad...

    CTSteve 6 min 29 sec ago view
  • i wanted to watch more of it, but it started to feel like i was going beyond witnessing a human experience that isn't often seen into an uncomfortable voyeurism. these guys are in pain.

    crunch 25 min 37 sec ago view
  • wow I am glad I missed the start of the MIA game.  I would have been sobbing.

    Transmission 34 min 45 sec ago view
  • Baez!!

    Brick 38 min 50 sec ago view
  • baez grand slam!

    crunch 38 min 55 sec ago view
  • lulz, MIA with a 5-0 lead after 2 innings.

    crunch 1 hour 6 min ago view
  • d.gordon leads off MIA inning with a HR...came up to bat wearing j.fernandez's helmet.

    he barely made it back into the dugout after crying his way around the bases.

    i can't watch this game anymore. it's too much...too real.

    crunch 1 hour 28 min ago view
  • FLA really doesn't look like they're mentally/physically prepared for this game. never seen anything like this...it's not just a few people in the dugout still feeling it large, it's pretty much everyone.

    i doubt it will lead to some kinda error-filled little league quality game, but everyone looks drained and still draining.

    ...and onto the cubs game. go #100.

    crunch 1 hour 35 min ago view
  • The Marlins organization is obviously affected deeply by this. I feel for the people there. And I understand circumstances have changed.

    But retiring his number. Wow. Literally a week ago the rumor mill was fast and furious about how Fernandez was going to be traded this winter, with the front office in response doing almost nothing to deny it. And to turn around and retire his number, just like that, when they obviously felt the organization would have been better long-term without him, just reeks of insincerity.

    John Beasley 2 hours 12 min ago view
  • jose fernandez's number is going to be retired by FLA.

    there's custom jerseys on their way to tonight's game (and hopefully will make it on time). all the marlins are going to wear #16 tonight.

    this still sucks.

    crunch 3 hours 43 min ago view
  • probably saturday depending on what they do with hammel (assuming friday for ham).

    crunch 8 hours 41 min ago view
  • Lester is going to get one more start, right? It sure would be nice to see him get a shot at 20 wins.

    Charlie 9 hours 11 min ago view
  • Nicely done! I think in my 10-14 games I went .500 or a little over. Strangely, I went to the Cards games they mostly lost (incl Saturday) and the one SF game they lost, plus a couple Brewers games they lost, too. I should have gone to just Reds games. But still - saw mostly very good baseball on the North Side this year. Regardless of what happens come October - the Cubs are positioned for some good times in the next 3-5 years.

    The E-Man 10 hours 36 min ago view
  • Attaboy!

    billybucks 11 hours 29 min ago view