There's Ugly and Then There's Cub-Ugly: Mets 6, Cubs 1

Here's the ugly box score, and here are some details...

The good: Randy Wells allowed just one scratch run over six innings, yielding six singles and a couple walks while fanning five. At the plate, Wells delivered two singles of his own, one of which figured in the mini rally that netted the Cubs' only run of the game. Also, Marlon Byrd, moved up to the leadoff spot in Lou Piniella's new-look batting order against southpaws, collected three hits and the only Chicago RBI of the night.

The bad: Where to begin?

Cub hitters went 1-for-10 with runners in scoring position and blew a chance to salt the game away before it would have ever had a chance to get away. The 5th inning was especially galling, as the Cubs had men at first and third with Lee, Nady, and Ramirez due up and failed to score. (Ramirez, by the way, went 0-for-4, personally stranded four runners, and is now hitting .157.) In all, the Cubs left 12 men on base.

And of course no Cub fail in 2010 would be complete without some imprint from the bullpen. In tonight's installment, the relief staff took over the game from Wells in the seventh and promptly allowed the Mets five runs, their biggest offensive inning of the season.

James Russell, unscored upon before tonight, served up a two-run, go-ahead homer to Angel Pagan; Jeff Samardzija allowed a walk, a double off the base of the left-field wall by Jason Bay, and a smash by Jeff Francouer that resulted in an error by Aramis Ramirez; and even Sean Marshall got into the act by allowing a run-scoring single to heralded Mets rookie Ike Davis and tossing a wild pitch that accounted for the fifth and final Mets run in the inning.

Lastly, I heard the radio account of, but did not see, Alfonso Soriano's second-inning double. Pat Hughes and Keith Moreland (especially Moreland) were unequivocal in saying that the only reason Soriano didn't end up with a triple on the play was that he lingered at home plate to admire what he assumed was a home run.

I guess as infrequently as Soriano hits the long ball these days, he must figure he needs to get in the self-admiration whenever he can.


guess as infrequently as Soriano hits the long ball these days, he must figure he needs to get in the self-admiration whenever he can.
Ah fond(?) memories, I remember the 2004 version of Sammy Sosa admiring a few blasts that hit high off the wall that ended up being singles he admired very much.

" In tonight's installment, the relief staff took over the game..."

This is really, pathetically funny.

I have stated even during ST, that I believe A-Ram is injured, or just not 100% recovered from his injury last year.

Barring a one-year rental for next year, we really do not have a viable alternative at his position until Josh Vitters is ready to play (IF he is ready).

If I was GM in 2011, I would not re-sign A-Ram, but then again I would not have the choice b/c no other team will give him what the Cubs are on the hook for at HIS OPTION. FUCK YOU JIM HENDRY!

If this is Year 1, one shudders at the thought of what Year 2 might bring.

- Drafting more Notre Dame football players?
- Signing more impotent free-agent outfielders?
- Really believing that "the bullpen will sort itself out" is a successful strategy?

This feels like it's going be to ugly for a long time.


The Samardzija delusion has to end. The guy was never better than mediocre in his short minor league career and is obviously in way over his head. I'd be beyond annoyed if I was any of 10 other guys in AAA or AA who has put up better numbers over a longer time frame than Samardzija. The organization's promotion of this guy is a joke and the extreme denial exhibited by Hendry in this case is almost pathological.

Positives on the farm:

Cashner another excellent start: 7 IP, 2H, 1R, 1BB, 5K.

Jay Jackson at Iowa was dominant: 8 IP 2H, 0R, 1BB, 4K (only 86 pitches).

Lilly tossed a great game as well in Peoria: 7IP 3H 1R 1BB 9K.

Two hits again for Castro (now raking at .370 with three triples and two two-baggers in his first 10 games).

Brett Jackson 4 for 8 in a twin-bill, including a triple and three knocked in.

"The organization's promotion of this guy is a joke and the extreme denial exhibited by Hendry in this case is almost pathological..."

You do not give a draft choice a $10MM signing bonus and not "promote" him. It is not The Wide-Out's problem that the team gave him the money anymore than is it Sori's that Hendry gave him an 8-year deal.

Just really bad decisions on the part of management that was desperate and it has backfired horribly.

Samardzjia needs to go away.

Russell i like what he brings but if a lefty goes to bullpen
(Gorzo) russell will be sent down.

Ramirez looks lighter to me does not look the same.

Lou is not giving Colvin his 3 starts a week he needs consistent work.

Is there a NFL team that owns wide outs rights?

Dear Samardzija: Drive south on lake shore about 20 minutes. Report in August. Enjoy.

Loading the bases with what, 1 out and then you can't score? They deserved this loss.

Shark's boxscore looks like a 'mini-Marquis'

IP 0, H1, R3, BB1, ERA 18.90 (season), ERA infinity (game)... (3 batters)

Another tough no decision for Randy Wells. Since Lilly will be back this weekend, I wonder if it would be better for the team if Wells becomes the righty fireman for the 7-8 innings (the old Marmol role). An all converted catcher bullpen? Can we bring up Blake Parker and Jake Muyco to make it so?

The Cubs should be using Samardzija in red zone situations. With his height he can out jump most corners. But I'm still pissed that Hendry got rid of DeRosa who was, of course, the Cubs' best QB. This is no way to run a football team.

There's Ugly on occasion, and then there's Ugly all the time.

Russell's performance last night, while utterly infuriating, reeks of rookie-ness...up 0-2, come too far inside, hit (THE F'ing) leadoff too much attention to him, get lit up.

One can only hope he learns from it.

But it's his first remarkably aggravating appearance in front of Lou.

Samardzija was bad for the third time in four appearances this year. On top of the bad appearances last year.

My guess is Lou is tired-er of Samardzija than he is of Russell.

Of course, maybe I'm just projecting.

No one has given any sort of explanation about why Samardizjia is even on the team. He was good for half a AA and AAA season, and decent in the bullpen in 2007 - but before and after that he shows nothing that merit's him being in the Majors, or really even in AAA. He has poor command and no out pitch - that doesn't make a successful pitcher. I think the Cubs should wait until after the draft, and sell his rights to an NFL team. He can play on the scout team with Drew Henson.

"No one has given any sort of explanation about why Samardizjia is even on the team"

Hendry has by giving him all that money.

Wasn't Ryne Sandberg a high school quarterback?

Samaramadingdong will be able to make some diving catches at the 20 yard line in Des Moines.

Yes, he held HS state records until Mark Rypin(?) broke them.

c'mon beating up shark is a great pastime in cubdum.

is piling on really just a football term?

I was expecting some porno link after reading that

*high five*

That's why I followed the link.


Who did we get for Angel Pagan?


Ryan Meyers and Corey Coles. Meyers pitched in only six games for High-A Daytona in 2008 for the Cubs and is no longer in baseball. Coles played out the 2008 season with AA and AAA, but was not brought back for 2009.

I noticed that Fonzie's doing his hop in the OF again - thought he was doing away with that crap, you know, in the attempt to actually field his position. Old habits die hard, apparently - he better get used to the boos at Wrigley if he keep that schtick up.

From the Tribune:

Another problem is the daily saga of Alfonso Soriano, who brought back the hop when catching fly balls that he said over the weekend he had ditched, and also stood at the plate admiring a long fly ball in the second inning. He wound up with a double but could've had a triple if he had run out of the box. Soriano wound up stranded at third.

"He probably thought it was a home run, didn't he?" Piniella said. "This is a big ballpark. Yeah."

Doesn't that anger Piniella?

"I'm going to talk to him," he said.

Soriano said he "hit it very good," and realized he had to run after a few steps out of the box.

"The more important thing was I made a very good swing at that ball," he said, adding he didn't think he could've had a triple. Soriano also conceded he did the hop to "feel comfortable" in the field.

at least he didn't call him a piece of shit.

play bad, do things on your own terms, correct yourself when you feel like it...just don't be all "negative" about makes theriot and fontenot feel shorter than they are and that leads to more errors.

but this team sure looks like they're having a lot of fun with Bradley gone.


Soriano also conceded he did the hop to "feel comfortable" in the field.
sounds like a Monty Python routine (Ministry of Silly Walks) would be great to see Soriano hopping around while being interviewed by Paul Sullivan

What kind of trade value does Soriano have? Surely some team would like to have him. I wonder how much of that massive contract the Cubs would have to eat.

Probably too much.

None, right now.

If he's starts hitting I would start putting feelers out most likely to AL.

if there was a market for right-handed DH's who can't play defense, Jermaine Dye would have a job.

Except Jermaine Dye is holding out for outfield job. If he would DH he would have signed in Feb.

he's holding out for money, he had a part-time job in RF for the Cubs and a mostly full-time job with the Nats offered to him.

I would assume the Cubs would not being pay over $15M a year to get rid of Soriano to make it work.

"What kind of trade value does Soriano have? Surely some team would like to have him. I wonder how much of that massive contract the Cubs would have to eat."

Leverage does not come to mind from a Cubs Management perspective.

I have nothing more to add, other than to say I agree with all of you, pretty much.

Well Okay I will add that right after spring training was over I did say that this team is crap. Nothing up the middle, no defense to speak of, Soto obviously was a one year wonder (I'd rather see Hill everyday right now). Although, Soto does have great eyebrows if he can keep them up.

Bring up castro, move Theriot to his rightful spot at 2b or the bench, shore up the damn defense. Eat Sori's contract since it is already eating the team.

The Ricketts are too much like the Wrigleys for my liking.

Shall I go on?

This is gonna be a good season for Rob's blog.

The bitching and moaning should bring in at least one new solid advertiser.

Right now the Baker/Fontenot platoon is out hitting Theriot by a wide margin. If you bring up Castro you'd have to bench Theriot until the other two return to earth.

Also, Soto has been hitting fine so far.

"Soto has been hitting fine so far."

Yeah, hitting the bong! Amirite?

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