Game Thread: Cubs (13-15) at Pirates (12-15)

Unbeaten Randy Wells (3-0, 3.45) matches up with lefty Brian Burres (1-1) as the Cubs try to avoid their first sweep at the hands of the Pirates since 2006. Burres comes into the game with an ERA of 6.00, i.e., about 7 runs per game lower than Charlie Morton, who frustrated the Cubs last night.

A couple wrinkles in the Cubs batting order tonight (aren't there always?):

Cubs: Theriot 6, Byrd 8, Lee 3, Nady 9, Ramirez 5, Soriano 7, Soto 2, Baker 8, Wells 1

Pirates: Iwamura 4, LaRoche 5, McCutchen 8, Jones 3, Doumit 2, Church 9, Milledge 7, Cedeno 7, Burres 1

Finally, this interesting, depressing tweet from @CarrieMuskat: "#Cubs batting .251 on road, but if subtract Milw series 4/23-25 stats, they're only hitting .220 away from Wrigley."


Soriano is on a tear and you bat Nady 4th?

Nice managing there Lou.

Thing is, they ought to be able to hit Wells leadoff and still beat this guy.

I had to laugh at Lou moving Ramirez up to 5th after that one-night purgatory in the 6th spot. I guess that sac fly last night was really persuasive.

I think it has more to do with moving Soriano back to where he was than with moving Aramis up.

I can see why Colvin and Fukudome are sitting though, because the 250 .308 .500 that Colvin is batting against lefties doesn't match up to Nady's powerful .136 .208 .273.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am really enjoying losing these games so we don't risk Colvin's tender ego. Do you suppose he has Trammel tell him how great he is as the three of them sit on the bench and watch Nady foul out?

colvin and his 10 plate appearances per week...dusty hates kids.

and what is dusty doing with the middle of the lineup? and when is dusty going to realize dlee isn't a #3 hitter this year? what's up with burying soriano while proping aram? and why did dusty kick muh dog and make it up n' die?

only him...

bring on the next 3+million dollar manager. i hear lou pinella might be out there. ever see how he yells at umpires? now, that's a guy who won't take no crap and gets the best out of his players. we need a change!

Do you suppose he complains to other coaches "I can't figure out why we're not scoring runs - I mean I am batting the guy with the .500 OBP 8th, and my 3-5 hitters are hitting .200. What else can I do?!"

Maybe you're right - all these guys are equally stupid. At least Dusty didn't insist on keeping the kids on the roster so he could bench them for no reason.

I just looked at the schedule of games we have already played (28 so far) and realized that we have never been over .500 so far this season... And with the schedule we've had so far? WOW!!

i'm just playing around anyway.

beyond the ways a manager uses to not have players kill each other while working for 200+ days a year a lot are just pretty damn similar. some people do that with a hugs-and-candy lockerroom and some do that putting up with serious static in the clubhouse without it spilling out on the field (RIP Billy Martin).

there is no reason on this planet joe torre should make the money he does (or has in the past). this guy runs 5-7+m a year.

this ain't football. they're not sitting around with a crew of trusted coaches creating massive playbooks even if they are exploiting weaknesses of the other team. we all know the game can almost run itself with only a few variations as far the actual in-game strategy goes. we might not (and generally don't) get everything the way we'd do it in a game, but for the most part things follow a general logical flow.

Including number one with a bullet!

Not a terribly good article, in that these contracts are being viewed through the present market's eyes rather than when they were signed. If the economy rebounds and attendance and TV contracts go on the upswing, then these contracts will be moveable.

yesterday's attendance: 11,053
tuesday's attendance: 10,972

wow. i know it's PIT and all, but wow. these were both good weather games, too.

randy wells, 8 pitches, 8 balls, 2 walks...0 outs.

this game is dildos...

1 out in the on 2nd...cubs down 0-5


and we're facing some rookie pitcher who we're making look like Cy Young.

Cubs all-time against rookie pitchers: 276-493

The cubs are doing a great job lowering Pirates team era,what are the chances we face Cy Young three nites in a row.

Wow, we have 5 regulars hitting .320 or higher and none of them are in the 3-4-5 slots in our lineup... move the guys who are currently producing (Soriano, Byrd and Soto) into the RBI slots now and then move them back down when Lee and Ramirez start hitting. You might as well try something that makes sense, Lou!

a soriano no-hop catch on a pop-fly he camped under...neat.

why the hell am i still watching this?

why the hell am i still watching this?


Now what, Lou?

Dear Cubs. It's not working. Try something else.

"What can I say?"

"Go ask the players."

"We'll have some surprises for you..."

Lou is anything but suprising.

"We'll have some surprises for you..."

Clearly the only course of action for the Cubs is to trade Derrek Lee for Jack Cust.

We'll have some surprises for you..."
Iowa manager on a flight from New Orleans to Cincy?

Lou starts him at 2B tonorrow?

Iowa: Caridad gets a loss as he gives up a solo HR to put New Orleans Zephyrs in the lead 2-1. Darwin Barney has two more hits to get his avg over .300. Yep, he'll be ready this weekend.

Tenn, looks like a doubleheader split: Cashner pitches5.2 innings and a 2 hit shutout, 3 BB, 8 K's in a 5-0 win. In game one, Castro goes 2 for 3 including his fifth triple, .376

Landmarks commission approves it. Still needs further approval.

Sorry, if this was mentioned earlier.;_ylt=Ahq8McP...

“The process has started. We’re together with Milton and his agency group and we’re forming a partnership to help him get through this thing,” Zduriencik said. “The timeframe has yet to be determined. I don’t know the answer to this because I’m not a professional in this field.”

late last night, LaTroy Hawkins fell to 0-3 after...

giving up a walk-off Grand Salami to Andre Ethier.

Hawkins in the 9th = Big bang theory


the more things change, the more they stay the same.

the more things change, the more they stay the same...
Ol' #22 speaketh...been there, done that:

"Obviously,” Mark Prior said, “this is all eerily similar.”

So last time Pirates swept Cubs was in 2006. Dusty's last year. How appropriate for Lou.

Did Pirates sweep Cubs in Baylor's last year?

Probably several times.

I suddenly don't want Ryno to be manager, because then I am going to grow to hate him too.

Baylor was there for half of 2002, but Cubs got swept two game series by Pirates in April.

~a reach I know~