In Honor of the Ballhawks

Chicago filmmaker Michael Diedrich has shot "Ballhawks," a documentary about the guys who plant themselves out on Waveland Avenue and wait to catch the moonshots. The film, which is narrated by Bill Murray, premieres May 28-30 at the Siskel Film Center on State Street.


would like to see that film...have stood out on waveland many times to the tune of 2 bp balls; none yet caught on the fly...the regulars like ken, moe, et. al are a different breed...

At work didn't watch video.

Looking at screen grab, where the hell is that guy standing?

That building is not on Waveland or Sheffield.

Good question. (Deluxe Sheet Metal?) I'm curious now. Will let you know what I find out.


Just traded emails with the director. He said the shot was from outside a Triple-A ballpark in South Bend, "where the ballhawks go because of the low stadium roof," which makes it easier to collect balls.

Thanks for the info and effort, Cubnut.

They travel to minor league parks?!?! Wow.

They are a different breed.

Not nitpicking but South Bend's affiliate is A - they play Peoria at home in early June. I plan to attend. The three night's promotions are 2 ticket for price of 1, lady's night, and, best of all, $1 beer night.

With the bleacher expansion, these guys get what, one per month?

There still have to be many from batting practice though, right? And maybe in the ballhawk universe, BP balls are nearly as valuable as the in-game homers.

hey - gonna be in town that weekend; may have to catch the premiere!

as I joked with Cubnut if there's one mention of a curse in that documentary or a section about what the Cubs winning it all would mean to them, I'm walking out of the theater (or more likely turning off my DVD).

Am I the only one who equates these guys with the people who try to wash your windshield at stoplights? It's like "hey I'm working... but you know, not really that much".

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