Game preview: Dodgers (26-20) @ Cubs (22-25)

Going for two of three against the Dodgers and some semblance of momentum as the Cardinals come to town over the weekend.

Dodgers against Ted Lilly (1-4, 4.30):
Martin 2, Paul 9, Kemp 8, Blake 5, Loney 3, Johnson 7, DeWitt 4, Carroll 6, Ely 1 

Cubs against John Ely (3-1, 3.41):
Theriot 4, Castro 6, Lee 3, Byrd 8, Fukudome 9, Nady 7, Baker 5, Soto 2, Lilly 1

Lilly hasn't won since his first start of the year (4/24) in Milwaukee though he's coming off a strong effort last week against the Rangers: two runs on six hits over 6 2/3.

Ely, going for a fourth straight win, has sparkled for the Dodgers in his rookie season. Until issuing a first-inning walk last time out against the Tigers, he had gone 89 batters without giving up a base on balls and for the season, he has fanned 28 against just three unintentional walks.

The 24-year-old Ely also hails from Harvey, Illinois--former home of the great Lou Boudreau--but his wheelchair-bound father won't be in attendance.

"It's part mobility issues, because Wrigley isn't wheelchair-friendly," said Ely, "and partly because he's a die-hard White Sox fan and he doesn't come here."


here we go again...jackson to start today w/ cashner coming on in relief...

never mind...didn't see reference in earlier thread...

can't wait to see where nada takes the cubs in next 10 years.

at least fonty is nit 3rd

They have ramps, elevators, and special wheelchair seat for his dumb crippled ass. Not wheelchair friendly my ass, he sounds mentally handicapped as well. If he doesn't want to go see his son pitch in the show in his hometown against the Cubs, then he is just a terrible father.

it's probably the bathrooms...everything else access-wise decent to pretty sweet...especially the field box level wheelchair seats.

the OF has wheelchair sections, too...and it's also the only wheelchair friendly concession area. there is OF area wheelchair seating, too.

a lot of the better wheelchair services came into existence with the expansion.

he might just have a pre-upgrade view of the park.

...or as Newport suggested, be an idiot and a terrible father.

Personally, the part about "diehard White Sox fan" was all I needed to know to form an opinion about his character and intellect.

his dumb crippled ass. ... he sounds mentally handicapped as well.

Wow. Stay classy.

good thing he didn't call him a sissy too!

harvey is beautiful this time of year. kid was on wscr this am and confirmed ironside would not "enter" wrigley field due to his sox affliction.

/f tom dreesen too

Wittenmeyer, cst_cubs: Ramirez had cortisone shot. Swelling near thumb down. Cubs hope he's ready friday vs. Cards.

sure reads like they have plenty of wheelchair accessibility, although I'm sure it's not quite as convenient as most ballparks. Sounds more like Mr. Ely just needed an excuse not to go.

the link Cubnut put up indicates it's more of the White Sox fan in him:

But his proud dad won't make the short drive. Being wheelchair-bound is part of the reason, given old Wrigley Field's access issues. A small part. The bulk of it is that Mr. Ely is a fan of the city's other team.

never know how much of that is the writer taking liberties or how it was conveyed to the writer by the kid that didn't make the quote.

David Patton clears waivers and re-signs with the Cubs.


fast-moving, boring game...

Cashner could be up by next week...

Are there a lot of old, semi-addled "baseball" men that thinks walks are worse in late innings than early ones, or do the Cubs just corner the market on them?

Woof...Soto, Theriot, Byrd, Fukky and the Kid have reached a mutual no-hit pact, just as DLee figures things out.


C.J. Nitkowski tweeting that Lilly's cheating. Anyone see what's happening?

not watching, radio just said Blake and ump got in a pretty heated argument but Blake was on first and Pat & Ron thought it had to do with his move.

unfortunately I'm blacked out on at the moment so I can't replay it until later.

Apparently Lilly was about six inches in front of the rubber.

That sounds kind of dirty.

No sneakier than the first basemen not throwing the ball back to the pitcher after a throw-over. Isn't the first thing you're taught as a baserunner to make sure the pitcher's foot is on the rubber?


Lee going on his own?

Ron thinks it was a missed hit and run. Dambit.

Baker out, fontenot in, muskat tweets that it seemed he was having some problems seeing.

sandberg tossed; cashner gives up 3 hits, an unearned run & k's 2 in one inning of relief...

Experiment failed!

Why doesn't he play more.

He's been pretty lucky on BABIP, but I think with more playing time he's probably going to strike out a little less. If you project his current rates over a 650 PA season it comes up to 181 strikeouts. If you slug .600, though, 181 strikeouts isn't the end of the world.

anyone else ready for fontentot to take over 2b from theriot?

Raises hand up very high.

Nice series win

3-0-1 in their last 4.

started season 2-9-1 with both wins over the Brewers.

Can somebody tell me if Marmol is on some kind of record with Ks and fewest hits given up? My God, everytime he comes in it's one walk, 3Ks, goodnight.

he is on pace to destroy the K/9 rate, not sure what the inning cutoff is or how that's figured out.

Of the 99 batters the right-hander has faced, he's struck out 46 for 46.5 percent. The Major League record is 44.8 percent, set in 2003 by Eric Gagne. Only four pitchers have finished the year topping 40 percent.

up to a 17.87 K/9 rate after today, Gagne had a 14.89 roided up K/9 rate in 2003.

Great to have a lock-down bullpen.

Lou on postgame...

Z not with team during game, sent to ER to evaluate possible appendicitis

(we want a pitcher, not a belly itcher...)

How long a recovery would we be looking at if Z has to have his appendix removed?

Olin Kreutz didn't miss a game.

Tim Stauffer had one and he's out for a month and told to wait for 2 weeks before doing anything baseball related.

Harang had one at the end of August last year and didn't return and was told at least 3 weeks before he could resume physical activities, so I guess it depends on the severity and the procedure.

Rotoworld suggest a month.

Would this mean Gorzo keeps his rotation spot or that Cashner comes up as a starter instead of a reliever?

Results negative on appendicitis

"Staff terming it lower abdominal pain"

That's ominous.

Sounds intestinal. Better do a colonoscopy... He may riding the silver stallion as we speak...

when it rains it pours...

baker left the game because his "vision problem" was complete loss of vision in his right eye. (via witty's twitter)

Uh oh. I hope for his sake it's very temporary.

Me too. Maybe D Lee will start up a charity for him, and then when it is diagnosed as something else, abandon that charity and pick up a new one.

Muskat wrote in 2009:

"His daughter, Jada, was initially misdiagnosed with LCA, and he and his wife Christina were told there was no cure. Jada now has been determined to not have LCA, an inherited form of blindness. The Lee family is still committed to helping identify the estimated 3,000 people who have LCA in order to offer genetic testing in an attempt to find treatment and a cure.

"I'm excited to be part of this project at every level -- as a participant and, even more important, as a parent who knows how much it will mean to other families who are struggling with this devastating disease," Lee said in a statement."

Last year, he also took part in introducing a wine where the sale proceeds were donated 100 percent to the charity.

Can you produce a source that says in the last year he's abandoned this charity effort?

Do they make press releases for that?

So that's your proof? That answer?

Still waiting for your evidence of Lee abandoning his charity...

He wasn't hit in the head earlier in the game, was he? That is scary... I hope he'll be alright.

if Jeff Baker (righty, 2B-3B-OF) hits the dl (I know it's too early to speculate) would it be Darwin Barney (righty) or Chad Tracy (lefty bat) who gets the call up?

Methinks Tracy even though it makes the bench less balanced, but the ARam issues outweigh the lefty-righty ones.

Kyle Lohse out with forearm surgery > 2 months.

it's an unusual diagnosis (because it's the upper extremity), Chronic Exertional Induced Compartment Syndrome in the forearm. I've seen this entity in the calf in marathon runners but it's rare in the forearm and apparently there are no comparisons in mlb level pitchers.

The problem is a forearm muscle swells with exertion so that it makes the fascia that encases the muscle group so tight it cuts off blood flow to the muscle. It can be very painful but resolves with rest, unfortunately it returns with the exertion. The treatment is to divide the encasing fascia so that the muscle swelling doesn't affect the blood supply.

here's a link to the diagnosis, symptoms, causes, etc (from Mayo Clinic website)

muskat's last two tweets

3B Jeff Baker examined by team eye doctor. He couldn't see out of right eye and pulled from game in 8th

Cubs Carlos Zambrano hospitalized with lower abdominal pain today. He felt ill just before game. No word on if he'll be available Fri
just saw the replay on the single that went to Baker's left. He didn't even reflexively move toward the ball so his depth perception must have really been gone, Lou in postgame said it was his right eye that lost vision ("no vision at all in his right eye") and is being evaluated by team opthalmologist.

Bruce Miles article:

Did DeRosa have something similar to this Jeff Baker thing at one point in 2008, or am I imagining that?

Mark DeRosa was in the Cubs' lineup, too, on Thursday, and his vision was fine. DeRosa had to leave Wednesday's game after one inning because of a vega-vasal episode, which caused the vision in his left eye to become blurry.

If you've ever bent down, and then lifted your head up quickly and become dizzy and lost sight briefly, that's what happened.

"I feel better," DeRosa said Thursday. "I still have a faint headache and stuff, but my vision is fine. I've had bad headaches. I've gotten concussions in football and stuff like that. I know what it's like to want to go in a dark room and close your eyes. I've never had problems with my vision.

Said Lilly: "There were a couple times I would get it and throw it. I think I was a little bit ahead of the rubber. I don't know if it was that much. It wasn't one of those things where I was thinking about it. [First baseman] Derrek Lee told me what he was saying to the umpires. If I was doing that, I might have done that a couple times, but I wasn't real conscious of it. I was just trying to get good footing."

third base ump says he didn't see anything after Bowa asked him to look, from the replay at the link Lilly sure doesn't just get the ball and throw it, he digs in there pretty good when Blake notices it.

Neyer offers his take in his blog and offers props to C.J. Nitkowski for flagging the whole thing via Twitter.

Then the A's immediately proceed to accuse the Orioles starter of doing it.

f'n everyone does it every once in a while.

Baker was also being treated at Northwestern by team opthamologist Dr. Jon Rosin. There was no immediate word on his status.

pic of Baker in Dr. Rosin's waiting room...

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    azbobbop 8 hours 23 min ago view
  • One miscommunication in outfield and the Cubs would have another no hitter

    jacos 9 hours 34 min ago view
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    Sex Fowler out with sore heel

    Pretty epic nickname

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  • Screw the closer.

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  • He's had so few save opportunities that it might be difficult for him to get the All Star nod but Rondon has an absolutely ridiculous 1.05 ERA and 1.06 FIP after this game so far (and I think his worst outing was in the 10th inning non save situation) so I do absolutely think he is worth considering.

    johann 12 hours 34 min ago view
  • wood(4)/grimm/strop/rondon combine for 7ip 0h 0bb 8K


    crunch 12 hours 49 min ago view
  • 3ip 0h 0bb 3k for t.wood...nice.

    28 pitches.

    wonder if they'll let him go another.

    4ip 0h 0bb 4k...and probably done f'real this time. 43 pitches and in line for the win.

    crunch 13 hours 37 min ago view
  • And stay off the keyboard too

    Eric S 13 hours 46 min ago view
  • Depends how long he'd be gone but if not too long I would assume they'll use Wood or Cahill and limit them to 4 or 5 innings and call up a reliever to use in the bullpen.

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  • hopefully it's a carlos-zambrano-special and he just needs to drink more water and less coffee+redbull before starts.

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  • Assuming Hammel needs some DL time for the hammy, who do the Cubs call up: Glasnow or Taillon? Too many starting pitching prospects at Iowa to choose from.

    Eric S 14 hours 13 min ago view
  • "cramping in right hamstring" according to the booth.

    btw, it was his left hamstring that was injured last year.

    crunch 14 hours 14 min ago view
  • hammel is injured and done..."leg cramp" or some other leg issue...was down behind the mound coming back from commercial and seemed to have injured himself warming up on the mound between innings.

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  • heyward with a bit of starlin castro're great D dude, but you can't range 200ft in all directions even if you're playing CF.

    that said, he almost had it...though zobrist or baez should have had it if heyward wasn't coming on at 100mph.

    hammel is quite wild today even if he got the first 2 outs on Ks that were result of swinging through stuff not in the zone.

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  • she did fine, fwiw.

    bombs were bursting in the air...ramparts were watched...all that stuff.

    zoobrest kissed her afterwards and got about 20lbs of the 100lbs of makeup she was wearing on him.

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