Get your power failure puns elsewhere; Cubs lose 8-5

Yeeechhh! That was nasty.

Wednesday night at Wrigley, the Cubs spotted the Dodgers a 5-0 lead, squandered opportunities to get the game close or even, then did get the game close, failed to get it closer, and lost.

Here's a professional summary of the 8-5 defeat, which was interrupted by an 18-minute power outage in the fourth inning.

Some quick thoughts...

— Tom Gorzelanny struggled with his command from the outset and all in all, pitched just poorly enough to provide some public relations cover to Jim Hendry and Lou Piniella in the next few days, when, I'm thinking, they will officially yank the lefty from the rotation in favor of Carlos Zambrano.

— To me, the overriding truth in tonight's game was expressed beautifully by Guest Seventh Inning Singer Pat Foley, who was actually describing his recipe for winning a Stanley Cup when he said, "Your best players need to be your best players." We all know how the Cubs have suffered and will suffer if Aramis Ramirez is not contributing, but the point was dramatized tonight by the team's failure to cash in on seemingly can't-miss scoring opportunities and some awful defense at third base, speaking of which...

— Mike Fontenot cannot play on the left side of the infield. He made a questionable but defensible decision to concede a Dodger run on a hard ground ball by Manny Ramirez in the first inning, after failing to glove the ball cleanly. In the second inning, Fontenot launched a throw over Derrek Lee's head which led to two unearned runs immediately thereafter, when Matt Kemp doubled. Maybe the only good thing about playing Fontenot at third is that by comparison, it makes his play at shortstop appear to be Gold Glove-quality.

— It's frequently frustrating to watch Alfonso Soriano play left field, but what Manny Ramirez does out there is just short of a criminal offense. Soriano is an incompetent fielder; Ramirez is indifferent, which I find much, much worse. He runs and bends over in slow motion, when he moves at all. If my favorite team employed that slug in the field every day, it would drive me to drink. Or following soccer full-time. 

— Derrek Lee had three more hits and even rapped the ball sharply when grounding into a double play. Xavier Nady had a pinch home run and Jeff Baker had a pinch triple. Good to see all of those guys coming around (we hope). Starlin Castro, on the other hand, looked a lot like a 20-year-old just up from Double-A when he stepped in against Chad Billingsley. Castro personally left six runners on base in the game. Also, he and Ryan Theriot joined Fontenot in Wednesday night's error parade.

Like I said, yeeechhh.

Ted Lilly (1-4, 4.30) matches up with rookie John Ely (3-1, 3.41) in the series finale Thursday afternoon.


Kosuke really sucks when he doesn't have his hitting coach around. His stats have fallen off the table in May. Get well Aramis!

Eli Lilly. Mmmmmmmmmm drugs. brewers Zaun out with torn shoulder labrum...they now have two catchers (Jonathan Lucroy and George Kottaras) with about 70 mlb game experience

Has Zaun even had a hit this season?

Mike fontenot is not a third baseman. If he batted rh I doubt he would be in the league.

He played pretty well there last year. I am not going to get all worked up about one game. We've got 50 games that show Aramis Ramirez is not a major league hitter.

from what I remember last year, fonty was les then adequate at third. which brought all out all the longing for derosa.

I would say he played okay defense, not as good as Ramirez at 3b. He just stopped hitting more than anything.

The last few times I've seen Castro bat, it seems like he is taking the first pitch all the time and lately the opposing pitcher has been saying, "thanks" and grooving him one. I'm only commenting on the ABs I've seen, but it's been a pattern on those I've been able to watch. Then, the pitcher will toss one out of the strike zone and Castro will either miss it or will tap it foul. I still haven't seen him pull the ball yet. So, possibly, weakness finally found. I'm still pretty hopeful about the kid but it'll be interesting to see what happens over the next few weeks. He's going to be facing some pretty good pitching. And he is still, even with last night's error, our best shortstop right no

Fire Rudy! We want Joshua! We want Joshua!

Paul Sullivan mentioned it this morning on Mully/Hanley show and Bruce Miles wrote about it here... ...but Piniella was unaware until Miles brought it up in the pre-game meeting with the reporters that Ryan Theriot hasn't drawn a walk since May 1st.

len mention that the other night re theriot. lou unaware? shocking

"Flummoxed" was the word Miles used to describe Lou's reaction when he brought it up.

<p>Cards' Kyle Lohse has a rare condition likely to require surgery on his forearm. With Brad Penny already on the DL, St.L is scrambling to find a starter for Saturday's game v. the Cubs.</p> <p>From ... </p> <blockquote><em>Adam Ottavino could be promoted from Class AAA Memphis to make his major-league debut, or Blake Hawksworth or Kyle McClellan could be assigned a spot start.</em></blockquote> <p> Anyone know of a team with an extra starter they could flip to the Cardinals? h/t to @desipiodotcom, who suggested that a Gorzelanny-for-Pujols deal "would be great for both teams!"</p>

It really doesn't seem to matter whom the Cardinals get to start for them. If they can keep the opponent under 5 runs a game, they feel they can win every time out. And, Dave Duncan is...well - Dave Duncan.

<i>If they can keep the opponent under 5 runs a game, they feel they can win every time out.</i> Huh? The Cards offense has been mediocre, at best, this year. They are 12th in the NL in runs, 10th in OBP, and 10th in Slug. And they are averaging just 4.2 runs/game.

HUH? Umm..Pujols is not 100% yet, and last I checked it is still May. If you want to bet they will not be top 5 in the NL by the end of the year in offense, let me know.

This game was lost on defense.

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  • Kershaw uses his 132nd pitch for his 15th K (Marlon Juice Byrd, with the tying run at 2nd), and the Dodgers sweep the Giants. Also, Pirates lose to the Brewers for the 5th straight time. So...with 30 to play, we are 6.5 up on SF (7 in loss column) and 8 up on the Nats, and still in contact (4.5 back) of the Pirates. Man, what a roller coaster the last 2 days -- fantastic stuff.
  • Schlitter still pitching for Iowa? Guess nobody wanted him?
  • JOHN B: Pierce Johnson and Rob Zastryzny were likely 2015 AFL candidates (I mentioned them as likely candidates to get assigned to the AFL in an article about the AFL last month) because they are starting pitchers who missed part of the season due to injuries and they need to accrue more innings.
  • Also - what did Bosio say when we went to talk to Rondon? "OK, Hector, tie game, 9th inning, 2 outs, 2-0 count on the hottest hitter in the game. Let's try the ol' fastball right down the middle and see how that works, hmmm?" Terrible pitch. I've never been a fan of using closers in non-save situations -- they are used to pitching with adrenaline pumping and celebrating the last out of the inning. I realize it was a a swinging bunt and an error that caused the problem, but that may have been the worst pitch I have seen Rondon throw in a long time.
  • Ugly series save a few clutch Homeruns. 2 first inning Homeruns allowed. 2 complete innings (out of 27) with a lead (8th and 9th game 2). 6 Leads/Ties given up top half of the inning after scoring. 9 9th inning unearned runs. Brutal roadtrip coming up while SF plays 22 straight against teams with losing records. Like the Cubs odds, obviously, but long way to go.
  • No more f'n Pajama Parties, Joe! Losing a series at home to the Reds (who have a worse record than the Brewers) in September is not what we are looking for, gentlemen. 3 series losses in a row -- let's get that fixed immediately. Bad error by KB as Crunch describes -- almost like he was surprised the ball was hit to him. I think if he makes that play we win the game.
  • solid smack to him...right through his legs. he wasn't even in motion, totally stationary. no bad bounce, either. it was hit very hard, but also squarely wiffed...not even any glove contact. it happens...not a good time for it to happen with 2 outs, though. that was the inning ender, easy.
  • Can someone tell me about Bryant's error who saw the play? You cannot give the Reds (or most teams) 4 outs. In this case with Joey Votto coming up.
  • un...fucking...believable... tie a game in the bottom 8th, give up 3 runs in the top 9th...why the hell not. awesome.
  • Ugh Hammel...the new Haren. The 3-5 starters have imploded and killed yet another series.
  • Just about to type the same thing.....Augh!
  • 5 times in the last 3 games, Cubs have taken the lead or tied the game in the bottom half, only to give up runs in the top half.
  • <p>I'd like to see stats on opposing pitcher batting average. It's probably not real, but seems like we give up hits all the time to f-ing pitchers.&nbsp;</p>
  • Tony Four Sacks # 27