Angels Rally in 9th to Edge Cubs at HoHoKam

Down to their last out, the AZL Angels rallied for three runs in the top of the 9th to defeat the AZL Cubs 6-4 in Arizona League Opening Day action at Dwight Patterson Field at HoHoKam Park in Mesa this evening.

2010 34th round pick Dustin Harrington and 2009 19th round pick Sergio Burruel had three hits a piece for the Cubs, and both Aaron Kurcz and Dustin Fitzgerald had impressive (albeit brief) pro debuts, as both of the 2010 Cub draft picks threw 1-2-3 innings with two strikeouts. Kurcz throws a fastball in the mid-90's, and was the closer for College of Southern Nevada this past season where he was a teammate of overall #1 draft pick Bryce Harper (and Cubs 27th round draft pick Bryan Harper). And at 6'4 225, Dustin Fitzgerald looks a lot like Thomas Diamond.  

AA Tennessee LHP Casey Lambert got the start for the AZL Cubs in what is supposed to be his final rehab outing before leaving Mesa for (presumably) Tennessee, and threw two shutout innings (20 pitches - 14 strikes), allowing a lead-off single in the top of the 1st before striking out the side, and then allowing another lead-off single in the top of the 2nd before retiring the side on three fly outs, one of which ended up being a 7-4 FC at 2nd base after Melvin Camarena just missed a diving catch try in short LF.  

BTW, there are two errors in tonight's game BOX SCORE (and GAME RECAP) that appears in minor league (see box score link below).

One occurred in the bottom of the 7th inning, when the Cubs took a 4-3 lead. Sergio Burruel and Blair Springfield (after failing to lay down a sac bunt) singled, and then Melvin Camarena--NOT PINCH HITTER Vismeldy Bieneme--laid down a bunt and beat it out for a base hit, with a run scoring on an overthrow by the Angels pitcher at 1st base. Camarena suffered an apparent ankle injury when he landed on the 1st base bag awkwardly and had to leave the game, being replaced by PINCH-RUNNER Vismeldy Bieneme, who was subsequently left stranded after advancing to 2nd base on a WP. Bieneme then did have one AB (but only one) later in the game, striking out leading off the bottom of the 9th. So the official scorer incorrectly gave Bieneme credit for the Camarena bunt single in the 7th, cheating Camarena out of a hit, and instead crediting Bieneme with a hit when he hadn't even entered the game yet at that point.   

The other box score error occurred in the top of the 8th, when Angels 3B Michael Bolaski reached base on Catcher's Interference. While AZL Cubs catcher Sergio Burruel was (correctly) charged with an error, Bolaski was also charged with an AB. However, when a batter reaches base on Catcher's Interference, the batter is NOT supposed to be charged with an AB, so Bolaski should be listed as having three AB in the game, not four.

Otherwise, the box score is accurate.

There is another error in the Minor League baseball site, where they list Boise pitcher Marcos Perez as a RHP when he actually throws left-handed. There also are some obvious height/weight discrepancies, showing some players two inches taller than they really are, or 15-20 pounds over or under their actual weight, but those are just too many to list.

It probably would be a good idea for someone at minor league to maybe at least correct tonight's box score (giving Camarena an extra AB and hit, and taking away one of Bieneme's AB and his hit, and taking an AB away from Bolaski), and to show Marcos Perez as a LHP at Boise, just for the sake of accuracy, if nothing else. 

box score


In other Cubs minor league news, Brett Jackson (USA) and Hak-Ju Lee (World) selected to play in the All-Star Futures Game July 11th.

Any news on the signing or lack there of regarding Reggie Golden?

Article about Chris Huseby (found link in Bruce Miles blog):

speaking of, suggests Huseby could be converted to a hitter if he can't make it as a pitcher.

Not happening right now, but down the road....

Sullivan with the funny today on twitter...

Cubs' new fantasy camp deal offers 40 participants one-day Cub contracts. No word on whether Hendry will give them all no-trade clauses.


Cubs' fantasy camp offers fans chance to emulate heroes and get doubled off second on routine fly for only $7,500.

i dont understand how he's gone 24+ hours without making 100 tweeter posts about milton.

i guess he got tired of popping champagne corks to celebrate.

Milton Bradley sucks.

In other news, the Cubs have a baseball team.

we feel the same when there's not an elderly fat man comment about managers...

/too easy

some of you guys are really caught up on that stuff, huh?

sorry i pissed some of you off when you were posting 1000 "dusty patted that guy on the wrong butt check OMFG WHAT A MORON" posts a day.


now go scream at aram a little.

good luck on the elderly fat man magic search for 2011. a nice 300 post thread of the pros/cons of the guy who bunts too much vs. the guy who couldn't do that thing that one time but thinks he can with the cubs.

my comment (up here)
crunch's head (down here)

it's the repetitiveness, not the content of the comments that I was joking about...

yeah, that's my point, too.

what a coincidence.


got a little touchy feely on a golf course in spring training in 2009, case dismissed.

a millionare sports star who plays on a golf course that lets women on the course, too? how rare.

oh nevermind...he's a minority. silly me.

I love this quote:

"Johan denied the charges and was never charged with anything."

Also, I'm trying to figure this out...he rapes a girl in the middle of a golf course! Then they go back and she watches him play tennis.

that happens.

it's weird, but it really does happen that after a rape, especially by an acquaintance, it takes 1-2 days to "sink" in what just happened.

sex is usually pretty quick and the dude usually follows it up with acting like normal rather than threatening the girl or similar like on TV shows.

it's like when people say "oh man, if that dude with a gun that killed 10 people would have pointed it at me i would have..." rarely works out like that.

a lot of these incidents start with playing around and the guy goes "too far" and playful "haha" touching turns into something quick and tragic.

i wonder what the "witness" statements were...hehe. how public was all this? im not calling him out or think he's guilty.

I know it happens and that part doesn't really surprise me too much. Mainly it's the fact that he takes the time in the middle of a golf game to rape someone, then goes and plays tennis. Just sounds bizarre. Maybe I'm just not used to fancy dancy golf courses, but where I played there were always lots of people waiting to play through.

yeah, the whole thing sounds bizarre and it's probably why it didn't go too far after investigating.

thanks tmz for the graphic body fluids whereabouts, too.

55. Yeah, so which thigh did he ejaculate on? and how much was there? Clearly not so much that underwear could soak it all up. I GOTTA know the details.

You're welcome, Rob, for the extra traffic I just brought in.

" As far as the law enforcement side of this goes, the case is closed."

Civil suit pending?


steve "who the hell is jason heyward" strasburg is getting so much love from MLB Tonight every time he pitches.

Stupid East Coast bias! Oh wait.


Byrd Cf, Baker 3B, Lee 1B, Nady DH, Soto C, Soriano LF, Colvin RF, Castro SS, Theriot 2B

jeff baker still isn't a 3rd baseman.

jeff baker sucks

this team is painful...

first time Soriano dove for a ball in 5 years probably...

happen to be on a Milton Bradley floater, tell me that wasn't a bit of a little showmanship by Fonzie.

Xavier Nady sucks

this game is dildos.

Milton Bradley sucks

This is not a way of life.

This is a horrible way of life.


We scored a run.

although Reed Johnson was involved and did slow down before scoring. Martin looked safe to me at 2b though.

It's tough going thru life losing the second game of every series

Still in 3rd place, though... only 32.5 games out.

From the Misery Loves Company Department:

Haha Baltimore. WTF are you even doing?

It seems that it's about time for Wells to work on a few things down in Triple A and regain some confidence. Gorz is obviously being wasted in the bullpen, so bring him back to the rotation and call up Atkins or Jackson to fill a spot in the bullpen.

Wells has looked a lot better the last two starts. I don't think a demotion is what he needs right now. Last night it was just death by a hundred cuts.

What the guy REALLY needs is some counseling from Greg Maddux. Watching last night, I was thinking about all the 1-2 and 2-2 situations he let himself get behind because he kept making mistakes in those precarious counts. It eventually came back to kill him.

wells spent 1/2 the game shaking off soto...wouldn't surprise me to see k.hill catch him next game.

sandberg is not fat & sam fuld is a helluva'n 'bout barney & baker for wigginton?

Has anyone seen Starlin Castro? The gift of god at SS? I haven't heard from him since game #1 of his career. Its been a slow ebbb of suck ever since.

I believe I'd rather see Castro work through some ups and downs this season than see Theriot at SS. Meh....lots of bigger problems than the 20-year old shortstop...

Me too.

I wouldn't be against sending him to Iowa to work out some kinks.

Play Theriot/Fontenot/Baker every day and see if you can find a trade for them.

Save the Castro service time.

Trotting out Theriot at SS....and showcasing his weaknesses...really can't help too much can it?

The Cubs pretty much admitted to everyone that they didn't think Theriot was a shortstop when they called up Castro.

Excellent point Rob!

He turned 20 in March. Most kids that age struggle to hold down work study jobs slopping food in the college cafeteria. I didn't expect him to be a star the day he was called up. But I am happy that he is getting his growing pains out of the way, adjusting to the big leagues, etc. now, during this wasted season, rather than having him doing that next year when the Cubs might be competitive.

tyler colvin is doing pretty good.

he's not averaging an error every 4 games or hitting like neifi, that's for sure.

Christ...well let's hustle him back to AAA so we can write him off as a failure......since we're just a mediocre Shorstop away from contention. Oh....wait...I mean, if you can't prove yourself after 40 games...

May I point out that he's still out hitting the guy he pushed out of the SS spot?

before theriot was moved he was leading the league in hits...heh.

Great.....we need a guy with a milliion singles, 10 doubles, and 0 HR's, with difficulty walking to continue to play SS.

Castro is the least of the Cubs' issues right now.

wait, i thought your 1st paragraph was about castro.

now im confused.

My continual message is: Castro is the least of the Cubs issues right now.

I see nothing to be confused about.


i just see it as shuffling deck chairs.

he's better than his 10 errors, but i don't expect him to do much more than what theriot was doing when he was brought up.

the guy is only an impact player worth mentioning because he plays SS, imo. if the guy was a corner OF or corner IF we probably wouldn't care he existed yet.

Well....we have OF's..I'm preety sure if he was a decent 3B prospect, we'd be interested...especially with A-Ram's AARP card arriving this season...

I see your point. HE's got a ways to go before getting too excited about his play...

well hopefully he's still interesting at 2b when Hak-Ju Lee arrives...

Well...with Lee's blazing .273/.340/.343 start at Peoria..we could find out as soon as August? ;)

I agree with the sane that considering this team is going nowhere but down, let him play. Of course you refuse to acknowledge his obvious improvement over Theriot with range and arm. At 20 years old, there is much more upside than not.

Also, it is always convenient to only accentuate the neg on the prospects that you constantly do while you keep your mouth shut on a bonafide prospect in Colvin.

Has anyone seen him?

The little defensive numbers that we have seen from Castro show him not doing any better than Theriot.

Theriot - RF, 4.11 ZR, 6.113

Castro - RF, 3.95 ZR, 6.185

Right now its a myth about Castro's range and superior defense.

And Tyler Colvin is a bonafide prospect? Play him everyday lets watch that average fall like a rock is what i say. He is being protected a lot like Jake Fox was. He has been doing great since his first year with the Cubs.

Just a little rule of thumb our best prospects really aren't other teams ideas of good prospects. Once you learn that little fairy tale about Cubs prospects you will understand why this franchise has a had time in player development.

Let me just point out you don't start burning through service time on your best prospects just for shits and giggles.

You want to develop them and pray they improve while retaining as much of their cheap and most importantly productive years under club control. It makes no sense in the world to play Castro now and then wait 2-3-4 years for him to figure it out. Then if the magic light bulb clicks on at age 24, you got what? 2-3 years of club control before you got to pay out the ass for him?

He doesn't improve the SS position, he doesn't give us any better chance of winning, it was just a meaningless move to make a move, just for the sake of saying they made a move. Whoppppppeeee frickin do.

And Cubs fans sit back and clap, "Ohhh Starlin Castro is up, thats awesome!" Can he hit? Can he play D? Can he do anything meaningful and positive right now for the major league club? Ohhhh those questions are unimportant, Ryan Theriot sucks!

Yeah well Starlin Castro is doing his best singles hitting impression of Ryan Theriot and the masses don't care. I am glad we brought someone up to do a worse job than the guy he replaced.

You can see however, that you are pretty much in the extreme minority position here, with just you and NAVIGATOR on this diving board, right?


im not a fan of burning his service time, myself.

as good as he is with the glove he's got room to improve and his arm definitely needs some work. he can throw hard and from odd angles you want out of a SS, but it's not refined.

that said, i don't care if he's up, but i do think we're burning his service time on the wrong end end of the service time candlestick.

we could have lived with baker/theriot/fonte a small time longer, imo.

as far as 2010 goes,'s a wash at best which doesn't say much for castro, baker, theriot, or fontenot...all of them.

I'm on a diving board?


Theriot: 294 PA's: 6 2B, 1 3B, 0 HR, 17 RBI
Castro: 165 PA's: 4 2B, 1 3B, 2 HR, 16 RBI

You're right..he's the singles hitting version 129 fewer PA's he's got more HR's, the same 3B's, 2 fewer 2B's, and 1 less RBI than Theriot.

Tyler Colvin? Sure he's sitting against most lefties...of course, the Cubs have Fukudome, Soriano, Byrd, and Nady in the OF as Colvin sits against LHP, with .258/.281/.484 in v 31 PA sample size. He's fighting lefties off at least. Except for 1 game, he's looked pretty good while playing all 3 OF spots fairly well. Oh but yes...he's just Jake Fox. Right....

Whatever MikeC...

You realize that there is absolutely no logic here. If these prospect suck, and as you say "our best prospects really aren't other teams ideas of good prospects" then why the hell do you care if their service time gets burned up?

When you make an error it doesn't show up in range factor or zone rating.

Also, you now think that Tyler Colvin is as good a hitter as Adam Dunn.

Sample size: Learn it, love it, live it.

Hmm....I'm sure that comment wasn't directed at me...because I never compared Dunn to Colvin.

It was for Mike C and his defensive stats. When a player does well, then it's because of small sample size. When in a smaller sample size another player plays averagely, then it's evidence he's no good. The amazing world of Mike C. logic.

Sorry for being so defensive TRN...hahaha....we've gone round and round a few times..I just assumed....LMAO

I said Castro is performing no better defensively than Theriot was at the position.

He has potential to be better but he isn't showing it at the moment. Its what happens when a 19/20 year old is put in the majors before he is ready.

His potential is great, but we aren't doing him any favors by rushing him.

You can carry the Tyler Colvin torch, but I can wait for reality to set in. Just like I waited for people to realize that Dusty Baker was a crap manager, Milton Bradley was a shitty hitter, and Neifi Perez wasn't going to be a .371 hitter again for us.

I guess we will have to wait and see if he turns into a corner OFer for years to come or is another flash in the pan the league figures out in year #2. Ask Adam Lind, 1 year doesn't make a career.

You're not getting the point.

You are using a small sample size to judge Castro on. Too small to be accurate. That's when it's really useful to watch the games, like yesterday's and see Castro make plays that Theriot doesn't. We have 3 years evidence that Theriot tops out as an average defensive shortstop.

Castro has played poorly and he's done as well as Theriot was capable of (and hit as well)- what are you complaining about again?

He still living with Soriano? The Pie-effect may have have reached its full potency.

go scrubbies go.

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  • Do you start him Sunday or not?

    @jonmorosi Pitchers w/ sub-2.00 ERA in year of 185+ IP this century: Pedro ’00, Clemens ’05, Kershaw ’13/’14, Arrieta ’15, Greinke ’15, Hendricks ’16.

    Rob G. 44 min 32 sec ago view
  • Yeah -- that would be rough for him. But, Monty is getting people out, he's a lefty and he has experience working out of the bullpen. Hammel? None of the above.

    billybucks 1 hour 39 min ago view
  • even if he's not starting, abandoning hammel would be a bit of a 'screw you.' i think it might be -monty +hammel, but it's speculation.

    either way, someone's gonna be disappointed.

    crunch 2 hours 40 min ago view
  • Joe said he is leaning towards 11 pitchers and 14 position players.

    - 4 starters, Chapman, Rondon, Strop, CJ, Wood, Grimm, Monty. No dice for Cahill or Smith.
    - 3 catchers, Rizz, Zo, Addy, KB, Javy, Heyward, Fowler, Soler, Coghlan, TLS and then Sczcur over Almora?

    billybucks 2 hours 51 min ago view
  • Cubs 3B Jason Vosler made two really bad throws on consecutive AB in the 8th. Fortunately the game was no longer in doubt at the time  

    The first one was a one-hop lob that allowed the batter to reach base on an infield single, and the second was air-mailed so far over the first-baseman's head that it went over the fence and landed in Field #4.

    Arizona Phil 3 hours 26 min ago view
  • E-MAN: Despite the HR, Donnie Dewees is really more of a slash hitter (the HR was an opposite-field line-drive) who can accumulate lots of doubles & triples. He's also a good bunter and can get on base that way, too. Although he was thrown out trying to steal in the game, he's actually a good base-stealer and baserunner.

    Defensively he has plus-range and tracks fly balls OK, so he can play CF, but he has a rag arm that requires the middle infielders to go out further into CF to make relays.

    Arizona Phil 3 hours 27 min ago view
  • I don't know how many of you remember Bobby Knoop, who played 2B for the Angels, White Sox, and Royals back in the day, but he is a coach-emeritus for the Angels, and works with the infielders at Minor League Camp, Extended Spring Training, and Instructs. He's pretty spry for a 77-year old, and he really knows his shit.

    Arizona Phil 3 hours 55 min ago view
  • With a big lead, Chapman was throwing sliders and changeups, something he's reluctant to do in a save situation. (Len and Jim covered this.)

    VirginiaPhil 4 hours 3 min ago view
  • Maybe they have a bad owner, I don't know, but they still have players and fans and a franchise, all devastated by this loss of life. Plus, everybody who follows baseball is a fan of a guy like this. It's why I used the word tragedy, which other people throw around but I try to be careful with.

    I'm at an age where I remember old incidents better than recent ones, but I have to go back to Herb Score for something as disturbing.

    VirginiaPhil 4 hours 19 min ago view
  • That was Dee Gordon's only HR this year. Wow.

    billybucks 4 hours 21 min ago view
  • Thank you PHIL.

    Glad you avoided temps in the 100s.

    I remember you mentioning Dewees needng plenty of work in th IF. How are his OF instincts?

    Also, did see much of Satchel McElroy? Only Satchel I have heard about other than the "orignal" and one of Woody Allen's kids.

    The E-Man 7 hours 7 min ago view
  • Hate to give the Mets credit, but they did everything right tonight in what had to be a very tough game for them to play. As Hollandsworth said on the Cubs post-game -- if you watched the game, you saw Mets players consoling Marlins players who were in tears during the game. Between that and the way Molina handled the Ross farewell -- maybe the Mets and Cardinal players aren't pure evil. Just the fans.

    billybucks 14 hours 38 min ago view
  • New York Mets @Mets
    Dee Gordon lead-off home run. #AintEvenMad #BiggerThanBaseball 1-0 Miami.
    7:25 PM - 26 Sep 2016

    crunch 15 hours 15 min ago view
  • Amazing effort by Gordon -- truly remarkable.

    billybucks 15 hours 36 min ago view
  • Cubs get 100, KB gets 100, Hendricks gets below 2.00, Cards get absolutely destroyed by the Reds -- all good, other than some Rondon concern. Hopefully, he can get a few outings in this week and find his groove. Also, I guess Soler is still struggling with his right side. Hmmmm. Too bad Joe didn't let Addy bat with the bases loaded in the 7th -- great RBI opportunity.

    I assume all the relievers are on a set schedule this week, but it seems strange Chapman pitched back-to-back.

    billybucks 15 hours 38 min ago view
  • Barry Rozner article interviewing Greg Maddux (with comments on Kyle Hendricks).

    "I like watching him pitch," Maddux said of Hendricks. "I like guys that rely on movement and location. I can relate to him. That's what I had to do. "I'd rather watch him pitch than some lefty throwing 95 mph."

    Cubster 16 hours 10 sec ago view